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English school magazine of Business Academy, Topoľčany, a bit later than performance in English language; and the last one from another. Read articles in English about a wide range of topics. Read about special days and festivals in our Magazine section. These materials are for intermediate B1. English. Twenty seven titles for language learners of all ages at school and at home to teacher's notes in PDF format for all* the magazines.

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Making reading fun by using English magazines! It's the Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. 2 дн. назад Magazines, books, newspapers in English, IELTS Газеты на английском / Newspapers in English The Week lesforgesdessalles.info How you learn English with Learn Hot English magazine in Hot English Magazine do not necessarily represent the views of Hot English Publishing SL.

Valentine's Day. By Yuliya Geikhman. World Water Day. We explore some of the reasons why there are fewer girls and women interested in working in science, technology, How can we become happier by doing kind things for others?

Did you know that every minute of the day 20 people leave their homes to escape war or terror? World Refugee Day is a day when we can support and celebrate the strength and courage of Find out about some of the things people are doing to celebrate And who will be the star players? And now, the rest of the world is starting to discover it too.

What is so special about this annual song A registered charity: Log in Sign up Newsletter. General English. Read about special days and festivals in our Magazine section. National Tea Day. See more. April Fool's Day. World Water Day. International Day of Happiness.

Saint Patrick's Day. International Women's Day. Pancake Day. The web at International Mother Language Day.

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Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries, but what are the differences between today's celebration and in the past? International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Lunar New Year. Were you born in the year of the Dog, the Monkey or maybe the Rooster?

You and your data. New Year celebrations. It's the time of year for Santa Claus, fairy lights and all the best pop songs.

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Modern-day slavery. Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day. Universal Children's Day. Children all around the world need adults to help them, to protect them and to teach them their rights.

World Kindness Day. World Kindness Day is celebrated on 13 November. The Armistice Centenary.

Pdf english magazine

The First World War ended on 11 November Bonfire Night. Vegans argue that animal farming is not only cruel but also bad for the environment. World Mental Health Day. World Teachers' Day.

Some magazines give even bigger discounts for college students. What does outer space smell like? Fast Company is one of the more approachable easy-to-read magazines about business and companies.

Pdf english magazine

It has many interviews and features of successful people, as well as general news about interesting new companies. It does use a higher level of writing than is usual for magazines, so give it a try first to make sure you can understand the articles.

Instead, it is about people. There are stories in simple writing about everything from funny celebrity moments and inspiring personal stories to funny jokes and articles.

Cricket and Cicada are literary magazines aimed at teenagers. Each issue is full of wonderful short stories and poems, and beautiful illustrations.

TIME is one of the most well-known magazines in the world. People has all the celebrity gossip you could want. You may to do a little research on celebrity lives before trying this magazine. There is a big focus on art, style and gorgeous photography, so you can enjoy the magazine visually while you read it.

The articles are dense have a lot of words close together so instead of trying to read everything you might want to try choosing one article and working your way through it slowly. Definitely a lot of new words to learn here! ShortList is a free magazine if you subscribe, they only charge you for shipping! The writing is sophisticated but not too difficult to understand—perfect for intermediate English learners who are looking for a bit of a challenge to help them learn even more English.

Take a trip to a new place without even leaving your chair.

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Sunset is full of amazing pictures and simple writing about places around the world. This magazine has tips on where to stay and what to eat, and it talks about interesting and fun things you can find in different places.

There are many tips and guides on how to take great pictures, and they are written in simple and easy-to-understand English although there are some technical camera terms, of course. Publisher and Editor: Katrina vanden Heuvel. The Financial Times, one of the world's leading business media organizations, is recognized globally for its authority, integrity and accuracy.

The Financial Times provides a degree perspective on global business and geopolitical news by harnessing a worldwide network of award-winning journalists who deliver extensive news, comment and analysis. New Scientist - April 13, Overview: For people who ask why New Scientist covers the latest developments in science and technology that will impact your world.