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List of Figures xxi. Introduction: How This Book Can Help You. Develop a Powerful Business Plan. That Works xxvii. The Five Critical Ingredients of a Successful. AİM. Association of independent. Museums. Helping Heritage. Organisations Prosper. Success Guides. Successful. Business Planning. By A Different View. in this business plan is confidential; therefore, reader agrees not .. We also expect to be profitable in the first year of operations, with profits increasing over the.

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Successful Business Plan enables my Entrepreneurship students at the plan and is more fun to use, try Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies. Dear Professor,. Thank your for requesting our Ancillary Material Preview Packet, a sample of our instructor materials for Successful Business Plan: Secrets. Writing a Successful. Business Plan. Stephen Lawrence and Frank Moyes. Deming Center for Entrepreneurship. Leeds School of Business. University of.

Ideas for new businesses come from previous employment experience. Brokers represent sellers and bring them together with potential buyers. Entrepreneurs sometimes purchase businesses because it is the only way to successfully enter the market. Inspect the facility closely to determine how well it has been maintained. They are essential to the economic strength of our country.

Your attitude is how you feel about something. When do you feel the most fulfilled by your work?

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Sign up now and receive a 2-night stay free at a plush resort! Personal goals are established with respect to income. Mary decided that these companies had misrepresented the truth in their e-mail ads.

Income When setting realistic income goals. Since successful entrepreneurs are goal-oriented individuals. Do your own Internet research on business offers like the ones above. Another company was vague regarding the merchandise she would be buying for resale.

Stuff envelopes. Compare what you find with what your classmates discover. Think Critically 1. If some of the initial money is borrowed. Until the initial debt is paid. Other companies informed her that her future income would depend on the efforts of those to whom she sold distributorships. Do you believe that e-mail advertisements like these are misrepresentations? Do the companies have an obligation to be more forthcoming when attracting potential applicants? Setting Personal Goals Once career values.

She was intrigued by some of the start-up business offers that came through her e-mail. Enough money must be invested in inventory. Over time.

Financing workbook 2: The business plan and executive summary

For instance. Five years is the most commonly used payoff period on a new business loan. You have probably heard that it takes five years to get a business on its feet.

The owner s must pay the lender out of earned profits each year until the loan is paid off. Business owners should not expect a percent payback on their investment within one year. The same business five years later might look as follows: They must realize they will likely have to make some financial sacrifices in their personal lives and.

Retained earnings are profits that remain in the business for either future use for business expansion or for distribution to the owner s as investment payback. In this case. Working in a career that is personally rewarding adds greatly to a feeling of satisfaction.

The business finances will look like this after the first year: Before a business can be considered a success. In reality. The first year.

People need to feel satisfied with what they do with their lives. Although this takes time. The investment payback is termed return on investment. You will also have to decide the amount of time and involvement required to run the business. Therefore selling is an important business function.

Some businesses place more emphasis on one group than another. Some entrepreneurs engage in direct. Another consideration is how you feel about working with people. Her imaginative creations were received with great enthusiasm. Would you rather work alone? How do you feel about selling? Profits are generated by the exchange or sale of goods or services. Type of Work After declaring your personal goals. Declaring a status goal is an important step in determining the best business arena to enter.

Assuming the risks of business ownership earns recognition and respect from others. You must decide on the selling environment in which you feel most comfortable.

The noted psychologist Dr. Many businesses operate under absentee management in which the owner oversees the business but is not present on a regular basis.

Is it to be a full-time endeavor. This decision dictates what your main occupation will be for the many hours required to operate a successful business.

Your preferences might include sales. Small businesses lend themselves to different arrangements. Often timing and the nature of the situation dictate the arrangement. Abraham Maslow includes status. In any selling situation there is interaction with employees. Others assign this responsibility to someone else or choose a business in which selling can be handled through the mail.

Since owning a business involves great personal investment. You also need to consider personal living expenses for yourself and your family. Determining available capital is further discussed in Chapter Our economy prospers when we have a surplus trade balance. The U. Tables and can serve as guides in determining your personal goals and financial resources. You should not risk everything in a new business venture. Your preferred lifestyle should have a bearing on the type of business you open.

You need to give thought to the physical and psychological demands of your chosen venture. The Department of Commerce works closely with the Small Business Administration to offer assistance to small business owners interested in entering the global market.

