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mate (mating heat) (volume 2) by laurann dohner - his purrfect mate read online letzgus mcginnis pdf a purrfect romance, j.m. bronston - amazon amazon the. Laurann Dohner - 2 His Purrfect Mate (pdf) - plik 'Mating heat > Laurann Dohner'. Inne dokumenty: Mating heat, Laurann Dohner, EBooki przeczytane polecane. keep coming lesforgesdessalles.info you need a his purrfect mate mating heat 2 laurann dohner, you can download them in pdf format from our lesforgesdessalles.info file format that can.

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His Purrfect Mate Laurann Dohner Book 2 in the Mating Heat series. Shannon is a quarter puma but can't shift. She's just a human with a few extra genes. Book 2 in the Mating Heat series. Shannon is a quarter puma but can't shift. She's just a human with a few extra genes. But she knows how dangerous shifters. Get Free Access To | His Purrfect Mate Mating Heat 2 Laurann Dohner PDF Now dohner, you can download them in pdf format from our lesforgesdessalles.info

I know he loved us very much. A big, vicious werewolf in his human shape of solid muscle and strength stood just feet from her. He heard her calling for help. The grin on his face spread wider. Where the hell are you? This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

Laurann dohner purrfect mate pdf his

Shannon is a quarter puma but can't shift. She's just a human with a few extra genes. But she knows how dangerous shifters are and now she's their prey, captured by a group of werewolves for a deadly hunt. Then she's rescued by the biggest werewolf of them all.

He's the sexiest male she's ever seen—jet-black hair, muscular body, piercing dark eyes and a growl that heats her blood. Anton's body responds fervently to Shannon and he vows to protect her with his life—only to discover she's the enemy. As the future alpha of his pack, Anton knows a cat will never be accepted. There'll be hell to pay. You may not realize you can smell it but you obviously can. You should see your eyes. She looked back, staring into dark, intense werewolf eyes that seemed to have turned nearly black.

He closed his eyes and turned his head enough to expose his throat to her. She found her voice again. I remember what you said about sniffing your neck. His jaw clenched, flexing muscles along his jawline, and then his generous lips parted as he took deep breaths, which rubbed his chest against her breasts. The woman spun, startled, and then bent, reaching for a hose attached to the side of the building.

Is that the bitch from up north? The muscled, at least six-foot-tall woman laughed. She part Chihuahua or something? They have to be desperate to hook up with a stronger breed. We broke it up before it got that far. Von is making them pay for the shit they busted up though. Tattoos adorned both curves of her broad shoulders and peeked out from where her low-cut top dipped between her breasts. Shannon had no doubt that this was her first sighting of a female werewolf, and if they all looked like this one, they could be pretty darn vicious.

Pure rage transformed her features. The fresh blood on me from the fight masked her scent at first. He cursed and released Shannon with one arm, his open palm hitting the advancing woman hard in the chest. The push sent her staggering back and she landed on her ass.

A snarl came from the downed woman and she never took her hateful glare from Shannon. No one does. Anger turned to amazement, then to confusion. She obviously came to play in our trash bins and you caught her. You have no stomach for hurting a female, even if it is one of those, do you?

Some of the pups decided to hunt her in the woods but I intercepted. Of course they wanted to make her a chew toy. Call her pride and have them meet up with you to return her? Her breath caught. He looked sexy to her, handsome. She noticed his strong, masculine scent, which she inhaled with each drag of air into her lungs, and her hands gripped him a little tighter.

Heat flashed through her body until she squirmed, her thighs gripping his hips a little more firmly. The heat turned scorching hot until she realized her breathing had turned into a borderline pant.

They stared at each other for what seemed forever until he shifted his hips, snugly resting the front of his jeans against her panties. Hard, aroused male rubbed against the core of her pleasure. A soft moan passed her lips, shocking Shannon. You should go into sexual heat at least once a month if my intel is accurate.

It usually lasts anywhere from about ten to fifteen days. It all depends on the year. She bit her lip instead and lowered her gaze to stare at his tan neck. The faster I can handle this mess, the better. She refused to ask but she knew he had to have read her curious expression when he spoke. Sweat broke out all over her body, imagining him super horny and determined to have sex with her.

