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Touchstone student book 4 pdf

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Touchstone Student's Book Level 1 (Touchstone) Nov 20, 3. 1 get impatient! impatiently in long lines. 4. I take school and work Do you Diapositiva 1. Touchstone Student's Book Level 1 (Touchstone) - PDF Free Touchstone Touchstone Level 4 Student S Book B With Audio Cd Cd Rom. Touchstone. The Audio CD/CD-ROM in each Student's Book offers students a Self-study listening .. 36 (Unit 4 SociaJizing ___ 2_Grammar inseparable phrasal verbs _" !.

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Student book - Touchstone lesforgesdessalles.info - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Publishing platform for digital magazines, interactive publications and online catalogs. Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. of the Student's Book - in Before you begin, Conversation strategy, Reading and Listening, Vocabulary notebook, and Touchstone checkpoint.

I hated my old school. NOT Are you knowing him? How long have you been learning English? Anyway, Scruffy started chasing a squirrel and pulled my cousin right into a woman. J T cut on tbe subway is considered rutlc.

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Pdf touchstone student book 4

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Camila Avila Ossa. Jose Reynoso. Sem downloads. Nenhuma nota no slide. By reading the multitude of conversations in the Corpus, we can see how people interact in real-life situations. For example, how do people show that they are interested in a conversation and that they are listening?

Conversations in the Corpus show that people do this by repeating information, asking questions, and saying things like "Really? There are many examples in the Corpus of people saying "Anyway," to end a conversation politely. How do people make sure their questions do not seem too direct? The Corpus shows people rephrasing questions with "I mean," and adding the word or at the end of yes-no questions.

For example: Where do you go after work? I mean, do you go somewhere nice? The answers to these and other questions make it possible for Touchstone to teach students useful strategies for managing conversations successfully in English. What are the most typical contexts for specific vocabulary and grammar structures?

Searching the Corpus helps us find typical situations for using specific vocabulary and grammar structures, so that we can present new language in natural contexts. The conversations, interviews, and listening material students encounter in the series are constructed in ways that reflect the character and content of the conversations in the Corpus and are sometimes drawn directly from these conversations.

How does this corpus-informed approach help me and my students? By identifying what language is essential to basic communication and what language allows us to speak clearly and precisely, corpus-informed materials can take learners to their goals more quickly and efficiently.

In addition, a study of a spoken corpus teaches us important things about social communication. As a result, activities based on corpus-informed materials can focus on the most important features of listening and speaking skills, making students more effective listeners and communicators. Finally, successful learning is all about motivation.

Corpus-informed materials motivate learners because they can feel confident that the language they are learning is up-to-date, useful in everyday conversations, and targeted to situations in which they are likely to find themselves. Students can also be sure that the language corresponds to what they will encounter in real conversations, on radio and TV shows, in movies, on the Internet, and in books, newspapers, and magazines. Do I need to know a lot about the Corpus to be able to teach with Touchstone?

Not at all. You don't need any special knowledge of the Corpus to use the course successfully. But you can feel reassured that we, as authors, have checked the Corpus carefully to ensure that the language we teach is frequent, natural, and useful, and that the statements we make about language are accurate. As you teach from Touchstone, you and your students will learn many interesting facts about language coming from our corpus research.

Throughout the Student's Books you will see In conversation boxes, which give useful information about spoken grammar and vocabulary. On many of the Vocabulary notebook pages you will find fun facts about vocabulary, such as how people refer to family members and what color and food words are used most frequently in conversation.

In the Teacher's Editions we provide additional information about grammar and vocabulary that we feel will be of particular interest to you as a teacher.

Book 4 pdf touchstone student

See pages xviii-xxi in this Teacher's Edition for a list of the most frequently used words in conversation. What methodology willI be using in Touchstone?

Touchstone merges the best features of proven and familiar communicative methodologies while, at the same time, offering stimulating activities carefully crafted to focus on the learning process. The Touchstone philosophy maintains that a successful course meets all of the following goals: It is interaction-based.

