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18 Tháng Mười Hai Test và Target TOEIC. Sách TOEIC Analyst - download tài liệu file pdf ebook Listening Unit 3 - Very Easy TOEIC 1. Audio Unit 3 - Very Easy. 03/09/ · Descargar PDF Tactics for TOEIC Listening and Reading Test in that TOEIC Listening PDF - Audio (Practice Test) Tải Sách TOEIC Analyst: Tải. Sách TOEIC Analyst - download tài liệu file pdf ebook Analyst Toeic Second Edition Analyst Toeic Second Edition - Fundamentals of English Grammar 4th.

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toeic second edition PDF may not make exciting reading, but analyst toeic second edition is packed Sách TOEIC Analyst - download tài liệu file pdf ebook . Giới thiệu về sách TOEIC Analyst Second Edition. TOEIC Analyst Second Sách TOEIC Analyst - download tài liệu file pdf ebook Analyst Toeic Second. Complete Guide to TOEIC Test - eBook. Skills for the TOEIC Test Listening and Reading. Sample TOEIC Test (Reading Section).

PART 1 Choose the statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Jannie Waldorf. When will the celebration start? We're going to be late. Neither driver was injured. What is the purpose of the man's call?

What is Gossip Central? Where did the meeting take place? Who is Sarah Polly? What was the subject of the gathering? How long has Ms. Polly worked in her Why were some people against the talks? A Innocent people may be arrested. A Five years B The number of jobs will decrease.

B Ten years C It will harm the community. C Fifteen years D The program will be too costly. What is being worked on? What kind of company is being advertised? When is the parking garage available again? What has the company recently done? How does Ms. Pierre offer to help? What do customers receive this weekend A Give directions to the parking lot only with the purchase of a service B Write a report outlining the repairs package?

You wi ll hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter A , 8 , C , or D on your answer sheet. Where are the speakers most likely? Who is the man speaking with? What will the woman give Mr. What is the man unsure of? What does Mr. Dyson inquire about?

What will the woman most likely do next? What did Allie bring? What does Jim compliment Allie on? Why does the man want to make a call? What is Jim doing?

What would the woman like the man to do? Where is Mario now? A At a client's office What is the woman's problem? C At the post office B Her e-mail account is not working. D At the downtown office C She misplaced an important file. D She wasn't able to finish the proposal. What issue is Mario dealing with? A An office renovation What will the woman do at 1 o'clock B A new contract tomorrow?

How does the woman suggest getting in D Contact the technical support team contact with Mario? A By going downtown What will Bill most likely do next? Why are the speakers going to Toronto? Where does the woman work? How long will Sue stay in Toronto? Who does the woman want to speak to? A For one night A Store manager What time are dinner reservations? Who most likely are the speakers? What does the man say about Frank?

B He's unable to make it. What problem do Tim's neighbors have? C He's meeting them for dinner. A They have no electricity. D He's working late. B Their car was stolen. C Their air conditioner has stopped Why will the woman come late to the working. A She has to wait for a delivery. B She has to park her car.

What needs to be repaired? C She has to make a phone call. A The driveway D She has to finish her work. Who is the message most likely directed at? What is the purpose of this radio A Website designers announcement? What is inferred about the organization's employees? From when will St.

Paul Street be closed to A They are currently on lunch break. B They are attending to other customers. A November 9 C They are presently not working.

D Next weekend What information can customers obtain from What should people do if they have the website? What type of event is being held? What will guests be doing at next month's How long did Ms. Reynolds work at The charity event? Optic Group? What will happen immediately after lunch? B A dance performance will take place. A Madrid C Speeches are scheduled to begin. B London D Photographs will be taken. C Los Angeles D Seattle -- - - What is suggested about Thompson's wristwatches?

Why did the speaker leave a message? A They are inexpensive. A To give directions to a new restaurant B They are manufactured in China. B To talk to her boss about the new clients C They are stylish. C To inform her colleagues that she will be D They can be ordered online. What gift is being offered?

What was scheduled for one o'clock? What should people do to receive a gift? Where is the speaker calling from? What did the speaker decide at a young What city has been added to Barbara's What did the speaker do at age twenty-five? A He taught politics at a university. A Calgary B He became school president.

B Honolulu C He met a famous politician. C Los Angeles D He started playing sports. D Chicago How many regulations did the speaker Why would the speaker like Barbara to introduce?

Who most likely is the speaker addressing? A College professors Where most likely is the talk taking place? Why are not many employees taking courses? What topic is Ms. Dupont speaking about? A They believe that they are too expensive.

