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Tally 7.2 study material pdf

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Dear CCI Member Here You can dowload the Free Tally Learning Books in PDF Format 1 Basic of Accounting 2 Fundamentals of Tally 3. What This Manual Does Not Contain. Conventions Used in This Manual. Related Publications. Where' to Get Help. Introduction. Who Has the Tally. Real Account: These are the accounts of things, materials, assets & properties. Tally Tally is a complete business solution for any kind of.

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Gateway of Tally. 9 – 9. 7. Change in Accounting Period. 10 – 8. Alter/Create New Company. 11 – 9. Recording of Opening Balances. 12 – These links will be useful for your tally online learning. Comparison of Tally Accounting Treatment of Tax deducted at source in Tally ERP 9 A leading accounting package: The first version of Tally was released in finished goods Multi-currency Bill of Material with auto-adjustment of stocks . ERP 9 has the ideal solution for those who have their data in Tally and.

It runs on a single PC or on a network. Deducted form the concerned income on the credit side and entered on the liability side. This process enables a branch office to send its data to the head office, over the Internet or a private network. Log In Sign Up. Paid Anands Loan with interest Rs.

ERP 9 A leading accounting package: The first version of Tally was released in and, through continuous development, is now recognised as one of the leading accounting packages across the world, with over a quarter million customers. No accounting codes: Unlike other computerised accounting packages which require numeric codes, Tally.

ERP 9 users have the freedom to allocate meaningful names in plain English to their data items in the system. ERP 9 Complete business solution: ERP 9 provides a comprehensive solution to the accounting and inventory needs of a business. The package comprises financial account- ing, book-keeping and inventory accounting. It also has various tools to extract, interpret and present data.

ERP 9, the user is able to choose between accounting and accounting with inventory. If accounting with inventory is opted for, the user can choose whether it should be integrated or not. Flexible and easy to use: ERP 9 is very flexible. It mimics the human thought proc- ess, which means that Tally. ERP 9 can adapt to any business need.

ERP 9 users need not change the way their business is run to adapt to the package. ERP 9 provides the capability to generate instant and accurate reports, which assists the management to take timely and correct decisions for the overall productivity and growth of the company.

It also allows drill downfacility from report level to transaction level. Concurrent multi-lingual capability: ERP 9 offers you the exclusive capability of maintaining your accounts in any Indian language, viewing them in another language and printing them in yet another Indian language. Real time processing: It also faciliaties real-time multi-user environment. ERP 9 is suitable for a range of organisations, from small grocery stores to large corporations with international locations and operations.

Multi-platform availability: It runs on a single PC or on a network. On a network, it supports access via any com- bination of platforms. Online Help: The Tally. ERP 9. Remote Access: ERP 9 provides remote capabilities to access the data from any- where and anytime.

Control Centre: Support Centre: ERP 9 Auditor's Edition: ERP 9, which pro- vides auditing and compliance capabilities exclusively for Chartered Accountants. ERP 9 has a simple, menu-driven installation proce- dure. The user can install the program files on any drive if the hard disk has partitions.

The user can also specify the name and directory location of the program files. ERP 9 uses minimum hard disk space in the local drive. Its installation on the local disk takes just a few seconds. Unlimited multi-user support: A multi-user version of Tally. It helps the user to take a backup of one or more companies or all companies, in a single directory, in the local hard disk, or in any external media.

Data reliability: ERP 9 offers reliable data. It uses a flexi-field, flexi-length, self- indexed, weighted file structure for an extremely compact and fast database. ERP 9 is robust and even if there is a power failure or the computer is incorrectly shut down, data is not lost.

ERP 9 uses signalling quality data integrity checks, at regular levels, to ensure the complete reliability of data. User-defined security levels: ERP 9 offers high levels of security. Users can define multiple levels of security according to their requirements.

Every authorised user in the company can have an individual password, with rights to use specific features only. The user with the administrator level password will have full access and can set controls for other users. Data security: ERP 9 also uses a binary encoding format of storage to prevent devious grouping of information.

Tally audit: ERP 9 audit feature provides the user with administrator rights and the capability to check the entries made by the authorised users and alter these entries, if necessary. Once the entries are audited, Tally. ERP 9 along with the name of the user, who has altered the entry, and the date and time of the alteration. ERP 9 offers a data encryption option called TallyVault. Without the valid TallyVault password, the data cannot be accessed.

Removal of data into a separate company: ERP 9 allows users to maintain a com- pany for any number of financial years. Once the books of accounts have been completed for the earlier financial years, the user can split the company data into multiple companies as per financial periods required. ERP 9 also has a feature to split company data.

The user can specify the date from which the company has to be split and Tally. ERP 9 will split the company to form two companies as per periods specified. Once the data has been split, the closing balance of the first period first company becomes the opening balance for the next period second company.

Multi-directory for company management: The user can create multiple directories to store data. The data stored in these directories can be accessed directly in Tally. ERP 9, by specifying the path. Any transaction can be exported and imported to other software after suitably altering the current structures to accept the Tally. ERP 9 data structure. Data can also be imported to Tally. The data which is to be exported from Tally.