An important learning aim in every lesson is to get students talking to each other. This strong emphasis on spoken interaction enables students to put new language to use immediately to communicate with their classmates.

In addition, Touchstone devotes a full lesson in every unit to the teaching of conversation strategies so that students can learn the skills needed for effective spoken communication. It personalizes the learning experience. Touchstone offers engaging activities that encourage students to talk about their own lives and ideas as they discuss topics relevant to their interests and experiences. Students will enjoy talking about topics such as TV, music, the Internet, sports, and celebrities.

The Aboutyou icon points out some of these opportunities.

It promotes active and inductive learning. Throughout the series students complete tasks that actively involve them in the learning process. Students are also challenged to figure out inductive learning grammar structures or English usage. Solving a problem or figuring something out for oneself is a powerful aid to understanding, and research shows that activities that have students notice and figure things out result in successful learning.

Figure it out tasks challenge students to think about how target grammar structures are formed and used before they are formally introduced. Notice tasks in the Conversation strategy lessons encourage students to think about how people manage conversations effectively.

Word sort tasks and Vocabulary notebook pages get students to actively learn new vocabulary. It encourages students to be independent learners. Students can thus take the initiative to improve their speaking and listening skills, working at their own pace.

The CD-ROM includes a database called My vocabulary notebook, which allows students to sort vocabulary in different ways, to print out word lists for a variety of purposes, and to add their own words, expressions, and example sentences. Clear learning aims at the start of each unit, Self-check and Study plan charts in each Touchstone Checkpoint lesson, and Progress checks at the end of each Workbook unit enable students to monitor their own learning. Each Teacher's Edition provides a testing package which gives you and your students another valuable tool for assessing progress.

It recognizes the importance of review and recycling. Grammar, vocabulary, and conversation strategies taught in earlier units are recycled in later units. Items learned in lower levels are recycled in subsequent levels. Recycle icons throughout the Teacher's Editions point out these and other opportunities for review and recycling. It offers flexibility to meet the needs of specific classes. Touchstone can be used with large and small classes.

Activities can be done in pairs, groups, or as a whole class, depending on your particular needs. Touchstone can also be adapted to varying course lengths. For shorter courses, the Vocabulary notebook pages and Reading and Writing tasks can be assigned for homework.

For longer courses, the Workbook provides additional learning tasks. For when time allows, the Teacher's Edition offers a variety of extra classroom activities to reinforce learning. Can I teach the lessons in a unit out of order? It is very important that lessons A, B, C, and D are taught in order. This is because the new structures and vocabulary taught in the earlier lessons are generally recycled and reused in the later lessons. Each lesson in a unit assumes that students have learned the language of the previous lesson s.

So, for example, simple present statements are taught before simple present questions; students are taught the strategy of asking questions in two ways only after they have learned how to ask yes-no and information questions.

Aspecial thank-you from the authors We would like to extend a very personal thank-you to all the teachers and students who have provided so many constructive comments during the development of Touchstone. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy using Touchstone, and that it will contribute to the success ofyour English classes.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you. Each unit consists of: Unique features ofthe Student's Book include: Using the disk as an audio CD, students can: Target vocabulary are words and expressions that students should know and be able to use by the time they finish each unit.

Bonus vocabulary are words and expressions that students may encounter but are not required to learn. Using My vocabulary notebook, students can: The Workbook provides: It also offers: The recordings are in natural, conversational American English. Web site The student support Web site provides engaging, interactive vocabulary, grammar, and listening activities.

The teacher support Web site offers teaching tips, classroom activities, downloadable materials, and more. It is important to note that lessons must be taught in A, B, C, D order. There may be some variety in the exact position of pronunciation, listening, and speaking activities from unit to unit. The unit opener page sets the scene for the unit topic, and introduces new vocabulary.

Lesson Apresents the main grammar point of the unit with some relevant new vocabulary. It may include a Speaking naturally pronunciation task, a Talk about it group discussion, or a Listeningtask. Brad and Gayle are having a party tonIght.

