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Business continuity plan pdf

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An introduction to business continuity planning. What is business continuity, and is it relevant to me? Business continuity planning is about identifying the critical. Use our business continuity plan template when you need to assure that no matter what, your company will continue to perform under any circumstance. What is a business continuity plan? It is a plan that describes how an organization will continue to function during or after some kind of emergency, disaster or.

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BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN. Status: Approved. Custodian: IT Directorate. Date approved: Decision number: SAQA / If you would like assistance with your business continuity planning ITS is should be removed prior to finalizing your Business Continuity Plan. This publication has been produced to provide a guide for people anticipating going into business and for business owners. It should not be regarded as an.

What circumstances are covered by your policy? It should be clean, simple and professional since you are presenting an important aspect of your business. Lastly, present to your stakeholders the key business processes that you're prioritizing to protect when you implement your plan. What kind of circumstances require it? By creating a concrete solution design, your management staff and personnel will know exactly what to do in case of a crisis. A simple title page will set the tone for your presentation. About Help Pricing About Careers.


Pdf business continuity plan