A Healthy lifestyle B They think that the courses are boring. What has Ms. Dupont been invited to do? What has the speaker suggested the A Write a medical journal article company do? Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter A , 8 , or C on your answer sheet.

C We'll move to a new bui lding soon. You should mark answer 8 on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet Why is the woman going to the cell phone Where does this conversation probably take store? How will the woman get to New York? What floor is Mr. Kline's office on? What does the man suggest the woman do?

Why does the man want to meet with Mr. A Visit clients in New York Kline? B Create an expense account A He would like to purchase a product. C He is looking for a job.

Toeic pdf sach analyst

D He wants to sell some merchandise. Where most likely does this conversation When did the man receive the shirt? What is inferred about the shirt? Why was the woman worried? A It isn't the right size. A The coffee pot was broken.

B It is very expensive. B The employees we re complaining. C It has a defect. C They had too many customers. D It is a popular color. D There was not enough bread. What does the woman ask the man for? What will the man probably do next? What are the speakers discussing? Who is Ms. Who is the celebration for? What will the man most likely do next? What will Judi most likely do next? Where is the file? Who most likely is the woman? What specific files does the man wish to Why were the renovations delayed?

A Some supplies were delivered late. A New product listings B The office building was locked. B Sales staff performance results C The shipping company closed. C The boardroom layout D The team was busy with another project. D The company's assets What does the woman suggest? What does the woman expect to do in October? What is the purpose of the man's call? A To ask for the company's services Where is Josh? What does the woman request? A The company's account numbers What does the woman say she will do?

What is the purpose of the message? What probably happened to Kelly Sanders? How does the master bedroom differ from A She lost her records. B She didn't contact her doctor. A It was decorated first. C She took blood tests. B It is much bigger than the others. D She missed her appointment. C It looks more modern. D It has more furniture. What is the caller waiting for? A Hospital forms What was the cause of the delay in the B Test results design of the room?

C A payment invoice A Mr. Jenkins was depressed. D A medical prescription B Mr. Jenkins was starting a new business. Jenkins was lacking money. Jenkins was on vacation.

Economy LC! What does the speaker say about Beauty Where most likely is the announcement First products? A They heal irritated skin. A At a radio station B They are not harmful. B At a concert hall C They contain chemicals. C At a film studio D They are expensive. D At a conference center What item was Andrea Vector previously Why is the audience told not to take experienced in? A IT products A The show is being recorded. B Clothing B The performance is being photographed.

C Make-up C The show is being broadcast live. D Hair products D The lights are too dim. What will Andrea Vector discuss? According to the announcement, what is the A Instructions for using her products audience asked to do?

What service does the company provide? A Web design Who is this announcement intended for? What is the advantage in choosing Design Depot? What has caused the change in the type of A Competitive prices precipitation?

Toeic pdf sach analyst

How can customers meet with a designer? A By calling a number What does the report suggest? Why is Jesse planning to celebrate? Why did Mr. Lee contact Ms.

A She will complete a project. A To obtain some information B She is opening a new restaurant. B To cancel a presenter C She received a promotion. C To invite her to an event D She is going on a trip to Italy.

D To order a projector What is Jesse unsure about? What did Mr. Lee suggest about the event? A Who she will invite to dinner A He has cancelled the guest speaker. B Which restaurant they will go to B He can arrange a larger location.

C What time they will eat dinner C He will not be able to attend. D Where they should meet D He cannot set up the equipment. What will Jesse and her group probably do What had Ms. Blayer requested? What did the survey show? What is the subject of the news report? A More people are watching television. A A national park B Viewers enjoy commercials. B A local zoo C People are staying longer at the office.

C Commercial products D The number of programs is decreasing. D Landscaping land What does the speaker suggest is the According to the speaker, what does reason for the change?

Algonquin National Park have? A The ratings have continued to increase. A Unique rock formations B More people have joined the workforce. B A lot of different animals C Viewers have become more social. C Unusual potted plants D The number of programs has increased. D Beautifu l waterfalls According to the speaker, what have some What do some people expect will happen? A The wildlife will relocate.

A The number of programs aired B It will increase local business. B The number of company employees C New homes will be built. C The number of advertisements shown D They will change their minds. You wil l hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English.

Who is the man buying for? What time does the store open on What is the purpose of the man's visit? What section did the man originally want? U1 What would the customer like the A Section A salesperson to do? What will the man do for the woman? What will probably happen in the afternoon? C Speak with Sam B The computer network will shut down. D Find an e-mail address C The financial reports will be distributed to employees.

What does the woman have to do with the D An important meeting will be held. A She must send them an e-mail.