Capabilities Your abilities and talents play an important role in the decision-making process. Flora had the start of a prosperous full-time business and eventually hired her husband on a full-time basis as well. Find the Small Business Administration office nearest to your city. Products produced in the U.

Lifestyle Small businesses come in all forms and sizes. List three small businesses that you believe would be good international businesses.

Many are importers and exporters. Many successful businesses start out as part-time operations until sufficient demand for the product or service allows the owner to leave full-time employment. For many. This question is usually the toughest to answer and represents the biggest obstacle to effective planning.

An inventory of skills—developed through education. Explain why you think they would do well. It is estimated that over 25 percent of small businesses are engaged in international activities. Do you like to travel. You must carefully determine how much money is available to you and how much you are willing to invest in a business.

Starting your own business is a declaration of independence. High risk. Lower risk. How much money can you invest? Moderate risk. They are confident they can sell to this market more effectively than their present employer does. Intentional Search The individual sets out on an extensive research project to find out what is missing in a particular market. They build a network of potential customers.

Many information networks are readily available. Perhaps the individual has built a collection of artifacts or. Previous Employment People who do well at their jobs learn a profession and a great deal about market needs and how to satisfy those needs.

Hobbies A strong interest in a particular pastime may lead to commercial opportunities.

Successful Business Plan for Entrepreneurs.pdf

Advantages The goal of many part-time businesses is to build a market demand for a product or service until the owner can leave full-time employment and focus on the new business.

It helps to make a list of all current responsibilities and block off the necessary time to complete them. Whenever possible. Table can be used as a guide to part-time business possibilities. Each step involves a particular mindset. One or both may suffer because of conflicting interests. Accidental Invention or Discovery Someone may invent a new tool for working on a car engine or a gardening device that works better than what is sold at the local nursery.

Disadvantages It can be very tiring to operate a business and at the same time maintain full-time employment. Often these businesses are started at home after work hours and during weekends. Graham Wallas. It can be difficult on family members as well.

It is estimated that there are over 10 million part-time businesses operating in the United States. Figure illustrates the creativity process as described by an early American psychologist. During this phase. It starts with discovery and interest. He takes the idea one step further and does research to see if it can be patented. The business plan for a part-time business should give particular attention to time management.

Potential conflicts between regular employment. The entrepreneur may feel as though she is always working. Phasing in allows the entrepreneur to reduce much of the risk associated with new business start-ups. Small Business Administration. Publication MP My Level of Interest Personal Strength Market Strength Total Points Personal Services housecleaning babysitting tutoring secretarial catering direct mail Handicrafts needlework ceramics jewelry design upholstering Artistic work painting photography prints wire sculpture engraving Repair services small appliances furniture clothing TV and radio automotive Instruction skills languages math gourmet cooking music home repairs Mail-order ideas product sales repairs business service Seasonal products foodstuffs clothing gift items Party sales cookware plants plastic goods cosmetics Your own ideas For other ideas.

Then it is inserted through the neck of the bottle with the masts down and attached to a blue putty base. Fred showed the samples to everyone who might have even the remotest interest.

The masts are hoisted with a wire. Johann was as excited as Fred about the chance to explore a new market. Where is Fred in regard to the creativity process? Each tiny ship is built outside the bottle with collapsible masts.

He did find modelers who would sell customized models at exorbitant prices. Had he stumbled on an unsatisfied need in the marketplace? He sensed that he had. His search for a new ship-in-a-bottle model led him to retail stores. Fred wondered how many other people were looking for the same thing. Sailors had created the first of these unusual artifacts during their long hours at sea.

They agreed on wholesale prices and some basic goals. From his initial research. Johann produced a line of over models with retail prices ranging from 50 to euros. An exchange of e-mails with Johann followed.

He even attended. It was going out of business. Why do you ask? Today they are constructed much the same way. She told Fred she would order a dozen models if he decided to import them.

Johann had learned the craft from his seafaring grandfather. He immediately sent Fred sample bottles in three sizes. The Schneider family had been producing shipin-a-bottle models for over 25 years. The souvenir types did not match the quality of the model that Jeanie had purchased in Maine. Fred delved deeper into the Internet for information. They also decided that Johann would travel to the U. At this point should Fred consider ships in bottles as a part-time or full-time business venture?