What do you find out abollt the party? Replace the underlined. Sue Brad shouldn't eat chocolate. Patty Jen and Martin agreed to be here by 7: Pau , I have to get up early tomorrow 6. I'm supposed to be studying " an exam but I'm not I'm not supposed to stay out late bt. Was I Were supposed to can mean what was expected didn't or won" happen. They were supposed to come al 7: Iwasn't supposed to go by mysel!

[PDF] Touchstone Level 4 Student's Book Download Full Ebook

Practice with a partner. And there's a good Italian restaurant two blocks away. We go there last Friday. A The weather be beautiful this weekend. Do rou have any plans? B Yeah. They're planning a surprise party for my birthday. Did you do anything fun? B Not really. How about you? B Pair work Ask and answer the questions. Give your own answers.

What's the weather supposed to be like? Are there any upcoming events that are supposed to be fun? Are there any new movies that are supposed to be good? Are you supposed to go an "vhere or see anyone in particular? Is there anything you were going to do last weekend that you're going to do this weekend instead?

4 pdf touchstone student book

Lesson 8 Lesson 8 teaches the main vocabulary of the unit and builds on the grammar taught in Lesson A. Where are Luis and Rosa going? Do they want to go? Practice the conversation. We're supposed to be there by 7: Weren't you supposed to get off work early today?

Hosa Well, my boss called a meeting, and I couldn't get out of it. I had to go. I don't get it - why is your cousin getting married on a Friday and not a Saturday, like everyone else? Luis J doo't know. All I know is that my mother will never get over it if we walk in late. So we have to get going.

Rosa OK. Vh, do you think I can get awaywith wearing pants? Luis No wa '! It's supposed to be a formal wedding. Look, I got your silk dress ready for you. Can we try to get home early?

Luis Rosa, I get the feeling that you don't really want to go. Luis Dh, come on. Let's just go and enjoy it. It's a chance for you to get to know my family better. By the way, did you get around to buying a gift? HOj j Weren't you supposed to do that? Are the sentences true for you? Compare With a partner. They don't feel nght. They're so comfortable. Compare with aparlner I.

Rosa had to attend a meeting at work. Luis's mother will be upset if they're late. She'll never get over feeling embarrassed rm sure she'll get over it I hope I can get through the reception I know you can get through it. You can'! Couldn'l you get out of the meeting? No, I couldn't get out of it Did you get around to buying a gift?

Put the words in order. Then ask and answer the questions with a partner. If you had an important date, wou ld you tTy to ilc l- O!.

How do you feel about buying gifts? Which choice is most like you? Tell a partner. I'm OJ1eofthose people who ,. Ifa fr-it'nd cancels plans we made Istay home and feci dlsappolntctl. B Iii' Listen to Paula and Roberto talk about their plans for tonight. What happens? Listen again.

How would Roberto complete the sentences above? Circle his choices. The grammar in this lesson is always recycled and is thus grammar that students already know. B Read more of their conversation. Change Grant's questions to "statement questions: Then listen and notice what Gran!

Gmlll So. Gram Oh, so did you have a week to feel bad about it? I had a whole week to think aboul it. Gram So did you really hate the party? I mean, it was rea lly sweet of her to do that, bU! First, think about the concept. Then, listen and understand aconversation.

Student Book Touchstone 4

Next, notice the strategy and find more examples. Finally, use the strategy in interactive and personalized practice. Unfl 4 Soclallzlng You can use so in many ways, including: To pause or fet the otber person draw aconclusion They all came, so..

To close atopic So fhal's what happened. They all came. A Find three places where 'ou can use so in each conversation. Change the capitallcncrs and add commas where necessary. So IS ooeofthctop 20 WOfds. My friends don't do that kind of thing.

