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Overlord light novel volume 1 pdf

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Overlord Volume 1 - The Undead King Black Edition - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), pdf. Gifting the Wonderful World With Blessings! - 10 (1). Overlord Volume 11 - The .. cases, with their powerful abilities never seeing the light of day. This work is a revised version of the novel Overlord published online. You are reading Overlord Light novel Volume 1 in English. Read Light novel Volume 1 of Overlord manga online on lesforgesdessalles.info for free. Overlord Vol lesforgesdessalles.info Overlord Vol lesforgesdessalles.info Download. Unsupported Browser. Looks like you're using a pretty old browser which we don't support.

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Overlord Volume 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 11, 12, 13 Light Novel PDF Download. Read Overlord light novel English translated volumes here at Download Volume 1 PDF: Overlord Light Novel Volume 1 pdf ( downloads). Volume 2. Does anyone know where I can find the PDF version of the LN I can download? Side question: I've seen people say that the volumes posted in.

This allowed a guild to create far stronger NPCs and assign them to guard key locations. After they left Momongas side, she whispered into Mares ear. Download Volume 9 PDF: Download Volume 4 PDF: With all his courage, a small figure jumped down. After all, the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick overcame the largest player organized military offensive in the server's history. Momonga immediately rejected this idea.

Overlord Light Novel Volume 2 pdf downloads. Download Volume 3 PDF: Overlord Light Novel Volume 3 pdf downloads. Download Volume 4 PDF: Overlord Light Novel Volume 4 pdf downloads. Download Volume 5 PDF: Overlord Light Novel Volume 5 pdf downloads.

I didn't have enough time to fully answer this but as I have already been saying, his obsessions are of twisted origins befitting his status as the supreme ruler of Ainz Ooal Gown. I feel like this has already been answered in the premise of volume 2 but Momonga reconciles and realizes that his initial decision of declaring himself Ainz Ooal Gown was indeed a great mistake and goes by the name of Momon instead publicly.

He is currently in the state of investigating the affairs of the world which is going very very slow compared to the web version especially due to the events in volume 3 as you will see and plans to reveal the full existence of AOG later on, replacing the glory that he gains under the guise of Momon to that of AOG. How in the hell is that healthy? Oh and the hotness doesn't really matter when you don't even have a dick..

Thanks for your works. Thx for ur hard work. Keep going. Could u translate The new Gate? It has a similar story. Is it possible to commission you to do further than volume 3 for overlord? Thank you for the work you have done on this series. Go as always at your own pace and don't let people pressure you into more. Again awesome work and for doing it, and for free no less, thanks. The translation is fluent and good to read very nice job thank you for the hard work in translating this novel.

Thank you for your hard work I am really greatfull specially towards bro cocayn since it because of him that you guys started to translate it Thank you so much again I am looking forward to your next update of overlord: I couldn't find this anywhere sorry if you have already answered it and i didn't look good enough D: I did notice that you are only doing Volume two which i'm happy you are doing volume two who could ask for more?

Thanks for taking up some of your time to answer my question i just like certainty C:. Chapters of overlord are too long Guess i wasn't clear, sorry about that. Thanks for your time C:.

They will only translate till volume 2, that said ONLY till Volume 2 Epilogue, I wish there'll be someone who'll translate LN like them skythewood n friends coz the way they translate it's great easy to read, neat n clean. Yea got that just wanted to make sure xD. I believe it's either gonna be Imuto or Cocayn i'm thinking Cocayn but either way i just can't wait for more xD. Yeah they will finish volume This is sooooooo good and so much fun to read!

The author is incredible and it never gets even one bit boring! Thank you for translating this!

I hope the progress will be steady and fast. Can't really wait anymore for new chapters! If you are getting the feels for light novels, might I suggest you try some others along side this one? Hope it helps! Its been a long time since I found a LN as good as this, so please ,if possible , dont stop translating it. Thank you very much for your work translating Overlord to this extent. I'm not going to ask or beg you to continue translating this series against your will, you are your own person after all: What you and whomever else have done the work so far has introduced me to a new fun novel and for that I am grateful enough.