What did the woman do last month? B She must send them a file. A Attended a social function C She must sign a new contract. B Worked on a computer virus D She must set up a meeting. C Hired a new director D Installed new locks What does the man say about the new company policy? A A director must attend a new client A Manage the clients more politely meeting. B Get help to complete the reports 8 E-mail addresses must be listed on the C Work in her office to complete the report contact sheet.

D Submit the reports to the board C Supervisors must be introduced to new clients. D Files must be sent by e-mail to a Why is the woman going to New York? What does the woman say about the finance C To visit the sights department? D To attend a business conference A They haven't returned her calls.

B They haven't completed the work. What time will the woman arrive at the C They aren't working very hard. D The director was on a business trip. A At 3 o'clock 8 At 4 o'clock D At 6 o'clock B She will tell the director to cancel the meeting. What will the woman do while she is waiting?

C She will tell finance to change their work A Eat dinner plan. Where will the convention be held? What does the man say about Singapore? What is the man currently working on?

A He went there on his last vacation. A Contacting the conference presenters B There are many places to visit. B Finishing reports tor the convention C The airfare is expensive. C Confirming the number of guests D Tickets are not available. D Deciding the location of the convention According to the man, what difficulty do Why is the woman concerned? A They have not invited enough guests. A Weather conditions B The list cannot be found. D Language barriers D The conference schedule has changed.

Where do the speakers most likely work? What does the man suggest they do? What department will most likely help the man? A Human resources A She can't access the website. B Accounting B She has many meetings to attend. D She lost the Internet company's contact number. What should the customer do to set up an A Digital cameras Internet connection? What group does the advertisement focus on?

Toeic analyst pdf sach

How long will Zodiac coupons be available A Families on the website? Where is Gibby's Electronics located? A On the highway Where can the customer use Zodiac B In the electronics district coupons? What is this seminar about?

What is needed at the time of installation? What should employees do after reading the Approximately how long does the installation company policies? Where does this talk take place? What happens if you are not present for the A At a training session installation? B At a restaurant A You are not permitted to enter the home. D On a website C You must cancel your subscription. D You must register online. To whom is the speaker addressing? What is Dr.

Robertson's profession? C Apartment tenants B She is an international financial analyst. D Office workers C She is an environmental researcher. D She works for an electricity provider. What does the speaker say about the offices? What will Dr. Robertson talk about? A They are completely furnished. A Her research group's need for financing B They each have balconies. B The best methods for conducting group C Most of them have already rented.

What will the group do after the tour? What will happen after the speech? C Attend a speech A Participants will eat lunch. D Fill out a form B Delegates will write a report.

C Questions can be asked.

1560 câu Toeic có giải thích.pdf

Robertson will sign autographs. What is the purpose of the meeting? A To confirm the customer's address A To talk about new client accounts B To notify the customer of an order B To announce a new finance policy problem C To introduce new employees C To receive payment for the purchase D To speak about overspending D To purchase office equipment What is part-time staff expected to receive? What does the caller offer Mr. When should employees contact HR?

What will be delivered to Mr. Underwood on A By the end of this week Thursday? What is Irene phoning about? A A test result What is the purpose of this speech? What should Jemma bring with her to the appointment? How many performances are scheduled A A credit card over the next few months? When will Jemma find out about her test results?

What can audience members do during the A Tomorrow break? The conversations wi ll be spoken only one time and will not be printed in your test book. Why has the man not purchased his ticket A Making a presentation A He's waiting to schedule a meeting. B Going out socially B The trains are under repair.

C Getting a discount at the cafeteria C The tickets are sold out. D Preparing appetizers D Some routes have been cancelled. What did the man do yesterday afternoon? When does the woman suggest the man go? When will the speakers meet? What is the man planning to do on Monday? Where are the speakers? What does the woman want to do? What does the woman suggest they do?

What does the man say about Trevor? A Stay and wait in line A He can help with the report. B Postpone the presentation B He will contact the client in Chicago. C Call the director C He will arrive late tomorrow morning. D Return again later D He can answer the phone. What did the man do today?

What will most likely happen on Where did Adam stay in Las Vegas? A In a hotel A The man will go home early. B His cousin's house B The man will be interviewed by Mr.

C In an express bus Franklin. D In a small inn C The man will read an accounting book. D The man will change departments. When did the woman go to Las Vegas? A Last week Franklin breakfast D Attend a training session How did Adam mostly spend his vacation?

A Fishing Why are drinks not included with lunch How did the man learn about the positions?