The astonishment of that revelation cooled her down a little. In other words, the last man I ever need to hook up with. It would be suicidal.

They are going to give me the names of their friends who broke into your apartment. He could take his pulse by the beat of it in his dick, throbbing painfully against his jeans. He pulled away from the wall, adjusted her weight, and fought a groan when her arms and legs tightened around his neck and hips.

Shannon would actually have to be a part of him if they were any closer. He released her with one arm, jerked open the door, and stepped into the back area of the bar. The smell of his pack grew stronger along with beer, cigarette smoke, and food. He breathed deeply, walked quickly, and held her in a way that kept them from rubbing together too much.

Laurann his pdf dohner mate purrfect

He took the back stairs two at a time up to his apartment. He paused, keyed in his alarm code, and the door popped open.

He stepped through the open doorway and kicked it closed. He examined the small apartment with a quick glance, something he always did when he came home, and he sniffed the air. Her eyes made him want to groan. They were exotic-shaped but the bright, brilliant blue with yellow flakes were colors he could get lost in. Fear made the yellow stand out more, nearly overtaking the blue. He found them entrancing.

I have a lot of enemies as the son of an alpha. He liked the feel of her in his arms a little too much. She backed up the second her feet touched the floor and spun away from him to study his apartment with unabashed curiosity. I upgraded the kitchen and enclosed the bathroom. I actually love the open floor plan. Soft but a little husky.

His dick throbbed harder. He could feel the need rising and his beast pressed hard against his skin, wanting to take the woman before him. Her scent called to both sides of him. Nobody has the code to get inside but me. He fought the urge to lunge at her, pick her up, and storm across the room to his four-poster bed and pin her under him.

He glanced at her clothes, noting how easy it would be to tear them from her body to get them out of his way. I have to go. Make yourself at home. Use anything you want. He jerked open the door and slammed it behind him. He paused, touched the pad, and locked her in. Better to be safe than sorry. He took a few deep breaths until her scent no longer tormented him and then forced himself to descend the stairs. He turned at the bottom and entered the business area of the building.

Noise and the scent of pack swamped his senses. He walked to the bar and nodded at Misty, the waitress behind the bar. She grinned as she approached him with a welcoming smile. The vibes she put off when she locked gazes with him made him softly groan. He hated receiving green signals from women looking to attract his sexual interest. You want something? You got me? Glenda growled. Then what do you want? He selected one and listened to the phone ring. His brother picked up after the fourth one.

I want you to play me this time. I need you to cover. Is it just for tonight? I want you to totally cover for me. I already have a woman who will be in my bed.

Laurann Dohner - 2 His Purrfect Mate (pdf) - dokument domciaa - Pobierz z lesforgesdessalles.info

Will you do it? Women really try to impress the future alpha of our pack with vigorous…seduction. Come down to the bar so you can head her off before she reaches the stairs. Protect her. No one, and I mean that, goes near her. The scent of Anton lingered inside the room but became almost overpowering near his bed.

She licked her lips and decided to take a shower. She could smell him on her clothes and skin. The bathroom must have been recently upgraded because everything looked new. The only flaw in the design happened to be that there was no lock on the door. Hunger made her stomach rumble while she stood under the warm water, pouring down her body.

She quickly washed her hair and then dried off. She bit her lip, stared at her folded, dirty clothes, but then avoided them. She eased it open slowly. All her senses seemed to have gone into hyperdrive since coming into contact with werewolves. Now it made her wonder if those abilities had lain dormant as a result of them never being needed. The dresser contained nine drawers, which she stared at, wondering if anything he owned would actually fit her.

She opened a top drawer full of T-shirts, pulled out one, and dropped the towel. She tugged it on and it fell to her mid-thighs.

Anton happened to be really big and his shirt appeared as if it were a dress on her smaller frame. She opened another drawer, hunting for sweats. Her eyes widened in surprise at seeing the boxes. There had to be hundreds of condoms in every color and variation. She slammed the drawer closed to yank open another one.