Here's to hoping someone else can pick up the torch. It's not that he doesn't want to continue translating. It's because he can't. Sky is can't read japanese and translates from the chinese LNs. There are only 2 chinese Overlord volumes out at the moment. Ah I see, thanks for the clarification. Regardless, my gratitude to Sky and other translators who have worked hard on this series for no profit. It is folks like you that open up a world of stories for people like us who wouldn't get the chance to enjoy them otherwise.

Although it's only the 1st chapter, I'm glad to have this translation so i can know what's going on. Isn't it more Narberal than it is Albedo? Not that I am complaining! If you guys don't have a project after finishing translating overlord chapter 2. Can you guys perhaps translate toaru ossan no vrmmo katsudouk. Sky and the crew are nice enough to do what they have, no need to badger people who are doing us a favor. Thank you for your hard work. Eagerly awaiting for the end of volume 2, so the book will be complete.

I like to read whole books in one sitting, so I plan to start reading vol. Since it's much better, I guess I should stop. Congrats on finding a Japanese translator. The language doesn't matter as long as the translator knows what he's doing. Sky's doing a wonderful job imho. I'm not sure I understand this In the link, the guy said he could easily translate it well provided the raws JP version from context Next poster provides, from the looks of it, the JP raws of vol Why does he pretend he can't find them?

I'm confused Or maybe he could do the Web Novel since it's not really the same as the LN. D you're awesome, keep being an amazing person whatever life be throwing at you. This is an official audio drama for the first chapter https: Volume 3? Yep Volume 2 Chapter 4 still has a few more parts 5 in total plus the epilogue to be released Kudos to the translators! Each chapter part is quite long, so weekly release is already pretty amazing! Yeah, kudos to them all. I feel this LN is getting more grip and a lot more people are taking an interest now in reading and translating with the announcement?

Can't say I enjoy the manga as much as the LN, but the more Overlord the better! Bring it on! Looking forward to when Volume 2 is finished translating though! There are some parts that are a bit wrong in the spoilers, is there a way for me post add what it is somewhere?

At the ending you put Steel rank when it should be Mithril rank? The one right before Adamantium. Hehehehhahahaha, Awesome, is this story quite arduous to translate 'cause you're doing a brilliant job, hope you continue or translate another similar light novel. BTW, Do you have to be in university to have the Japanese course? If so curses, 2 more years.

For Skythewood, it was parts every Saturday. Now that there's another group translating, I'm not sure about their schedule but hopefully it'll be the same as before. D Thanks for the lengthy updates and keep up the good work. Thanks for the translations. I have simple request though, if it's not much could you write it as "Part 1 of X" instead of "Part 1". Sometimes I don't know if the chapter is finish or not. Thanks in advance.

Just want to let skythewood and other translators here to know that someone TundeVictor is posting your translated Overlord chapters on Wattpad without any credits. Found out about it on wuxiaworld.

Apparently complaints can only be filed by the original translators. This isn't a question but I want to put a few ideas out there. Second, because of this I'm worried about the lifespan of the Nazarickians I mean will the older looking members die soon or are they all like 2 years old game time? Ainz might just end up all alone Third, I hope that they clear up the fact about if Ainz can be revived via resurrection wand or respawn point.

Most of Nazarick's NPCs are non-humans who are close to immortality. Sebas is a dragon or something related to them; Shalltear is a first or second generation vampire; Demiurge, Albedo and Cocytus are some kind of demons, so they're also basically immortals, Mare and Aura are elves, they're 80 years old and are basically kids, and the other NPCs are some kind of demon or undeath, with the exception of Pandora's Actor and a few of the Battle Maids But I don't think that they have a limited lifespan either.

So he will be fine. Anyone know when the anime is coming out? Wow, just found this stuff yesterday, thanks for all your hard work and kudos on finding such an interesting story to translate. P English. Pdf for overlord volume 1 https: Pdf for overlord volume 2 https: Overlord vol. I'll probably do vol. Vol 2 works wonder but unfortunately vol 1 seem to be broken. I couldn't open it with iBooks. If you have time and willing to look into it, would you mind fixing vol 1.

Many thanks. I'm really, really sorry, but I don't have any idea why iBooks isn't reading the xml file properly. Aaand, I finished. I hope I didn't screw anything up, but let me know if I did.