Fred learned that ship-in-a-bottle models had been around for years. He also found distributors of inexpensive souvenir versions. Fred expanded his search to international web sites.

In order to perform at their highest potential. They open businesses not just for the sake of making profits but also from an overpowering need to achieve independence and control their own destiny. My job has turned into a PR job—all I do is travel and make speeches. Entrepreneurs are also found in large organizations and businesses.

Entrepreneurs come from all backgrounds and form enterprises in all sectors of the economy. Their values. According to the income statement. Ideas for new businesses come from previous employment experience. It is mandatory that aspiring entrepreneurs write out a good business plan that serves as a guide to achieving their objectives.

Successful plan the pdf business

Success may be great for the ego. It sounds ideal to me. If the entrepreneur is not working in an environment compatible with personal interests and goals. Jerry Gold. Often entrepreneurs begin with a part-time venture that grows into a full-time occupation. Except for weekends. Entrepreneurship is available to anyone with the necessary personal characteristics to succeed in building a business. They are often small business owners who are willing to invest their money.

I want your opinion on a business opportunity. Take a look at this income statement from last year. The business plan must take into consideration personal goals with respect to income.

They possess the personal characteristics of self-confidence. I envy you owning your own business and being in charge of your life.

Opportunities that allow an individual to utilize personal and learned capabilities should receive priority attention. No more corporate world. In many ways. Small Business Administration It sounds ideal. Believe me. He spent many afternoons surrounded by pieces of washing and drying machines.

What do you think? Should I write the seller a check? Store manager turnover was a problem because of the low wages. List the steps Bill should have followed before deciding to buy the laundromat.

I can do so. Every added expense was a subtraction from his already decreased salary. I think you need to slow down a bit. He was deeply touched. Bill wondered if he had chosen the wrong business. Each unit has its own part-time manager. Jerry proved to be right. I appreciate your concern. Bill had not taken the time to thoroughly analyze his projected career and lifestyle.

There were good-bye parties. His first attempt at opening a new laundromat was a shock when he realized that it normally takes a few years for a business to become profitable. Many aspiring entrepreneurs place their desires before their good sense. What should Bill do at this point? I can open more outlets to generate greater profits.

What can an entrepreneur do to make sure his plan supports his goals? Vocabulary Builder Write a brief definition of each word or phrase. Why is writing a business plan necessary to achieve success? Apply your personal VANE analysis to choosing a business. The challenge for this chapter is to determine what type of business you wish to investigate. Explain the danger of not considering return on investment when deciding on a business opportunity. Explain why entrepreneurs are so vital to the economic well-being of our country.

What businesses do you believe are needed in your community? Once you have decided. Describe a source of new business ideas other than the ones listed in the chapter. Why does it normally take five years for a business to become successful? How do the four essential characteristics of successful entrepreneurs relate to the reasons individuals open small businesses?

Each chapter will give you suggestions for each step. What are meant by values. List the six steps of the creativity process. Describe what makes a successful entrepreneur. What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting a part-time business? Critical Thinking Discuss the importance of working in the right environment and the risks involved in working in unfamiliar occupations. Define the term business plan. Based on your answer. Is it to get your local banker to loan you the money to start?

Is it to get your Aunt Mary to bankroll the operation? Is it a way to examine the feasibility of the proposed business? How are you going to use the final business plan? Only you know that. The business plan outline provided in this text is a result of in-depth research into what commercial lending officers want in a plan.

In business planning. Both are more enjoyable and rewarding if you know how to go. According to the Small Business Administration. Both undertakings require time.

The value of a business plan in getting financing or serving as a guide for your new business will probably be in direct proportion to how seriously you take the process and how much time you devote to its writing.

Additional research involved comparing the contents of several mainstream business plan outlines. It also takes research and planning. You should decide why you are writing the business plan. You have probably heard that writing one of these things takes forever and you never really know what to put in it. In the Project you will be developing a business plan. A business plan written using the recommended outline should meet the requirements of most lenders.

You may still encounter some surprises. As far as what to put in it. Although initial mistakes are not always fatal. Anyone who has ever gone through the complete business planning process would say there is a measure of truth to that rumor.