Why does he need that many? Her next thought gave her a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. How many women does he sleep with? The mental image of Anton with other women left her feeling unsettled and decidedly bitchy. The door beeped and Shannon spun around, straightened, and fear gripped her as she watched it swing open.

Anton took a few steps into the room and then suddenly froze, his head jerking in her direction after he sniffed the air. His intense gaze lowered down her body and his eye color seemed to darken as she watched.

Is it safe for me to go home yet? I know I am. It should arrive at any time. I called from my cell on my way back to let the cook know to prepare our meal. Is there something wrong with my legs? Which drawer do you keep your sweatpants in?

Is there something wrong with buying them a box at a time like everyone else does? I actually have more boxes of them stashed inside the bedside table. Anton chuckled. Anton inched closer until he stood before her and she had to tip her head back to keep contact with his heated gaze. His hands unclenched and he reached for her. Shannon took a quick step back to avoid his touch but forgot the open drawer. The edge of it bumped against the back of her knee. He yanked her against his body.

He appeared flat-out, heart-stopping handsome when his generous lips arched upward to create a naughty-looking grin. Show me your body. I want to see this. He suddenly released her and took a step back. Her mind dismissed that assumption when she watched in stunned silence as Anton gripped his shirt, tugged it from the waistband of his jeans, and peeled it up his body. The sight of his muscled, taut stomach and wide, impressive chest had her frozen where she stood just watching as he tossed the discarded material to the floor.

His grin widened and then he lifted one of his legs slightly, hooking the back of his boot heel with the front of the other one. He toed off both. She took a step back. Muscles gave him the sculpted appearance of a tanned, long-haired, breathing god. A dangerous one. A lump formed in her throat and she swallowed hard. Stop grinning at me.

Instead, Shannon put more space between them, uncertain of why she longed to get closer to him. She took a deep breath and his scent slammed all of her senses.

The wonderful masculine aroma coming from him drew a strange sound from deep within the back of her throat. Her nipples hardened and a rush of heat originated inside her stomach and quickly spread lower to create a definite throbbing ache at the core of her sex. The immediate and intense response stunned her.

Shannon gasped as hands grabbed her hips again and his hot chest pressed tightly against hers. The way he smelled totally overwhelmed her when she sucked in a breath. She wanted to push him away but instead her nails bit into his skin where she clutched him, holding him there. Her eyes squeezed closed while she fought back the moan that threatened to rise when he lowered his face to bury his nose against her throat.

Hot breath tickled her and then his lips brushed the supersensitive skin under her ear. His lips were soft at first, teasing, and then he nipped her suddenly, growling at her. White-hot need flashed straight into her brain, making it impossible to think when her body burned for Anton. He kept her locked into place to nip her again, a little lower down the column of her throat, and the near pain of his teeth had her crying out.

She lifted her gaze and saw red marks on the tops of his shoulders. Those half-moon shapes were from her fingernails digging in. You need to remind her stop wagging her tongue or I will. Shannon leaned to the right and peered at a bodybuilder-sized blond guy standing just inside the apartment.

He wore jeans and a red sweatshirt. He had his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes fixed on the floor, and his head dipped enough that his chin touched his chest. Damn it. She grinned, finding it funny that someone his size and age feared his mother would disapprove of something he did. Obviously she had been the only one to appreciate her sense of humor. When he turned to face her, she backed up to put space between them. Something in his eyes belied what he said and she called him on it.

Am I in danger from your mother? She also worried about him figuring out there was something slightly different about her. You may not understand this but they know about you now. They will have declared a hunt. Why would you say something like that? Her gaze lowered to stare at the hot skin under her palms.

A flash of lust gripped her. For whatever reason, when he made those sounds, it seemed to excite her body into wanting him desperately.

Heat from his body penetrated the shirt she wore and she took a deep breath, pulling in that musky, masculine smell he carried. Her eyes closed and she leaned closer to brush her nose against his sternum. A soft noise came from her and it shocked her anew when she realized it sounded exactly like a purr. Her eyes flew open and she jerked away. One of his hands released her arm and tangled with her hair, cupping the back of her head.