Great Story, I love it. Keep up the hard work with translating. Is there a posibility to read the original web novel too. I found the japanese text but there are no translations. Keep up the Good Work. I destroyed my brain reading MT so your translations are a welcome relief. Thanks Again. After announcing it will be discontinuing all service, the internet game 'Yggdrasil' shut downs -. That was the plan But for some reasons, the player character did not log out some time after the server was closed NPC starts to become sentient A normal youth who loves gaming in the real world seemed to have been transported into an alternate world along with his guild, becoming the strongest mage with the appearance of a skeleton, Momonga.

He leads his guild 'Ainz Ooal Gown' towards an unprecedented legendary fantasy adventure! Yen Press have licensed this novel series and will be releasing an English version, please support the author by buying the official copy. Further fan translations will cease. But the constant beatings of his heart were suppressed in order to return to a calm state. Although Momonga was disturbed his sudden palpitations, he remembers these wise words imparted to him by one of his guild members.

But is that really the case? Momonga shook his head, now is not the time to think about such matters. Please forgive me for being unable to answer Momonga-samas question about the GM. Forgive me for being unable to meet your expectations, if there is a situation where I am able to make up for my mistake, I will be happy to oblige.

Please give me your next order. These two were talking with each other, there was no mistake about it. Noticing this Momonga was too surprised to speak. This was definitely impossible. This NPC was able to speak. No, it is possible to use self-automated speech to allow NPCs to speak, because there were many shouts and cheers for players to download.

However Properly conversing with a NPC was something impossible. Even just now, Sebas was only able to understand simple commands. Then, what could have happened to make this possible? Was it only Albedo who changed? With a wave of his hand, Momonga gave Albedo the order to stand down, which she did with a face full of regret.

Momonga then turned his eyes to the heads of the butler and the six maids. Yes, milord. Again, with perfect synchronization, they stood up and walked towards the throne. Once there they knelt down. At that moment, two things became apparent. First, even without saying specific commands, NPCs are able to understand simple orders. Second, Albedo was not the only one able to speak. At the very least all the NPCs in the throne room were abnormal.

As Momonga thought about this, he couldn't shake the feeling there was something strange about Albedo, who was still standing next to him.

Wanting to clarify this, Momonga looked at Albedo with a sharp gaze. Finally realizing what was wrong, he was unable to make any sound and could only gasp in surprise A strange feeling comes from changing expressions.

Mouths moving, even letting out sound. Momonga hurriedly put his hand on his mouth and tried making a sound. His mouth was moving. The appearance of facial expressions was basically rooted, and if this was true, then there should still be no facial expressions on this design.

Also, Momongas face was just a skull, with neither a tongue nor a throat. Looking down at his hands, all he saw was a skeletal hand with no skin whatsoever.

He didnt even have internal organs or lungs, so how was he able to speak? Momonga suddenly felt all his accumulated common sense disintegrating, at the same time he felt uneasy.

Repressing the urge to yell out, his heart suddenly went back to being calm. Momonga forcefully hit one of the armrests on the throne, but as he had expected, there was no indication of damage. What should I do? Are there any good ideas? With completely no understanding of the current situation, he also started to get angry that there was no one around that could help him. Then the most important thing to do now is, to look for clues. Raising his head, Sebas had a sincere expression, feeling like a real life person.

Giving him orders should be no problem right? Although I dont know what will happen, are all the NPCs in this grave loyal to me? These are definitely no longer the NPCs that everyone created together. Feeling uneasy with his mind swimming in questions, Momonga suppressed these emotions. In any case, the most suitable candidate for searching was Sebas.

Despite having Albedo next to him, Momonga made up his mind and choose Sebas. While thinking about looking like a high ranking boss ordering his employee, Momonga showed off a superior attitude and commanded:.

Leave the Great Tomb and search the surrounding area. If there are any intelligent or friendly beings, invite them back here.

Negotiations should go so far as to please the other. The search radius is one kilometer and try to avoid fighting. In Yggdrasil, it was impossible for NPCs who were created to protect a specific area to leave it. However, right now that has been subverted. No, this matter could only be determined once Sebas actually left the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Take a member of Pleiades with you. If there comes a situation where you have to retreat, bring the information gathered back here.

With that, the first step has been taken. Momonga let go of the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown. The staff did not fall to the ground but started to float, as if there was someone holding it up in the air.