ERP 9 Synchronization: Synchronization is the process of exchanging Tally. ERP 9 data between two or more locations. This process enables a branch office to send its data to the head office, over the Internet or a private network.

Graphical analysis of data: ERP 9 provides graphical analysis of data which helps the user to perform deeper analysis. The user can generate graphical analysis reports such as Sales register, Purchase register, Ledgers, Funds flow, Cash flow, Stock Item registers and so on.

This helps the management to quickly judge performance and be better pre- pared for difficult times. It allows other programs to use data from Tally.

ERP 9, directly. Data connectivity is dynamic, which means that any update in Tally. The user can also extract data from Tally. Protocol support: Protocol refers to a mechanism by which information data can be put into or taken from Tally. Formats refer to the standard for informa- tion to be generated from Tally.

ERP 9 or from other applications which can exchange data with Tally. Direct web browser access: While working on Tally. The website lists details of all the facilities offered by Tally. ERP 9 Tally. ERP 9 as and when it is available. The Tally website also offers Tally Chat, by which a user can communicate with a Tally representative and get required information. Ability to preview and publish reports and documents on the Internet: Companies which want to publish reports and price lists on their website can do so directly from Tally.

E-mail Facility: ERP 9 facilitates the mailing of any Tally. ERP 9 report or document. Multilingual capability: Tally is the world's first accounting and inventory software with multilingual capability. Currently, Tally. ERP 9 enables you to enter data in one language and have it transliterated into different lan- guages. You can generate invoices, purchase orders or delivery notes in the language of your choice after entering data for the same in any of the nine specified languages.

Also, the phonetic keyboard allows you to spell the term phonetically based on how it sounds and Tally. ERP 9 displays the data in the language selected after transliteration. Point of Sale POS: POS is an acronym for Point of sale. Point of Sale can be a retail out- let, a check out counter ina shop, or any other location where a sales transaction takes place.

It is a computorised cash register which adds up the sales totals, calcutates the bal- ance to be returned to buyer and automatically adjusts the inventory level to reflect the quantity sold. The equipment required for POS to work effectively are cash registers, card readers, bar-code scanners and so on.

ERP 9 Payroll is integrated with Accounting and benefits the user by simplifying Payroll processing and accounting.

Free tally learning books in pdf format

The user can also align and automate payroll processes and directly integrate them with main stream account- ing applications. ERP 9 has the ideal solution for those who have their data in Tally 7.

ERP 9 provides a migration tool which helps the user to migrate the data easily to the latest version and continue with day-to-day transactions. Tally 6. Tally 8. ERP 9 Start-up Tally. ERP 9 can be started in any of the following ways: ERP 9 or double click on the Tally. ERP 9 icon on your desktop The welcome screen Tally. ERP 9 — Power of Simplicity appears while the software loads.

You will be ready to explore Tally. ERP 9, the moment the Tally. ERP 9 start up screen appears. ERP 9 Start-up Screen appears as shown below: ERP 9 Figure 2. ERP 9 Start - up screen 2. Displays the Tally.

ERP 9 version number. Horizontal button bar: Selection of Language key, Keyboard Language and Tally. ERP 9 Help.

Tally Tutorial pdf free Download

Close button: Performs the standard Windows Operating Systems function Windows 95 onwards , allowing you to minimise Tally. ERP 9 and work on other applications. To restore Tally. ERP 9, click the Tally. ERP 9 icon on the taskbar. Debit what comes in.

Credit what goes out. Nominal account: Nominal account is the account of services received expenses and Losses and services given income and gain. Salary, Rent, Wages, Stationery etc. Tally 7. Tally is a complete business solution for any kind of Business Enterprise. It is a full fledged accounting software.

Procedure for creating company in Tally. Double click on Tally icon on desktop. Accounts Only: To maintain only the financial accounts of the company. Inventory stock management is not involved in it. Account with Inventory: This is the default option, which allows maintaining both the financial account of the company as well as the inventory of the company. Select Company: We can choose the company which is already created.

Shortcut key - F1. Shut Company: It is used to close the company which is opened. It is used to make alterations in the company creation like name, date, maintain etc.

Exits from Tally. Click on quit button. Esc, Esc, Esc and enter. Short cut keys. To accept a voucher or master. To get a report with further details of an item in a report. To exit a screen.

Accounting Books - Tally ERP 9 Hand Book Manufacturer from Ahmedabad

To indicate you do not want to accept a voucher or master. To delete a master. Invoice mode name of item, rate, quantity, and amount. Gateway of tally-Accounts info-Group. Current asset: It is converted into cash with in a year. Bills receivable.

Direct expenses: These are the expenses which are directly related to manufacturing of goods. Wages, factory rent, heating, lighting etc.

Indirect expense: These are the expenses which are indirectly related to manufacturing of goods. Salary, rent, stationery, advertisement, printing. Decrease the value of the asset. Sundry debtors: The person who is the receiver or customer. Sundry creditors: The person who gives or supplier. Expenses Outstanding or Unpaid expenses or Expenses due: Expenditure incurred during current year but the amount on which is not yet paid. Added to the expenditure on the debit side and entered on the liability side.

