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Maximum Ride James Patterson. Books. The Angel Experiment File Type: pdf. Download File. Maximum Ride Forever. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf. THE IDEA FOR the Maximum Ride series comes from earlier books of mine called When the Wind. Blows and The Lake House, which also feature a character. THE IDEA FOR the Maximum Ride series comes from earlier books of mine called When the Wind Blows and. The Lake House, which also feature a character.

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To the reader: The idea for Maximum Ride comes from earlier books of mine called When the Wind Blows and The. Lake House, which also feature a character. To the reader THE IDEA for the Maximum Ride series comes from earlier books of mine called When the Wind Blows and The Lake House, which also feature a. Maximum Ride has 40 entries in the series. Kasey Lee Huizinga Narrator ( ). cover image of The Angel Experiment--A Maximum Ride Novel.

They were just so — so dang adorable, sometimes. And what did it have to do with my mom? Brigid and the officials were white-faced, huddled together by the podium. I looked at her, wondering if she was talking about my mom or Nudge or Fang. The first slide said: Did not get shot at. None of us had ever reacted well to the amusing notion of having grown-ups decide things for us — like our future, or what we did, and so on.

Did not get shot at. Did not get kidnapped and taken to see a short, angry Asian man. I stayed home and was forced to heal. He smiled and raised his eyebrows at me. Where did you hear that name? Later I watched my flock fly away without me, off to have loads of bird-kid fun.

My mom stood there. I felt a little bad about snarling. Me, my mom, and Ella spent all afternoon in the kitchen, chopping up things, stirring, mixing.

My mom showed us how to tell when onions had cooked enough to be sweet, and how to tell when meat was done usually I just try to wait for it to stop moving. Typical family stuff. With a nonflock family. His face was flushed, hair permanently tousled from the wind. Nudge, Fang, Iggy, Angel, and Total all crammed into the kitchen and stared at the wooden spoon in my hand. I heard someone murmur something about ordering a pizza. And that was how I spent my three days of forced rest. The flock saw all the Mayan wonders of the Yucatan, and I learned how to cook something besides cold cereal.

So there was much amazement all around. But my wing healed, and soon it was time to leave. I was thinking of maybe going to South America. But the flock had different ideas. The team leader glanced up from the radar images on his desk. He sighed. The history of these genetic mistakes was a litany of embarrassing failures. Even Itexicon — with its massive, global resources, the years of research, the trillions of dollars spent — had ended up a shattered shell, unable to stop six children.

And the Erasers! People were still making jokes about them. All of which the mutant kids had already defeated. Since then, it had been basically the same old, same old — one generation of enhanced individual tracking and killing machines after the next.

Given all kinds of fancy names, tweaked this way and that. None of them seemed up to the task. The team leader was truly surprised that Devin had failed. Truly, truly surprised. Devin had never failed at a job for as long as the team leader had known him. However, there did seem to be a sufficient quantity of version 5. Someone like him.

Series maximum pdf ride

The team leader shook his head. Just surveillance at this point. So did Mr. In one of the western states with all the ninety-degree angles. Many mushy tears, soggy hugs. All that stuff I love.

Max (Maximum Ride, Book 5)

Watching me. What is on his freaking mind?! My mom had gotten her some stuff to put in her hair, and now it floated around her face in delicate, caramel-colored tendrils. Delicate, caramel-colored tendrils. We all got ready. We were wearing clean clothes. We went to school with various levels of enthusiasm.

The school was long and low and spread out, painted in dusty pastels so it coordinated with the desert. It was not fenced in. There was a ton of open space around it, plenty of places to take off from, land, escape from. Jeb stood by the car, knowing better than to try to hug any of us good-bye. I was almost inside when he called my name. I just ate. He makes Itex look like Sesame Street.

Which cheered me up but only a little. We were met at the door of the school by a woman holding a clipboard. Her smile reached her eyes, an important trait.

