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5 ml. RCF: xg. 1 x 0,5 ml. 8. 45 max. radius: 8,5 cm. 1 x 0,4/0,2 ml PCR. 6. 45 max. ø: 11 mm. Temp. at max. speed: 4°C. J (Truck) (CKT ) In the vehicle underside, in the chassis harness, approximately 5 cm (2 - - in) rearward of breakout to X J (Truck without ( CKT. Page 1. Square Dot Paper ( cm).

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Novel - 5cm - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. BOOK REVIEW OF “5 CM” WRITTEN BY DONNY. DHIRGANTORO. A FINAL PROJECT. In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement. For S-1 Degree in Linguistics . Page 1. 5cm. 5cm cube net (to be printed on A4 card). Page 2. Page 3.

Previously they just read the numbers off the ruler with no concept that they are measuring a given distance. Works fine for me. Detail painting, washes, filters on the interior were all the same as the exterior. A sort of crane was also made from Evergreen plastic strip and parts from the ever handy scrapbox. Automatyczne logowanie Zarejestruj. Inch squares - 9 in long, 1 in wide. Again Aber came to the rescue, in the stummel set you get the choice of two ammo boxes I took the rectangular box and it fitted perfectly under the gun mount so my guesswork paid off.

Meterstick cm and mm cm long, 2 cm wide. Pieces 4 can be taped or glued together. Two-meter-stick cm and inches cm long, 2.


There are big numbers every 10 cm. But the 10 cm numbers are smaller. Single-unit rules. Stack of centimeter rules 25 cm long, 2 cm wide. Stack of centimeter rules more per page, but shorter 20 cm long, 2 cm wide. Single-unit rules narrower.

Some printable paper rulers

Dense stack of centimeter rules lots more per page , but shorter and narrower 20 cm long, 1. Dense stack of centimeter rules more, but narrower 25 cm long, 1.

Color-square rules. Alternating red and white squares Cm squares - 25 cm long, 1 cm wide.

Some printable paper rulers

Inch squares - 9 in long, 1 in wide. Number-free "I discovered that many of my students do not really understand linear measurement. I found this out when I gave them rulers without numbers. I always look for a challenge to start a model and this one had it all, be it in the paintjob or in the building.

The only trouble was that in the Ryton book there were no pictures, just some drawings Using the drawings from the book it should be possible to build the lengthed chassis but I had absolutely no idea on how the gun was mounted to the vehicle. After about six months of asking friends and surfing the net I found out there was only one surviving vehicle left in the Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade in former Yugoslavia.

A bit too far away for a quick daytrip, so the idea for building the model was shelved until I met Pekka Toivonen a Finnish modeller at Euromilitaire. Earlier that year he had taken some pictures of the vehicle, I was ready to kiss him but luckily he was more than happy with a pint!

Some printable paper rulers

When the pictures arrived I was a little disappointed as there were only three pictures from the interior but they were excellent quality. There were still a lot of unanswered questions but I decided to start building anyway and see how the details would be worked out later. I started with reversing the angle of the back armoured plate, this gave me the base to start working from.

Next step was fitting the upper hull, I cut off the entire hull only leaving the engine deck and replaced everything else with thin plastic sheet as the Dragon parts are too thick.

Cm pdf 5

The first problem I found was with the roof which seems not to be correct in the Ryton drawings, in the pictures of the real vehicle you can see that the roof was cut out round and not straight as in the book. This was to allow the upper hull to be bolted against the bulkheads which were welded to the lower hull.

The in-progress pictures will show what I mean. The next problem was the front floor, the front bulkhead and drivers position which were detailed with the excellent Aber set Now problem number two came up - there is no room for the fuel tank in the fighting compartment.

Novel - 5cm

So again after numerous E-mails and telephone calls the consensus was that the fueltank could have been mounted beneath the floor as is the case with the sdkfz 10 Demag with the same chassis. This was good news to me, saved me the work of building another one. With the floor in place the upper hull was temporarily taped to the lower hull with Tamiya tape. I now started building the gun mount.

Cm pdf 5

As I had no measurements it took a lot of test fitting before a satisfying result was achieved. I had to build the basic shape of the gun to determine its correct height in relation to the top of the hull.

Last but not the least problem was where to stow the ammo?

After checking my reference the PAK 38 shells were almost the same size and diameter as those in the stummel which has the 7. Again Aber came to the rescue, in the stummel set you get the choice of two ammo boxes I took the rectangular box and it fitted perfectly under the gun mount so my guesswork paid off.

So an ammobox sounded more logical. I also scratchbuilt a rack on the right side that could hold six ready to use rounds just as in the Stummel using the Aber part as a template. The gun itself was the easiest part of the conversion, it was built as per instructions and detailed up with Aber set The hardest part here was the gunshield which was a bit fiddly to assemble but after some swearing and two pots of coffee they fitted together nicely.

The undercarriage of the gun and the rest of the PE parts were fed to my hungry scrapbox. After three weeks of frantic gluing and soldering the interior was now ready for painting, but more on that later. On front of the vehicle an armoured air intake cover was made, on the pictures of the real vehicle only a rectangular slit is seen but over this the cover was fitted.

Pdf 5 cm

The vehicle was now virtually finished. The last things to be added were the suspension and tracks. These tracks are truly amazing, clean up and assembly took no more than two hours, you just click them together and they stay fully workable!

Cm pdf 5

The outer sprockets are also included with three separate hub covers which gives you the choice between early and late sprockets. Not that difficult to build but very hard to find the correct info. I could have gone a little bit further and added an engine or opened up some side doors, but I was already way over budget on this one. Everything was now glued to Lego blocks and cocktail sticks in preparation to the next step. Painting Before painting started I cleaned off the model with some methanol to get rid of all the dirt and grime that built up during construction, I just use a soft round brush for this dipped in methanol.

Works fine for me. I am experimenting with Vallejo paints now and they look very promising but are a bit hard to find here in Belgium.

A third coat XF 57 buff was used to highlight the panels a bit. Detail painting, washes, filters on the interior were all the same as the exterior. A late war vehicle like this one is just crying out for a hard edge, but how?

A hard edge scheme needs careful preparation - just taping off the vehicle is guaranteed fail as it never comes out the way you want.