Income received in advance or Income received but not earned. Income received during the current year but not earned or a part of which relates to the next year. Deducted form the concerned income on the credit side and entered on the liability side. Prepaid advance or Expenses or Prepaid expenses. Expenditure paid during current year but not incurred or a part of which relates to the next year is called expenditure prepaid. Deducted form the concerned expenditure on the debit side and entered on the assets side.

Income outstanding or income earned but not received or Income accrued. Income outstanding means income earned during the current year but the amount on which is not yet received added to the concerned income on the credit side and entered on the asset side.

Material tally 7.2 pdf study

Gateway of Tally-Accounts info-ledger-create. Opening stock. Stock in hand. Purchase account. Purchase return. Fright charges. Direct expenses. Carriage inwards or Purchases. Cartage and coolie. Manufacturing wages. Coal, gas, water. Oil and fuel. Factory rent, insurance, electricity, lighting and heating.

Sales account. Indirect expenses. Postage and telegrams. Telephone charges. Rent paid. Rates and taxes. Audit fees. Interest on bank loan. Interest on loans paid. Bank charges. Legal charges. Printing and stationery. General expenses. Sundry expenses. Discount allowed. Carriage outwards or sales. Traveling expenses. Bad debts. Repair renewals. Motor expenses.

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Depreciation on assets. Interest on investment received. Indirect income. Interest on deposit received. Interest on loans received. Commission received. Discount received. Rent received. Dividend received. Bad debts recovered. Profit by sale of assets. Sundry income. Loan from others. Loan Liabilities. Bank loan. Bank overdraft. Bank OD. Bills payable. Current Liabilities. Sundry creditors. Mortgage loans. Secured loans. Expense outstanding.

Income received in advance. Other liabilities. Capital account. Cash in hand. Cash at bank. Bank account. Fixed deposit at bank. Current asset. Sundry debtors. Closing stock. Stock of stationery. Loose tools. Fixed asset. Fixtures and fittings. Motor vehicles. Plant and machinery. Land and building. Leasehold property. Prepaid expenses. Income outstanding. Current assset. Trading account: Buying and selling of goods.

Direct Income. Freight charges. Lorry hire. Manufacturing expenses. Factory rent, fuel power. Gross profit transfer to profit and loss account. To Profit and loss account: Actual profit and loss of the business. Indirect expenses or payments.

Indirect income or receipts. Gross profit. Postage and Telegram. Rate and taxes. Insurance paid. Bad debts received. Net loss. Carriage outward sales. Net profit. Balance sheet: Actual financial position.

Expenses outstanding. Plant machinery. Gateway of tally-Accounting voucher. Records funds transfer between cash and bank accounts. Record all bank and cash payments. Records all receipts into bank or cash accounts. Records adjustments between ledger accounts.

Material study pdf 7.2 tally

Records all sales. Records all purchase. Journalize the following transactions. Commenced business with cash Rs. Deposit into bank Rs. Bought office furniture Rs. Soled goods for cash Rs. Purchased goods form Mr X on credit Rs. Soled goods to Mr Y on credit Rs. Received cash form Mr. Y on account Rs. Paid cash to Mr X Rs. Received commission Rs. Received interest on bank deposit Rs.

Paid into bank Rs. Paid for advertisement Rs. Purchased goods for cash Rs. Sold goods for cash Rs. Paid salary Rs. Gateway of tally-Account info-Ledger-Create. Gateway of tally — Accounting voucher. Type of account. Comes in. Goes out. Office furniture. Sundry creditor. Credit all income. Interest on bank deposit.

Pdf material tally study 7.2

Debit all expenses. Cr cash. Indirect expense. Inventory information. Gateway of Tally-Inventory information-Unit of measure. Gateway of tally —Inventory information-Godown. Gateway of tally-Inventory information-Stock group.

Gateway of tally — Inventory information-Stock item. To View. Gateway of tally-Stock summary. On Raman commenced business with cash of Rs. On Purchased Vehicle and Patents Rs. On He deposited Rs. On Purchased from Cadbury Company. On Purchased from Paras. On Sold to Pankaj. On Sold to Akbar. On Paid to Cadbury company Rs. On Received from Pankaj.

On Paid to Paras Rs. On Received from Akbar Rs. On Purchase from Well Cloth. Peter EnglandPc Ruff and TuffPc Paid Postage Rs. Paid wages Rs. Procedure for Inventory Problem. Dairy milk. Band Aid box. Boric Acid powder. Peter England. Ruff and Tuff. Capital Account. Sundry debtor. Started business with cash Rs. Issued cheque for goods purchased Rs. Bought furniture from Anil for cash Rs. Bought goods from harish Rs. Bought goods from chandan on credit Rs.

Returned damaged goods to Chandan Rs. Bought goods from Naveen and paid by cheque immediately Rs. Sold goods to Guptha Rs. Received a cheque from Guptha Rs.