Although totally inconsistent with the laws of physics, this is what usually happens in the game. Situations where items floated in the air when let go were not rare in Yggdrasil. The spirits appearing from the staff showed a pained expression and entangled his hand, which Momonga paid no mind to. Momonga folded his arms in contemplation. The next step would be. Considering Momongas abnormal situation, the one would know the most about it should be the game company.

The problem was contacting them. Normally one would use the Shout or Call GM functions to establish immediate contact, but that method seemed to have failed at the moment.

That was the games in-game messaging magic. Normally, it was only usable in certain places or situations, but right now it could be put to good use. While this magic could be used to communicate with other players, it was unknown if it could be used to call a GM. And in this abnormal situation, there was no guaranty that magic still worked. It was still worth investigating. Momonga was a pure magician. If he was unable to use magic, not to mention fighting, even his mobility and information gathering capabilities would be significantly reduced.

In a situation like this, where everything was unknown, it was important to confirm if magic useable. And it must be found out quickly. So was there any place where he could use magic, Momonga looked around the throne room and shook his head.

Although this was an emergency situation, he didnt want to subject the Throne Chamber to his magical experiments. While thinking about a suitable location, a certain place floated into his mind.

Beside his own abilities, there was another thing he wanted to confirm. And that was his authority. He needed to find out if his authority as leader of Ainz Ooal Gown still existed. He needed to confirm if they were still loyal to him. Momonga looked at the kneeling maids and Sebas, then looked at Albedo at his side. Albedo had a faint smile on her face. Was the loyalty of the NPC still unchanged?

If this was reality, after After meeting an inept superior, the employees would lose faith in him, so the NPCs reactions should be the same, right? Or will they never betray someone as long as they were programmed to be loyal?

If their loyalty could be shaken, then what could be done in order to keep it? Giving them rewards? There were huge amounts of valuables in the guilds treasury.

Even if using these treasures would make his past companions sad, since this was an emergency situation regarding the continued survival of Ainz Ooal Gown, they would understand. It was just uncertain how many incentives should be given. In addition to this, should a higher position be considered as being superior? But right now what power is considered to be superior, this is still unclear to him.

It feels like if he went continued further down this maze, he would slowly understand these things. Momonga opened his left hand, and the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown automatically flew into his hand. The seven gems embedded in the staff shined brightly, as if asking its master to use its great power. Momonga let go of the staff and it fell to the floor as if it was angrily throwing a tantrum.

To recap, as long as you acted like a leader it was unlikely that others would act hostile towards you. Regardless of whether its a human or an animal, as long as you didnt show any weakness, the enemy wouldnt bare his fangs and attack.

With an imposing manner, Momonga loudly shouted:. Pleiades, listen up. Other than the maid following Sebas, the rest of you will go to the 9th floor and protect it against any invasion from the 8th floor.

Yes, Momonga-sama. The maids beside Sebas respectfully responded, showing their understanding of their orders. Understood, my Lord! After giving their response Sebas and the maids bowed towards Momonga, stood up at the same time and left. Once again the huge doors closed. Sebas and the maids disappears on the other side. The fact that they didnt refuse that order was a good sign. Momonga felt as if a huge load fell off his shoulders and looked at the one person who was left with him.

That person would be Albedo, who was giving him a smile while asking:. Replying with a smile, Albedo came forward. Although Momonga was still wary of the wand with the black floating ball that Albedo was carrying, he momentarily forgot that it was still there. Before he realized this, Albedo was already close enough to hug him. What a nice smell What the hell am I thinking?! That thought was instantly dismissed the moment Momonga thought about it, this wasnt the time for fantasies after all.

Momonga reached out to touch Albedos hand.

1 novel overlord light pdf volume

Albedo expression flinched with pain. Momonga felt shocked and quickly pulled his hand back. What happened? It cannot be that I made her feel uncomfortable? Several unhappy memories floated into his mind, as if the heavens dropped down, but Momonga quickly found the answer. Could this be the reason for her reaction? Even if that was the case, there was still some doubt.

As long as they were from the same guild, even if they were to attack each other, nothing should happen. Could it be she no longer belonged to the guild? Or was it now possible to harm other guild members?

Overlord Light novel Volume 1

The possibility of it being the latter was high. Realizing this Momonga apologized to Albedo:. Please do not mind me, Momonga-sama. This degree of hurt is not painful at all. Also, if it is Momonga-sama, no matter what kind of pain Ahn! Momonga had no idea how to react after seeing Albedo shyly covering her face with her hand after letting out a cute, and started to stutter.

