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Batman vs Predator v3 April 5, → · Batman vs Predator v3 April 5, →. contains issues: Batman Versus Predator #1 - 3, Batman Versus Predator Presige #1 - 3, including cover gallery and Portfolio. Read DC Comics/Dark Horse PDF Batman vs. Predator (Batman DC Comics Dark Horse Comics) Ebook by Dave lesforgesdessalles.info

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Read Batman Versus Predator comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Predator () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC PREDATOR II: BLOODMATCH # and BATMAN VS. Batman vs Predator v1 | | View Comic Online.

At the Earth's Core Predator vs. Credits and full notes Writer s Chuck Dixon. Moench is perhaps best known for his work on Batman, whose title he wrote from — and then again from — Thrillkiller Batman: I did like how Helen talked about how hard it is to hold a full-time job during the day and then go out at night as the Huntress to practice vigilantism upon criminals. This was a fun read.

Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Batman , Modern Batman Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Nov 07, Gianfranco Mancini rated it really liked it Shelves: A more than good sequel by Batman: At last this time the alien acts much more in character than first volume, storyline was so good that you can almost hear Alan Silvestri's Predator theme and Moench is the master of comics sound effects May 07, Chad rated it liked it Shelves: Much better than the first Batman Vs.

The Predator acts much more in character. Strange use of 7 hitmen who were hired to go after Batman. I thought for sure the Predator would hunt them all down but that wasn't the case at all. Much more straight forward series with Batman teaming up with the Huntress to take down the Predator.

Paul Gulacy's art is pretty grand. Oct 22, Garrett rated it did not like it. Just awful. The first crossover was really good but this is boring and cliche. Jul 05, Timothy Boyd rated it liked it. Nice 2nd series in this crossover story line. A good plot that doesn't just repeat the 1st series. Sep 27, Rodrigo Tello rated it it was ok.

Totalmente innecesario. Nov 11, Neil rated it liked it Shelves: This was a fun read. Also, I suppose you could say it was 'closer in tone' with the Predator movies , or that the Predator was written more in keeping with the movies view spoiler [i. Be that as it may, it does This was a fun read. Be that as it may, it does move at a fast pace, taking place over the course of a few days. I think this series was my 'first introduction' to the Huntress, too, so it was interesting to see Batman trying to get along with another kid and female!

On the one hand, you could probably have replaced Huntress with Nightwing and I am not sure how much it would have changed the story, other than Batman maybe not being such a jerk to Nightwing like he was to Huntress in how he treated her.

The artwork was decent; had some "great moments" in it view spoiler [granted, most of those 'great shots' seemed to focus on the Huntress standing in sexy poses. I did like the 'shot' of the two other Predators walking up the steps out of the river; that was pretty cool!

I am sure it had some other "great shots" in it hide spoiler ] , but none come immediately to mind. I thought the artist did a decent job trying to portray the Predator as it moved through the city while cloaked. Otherwise, it'd just be 'empty pictures' of the city and the writer'd probably have to insert a line of script to imply the Predator is moving through the scene but cannot be seen because of its camouflage. It definitely has some humor in it view spoiler [such as when Huntress and Batman are bickering over her methods at the beginning, and then Batman knocks out his 'mark' while chastising Helen for the way she operates.

Or, the comments the explosives expert makes right before he dies at the hands of the Predator. Also, how 'pompous and stooopid' they make the Feds before the two agents leading the task force are killed granted, the one Fed's comment about Gordon and the GCPD losing either their minds or their heads right before he himself is decapitated was funny ; not denying that stupidity does seem to rise like cream to the top, but it's always funny how the Feds are always portrayed so poorly when they can't all be as stupid as they are portrayed.

I also found it humorous that the Asian assassin defeated some of the crime boss's bodyguards so handily, yet she herself was pretty easily defeated by Huntress. Discovering Alfred supposedly watches soaps was pretty funny - I would never expected that of him!

DC Comics – Dark Horse Comics – Batman vs. Predator (2017)

Finally, I found it hilarious that Huntress was 'right' about some things AND was able to acquire information to both help Batman defend himself and find the Predator's "hide-out", and Batman is still not able to give her 'any respect. I realize there are valid excuses for how he treats her, but he's still a jerk. Regardless hide spoiler ] , the humor was pretty unexpected considering the overall "dark, serious" tone of the series.

We are never told why they came after the first one, unless it had to do with Gotham being placed 'off-limits' after the first one was killed and the second one that came to Gotham violated some rule on the Predator's "Honorable Conduct Code of the Hunt" or something? I honestly thought the Predator was going to kill all seven assassins; I never expected two of them to be captured and two of them to kill each other. That was a bit of a shock to me!

I was also surprised that Batman uses very little of his detective skills in regards to the Predator in this story. He just seems to drive around town, making himself a target, and hoping he 'gets lucky' in regards to whoever finds him first, be it one of the assassins or the Predator.

There is no real rhyme or reason to or for his actions, so it did seem out of keeping for him.