His face descended and his mouth covered hers before she could think. His tongue invaded, tasting. The only thing that existed was his mouth and the burning need to kiss him back. His other hand released her arm and wrapped around her waist, yanking her tighter against his large frame. Shannon clung to him as he lifted her higher, her feet left the floor, and on instinct she wrapped her legs around Anton.

His open jeans fell lower until her inner thighs hugged his bared hips above the band of his briefs. The sensation of his tongue melding with hers, rubbing and exploring made thinking impossible for her until he dragged his mouth away. Both of them were breathing hard and as her eyes opened, she found herself nose to nose with him, staring into passion-filled, black eyes.

The shape of them appeared slightly different, narrower, and exotic. He took a few steps and then bent, taking them both down onto his bed, pinning her under him. He used his elbows to brace his weight.

Shannon realized the shirt she wore had ridden up to her waist when he pulled his arm out from under her to free it, arched his stomach up, and his hand reached between them. With her legs still wrapped around his waist her thighs were spread open to his seeking fingers, which zoomed to her sex. She was soaking wet with need as he spread her labia and rubbed her clit. Shannon threw her head back, crying out as pleasure swamped her. Her nails dug into his shoulders.

Moans and purrs tore from her mouth as she struggled to get air. His hair tickled her neck and then his tongue licked her throat a second before he bit her on that spot. The sharp pain only rocketed the devastating ecstasy up another notch. Shannon gasped in one more lungful of air and then screamed out when her world blew apart from the violent climax. Her body bucked but Anton held her down, forcing her to ride through it until he stopped touching her clit.

The sound of tearing material registered to Shannon but she had no idea what caused it. Each one made her gasp and the pleasure eased just slightly until something hard and thick brushed against the seam of her pussy.

The front of his underwear had been destroyed, ripped open, and his heavy, thick cock nudged her pussy again, sliding in the slick heat of her release. A snarl came from Anton when he pressed against her again but instead of entering, the bulbous tip of his thick shaft glided higher to rub her clit and ended up on her pelvic area.

He stumbled away from the bed. Shannon lay there with her legs still spread as Anton turned away from her to flash his rounded, amazing ass. He roared out again, the sound piercing the room from the pure rage behind it. He bent, yanked his jeans and briefs from around his ankles, tossed them aside, and then spun to face her. Fear punched at her, from the raw fury showing on his features.

Her hands shook as she flattened them on the mattress, pushed up to a sitting position, and drew her knees closed. She huddled on his bed. His lips parted, revealed some sharp-looking canines, and it struck her why his face suddenly appeared so frightening. He had started to shift a little into his wolf. They watched each other and then Anton stepped closer, then paused. His heated gaze ran over her body, lingered on her legs, and then he stood at the end of the bed. Anton softly cursed and then bent.

Laurann Dohner - 2 His Purrfect Mate.pdf

His hands gripped her thighs and he flipped her over without warning. Shannon gasped, found her face pressed into his bedding, and then his hold changed when strong fingers curled around her hips. He jerked her up to her knees until her ass lifted high into the air where he kept her suspended.

It took Shannon a few seconds to react. Clawing sheets, she pushed up to her hands and knees. She threw her hair out of the way by tossing her head and stared at him over her shoulder.

He put his knee on the bed, pressed against the back of her thighs, leaving her no choice but to spread them to make room for him. The position forced her to lower her head and chest closer to the mattress. He had to have over a hundred pounds on her, weight he could use against her if he chose to, and with his abnormal strength she knew it would be a useless attempt to fight if she wanted to.

She should have mentioned her first concern—her fear that it would hurt since he happened to be the owner of one major hard-on. None of her previous lovers had come even close to being built as thickly as Anton. He smiled, his tense features relaxed, and then he studied her. We both want you pretty bad but I can hold my skin. His hand dropped. I need to get more control before I accidentally hurt you. As much as I want you, I did swear not to hurt you.

I always keep my word even if I suffer blue balls as a result. Trust me on that. Shannon hesitated and then climbed off the bed. Her hands trembled when she tugged on the discarded shirt.