Hamilton, Max. Your mom and I went to college together. Welcome to the Day and Night School. I frowned, trying to remember. It was ages ago, or at least a week. A week can seem like a really long time in my life. Was I down to just one personality inside my head? Hamilton went on cheerfully. I managed a slight grimace in return. We walked down a couple of hallways. There were exits at reassuring intervals. Through glass-paned doors, we saw large, sunny classrooms with small groups of kids in them.

The kids looked happy to be here. Hamilton took us to an empty classroom. We sat down in chairs that were designed to accommodate the wingless. I shot pained looks at everyone who met my eye, letting them know that this was not my idea of a good time. They actually thought this situation would be better — which, I might add, included not being led by me. Now my stomach hurt, and I felt weighed down by a gray cloud.

How many people had tested us over the years? Do you have some that are, you know, paw-ready? Hamilton stopped and stared at Total. I snickered to myself. I had almost forgotten how much fun it could be to bait people. I sat up a little straighter. Then Ms. Hamilton smiled. At Total. Four hours later, Ms. Hamilton told us that our reading levels ranged between first grade and twelfth grade and that we had amazing vocabularies.

Angel was not the one who read on a first grade level, and Fang, Iggy, and I were not, sadly, the ones who read on a twelfth grade level. We spelled about as well as four-year-olds do but had off-thechart visual memories. We were majorly lame at math but could solve most problems anyway. Hamilton laughed. Was I the only one? They have llamas. You like llamas. But it was still part of a bigger confining situation, and my skin was crawling. Nudge shrugged.

And Ms. Hamilton told us about all the safety measures — the alarms, the lights, the radar. And it would have worked. There had been a couple of times when the flock had almost split up. I needed a new way to bend them to my will. And Nudge had found something she wanted even more — more than me, more than the flock, maybe even more than survival. She wanted to learn. I promise! I mentioned the Big Mission, the apocalypse, the end of the world, and so on.

Jeb said everything that had happened to me, to us, was to toughen me up and teach me survival skills. And as hard as all that was for me to accept, it had to be even harder for the younger kids.

She looked down at her tan feet, side by side on the new, clean carpet. We have to go. This has been, well, not fun exactly but better than a punch in the gut. Nudge was always on my team. She was the agreeable one. Sure, she talked a whole lot and had a weird interest in clothes and fashion, but she was my… Nudge. Almost never in a bad mood.

Pdf maximum ride series

Never fought with the others. I want to be like other kids. I want a home. And I know how to get one. Her tears got my shirt wet and her hair kept tickling my nose so I had to keep blowing little puffs of air to keep it away from my face. More special than any other kid in the whole world, including the ones you want to be like.

Remember that guy in the junkyard when we were stealing those bits of cable? Whose idea was it to hit him with a two-by-four, huh? Who was it who taped his mouth shut with duct tape while he slept?

He went down like a lead balloon, and we got away. Fang frowned and rubbed his forehead. His eyes were the same color as the sky — just as deep, just as dark.

You have to choose. I was just about to say something really important about Nudge, and it flew right out of my mind. He leaned closer. When had he gotten so much bigger than me? We had kissed a couple of times before, but this was different. This time, I squelched my immediate, overwhelming desire to run away screaming. I closed my eyes and put my arms around him despite my fear. Then somehow we slid sideways so we were lying in the cool sand.

I was holding him fiercely, and he was kissing me fiercely, and it was… just so, so intensely good. Our arms relaxed as we held each other in the cool desert air. Our breathing calmed, and my thoughts began to sort of connect to each other again in comprehensible chunks. Like I usually did. I slanted my gaze up to him, and Fang was… smiling. Then you see stars that you never even knew existed. He was smiling, and his face looked softer and less closed.