So your birthdaYs on. Notice how the intonation falls when you say something you are sure about, and rises when you're checking information. B CfI Listen to four conversations. Arc the speakers sure, or are they checking? Add a period or a question mark, and write S or C. Lesson D Social style. A Are you an extrovert? Do you enjoy socializing and meeting new people?

Or are you morc ofan introvert, someone who prefers to spend time alone? Tell the class. B Read the article. What's Marti Olsen Laney's book about? She shoutd know. She's a psychologist who has written a book on the subject By Jenny Yuen A s on introvert, Morti Olsen loney knows how difficult it oon De to socialize. Perhaps predictably, those in the oudiencedklnofsifclosefoeachother.

The author of InlTove! Ihere really is quite a concept of negativity attached to introverts. N Thinking outside the box MrmypeoplelXe! L Behavior often mistaken for aloofness inIlovel: This bffiavior isollen mlstcken for oloo!

Being introverted in an extroverted world Olseo Loney recommended thot inlrovaris restore body energy bylckingbrwks ondspro: Underline them. Then compare your answers with a partner. Is Marti Olsen Laney an extrovert or an introvert? How do introverts generally feel about working or socializing in groups? What are some good qualities that introverts can have? VVhal are some problems that introverts encounter in society?

Unit 4Socializing 6. How does Marti Olsen Laney advise introverts to cope with life in an extroverted society? Listen to Jun talk about his social life. How would he answer the quiz? Circle his answers.

Are you an introvert, an extrovert, or a little of both? Life as an extrovert As an extrovert. Ilove 10 socialize. My friends say Iam a real pany person. Ihardly ever invite my friends to my horne.

Yses of as n Vocabulary notebook provides a page of enjoyable tasks at the end of every unit to help students organize and write down new vocabulary. It allows students to customize their own vocabulary learning, working in class or at home.

Think 01 something you mighl want to say, and add ideas that setthe The top 10 particles aod sceneor helpyourememberits meanil'lg. I lOve meeting new people. I jusldOn' 3. Weekends seem so short. I wish I eQuid 7.

I was going to go to my class reunion. Then write another sentence before each one that provides a concexi for the expression. Make different sections for common verbs like get. Write as many expressions as you can for each verb. Task 2 Word builder includes new vocabulary related to the unit topic for students to study and learn.

On your own offers fun, creative ways to practice vocabulary outside of class. It looks fits someone spilled grape Juice on It. C Something like that happened to me once. I spflled tomato Juice on the couch. I tried to clean iI. Only one choice 1 Pair work Imagine you can have one item from each of these selS. Tell your partner which item you'd choose and why. Foryour lifestyle..

For entenajllmenr.. For a challenge.. Tell them what your panner chose and why. Then listen to the other pair's choices. Did you choose anyofthe same items? Maddie said she wanted a season pass 10 , theme park so that slle could go every week.

Student book touchstone 2

Actually, she asked if she could have four passes so that her 'rlends could go. B",,,,n I don't I: Mayoo a ooar? Brd" What do you mean? AmI i was camping wilh mrfamlly. And one night, my SiS ter and I were in our tcm. Sr ",,,, Yeah. Bears can rip right through a tent if the ' smcll food. K,m Iknow! BUllhenlhadlotellmysisterthatiactuallyhad 50mecandy bars wilh me.

Listen tothe rest of their conversatioo. Circle the correct words. Tracy I Tracy's sister subscribes to music magazines. Tracy's sisler has I doesn't have broad tastes in music. Omar thinks his brother and Tracy's SJster woufd I wouldn', like each other.

Circle aor b. What does David think Hilda should do: Who should Hilda talk to? Study in the U. Another student. How long would Hilda like to be away: What does she have to send in a. For the summer. For a year. Ateacher recommendation and 3. When does Hilda need to apply by? The end of the month.

Pdf 4 touchstone book student

Ateacher recommendation and b. The beginning of the summer. Unil4 A TrICk 7 l isten to tile conversation on page Martin was planning to work late on his birthday. Grant has already booked a band for the party. Martin likes the band that's supposed to play at his party.