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Part M General Course rev Page 1 of Course Syllabus. Revision Continuing Airworthiness Requirements. Part-M. General. GM to Appendix II to Part-M Use of the EASA Form 1 for maintenance. AMC to Appendix V to Part-M Maintenance organisation approval referred to in Annex I. CONTINUING AIRWORTHINESS. REQUIREMENTS – PART-M. Consolidated version of Part M (Annex I) of the Commission Regulation.

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for Continuing Airworthiness (Regulation (EU) No /)', is published in PDF format Maintenance Organisations referred to in Annex I (Part-M) Subpart F AMC to Appendix V to Part-M — Maintenance Organisation. EM). Revision Continuing Airworthiness Requirements. Part-M Maintenance. Commission Regulation (EC) No. / and its. Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material to Annex I (Part-M), Annex II (Part), Annex III (Part) and Annex Va (Part-T) to Commission.

Microfilming or optical storage of continuing airworthiness records may be carried out at any time. Where an aircraft is maintained in accordance with an aircraft maintenance programme based upon the MRB report process. In addition to sub-paragraph 1. As stated in M. Where an owner or operator wishes to change from one approved programme to other. EASA Form 1 may be generated from a computer database.

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