Vs pdf batman predator

I did like how Helen talked about how hard it is to hold a full-time job during the day and then go out at night as the Huntress to practice vigilantism upon criminals. What with Batman being so super-rich and having people under him at Wayne Enterprises he can trust, he can 'afford' to sleep in and goof off as needed after being out all night working as Batman.

Even in the Predator movies, there is an element of 'mystery' to them, whereas, in this story, hide spoiler ] it seemed more of a straight-up 'action movie-type'story. Not that I did not like it, but it was definitely a bit different in style, tone, and narrative than the first series.


Also, in regard to the story, view spoiler [it was told from two different perspectives. It has script written in cursive that is supposed to be Batman's perspective. The other perspective is Helen's, and her "script" is typed out. Sometimes trying to tell a story from multiple perspectives does not always work, but hide spoiler ] I thought it worked view spoiler [in this case.

Furthermore, not being familiar with the Huntress or her civilian identity still not, really , I thought adding her thoughts 'in writing' helped give depth to her character and made it easy or, easier to understand her motivations and why she does what she does. One last thing about the Huntress -I actually thought when I first read this that they were introducing the Huntress to be a 'love interest' for Batman!

Funny, I know! But, yeah, I thought that might be the case. Obviously, I was a bit off the mark on that one hide spoiler ]. It was a fun story to read.

I thought it was a bit original in terms of its premise, personally. The art work was decent overall, the story moved at a steady pace. The action was pretty good. Another of Terraro's assassins is apprehended afterward. Batman tracks the alien, only to discover the corpse of a different Predator. When another alien retrieves his fallen comrade in plain sight of him, Batman deduces that these two are not tracking him , but rather the Predator rampaging through Gotham, who seems to have no qualms in killing members of its own species.

They plan to use the Bat-Signal to lure the creature into the open, where they can assault it. The attempt fails: Batman and the Huntress track it back to the ship, followed by the last of Terraro's assassins, who is also murdered by the beast.

Batman Versus Predator II: Bloodmatch by Doug Moench

It overpowers the both of them, but Lt. Stocker sacrifices his life, impaling the Predator with its own spear, though the creature lives long enough to activate the ship's engines.

As Batman and the Huntress escape the fleeing vessel, another ship appears and follows, opening fire on the vessel and destroying both ships. The book ends with the Bat-Signal lighting up again, signaling trouble from The Joker ; a relative relief to the other-worldly troubles. Gotham City, suffering yet again from sweltering temperatures and increased gang warfare, experiences more mysterious deaths.

Indeed, not one, but two beasts are prowling in Gotham: Gotham's criminal population remains unaware of the alien visitors, until Mr.

Vs predator pdf batman

Freeze and his associates are attacked by the two cloaked Predators. Though all of his nearby henchmen are killed, Mr. Freeze is left alive, as his lowered body temperature makes him invisible to the Predators' infrared vision.

Despite Robin's questions about the bizarre attacks, Batman does not reveal anything more than what Robin has already overheard, though he agrees to let Robin aid him until Mr. Freeze is found. Batman later confides to Alfred that his reticence with Robin is out of a desire to keep the boy from becoming a target of the Predators.

Batman attacks one of the aliens with an advanced helicopter prototype from Wayne Technologies , inadvertently saving Catwoman 's life in the process. He also discovers the second Predator, safely ejecting from his helicopter as the vehicle is destroyed in the process.

Batman Versus Predator

Meanwhile, at the advice of Oracle Barbara Gordon , Robin learns details of previous "hunts" through computer research in confidential government files. He also successfully tracks down Mr. Freeze and subdues him. When questioned, Mr. Freeze reveals the creatures did not seem to have even seen him.

With Mr. Freeze now in custody, Batman orders Robin to lie low, further aggravating the youth. In an effort to defeat the beasts, Bruce manipulates WayneTech into closing down for 24 hours to provide a battleground he can control. He modifies the powered exoskeleton he used in his first encounter to mask his body temperature, to exploit the Predators' thermal-based vision, and suspects that they are cold-blooded and vulnerable to frigid temperature.

The plan works, but only lures one of the two aliens. Responding to Batman's confusion, and using Tim Drake's voice, the Predator indicates that it is now tracking Robin at a drive-in theater with friends, where he is watching old science-fiction films. Batman then ensnares the elder Predator with Mr. Freeze's absolute zero cannon. Alfred contacts Robin, who immediately accepts the truth and returns to the Batcave when he sees the creature's silhouette.

The butler explains what little they know of their assailants before they are attacked. The two are nearly caught, but Batman returns, carrying one of the elder Predator's ornaments and telling the younger hunter to cut his losses, take his defeated but living father, and return home.

When questioned, Batman reveals that he and Robin were targeted because the Predators saw them as they themselves were: The series have been collected into trade paperbacks. On June 13, DC Comics reprinted all three stories into one trade paperback.

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Cover of the Batman Versus Predator trade paperback collected edition Art by Dave Gibbons. The reprinted material is, in whole or in part, from: Batman Versus Predator Credits and full notes. Batman Versus Predator II: Bloodmatch Blood Ties Archived from the original on Retrieved CS1 maint: Predator Predator 2 Predators The Predator Predator Predator 2 Predators.

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Vs pdf batman predator

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