I was instantly full of sharp, witty jibes, and it took every ounce of Maximum selfcontrol not to say them. To just lie there and feel vulnerable, and think about everything that had just happened between us, and wonder how it had changed things, and wonder when I had started to love him so much, so painfully, and feel how terrified I was and how elated, and how every cell of my body felt so alive.

It was pretty much the worst thing that could ever happen to a girl. I highly recommend it. When Fang asked if it was time to get back, I thought hazily, Back to what? This is my brain: O This is my brain after making out with Fang: Then a couple neurons fired in unison, and I remembered. Oh, back to the entire rest of my family, including Nudge who wants to get her wings cut off. We hit the sky, and I flew powerfully, wincing only a little at the recently patched section.

It was good, it was solid, but it needed a few more days. I checked the stars — it was about 2 a. Our newest safe house, alone in the desert, was ablaze with lights. Every window, every doorway. Never a good sign. How stupid could I get? We came down fast, hitting the ground hard in a running stop that kicked up dust. The front door flew open; Gazzy ran out.

I grabbed his arms. He swallowed. I thought they had gotten you! My heart seized just as she appeared, with Total behind her. Thank God. Suddenly it was quiet, the kind of quiet you have out in the desert in the middle of the night when everyone around you goes silent at the same time.

I looked from one to the next. She glanced at the others, then tried again, meeting my gaze bravely. My hair-trigger responses have saved our hides more times than I can count. So my brain kicked in to high gear right away as I cut to the heart of the matter. Martinez just went to the restroom and never came back. Ella was going to call him after she talked to us. Then we heard the phone ringing inside. I raced in and grabbed it. I motioned to the others to get inside and lock the door, turn off the lights.

We could be the next targets. Abate said. Anyway — this fax came, and it says that Valencia has been kidnapped. But it says that Valencia has been kidnapped and will be held until the CSM quits its efforts to put pressure on big businesses.

I remembered Mr. It showed Valencia being held hostage. Oh, wait. Yes it did. When Mr. I remembered the rocking sensation. But I wanted to make sure you guys were okay. Life was easier when it was just the six of us. My circle was still expanding, and it was too hard for me to keep track of everyone, keep everyone safe. Not telling anyone about Mr. Chu and his threats had put my mom in danger. Maybe cost her her life. Abate asked. You were among the last people to see her. I want you guys to sit tight for a couple hours, okay?

Stay by the phone. It looks like those things from Mexico City. Holing up? Waiting for answers? Planning a massive attack against mechanical geeky-like things when I was already furious and itching to kill something?

I took a break from my plotting, clenching and unclenching my hands, to find five pairs of eyes locked on to mine. Anyway, how many of them are there? He nodded once: I began to come up with an attack plan. The voice from outside had been loud, mechanical, and had mispronounced my name. Max-HIH-mum Ride. What a doofus. Gazzy had been kneeling at a window, curtain raised just enough for him to see. The automatic ones. I let out a deep breath.

Stay down, but be ready to do an up-and-away if you hear a bunch of breaking glass. Our hot-and-heavy make-out session in the desert seemed like a lifetime ago. Two lifetimes. As the flock scuttled upstairs, I sank to my knees and crawled to a window.

What I saw was like ice water being poured down my back. I took another look. There were slight differences. The curve of his eyebrows, the wave of his hair.

Just a similar thing made to freak me out, like Fang said. What do they want? They did it — they took me to a guy called Mr. He said he represented a bunch of superpowerful businessmen. The things had moved closer. They were about twenty yards from the house. The leader was still out front, and I sensed he was about to mispronounce my name again. But still. He says nothing and thinks more than anyone I know. I peeked out through the curtain again.

The Ari-thing was closer, standing directly in the moonlight. He might not be a robot. You had to read between the lines. I looked out again. The combat-bots were huddled together, forming an almost perfect circle that I assumed went around the whole house.