A comprehensive and detailed business plan shows the bank that you are serious about your new venture and have invested considerable time and effort in planning what will be a successful business.

Many entrepreneurs stumble upon an idea that seems certain to be a success. A business plan serves as a manual to help the entrepreneur during the design and start-up phases of the business. Planning is one of the most important skills needed for starting a business. The steps involved in starting and maintaining even the smallest business can be overwhelming. Many entrepreneurs have plenty of ideas but very little capital with which to start a business.

Writing a comprehensive business plan ensures that all the details of your proposed business are addressed. As such. They are tempted to skip the planning phase and jump right into business. A good business plan is an ever-evolving resource that grows and changes with the business. The key step in preparation is planning. A well-prepared outline serves as a road map that guides the traveler to the desired destination.

If you carefully explore and evaluate your proposed business. Planning is the systematic process of developing an outline for the accomplishment of a goal or set of goals. That temptation must be resisted. It helps you avoid many of the pitfalls that can delay or prevent business success. After all. A majority of banks require a written business plan before they will consider loaning money for a small business start-up. Overlooking a major detail may ultimately lead to business failure.

Neglecting even a minor detail may cause unnecessary aggravation and expense. Whether the entrepreneur is going to start a new business. Most of them have to go to a bank or other financial institution for a loan. The amount of information required under each heading will also vary from business to business. Competition C. Form of Ownership 6. Projected Operating Statement D. Financial Plan A.

References 8. The individual components of a business plan and how they are developed will be described in detail in later chapters. Land and Utility Needs E. Consumers and Demand B. Pricing Policy 4. Projected Income Statement C. Summary of Experience 2. Marketing Plan A. Employee Requirements C. For the purpose of discussing the general principles of business planning. Education and Training Needs D. Production and Manufacturing Needs B.

Description of Product or Service B. Concept History and Background A. Idea History C. Facility Needs C. Special Considerations A. Personal Financial Statements E. Organization Chart B. Resumes D. Cash Flow Projection 7. Initial Capitalization Plan B. Research and Development F.

Other Small Business Technology For the entrepreneur needing examples of business plan components or samples of suggested content. Legal Requirements 5. Several of the headings may not be applicable to certain types of businesses and may be omitted. Geographic Market D. Goals and Objectives 3. Write the first paragraph of the executive summary as if your business life depends on it.

Pretend you have a maximum of three pages to sell your idea to the reader. Use high-quality paper and make sure the print is dark and easy to read. If the plan was developed for bank financing. It probably does! Then write the remaining summary with equal care. Carefully proofread the final version or get a family member or friend to do it.

The table of contents is written when the business plan is in its final draft. Executive Summary The executive summary follows the table of contents and provides a two. Include your name. If you are sending it to a bank lending officer. Present the plan in an attractive folder or binder with good use of color on the front. Because it is a summary. The plan should be free of spelling errors and grammatical inconsistencies.

If you are providing the plan to a banker for funding consideration. Table of Contents The table of contents follows the cover page and lists the major components of the plan and corresponding page numbers. A business plan opens with a cover page. If the plan is for planning purposes only or will be viewed by many types of people. Cover Page The cover page answers these questions: Who wrote the plan and how can they be contacted? Why was the plan developed? To whom is it presented?

Since the cover page is one of the first things the reader sees. What should you put in the summary? Put in the most interesting and most important details of the plan. The usual drill is for the banker to read the executive summary and then decide if it is worth spending any more time reading the whole plan.

The overall appearance of a business plan can never be as important as what it says. That is not far from the truth. Idea History An idea history summarizes when. Such details aid in determining the feasibility of the proposed business.

The summary should emphasize practical exposure to the intended business. At least half of all bank loan officers require applicants to include an idea history in their business plans because it provides insight into the thought processes of the potential business owner. This component is important primarily during the loan application process. The description should highlight how the product or service is different from or better than existing products or services.

An objective is a specific result that is desired. One of its objectives may be to grow its customer base by 10 percent per year. How will you know where you are going unless you identify where you want to go? A new business might set a goal of becoming the number-one business of its type in the metropolitan area. By setting the goal and several objectives. Relevant volunteer work and hobbies.

Description of Product or Service The entrepreneur should describe in very specific terms the product or service that the business is going to offer. The important thing to remember is to review. If they accomplish this.

