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AlL Scope of application. (1) The provisions of this Code shali apply from the day of its co- ming into force to all suits pending on such day and instituted. It comprises of main Act and the Rules framed under Section CPC. • The main Act comprises of 11 Parts. • Rules are framed under Part prescribe procedures and method that govern civil proceedings in Pakistan. CPC is a collated code incorporating the various laws in its sphere but it is not.

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(5) "Foreign Court" means a Court situate beyond the limits of 1[Pakistan] which authority in 1[Pakistan] and is not established or continued by 2[the Central. The Code Of Civil Procedure, (Act No. 5 of ). An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the procedure of the Courts of Civil Judicature. The Act has been extended and shall be deemed to have been so extended on the 14th October, , to the whole of Pakistan by the Central Laws (Statute.

Part to apply only to certain High Court Division. KAM KUS 2 Section-2 2 "Decree" means the formal expression of an adjudication which, so far as regards the court expressing it, conclusively determines the rights of the parties with regard to all or any of the matters in controversy in the suit and may be either Preliminary or final. Powers of Court in executing transferred decree. Section 19 To whom applications for review may be made 3.

Objections to jurisdiction.

Power to transfer suits which may be instituted in more than one Court. To what Court application lies. General power of transfer and withdrawal. Appearance of parties on transfer of suit, etc. Institution of suits.

Summons to defendants. Service of foreign summonses. Power to order discovery and the like. Summons to witness.

Penalty for default. Judgment and decree.

Pdf cpc pakistan

Compensatory costs in respect of false or vexatious claims or defences. Cost for delay in making applications, etc. Application to orders. Definition of Court which passed a decree. Court by which decree may be executed. Transfer of decree. Result of execution proceedings to be certified. Powers of Court in executing transferred decree.

Pakistan - Enforcement of Money Judgments

Execution of decrees passed by British Courts in places to which this Part does not extend or in foreign territory.

Execution of decrees passed by Courts in the United Kingdom and other reciprocating territory. Execution barred in certain cases.

Legal representative. Powers of Court to enforce execution. Enforcement of decree against legal representative.

Liability of ancestral property. Partition of estate or separation of share. Arrest and detention. Prohibition of arrest or detention of women in execution of decree for money.

Subsistence allowance.

Pakistan pdf cpc

Detention and release. Release on ground of illness. Property liable to attachment and sale in execution of decree. Partial exemption of agricultural produce. Seizure of property in dwelling-house. Property attached in execution of decrees of several Courts.

Civil Procedure Codes, | The Constitution of Pakistan, Developed by Zain Sheikh

Private alienation of property after attachment to be void. Purchaser's title. Suit against purchaser not maintainable on ground of purchase being on behalf of plaintiff. Power for Government to make rules as to sales of land in execution of decrees for payment of money.

Power to prescribe rules for transferring to Collector execution of certain decrees. Provisions of Third Schedule to apply. Rules of procedure.

Pdf cpc pakistan

Jurisdiction of Civil Courts barred. Collector deemed to be acting judicially. Where Court may authorise Collector to stay public sale of land. Proceeds of execution-sale to be rateably distributed among decree-holders. Resistance to execution. Power of Court to issue commissions. Letter of request. Commissions issued by foreign Courts. Suits by or against the Government or Public Officers in their official capacity.

Suits by or against the Government. Exemption from arrest and personal appearance. Execution of decree.

Pakistan pdf cpc

Amendment in section of Act V of An Act further to amend the Code of Civil Procedure, It is necessary further to amend the Code of Civil Procedure, V of for purposes of updating certain provisions of the Code. Be it enacted by Provincial Assembly of the Punjab as follows: Judgment and decree.

Execution of decrees passed by Courts in the reciprocating territory. Explanation 1. Explanation 2. Compensation for obtaining arrest, attachment or injunction on insufficient grounds. Omission of section 7 of Act V of Amendment in section 9 of Act V of Amendment in section 12 of Act V of Amendment in section 24 of Act V of Amendment in section 30 of Act V of Substitution of section 33 of Act V of Amendment in section 35 of Act V of Amendment in section A of Act V of Substitution of section A of Act V of