Their knees were bent, their Uzi-arms raised and braced. Primed and ready for action. But it was the main guy who stuck out. Despite his jerky movements and mechanical voice, he seemed oddly — human. Going from the inside out instead of the outside in. You know? Fang looked at me silently for a few seconds. That no one could possibly be twisted enough to take a person and then grow a cyborg inside it? I immediately crawled away from the window and hunkered down behind the couch.

With Gazzy, we take life-saving precautions first and ask questions later. Gazzy cackled. I looked at the windows. There was no moonlight shining under the curtains. Then I heard the far-off rumble of thunder. We were in the middle of the desert — not a big rainstorm area. Fang dropped his head into his hands and groaned. More rumbling thunder. Windowpanes rattling.

I peeped over the top of the couch and could barely see the leader-guy through the inch of exposed window. He chuckled. At almost the exact same time, there was a horrible buzzing, crackling sound, and every bit of electricity in the house died — tiny status lights winking out, the AC halting abruptly. Then there was a huge boom of thunder that I felt deep in my stomach.

With an ear-throbbing pop! I heard many slappings of high fives. Fang crawled out from under the table. Then — check it out! This house had a lightning rod on the roof! We disconnected it, aimed it at the dumb-bots, and enhanced its powers a tad!

And the best part? They were standing so close together that they helped fry each other! I can blow up the world! Fang was already standing at a window, using one finger to move a curtain aside. I opened the front door slowly. The Ari dobblyganga doppergung dobblemunger look-alike was lying on the ground, mostly in one piece. Again, ew. I walked over to him, and it was pretty awful.

Some crucial parts of him were missing, but his eyes blinked as I approached. Then I remembered that this creature had been prepared to exterminate my family, and that my own mother had been kidnapped, and that the flock had been hiding in the dark wondering if they were about to die. Chu, that scamp?

Maximum Ride 07 – Angel

I stared at it. I grabbed it. It should be there in about an hour. Those people are nuts. Our dawn showcased a football field of destruction: We were all waiting in the living room when the armored Hummer arrived in a cloud of dust. Angel and Gazzy were asleep. Nudge was sitting, unusually quiet, her chin resting in her hands. Iggy and Total were snoring on the other couch. I was purposely not looking at Fang.

After making some progress, so to speak, with whatever was happening between us, I felt all my protective shields firmly locked in place again. It had been a mistake. Fang was going to kill me when I told him. Yeah, I was looking forward to that. When the car arrived, I checked it out from behind a curtain.

John Abate stepped out of it, looking anxiously at the evidence of the fight. I opened the front door of the house.

His face relaxed, and he came over. To make my evening of horror complete, Dr. Brigid Dwyer stepped out of the Hummer and hurried over to me with a big smile, her red hair flashing.

I allowed myself to be hugged. Watching her hug Fang, seeing his arms go around her, was almost enough to make me hurl. I might need to rethink my protective armor a bit. On the way, you can fill me in on what happened. And vice versa. She swallowed. She gestured limply to the house, its surrounding wreckage. I want to go to school. I just want to be a kid. At least for a while. She was around eleven and would be as tall as me in another year or so.

She might cause one of us to get hurt or killed. I needed my flock to be fierce, bloodthirsty warriors. I swallowed hard, making my chin stiff, my mouth firm. Wonder dawned in her big brown eyes as she realized what I was saying.

A huge smile lit her face, and she hugged me fiercely, forcing the air from my lungs. Or — actually, nothing else. And you absolutely, positively, may never, ever get your wings removed, or I swear to God, I will come kick your skinny, fashion-conscious butt into next week. Do you hear me? Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you so much! Nothing like passing through heavy, barbed-wire-topped gates to make a girl feel secure!

And by secure, I mean supertwitchy. At least we could fly out of here if we needed to. Despite the fact that we were really tired, really hungry, and really upset about my mom, we did manage to fill John and Brigid in on everything that had happened.