It really was because of the negative effects on contact. Momonga quickly looked away, and tried to find out how to stop the skills effects and was suddenly able to understand the method. Using the skills of the Undead Overlord, to Momonga it was as natural and simple as breathing. Being faced with such an abnormal circumstance, Momonga couldnt help laughing. After so many strange situations, being flustered over something like that was silly.

Habits could be really terrifying. After deactivating the skill, he reached out to touch Albedos hand. Although some words floated into his mind, Ah how thin, Ah how white and some other ideas popped into his head, all manly desires were completely ignored since he just wanted to feel her pulse.

It was beating. The beating of a heart. If this was a biological being, this was a given. Of course, if this was a biological being. After letting go,. Momonga looked at his own wrist and saw only skinless white bones. Since there were no blood vessels, there was obviously no heartbeat.

Of course, being an Undead Overlord meant he was immortal, beyond the reach of death, of course there would no heartbeat. Moving away, Momonga looked at Albedo. Momonga sees Albedo with moist eyes emerging from his shadow. With a flushed face, probably because of the sudden rise in body temperature.

Seen Albedos appearance, caused Momonga to be stunned. Wasnt she an NPC? Just some electromagnetic information? How she was able to be like a living person, what kind of AI was capable of doing that? More importantly, the world of Yggdrasil appeared to have become the real world.

Momonga shook his head in denial. Such a fantastical situation could never happen. But once an idea was deeply entrenched, it couldnt be easily removed. Feeling a little uncomfortable towards Albedos changes, Momonga was at a loss on what to do next. Next Would be the final step. As long as he was able to confirm this, all his premonitions would become fact.

Overlord Volume 1 - The Undead King Black Edition

To confirm his own suspicion of this being reality or nonreality? Therefore, this was an absolutely necessary action. Even if she decided to use the weapon she holds in her hand. The atmosphere instantly froze.

Albedo widened her eyes in surprise. Even Momonga felt embarrassed. Although there was no way to avoid this, he also didnt understand why he was saying this. Really, asking something like that with such a high voice was too vulgar. No, using his authority as her superior to commit sexual harassment that was the lowest of the low.

But being at the end of his wits, he had to do this.

Pdf 1 light novel overlord volume

Momonga forcefully convinced himself, he mentally stabilized himself and with the dignity of a ruler he said: It shouldnt matter right? Not feeling the least bit dignified. Listening to Momongas trembling request, Albedo looked like she was about to burst with joy. Albedo struck out her chest, her well-developed twin peaks, in front of Momonga. If he were able to swallow his saliva, he would have done so many times already.

Reaching out with his hand he touched the breasts covered by the ceremonial robe. There was an abnormal amount of tension and excitement and in the corners of his mind he was calmly observing himself. Thinking that he was extremely stupid, why would he even think of such a method and put it into action. He sneakily glanced at Albedo and realized her eyes were shining, her chest also had a Come on!

Unsure whether it was because of his excitement or embarrassment, Momongas hands were trembling under the pressure, but he resolved himself and extended his hands. Momonga first felt the slightly stiff surface of the dress and then felt a very soft sensation underneath.

The moment Albedo let out sweet moans, Momonga stopped his experiment. After taking into account everything he knew, Momonga came up with two possible explanations for his situation. Meaning that with the end of Yggdrasil, a new Yggdrasil II had been launched.

But after this experiment, the chances of this being a newly released game became nonexistent because a game would prohibit actions rated 18 and above, or even actions rated 15 and above. As soon as there was a violation a severe punishment would be distributed: The reasoning behind these actions was that if the records of these 18 and above actions were made public, it might violate the Social Order Maintenance Act.

In general, the fact that this kind of behavior was considered illegal wasnt very surprising. If a GM or the game company was monitoring the game, they would instantly prevent Momongas lewd behavior. But there appeared to be no sign of that happening here. And according to the basic DMMORPG and computer laws, in absence of having obtained a license, forcing players staying in a game world is classified as abduction under the abduction law. If players were forced to join the demo of a game, this kind of action would have been instantly spotted by prosecutors, especially if it was impossible to leave the game.