Most business experts consider the marketing plan a key component of the planning process. For this reason. The entrepreneur should re-evaluate the business and try to determine what went wrong. Using Goals and Objectives to Measure Success Success can be measured by how close entrepreneurs come to reaching their goals and objectives.

Work part-time while planning my new business. Entrepreneurs need to quantify information about their potential markets—that is. Marketing Plan Just speculating that many people will want to buy a product or service is not enough.

Drawing an accurate picture of the potential market for a product or service helps the entrepreneur to set realistic goals and objectives for the business. Many entrepreneurial goals deal with profitability. The entrepreneur should set short. More than two-thirds of banks require written goals and objectives for at least the first year. Short-Term and Long-Term Goals A short-term goal is one that can be achieved in a short period of time.

Certainly one of the most satisfying feelings for entrepreneurs comes from achieving the goals and objectives they established—personal as well as financial. A long-term financial goal might sound like this: The marketing plan defines and quantifies consumers. Bank loan officers devote considerable attention to the marketing plan. As an example. A long-term goal is one that is to be achieved over a longer period of time.

You know that everybody in town is already wearing shoes—in other words. The only way for you to bring customers into your new store is to lure them away from the competition. Your prices will have a direct impact on the number of customers you will have and the profits you accumulate. Pricing Policy The last part of the marketing plan is the pricing policy. In particular. But in order to make your store different. But if they do not devote time and attention to the legal aspects of a new business.

One way you can do this is by making your store different from the others in terms of location. Suppose you decide that a shoe store is a good venture. What will you do to counteract their responses? As you plan your business. Competition The second part of the marketing plan deals with competition.

Correctly identifying the geographic market makes setting realistic sales goals easier. The entrepreneur must project how far people will be willing to travel to frequent the business.

In addition. It may also estimate how often a typical customer will want to buy the product or service and at what price. It may profile a typical customer in terms of age. Entrepreneurs must consider potential legal problems before they actually go into business. All of this information should be summarized in your marketing plan.

Do banks think you should be concerned with your competition? You bet they do! One of the first questions many loan officers ask is. A carefully considered pricing policy can help you achieve your sales and profit goals. Entrepreneurs must decide during the planning phase which form of ownership best suits the needs of the business and the people involved.

Lee was in a big hurry to get the new business up and running. Then he could simply change the name and a few facts and submit it to the bank.

If you are starting a new business with one or more other persons. Like most entrepreneurs. Each of these will be discussed briefly in Chapter 4. If you are going it alone.

LLC limited liability company. Six months after being fired as a foreman at a local manufacturing plant. Certain patents. Think Critically Would Lee be lying to the banker by presenting an online business plan as his own?

Is this an ethical approach? Writing a comprehensive business plan can take months. Good ethics and good business go hand-in-hand. The question is. Are they lies if you did not really develop the plan yourself? Lies occur when the entrepreneur misrepresents the facts in such a way that the reader reaches an incorrect conclusion.

Form of Ownership Before you seek financial assistance. Form of ownership affects business management. The planning phase is the proper time to consider these requirements and how they will be met.

Successful plan the pdf business

Lee always had a passion for gourmet coffee. The banker told Lee that in order to be considered for financing. Lee thought. The most common forms of ownership are sole proprietorship. Organization Chart The organization chart deals with the actual management of the business. Therefore most bank loan officers carefully scrutinize all five categories in the financial plan.

All experts agree that the financial plan must be developed very carefully. The chart defines who will be responsible for tasks such as purchasing.

They argue that. Such concerns are addressed in the organization. The chart also shows who reports to whom in the organizational hierarchy. Poor financial planning at the start of a business venture almost inevitably leads to overall business failure. If the business will involve manufacturing a product.

Think Critically Which of the questions above do you consider the most important? Employee Requirements Planning for an appropriate number of employees is essential. Personal Financial Statements. If the business will consist exclusively of selling a service.

The global entrepreneur must face more complex issues and answer additional questions during the business planning process. How much inventory will you need to sell overseas? Identify customers within your chosen markets. During the business planning phase the entrepreneur should use information such as the organization chart and projected sales figures to estimate how many employees will be needed.