Seeing my mom looking straight ahead, fear in her eyes as some goon held a gun on her, made my blood boil. I was going to track down the kidnappers if it meant flying to every single boat in the entire world. I wondered if Nudge was back at the school yet. I guessed she was. The armored car drove right up to a small jet, its stairs already pulled down.

I was warned about how much you guys ate on the Wendy K. I glanced over at Brigid as she talked quietly to Fang, and my stomach knotted. He was paying attention to her but also looking at me pretty often.

The whole thing was complicated and messy, and I hated it. But I loved him. And I guess the messiness went along with that. I looked at her, wondering if she was talking about my mom or Nudge or Fang.

A quick, happy bark made my head snap up. There, at the top of the jet stairs, was Akila! He stared up at her as if he were a starving man and she was a Snickers bar.

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment - Wikipedia

He shook his head. It was — well, actually, I hate to admit — it was kind of sweet. In a slobbery kind of way. We were all waiting for Total and Akila to move inside when Total stepped back and, with a flourish, opened his small black wings. Akila blinked. And if a Malamute can look surprised, she looked it.

She licked the top of his head. I glanced around, and everyone was grinning. Oh yeah. Love is great, just great. We were in some building smack-dab in the middle of the biggest naval base on the West Coast.

We were in a conference room, ready to meet with some grown-ups, and I was thinking that I had already played in this scenario more times than I could count. Who remembers any of those situations ending well? Go on, raise your hand. No one? However, using insidious and irresistible mind-control techniques such as offering us Mountain Dew and a ton of nachos, the naval bigwigs had managed to corral us in this room for a debriefing.

We were smothering our giggles, but it was getting harder. This was not going to end well. This guy had come in, and everyone turned to him as if now the party could get started. Tucking a sheaf of papers under one arm, he frowned and looked at the woman in the blazer with all the stars on the shoulders. She was Admiral Bellows. I am not making this up. She had short, tidy gray hair and seemed extremely no-nonsense. For one thing, this child, Max, is Dr.

And I was a daughter, not just the result of one of Dr. It felt weirdly — normal. The admiral shot Iggy a sharp glance, which of course was wasted on him. Time is of the essence.

The commander paused as if trying to think of a new way to win the argument but was distracted when Total put both front paws on the conference table.

Maybe even some guac? And how about a nice cold Evian for my lady friend here? The flock managed to remain straight-faced. They are stunning, I must say.

Even with the still-slightly-visible boo-boo on one. Everyone in the room except John and Brigid were mesmerized. Wordlessly he gave a DVD to a navy guy working the computer, and the lights were dimmed. A PowerPoint presentation began on the white wall opposite the table. The first slide said: And what did it have to do with my mom? The thought of my mom going through what I had gone through was making me nuts. The slide was followed by a grainy movie. The movie started off with an aerial view, like from a plane, then focused lower and lower over the water.

Lots of fuzzy action tightened up to reveal… major bird-o-rama. Hundreds, no, thousands of seabirds. They hovered just a few feet above the water, covering it thickly, and they seemed to be — feeding or attacking in a frenzy or I had no idea what.

The camera pulled back to reveal a small fishing boat, maybe a couple hundred yards away from the bird frenzy. We could see the crew, all watching the birds from on deck, gesturing and looking amazed. Some looked scared. I read the name on the side: Nani Moku. All of a sudden, something from beneath the water smashed up through the fishing boat, capsizing it.

The boat was literally broken in half. The crew flailed about in the water, trying to cling to debris. What was left of the boat sank within moments. We saw some of the fishermen trying to save their comrades, saw one guy realize his friend was dead in the water. It could have been a whale or a submarine.

But now, look at this. I almost yelled: She was looking straight ahead, her brown eyes scared but defiant. It looked like her arms were tied behind her back. My stomach tightened. Normally that would be all I needed to chill.

But right then it hit me: The commander moved a red laser pointer over the blurred picture. To us, this looks like a window frame. And now look back here. I made a mental note to never let Gazzy or Iggy get hold of a laser pointer. Through the thick, wavy porthole glass, there was another jellylike blob. The commander ran his laser along a slightly darker blob.