It wouldnt be surprising if the game company would be charged of imprisonment. If such a situation occurred and forced logout failed to work, the players were able to store a whole weeks worth of gameplay recording with a built-in program, which was mandatory by law. With that you were able to easily report the companys violations. If Momonga went missing for a week, someone in his company would notice that something was amiss and send someone to his house to look for him.

As long as the police investigated the dedicated interface, they should be able to solve this problem. Just which company will risk getting arrested by committing such a crime? Of course, it was possible to say that this was a first experience to the game, or to say they updated the game. But to a game company, taking this kind of risk would not be advantageous to them at all. Thinking about it this way, then the only possibility for this situation was that this is an act of mischief, with no relation to the game company.

If this was so, this line of thought had to change, otherwise it would be impossible to find an answer. The problem was his confusion about how to approach this problem. There was also another possibility That the virtual world became reality. Momonga immediately rejected this idea. How could such an outrageous thing happen But on the other hand, the more time passed the more it appeared to be the only explanation of what happened.

Also, Momonga thought about the sweet fragrance coming from Albedo. According to Digital Law, two of the five senses, taste and touch, had to be completely excluded. Although there was a food and drink system in the game, it was generally only there as a consumption system. Because of these limitations, the usage of virtual reality in the sex industry was not very popular. But now all of these restrictions were gone. This had a dramatic impact on Momonga, causing questions like What about my work tomorrow?

All of these were now minor concerns, to be thrown to the back of his mind. If the virtual world became the real world Considering the amount of data, this is completely impossible. Momonga cleared his throat that shouldnt be able to utter a sound. Although his mind could not accept the situation, in his heart he already understood. And his hand finally let go of Albedos chest. After fondling them for a prolonged time, Momonga was finally able to understand the situation. The reason he touched her for so long wasnt because he thought that they were extremely soft and didnt want to let go Definitely not.

Albedo was breathing heavily with a bright red face, with an intensity as it her body was radiating steam. She shyly asked Momonga:. After Albedo got carried away and asked a question like this, Momonga was unable to suppress a surprised shout:. Momongas mind suddenly blanked out, rendering him unable to decipher the meaning of her sentence. First time? Whats this about? And why is she looking so shy?

Should I undress myself? Or would I trouble Momonga-sama? Wearing clothes, later on They might get dirty No, if Momonga-sama wants me to wear these clothes, then I have no objections.

His brain finally understood Albedos words. No, right now it was still questionable if Momonga still had a brain under his skull or not.

Becoming aware of what exactly Albedos intentions were, his heart was wavering:. I am terribly sorry! We are obviously facing an emergency situation and I was only thinking about my own desires. No, all of this is my fault, Ill forgive you, Albedo.

Other than this I have another request for you. Notify the Floor Guardians, I want them to meet me in the sixth floors arena. The time will be one hour from now. I will inform Aura and Mare myself, so you dont need to contact those two. Yes my lord. I repeat, other than the two Guardians on the sixth floor, inform the rest of the Guardians that they will have to gather in the arena in one hour. Albedo quickly left the throne room. Watching Albedo's receding back, Momonga heaved a sigh after she left the Throne Room.

What have I done Even though it was meant to be a joke Had I known this earlier I wouldve never done such a thing. There could be only one reason for Albedos reaction. Back when he rewrote Albedos settings, he changed it to Be in love with Momonga.

This was the reason why Albedo had that kind of reaction. Momonga muttered to himself, the legacy that was Albedo, which Tabula Smaragdina had painstakingly created from nothing, was modified without permission and thus ended up with this kind of character. Momonga felt he had spoiled somebody elses masterpiece and became depressed. But Momongas face was just a skull, making it impossible to see his distorted face as he left the throne. He told himself to set this problem aside for the time being.

He had other problems to deal with right now and that took priority. Overlord Volume 1 Chapter 2 Floor Guardians. Namorax, Xaiha.

A golem made of rare minerals moved to obey Momongas command. Momonga had finally accepted that the Virtual Reality turned into the real world.

Overlord Light Novel Table of Content

Now the most important thing for him was to protect himself. Although the NPCs he encountered so far were respectful towards him, it didnt necessarily mean that his other encounters would be the same. Better safe than sorry.