Pdf sach toeic analyst

A His friend is in the HR department. A They lost one of their main suppliers. B He saw an ad in the paper. B There is a coffee shop nearby. C He was searching their website. C Not many people drink coffee. D He contacted the marketing division. D The company is trying to save money. Why would the man like to work in What is the man's concern? A Going to a nearby cafe A He can make a lot of money. B Looking for a new job B He has a friend in that division. C Paying for a drink C It involves a lot of training.

D Sending in a complaint D He has experience in that field. Why does the woman recommend the coffee A Visit another company A Her friend owns the shop. B Write out his resume B The company pays for the bill. C Wait for an interview C The coffee tastes fresh.

D Contact the marketing division D They offer discount cards. Why would the woman like to rush the Why is Grace Cameron unavailable? A She isn't in the office today. A She is interested in joining the team. B She is on vacation.

B Her office building is expensive. C She is in a meeting. C Her company is launching an advertising D She is away at lunch. D She would like to be closer to home. What does the woman offer to do? A E-mail it to Grace What will determine the selling price? Select the best response to each question and mark the letter A , B , C , or 0 on your answer sheet. Where is the speaker? Where does the speaker probably work? What information should be included on the When was the computer originally scheduled form?

What will happen after the form has been What time will the business open tomorrow? A The bill must be paid in full. B Laboratory tests will be run. C Blood pressure and temperature will be D At 9 a. D The doctor will prescribe new medication. Where should the participants go first?

TOEIC Analyst Book

Who is listening to this announcement? Where is the guest speaker schedule What does the speaker say about the posted? C At the reception desk B They have helped millions of people. D In auditorium C They used to be sold only in a small number of stores.

What will the participants do after lunch? D They have always been available online. A There will be a surprise guest speaker. B The opening speeches will be given. C A short video will be screened. A New model of computer D A financial paper will be presented. When will the renovations start? A In two weeks B In November When will the trade show finish?

What are the employees asked to do? What will be displayed in the show? What does the speaker wish to talk about at D Office furniture the next meeting? A When to begin the renovations How will th is event help Chicago? C What new departments to create 8 Tourism to the city will increase. D Whose suggestions will be included C Organizers are making a donation.

D Visitors will tell their friends to visit Chicago. Who is Martino Lopez? What will the city mayor announce? How might people know Martino Lopez? What benefits will the bridge bring? A He has written books.

A Add to the city skyline B He has a popular name. B Reduce the number of Hampton C He works for a famous company. C Provide the mayor with exposure to the media Where did Mr. Lopez teach? When is construction for the bridge C In Columbia scheduled to start? D Next spring A To welcome guests to this year's charity dinner B To announce the winner of the raffle Where most likely is this announcement C To thank guests for their contributions taking place?

When will the promoters thank the guests? What is the reason for the flight's delay? How will this money most likely be spent? What are passengers asked to do? What would the woman like? How did the man get to Montreal last year? What does the man offer to do? Why does the woman agree to drive to A To bring her some water Montreal? B To speak with his manager A Driving is faster. C To get her bill B It will be less expensive. D To find her waiter C She doesn't like to fly.

D There aren't any tickets available.

Ebook Developing Skill For The TOEIC Test

How long has the woman been waiting? A For 5 minutes What does the man ask of the woman? What is the man working on? What does the woman like about the Where will the woman be on Wednesday?

When will the woman help the man? Where is this conversation probably taking What is the woman planning to do? What does the woman say about How does the man usually get to work? A By subway A It will damage her credit rating. B By bus B It will cost too much money.

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C By car C It is not an efficient use of money. D By train D It is a way for her to make money. When will the meeting probably begin? What feature does the woman want the A In 5 minutes space to have?

What is the man expecting by post? What is the purpose of the woman's call? What is the difference with BTB? What does the man say he will do? A Look up some more information What is the man scheduled to do later? What is the purpose of this conversation?

A Visiting a branch office Which department do the speakers probably B Developing a business contract work in? Why can't the speakers begin in the D The sales department morning? A The woman has too much work to do. What does the man say about the marketing B There isn't a place to meet. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Each unit is thematically organized. Testinciudes one tl-length practice test.

This test gives students a beter fel for what wal be expected of them in actus les situations. The fulength practice test provides students with listening questions and reading questions.

There is a ful answer key with explanations of the answers for the incomplete senlences and incomplete texts questions. The explanations alow students to understand why each answer is correct and why the olner answer choices are wrong, This helps students 1o build knowiedge on the iype of wrong answer choices to expect and how to eliminate them.

Sludents are thereloce urged to learn as much as they can about the test and to approach it through strategic practice in order to achieve higher s2ore in future tasting situations,. King Justice.