The next second, the conference room went still and silent. Though still way blurry, we could now make out that the darker blobs on the lighter blob through the blobby window were words. They were words on a piece of wood: The commander stood up, and the room lights were turned on. So they must be holding Dr. Martinez under water. And since we know that boat was capsized in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Hawaii, we believe that Dr.

Martinez is somewhere around there. From San Diego, it would take me about six or seven hours, I figured. The commander looked at her. But there was an audio clip with the bird film, and when we sped up the sound by five hundred percent, that was the phrase we heard. I looked at him, halfway out of my chair. And that plan does not involve you charging off on your own. I gritted my teeth and slowly sat back down. Make it good. Who came up with that? Technically, I was being flown to Hawaii.

Stupendous was still with us and still had red hair. John Abate sat down next to where I was reclined in the schmancy leather chair, unsuccessfully trying to sleep. Not too long ago, I was bunking down on a concrete ledge in an abandoned subway tunnel. Now, here I was on a private jet, in the lap of luxury, covered by a cozy mohair throw… and, basically, I felt like my life sucked pretty much the same as always.

The main difference being that when I was on the concrete ledge, I actually got some sleep. And my whole flock was together. Much less one I cared about.

Much less one I cared about and who then got kidnapped, introducing countless new opportunities for pain. I opened one eye. Is this plane equipped with marine missiles? Navy base, in Hawaii. The navy has agreed to help us get Valencia back. Which might make Mr. Chu release my mom, as he promised.

John looked troubled. We feel that Valencia would never forgive us if she found out they had made us cave. Especially over her. To have it be dissolved over this — I just think she would hate it. Brigid, thankfully, was smart enough not to play poker with Angel anymore. Just then Fang came over and sat next to me. John smiled at him and got up to go sit with Brigid and Angel. Fang reclined his seat. After giving the cabin a casual glance, he slipped his hand under my blanket, finding my hand and holding it.

I felt my cheeks reddening and hoped no one would notice. I nodded, feeling the strength in his hand, the muscles and tendons, the bones, the calluses and scars. I nodded again, mutely remembering that night out in the desert with Fang and then coming home to find disaster and chaos.

And the next morning, Nudge leaving the flock. Suddenly my throat felt tight, and my eyelids were heavy. I closed them. But I had. And there, with nine words, Fang had summed up everything I was thinking, everything I was feeling, everything in my past and my future. My eyes shot open. Are you back? Okay, first impressions of Hawaii?

No world-saving. Just us, the sand, and the sea. Our jet had landed at the naval base at Pearl Harbor, and we were immediately greeted by soft, gentle breezes, unusual floral scents, palm trees with actual coconuts on them, and this pit bull of a woman who was about to make me go seriously ballistic. John and Brigid looked at me.

She met my eyes, and I had to admit, we were almost evenly matched in the freeze-out glare category. Now if I could just run her down with a tank, my day would perk right up.

Under these extraordinary circumstances, we can compact it into one week. In the extremely unlikely event that you last a week, you may then board a United States Naval vessel in an attempt to ascertain Dr.

Her gray eyes flared as she looked down at him. Instead, she just snorted and motioned to a khaki-clad underling. As Total huffed indignantly, I whirled to stare at John. He looked upset and also tired and frustrated.

I remembered that he cared about my mom too. He waved us closer. In the meantime, just do what they say. If they do agree to help us, it could mean the difference between life and death. But, like I said, let me make some calls. Where was my Voice when I actually needed it? Or was it my own wishful thinking, blurting out something in the somewhat relative, in my case privacy of my mind? At any rate, no Voice stepped up now to help me make a decision.