The defined bulge displayed there was unmistakable. I would have been too rough with you. Most guys would be upset that the sex had come to a halt but he sounded almost relieved.

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She hugged her waist and watched him lift a large tray and carry it to the bar. He sat on a stool located there. We need to eat. Anton softly cursed, stood, and brought back two sodas from the fridge. She paused at the stool next to his and then sat. She glanced over at him. It is a really bad idea, but when I touch you, I seem to forget that. Someone had prepared a huge steak, some kind of stuffed baked potato, and a salad. Werewolves eat a hell of a lot.

Our metabolism uses up calories quickly. Shifting burns a lot of them. If someone were to stay in one form for a long time they could manage to put on extra weight.

I shift often. It looks painful. I always imagined it would be. She always tried to remember everything to share with me. He shifted in front of her. She said it scared the hell out of her. She ran but he chased her down. They injured him when it happened. My mother worked there. He came awake to hear the doctor say they planned to neuter him in an hour when they returned after lunch, he wanted to get out of there as you can imagine, and needed someone to help him escape.

Some zoo offered to take him if they neutered him first. My mother just happened to be the one who walked into the back first. He shifted inside the cage, opened it and chased her. The trap had cut him pretty deeply. They fell in love. He got us out but an elderly woman lived in the apartment next door.

He heard her calling for help. Everything we owned burned. I know he loved us very much. It took my mom nearly ten years to even date other men. I think she only survived the heartbreak of his loss to raise me. He sounded real nice, Shannon.

She turned to peer up at him. He ate everything from both his plates. He stood and cleared the counter. He met her gaze when he came back to sit on his stool. I can imagine how drawn he felt to her and how much he wanted to be with her.

He brushed back her hair. The light trace of his fingertips made her shiver with longing and passion flared in his sexy eyes. He growled softly, lowered his head, and breathed across her neck.

His other arm wrapped around her waist to tug her against his body. She wanted Anton. The attraction between them too great to deny. His lips caressed her skin under her ear and then he pulled back to study her.

His mouth opened but a knock interrupted whatever he planned to say. He muttered a curse, slid off the stool, and stalked to the door. She wore all leather and resembled something out of a sexy action film with the way the outfit formed tightly against her body. Green, bright eyes actually flashed at Anton. Her hands gripped her hips and one of her black leather high heels tapped the floor.

Her chest pushed forward and her skintight top parted to reveal the generous curves of tanned breasts. You sent your younger brother to meet me.

I will not settle for some pup. You will not slight the Mortell Pack this way. She turned her head, spotted Shannon, and sniffed.

Her features paled suddenly and then a snarl tore from her mouth. Her fangs literally grew longer, her nose wrinkled, and she lunged toward Shannon. Fear stabbed hotly at Shannon and she turned, her instincts taking hold, and leapt on top of the counter. She ran along it until she hit the wall. She spun, trapped there, and desperately searched for an escape route. Her gaze fixed on the window not too far away.

They were on the second floor of the building. She still wanted to fling her body through the glass, even knowing it might kill her. The woman had crouched down, one hand balanced on the floor that now had long claws instead of fingernails, and her features had shifted enough that a black spread of hair covered her cheeks. Her jaw had elongated into more of a muzzle than a mouth, and very sharp-looking white fangs were revealed more clearly.

He nearly tripped over the half-shifted werewolf woman prepared to attack on the floor but drew to a jerky stop just in time to avoid a collision. The new guy looked very similar to Anton with his long black hair, his jeans, and a tank top that revealed tattoos spread across broad, muscular arms.

Shannon guessed they had to be brothers. It seems she somehow knows what we look like. His dark gaze sought and found Shannon. Confusion reflected on his features and then his eyes widened with shock. He sniffed loudly. Oh, shit. Shannon figured that had to be a plus.

He glanced away from her to frown at Anton. You attack her and I attack you. You will never reach her. He said he was protecting her for some reason. He blinked a few times, his gaze passed from Shannon to Anton, and he suddenly laughed. This is…wow!

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