Momonga had to confirm the functionality of the Golems, the legendary items and his magic inside Nazarick His very own survival was at stake. Looking at the Golem, his mind relaxed at bit. A Golem would only obey the commands issued by its master, so even in the worst case situationsuch as an NPC rebellionhe would at least have a life insurance.

Momonga looked at his bony fingers. He wore nine rings on his ten fingers, with only the left hand ring finger being empty. In Yggdrasil, it was normally impossible to wear rings on any finger except for the left and right ring finger. But since Momonga used the special ability of a magic item, he could wear rings on his entire hand and use all their abilities as well.

He was not only considered special, he was known as one of the best ability users on the server. One of the rings on Momongas hands was the ring of Ainz Ooal Gown. It allowed him to freely teleport between every room inside Nazarick.

Every member of Ainz Ooal Gown was required to wear this ring. After activating it, he started to warp through a dark tunnel until he reached the white light at the end. After the teleport succeeded, Momonga continued walking along a wide passage. The air around this floor was grassy and earthy, it was the smell of a forest.

Momonga became more and more certain that this place truly became reality. A question came to mind while he was walking. Since he was all bones and had neither lungs nor a trachea inside his body, how was he able to breathe?

Some serious doubts overcame him, but he started to feel stupid and immediately gave up thinking about it. Having almost reached the end of the passage, a door opened automatically for Momonga. On the other side was a large arena surrounded by several layers of an auditorium.

This oval Amphitheater had a length of one hundred eighty- eight meters, a width of one hundred fifty-six meters and a height of forty- eight meters. It was modeled after the Colosseum of the Roman Empire. A spell called Continual Light was cast over the entire structure and therefore it was always bright as daylight inside. The audience consisted of numerous Golems who showed no signs of activity.

This place was called the arena. The gladiators were played by the intruders and the audience would consist of the Golems and the members of Ainz Ooal Gown sitting in the VIP lounge. No matter how tenacious or numerous the invaders were, they were here to meet their end. At the moment, a black night sky could be seen at the top of the arena and if there was no light magic nearby, you could even see the stars in the sky twinkle.

The sixth floor of Nazarick was covered by a virtual sky. Not only did it slowly change over time, it even had a rising sun, complete with daylight effects. One could relaxed while living in this fictional scenario, so it was worth the effort for his guild members. Although his mood is improving as he's staying here, the current situation doesn't allow him to continue doing so. Momonga looked around. This arena should be managed by those two twins Then suddenly With a shout, a silhouette jumped from the VIP lounge.

It was a six-storey building and there was no use of any magic, just simply physical skill. Her gentle curved feet eliminated the impact and exposed a proud expression with a "V" for victory with her hand.

A girlish looking child with a cute and a warm smile on her face. Her gold hair drifts near her shoulder reflecting the surrounding. Different colors of blue and green pupils made her eyes shine like a puppy. Her long pointy ears and darkish skin showed that she was a Dark Elf, a close relative of the. Forest Elf. Equipped with reddish--black dragon scale-leather light fitting and a white and gold embroidered vest on her chest with the Ainz Ooal Gown sign. Below, she wore a set of white trousers and on her neck an acorn necklace emitting golden light.

A whip wrapped around her waist. And her back carries a giant bow whose grip was decorated with exotic engravings. Momonga walks towards the Dark Elf calling out her name. She was a guardian of the sixth floor inside the large underground Mausoleum of Nazarick, Aura Bella Fiora. She was capable of controlling magic beasts, being beast tamer and master of guerilla warfare.

With small mousy steps, Aura starts running towards Momonga. The steps looked small, but she was faster than a beast. Her steps were both acute and and quick at closing distances. Aura turns on the emergency brake with her foot and due to friction, her shoes made from gold alloy plates produces a dust cloud behind her. Obviously not sweaty, Aura pretends to wipe her forehead and exposes a smile similar to a dog who tries to please its master. In a high tone unique to children, she greets Momonga:.

Welcome to my guarded floor! For Momonga, he did not know if such sense of intimacy was constrained. It was because Momonga was not experienced enough to tell, this in turn gave him a headache. Aura's expression was full of smiles and he did not feel any hostility from her. There was no response from "enemy scan" either.

Momonga looked left and right with his eyes and relaxes his grip on his wand. In case of an emergency situation, he intends to attack and then retreat at once, but now it seems there is no need for that. Momonga-sama is the owner of Nazarick, the supreme ruler!