I hated this. Hated it. But this was different. The Pacific Ocean is too big, too deep. The fact that accepting this bitter reality practically made my psyche split in two is indicative of my trademark inability to work or play well with others. I missed the good old days, when I was just supposed to save the world. That was so much easier to stomach than having to save my mom. After a minute, I nodded tensely.

My jaw tight, chest aching, I turned to follow the ensign, who was waiting for us. Can I drive a tank? Do you have a lot of explosives? No to the weapons. Major no to the tank. Okay, kid? Welcome to the khaki wonderland. And yet when the alarm went off at five a. We had spent the night in an overturned metal half-pipe. John said it was called a Quonset hut. It was like a long, low hotel room with a hobbity roof. At one end were eight narrow cots. Total had instantly claimed one for himself and Akila.

I looked away. We had just barely rolled out of our cots when we heard a bang on the metal door. I opened the door. The young crew-cut guy looked startled. He double-checked the number on our door. The BS is gonna be up to you. The mess hall is open.

Brigid and John, with their quaint notion of not sleeping in their clothes, were taking longer to get ready. The youngest Flock member, Angel, is abducted by the Erasers and taken back to "The School", the lab where they were genetically altered and raised in cages.

Max, Fang and Nudge leave their home in an attempt to rescue Angel, while Iggy and the Gasman were forced to stay behind. While Max, Fang and Nudge left their home, Iggy and the Gasman made bombs in order to protect themselves from the Erasers. Max then saves a girl later known as Ella.

This resulted in Fang and Nudge heading towards Lake Mead, their planned stop. Max was then shot in the shoulder and sought help from Ella's mother, Dr.

Valencia Martinez. When Dr. Martinez performed an X-ray scan on Max, they discovered that a microchip described by Dr. Martinez as tracking chips used for important animals such as show dogs was implanted in Max. Meanwhile, Iggy and the Gasman made traps for the Erasers and were successful in which they set a Hummer overturned, but the Erasers still survived.

Both of them were then surrounded by Erasers in an abandoned cabin and used their bomb known as Big Boy and flew to Lake Mead. While looping back on their course to find Max, Nudge noticed that they were near to Tipisco, where Nudge's parents lived. Upon visiting the location, Fang and Nudge realized that they were in a trap which resulted in Fang being injured by Ari, a seven-year-old boy who was turned into an Eraser and had an appearance as a middle aged man, some time after they had escaped to the mountain home in the beginning.

Soon, Fang healed and flew to Lake Mead. Max meets Fang and Nudge and later meets Iggy and the Gasman. The remaining Flock eventually were captured by the Erasers and were sent to The School. While captured, Angel learns about an Institute, later known as "The Institute of Higher Living", from reading minds one of her powers , a place in New York City that may hold some secrets to their past.

The Flock escapes The School and with a happy reconnection of the whole Flock together Max has a massive headache described as a brain explosion which later theorized as her brain making space for a Voice other than her own which pops up in her head. With the Flock unsure of whether the voice is a friend or foe, Max decides to follow its cryptic instruction. The voice leads Max and the Flock to The Institute, where they find a lab similar to The School and information on their unknown parents.

At the Institute, the Flock also found several mutants and set them free. Angel then brings a pet dog named Total with her and escapes with the Flock. As they escape, Max has to fight with Ari and wins by snapping his neck bone by accident. The book ends with the Flock beginning their journey to Washington D. The Angel Experiment has received generally positive reviews. Cleveland Plain Dealer described it as "like the best sort of video game or action movie, in book form" and commented that it "shows the promise of becoming a favorite" as well as comparing it to the Boxcar Children series: However, Booklist also praised Patterson for stepping out of his normally adult-genre books as it said, "He's picked a comfortable formula orphans protecting one another and making a home together ".

In January , it was announced that a film would be created based on the Maximum Ride series. James Patterson was to be the executive producer. On August 7, , it was announced that Columbia Pictures had bought the screen rights to the franchise. The film was slated for an early to mid release. Rise of the Silver Surfer writing the script.