Some small businesses will have many special considerations. Decide your method of exporting. Determine what companies. How do other U. Banks use the resume to determine whether the entrepreneur has the necessary background for the proposed business.

Determine what makes your products unique for an overseas market. Other special considerations may include training for the entrepreneur or employees. The SBA offers information to guide you through the entire planning process.

The SBA offers several suggestions. Use their help. If too few employees are hired. On the other hand. Ask yourself why international buyers would purchase the products from your company. The Small Business Development Center provides free one-on-one counseling for both existing and start-up businesses.

It also sponsors seminars and workshops designed to help small business owners improve their business knowledge and entrepreneurs plan their start-up business. It serves a three-county area in the southern part of the state and provides a wide array of services. In addition to community colleges. Three of the most commonly available resources are community colleges. If the entrepreneur has worked carefully. Local Community Colleges Many community colleges have small business development centers designed to assist local small businesses.

The three most useful pieces of information are the marketing plan. Before embarking upon the planning process. What is usually lacking is management expertise and specific information about the nuts and bolts of starting a business. The first such center established in the state of Colorado almost two decades ago by one of the textbook authors is located at Pueblo Community College.

Their fees. It offers a range of services. For entrepreneurs contemplating the small business planning process. Small Business Administration The SBA is an independent federal government agency with offices in most metropolitan areas. These professionals are a necessary part of the planning process regardless of whether you are starting a new business.

The attorney should be consulted to determine the legal requirements of the proposed business. Accountants and Attorneys Accountants and lawyers should not be overlooked as sources for planning assistance. During the planning process. The accountant should review or. One such example is discussed in the section on Internet resources later in this chapter.

It offers full-text articles from over 2. The SBA also has an excellent site. Many private sites offer excellent links. Using your computer is a quick and easy way to locate business assistance and other valuable information. It is available for use by any entrepreneur planning a business.

Another index is the Fortune Annual Reports. Electronic indexes are sites that usually charge a fee to access their collection of publications. Internet search and directories. Comprising over links. It has been developed over the course of many years for use by his entrepreneurship students. Your local chamber of commerce likely has a web page providing local business and community information. Area Chamber of Commerce lists community information.

A good example is the web page of one of the authors. A good example of a useful index for entrepreneurs is Business Source Premier. Sections currently include links to information about finance and taxes.

It is updated daily. What resources can they turn to for help in writing their business plan? Together they set up a simple web site similar to the one Johann had developed in Germany. Johann was not only fluent in English but also experienced in computer design. They agreed on an initial order of samples.

They set about developing a business plan. The other part of the distribution plan would require taking the products to wholesale trade shows. In the meantime Fred would travel to various coastal towns and visit potential retailers.

They were about the same age.

They would create a color brochure showing 75 different models. Fortunately for Fred. Sketch an outline of a business plan for Fred and Johann. Johann would be the supplier. Since one of the largest merchandise marts in the country is in Atlanta. He would serve as a wholesaler to retail gift and nautical stores and also as an Internet retailer. Later on. They compiled wholesale and retail price lists.

The first step was to decide that for the time being they would restrict themselves to selling ships-in-bottles manufactured in Germany. They decided to lease exhibition booths for the two-day to week-long events that were attended by retail buyers. They decided that Fred would distribute their products in two ways. Their financial plan began to take shape. They secured a web site domain listing and launched a five-page retail site.

Not only had they created a business. Fred threw Johann a going-away party featuring bratwurst. The business would be called Ship in a Bottle. But first they needed to develop their advantage in their special area.

After five days of feverish work. There would have to be enough money for the brochure. He was pleased to learn that they had much in common. Fred Johnson was at the Atlanta airport meeting Johann Schneider. Pulling the background information and strategy together to create a coherent business plan can be very time-consuming, especially if you have a great deal of data and information to distill. But it does not have to be. Financing workbook 2: The business plan and executive summary is designed specifically for technology and life sciences companies.

This workbook is part two of a four-part series covering business planning and financing. You can personalize the workbook template by adding your company name and logo. The business plan and executive summary Download pdf The business plan and executive summary workbook template Download doc.

We respect your privacy and you may unsubscribe at anytime. Download and use this workbook to: Identify key information for your business plan.

Create a team business-planning workshop. Write your business plan and executive summary. Building block 1: Developing a financing strategy for your company Building block 2: