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Pokemon ruby walkthrough pdf

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See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Pokemon Ruby. Help for Pokemon , Pokemon Ruby Walkthrough (GBA) by Ultimate Subber. Pokemon: Ruby and Sapphire Guide Version: First Created on: April 27, Last Updated on: March 29, Created By: Jason Howell. Pokemania is back this time on the Game Boy Advance. Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire are the first GBA iterations of the series, and.

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View and download (Brady ) - Pokemon Sapphire & lesforgesdessalles.info on DocDroid. This walkthrough will guide you through Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire - in terms if you wish to use the walkthrough from beginning to end, click 'Next Section'. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Guide - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Guide.

Normal Level 15 Magnemite: Big anniversary update bringing l.. Right Man Items Money Potion Super Potion Hyper Potion Max Potion Revive Repel Super Repel Max Repel Wave Mail 50 Mech Mail 50 Floor three: Well, you're finally here. He wants you to choose a Pokemon to fight the dog Pokmeon.

What's New on SuperCheats? Pokemon Ruby. Need more help? Find a walkthrough Ask a question Start a discussion. Walkthroughs for Pokemon Ruby Add Your: Posts Discussion 1 Special Request: Yakuza Kiwami 2. Whipseey and the Lost Atlas. Weedcraft Inc. Cyberpunk Bart.. More videos. Rare Candies. How to find Latios? Special Request: Buus Fury The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Yu-gi-oh! GX Duel Acadamy. Popular Games Harvest Moon: Supersonic Warriors The Legend of Zelda: Continue on the route until you get to Mauville City.

Head to the gym to find Wally. He says he wants to fight you to see if he's ready for the Gym Tour.

Pdf walkthrough pokemon ruby

Wally Money Won: Psycic Level 16 Info: Wally is a easy fight. Ralts is pretty weak for a level 16 pokemon. If you easily too care of your rival the second time, you should have no trouble with Wally. Electric Level 18 Zigzagoon: Normal Level 19 Magnemite: Electric Level 17 Meditite: Electric Level 17 Voltorb: Surg's gym.

You need to actavate the switches to open and close electric gates. It's pretty easy for the most part, so you realy do not need any help with it. Make sure you bring Ground and Fire pokemon for the leader, Wattson to battle. Wattson Money Won: Electric Level 20 Magneton: Magnemite and Voltorb are pretty much the same as the Trainers pokemon, except at a higher level. Deal with them the same way you have always dealt with them. Magneton is a different story, it uses Shock Wave, a very powerful Electric attack.

To the right of the pokemart is a house that has a man that will give you HM 06 Rock Smash , that you will need in order to leave town and continue. To the left of the pokemart is a house with a woman that will trade you a coin case for Harbor Mail.

To the left of that house is the Game Corner, which has some useful TM's and Decorations that you can win with coins. To the right of the Pokecenter is the Bike Shop, where you can either get a Mach Bike Goes fast, but very hard to control, allows you to go up dirt hills , or the Arco Bike allows you to hop over some things. Now that you have HM 06, teach it to a pokemon and go north to Route None Trainers: Grass Level 18 Magnemite: Water Level 18 Whismur: Normal Level 19 Camper Travis Money Won: If you decide to battle them, you cannot heal between battles, so make sure your pokemon are at full health.

Winstrate Family in order: Water Level 15 Meditite: Grass Level 15 Numel: Continue up the route until you see a desert.

Although you cannot go into the depths of the desert now, note it for later after you get the 4th badge. Normal Level 18 Tailow: Fighting Level 18 Geodude: The only thing to do in the area is to go through the Fiery Path to the rest of Route None There realy isn't much in the fiery path to do right now. Just keep going to the end of the path to reach the rest of It may be wise to rest up before you go on route There's also a few Berry's here if you are thinking about raising a Beauty Contest quality pokemon.

Continue west to R. Ground Level 18 Koffing: Poison Level 17 Linoone: Normal Level 20 Koffing: Poison Level 17 Koffing: Bug Level 19 Ninjask: Normal Level 20 Whismur: If you do not have a strong water pokemon, or Mudkip, get a sandshrew from this area and raise it so you would have a chance in the next gym. You can also pick up a rare Skarmory here, but there are better steel pokemon, so you may want to just catch it for your collection.

Another attraction on R. Talk to the man inside the house on the route to get a Soot Sack. The soot in the grass is what you need to collect in order to get certain items from the man in the soot shop. The best way to collect soot is to use a Pokemon Level 25 and above and any repel so you won't run into random pokemon all the time. Here is the items you can get from the Glass shop: The Yellow Flute cures Confusion, so it would be best if you got the Yellow flute first.

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Guide

The red flute cures attraction, so you may want to pick it up before the 4th gym. The black and white flutes both attract and repel weak pokemon, so you may want to pick up the black flute as soon as you can when you are not catching pokemon, and the white when you are catching pokemon. Finally, the Pretty Chair and Desk are furniture for your base. You can finally meet the one behind the Storage system, Lanette, at the Pokecenter. Left of the Pokemon Contest center is the move tutor, who will teach a pokemon a forgotten move for the price of one heart scale.

The Super rank pokemon contest building is here For any pokemon that has a ribbon from Verdanturf's Normal Rank Contest. Thats all that's here. Water Level 16 Goldeen: Water Level 16 Barboach: Water Level 19 Sandshrew: Ground Level 19 Lombre: Fire Level 19 Wingull: Fighting Level 19 Geodude: Talk to the boy in the house to get TM 28 Dig. Talk to the guy with the Poochyena west of the house to get TM 05 Roar.

Past the bridge is Lanette's house. Go in and talk to her to get a Seedot Doll in the ruby version and a Lotad doll in the Sapphire version. Head south to find a chain of ladders to the enterance of Meteor Falls. Main Section: None Back of the cave: Fighting Level 40 Altaria: After the cutscene, hop down the path to the south to reach the exit.

Fighting Level 20 Seviper: Go north to reach Rustboro city, then head east to reach the Rusturf Tunnel. Head east of the tunnel, then down to reach Verdanturf Town. The only big thing is the base of the first Pokemon Contest you need to go to to proceed to other pokemon contest in other towns.

Go east to reach Route Normal Level 12 Nincada: Bug Level 15 Aron: Dark Level 12 Beautifly: Fighting Level 12 Zigzagoon: Normal Level 12 Tailow: Water Level 12 Shroomish: Grass Level 12 Roselia: Normal Level 16 Makuhita: Head east to reach Mauville, and head back on R. Poison Level 20 Carvanha: Dark Level 20 Numel: Dark Level 20 Carvanha: Chimney is a very quick battleground that won't take long to beat.

The Grunt and Admin is both a good sorce of EXP, so make sure you use your weaker pokemon to level them up quicker. Talk to the man near the machine to start a boss battle.

Dark Level 24 Golbat: This can be a hard battle if you are not careful. The Mightyena likes to use Sand-Attack to make it hard for you to counter and then uses one of it's Normal attacks.

Golbat is easy, while Camerupt and Sharpedo are usually the one's who finish off your tired pokemon. You can now remove the Meteorite from the machine to stop the mountains eruption, you can now go down the Jagged Pass to the next town, you can now buy cookies from a old lady near the cable car for P. The cookies act like a Full Heal and will heal any negative condition besides attraction, confusion, and fainting.

With Mt. Chimney done, it's time to move on to the 4th bage. Normal Level 21 Baltoy: Grass Level 20 Oddish: If you want to go back to the top, you will need to Acro Bike on those rock path looking things to get back to Mt. Head South to reach Lavaridge Town.

Herbal Shop: The herbal shop is east of the gym, you can get a Wynaut Egg from the old woman near the hot spring, and you will get the Go-Goggles from your rival after you beat the Gym Leader.

Now on to the Gym: Fire Level 22 Kecleon: Grass Level 24 Numel: Fire Level 23 Level 24 Kindler Andy Money Won: Fire Level 23 Numel: Some of the pad's are trainers, but there is no way of telling if it's a trainer or a pad without getting close.

Flannery is on the Middle Square on the right, so naviage in that direction until you get to her. It is best that you bring water, ground, and rock types to make the battle easy.

Fire Level 26 Slugma: Fire Level 26 Torkoal: Fire Level 28 Info: Flannery is somewhat hard if you are not prepared. The two slugma will go down very quick, while the Torkoal is the real battle.

One of the main damageing moves is overheat, which can easly knock out a low level pokemon but drops Special Attack for Torkoal. Swampert has the easiest time of defeating all three, while the rest are ho-hum. Gyrados is also a great pokemon to use. With these, you can now enter the desert Look in the extra area's section to find out more. Your next mission is the 5th gym in none other than Petalburg city, with your father.

Head back to Mr. Briney to go back to the exit of Petalburg city and head to the gym. Normal Level 27 Delcatty: Normal Level 27 Notes: Uses X Speed in Notes: Normal Level 27 Linoone: Uses Super Potions Notes: Uses X Defence in when HP is low.

Knock out the beginning of the Battle. Normal Level 27 Zangoose: Cannot reduce status. Uses X Strength in the beginning of the battle. Tries to use attacks that will knock you out in the beginning. Each room has one pokemon with a certain theme, some you know to be some of the most annoying in Pokemon if you are a vet to the series.

No matter if you take either side, it will eventually lead to Norman, your father and the Gym leader. Make sure you bring fighting and ghost to the battle. Norman Money Won: Normal Level 28 Vigoroth: Normal Level 30 Slaking: Normal Level 31 Info: Norman may be your hardest Gym leader. All 3 of his pokemon have one of the highest strength in the game, but there is a advantage for you, he can only attack every other turn.

A fighting pokemon, like Combusken or Blaziken have a great advantage against all 3, and Ghost types are immune to most of there attacks just make sure they know non-ghost attacks when attacking. Like I said earlier, the two Slakings can only attack every other turn, but Vigoroth can attack every turn.

As long as you can knock out the first slaking and vigoroth and have your HP up, you can definatly win the battle. You must now swim to Mauville to continue on your quest. The quickest way is by going east and swimming to Mauville.

However, you can take a long route by going to Mr. Briney's house and swimming to Dewford, then swimming east. On the way, you can stop at the Abandoned Ship. If you took the shortcut from Peltaburg, then skip the following section.

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Guide

Once you are at Mauville, you should fine Wattson the gym leader standing outside. Talk to him to ge the key to New Mauville. Now head south, back to Route , and surf south on the water, then east to find a small cave entrance. This is New Mauville. Head north into the ship at the start. You can go exploring in some of the cabins, but when you have the items there, go down the stairs in the northeast corner.

Explore the rooms here note that there's one room with some water that you can't go any further in; we'll return to that later. Once you've explored the rooms, head up the second set of stairs.

Head south and fight the trainer, then go outside the ship. Head up the stairs and into the room, then collect the Poke Ball with the Storage Key. Head back outside, go through the previous door, head north, and go down the stairs.

Pdf walkthrough pokemon ruby

Head to the east door and use the Storage Key to enter. You're done here for now, so you can exit back and continue to Mauville. Remember, in Mauville head east and surf to get to Route There are a lot of Voltorb and Magnemite in this area, so use Repel if you wish. Step on the switch in this first room, then head west and step on the switch there. Now follow the path, and DON'T step on the next switch you see. Head east, and go all the way east. Grab the Ultra Ball and turn back west, then head north to the area with the Poke Ball on the switch.

Grab the Poke Ball and step on the switch, then go through the door you just opened. Head north, to the room with two Poke Balls. Grab the left one, but ignore the right one since it's a Voltorb. Head north DON'T step on the switch and then east and south. Don't grab the left Poke Ball, since it's a Voltorb. The right Poke Ball has a Full Heal, and is also covering the switch you need to step on.

Appendix:Ruby and Sapphire walkthrough

So step on the switch, then head north and east to find the generator. Okay, we're done with sidequests for now. Head east in Mauville and surf across the sea to Route Grass Level 16 Carvanha: Normal Level 15 Magnemite: Before you can even reach your rival, you must do the Weather institute mission, so let's tackle that first.

First, all the tough grass prevents you from riding your bike so you'll have to walk. Trainers like to hide in this grass. Head north, out of the grass, and keep going north and you'll come to a rocky area. Cross the bridge west here and go north, through the grass. Follow the path, heading through all the tall grass and trainers.

Enter this building to begin a new mission. You can rest in this bed to heal yourself, and withdraw Pokemon from the PC. When you've defeated both, go up the stairs and fight all the trainers in the room there.

You should find a girl blocking the door. You'll receive the Pokemon Castform, who changes type depending on the weather. Now exit the building and you'll find that the bridge is now available for crossing.

Water Level 29 Shroomish: Grass Level 29 Blaziken: Grass Level 29 Numel: Water Level 29 Numel: If are using Marshtop assuming he's your starter , you have an actual advantage, because the rainy weather will really help you.

If you chose Torchic and are using Blaziken, I really hope you have some powerful fighting moves, since fire moves are really useless here, even against Shroomish. I suggest bringing out an electric type with the Thunderbolt you go from Watson to use against Wailmer. You should deal with Shroomish with a powerfuly fighting move, or if your fire moves are powerful enough to take Shroomish out in a single hit, use that too remember it's raining!

You should also use a water move to take out Numel, since it's of the water type Pokemon. Climb the ladder and enter the treehouses to find shops selling furniture for your secret bases. In the northern bath of treehouses, enter the center house. If you go into the house left of that one, you can trade a Pikachu for a Skitty. Here's the prices for the shops Poke Mart Secret Base Shop: At the start, defeat the trainer and you should notice some bushes above you.

Cut them all and you'll end up at a seemingly dead end. But wait, if you use the Itemfinder, it tells you a hidden item is nearby. Assuming you're at the dead end, go one step back and turn around so you're facing the dead end. Press A to get a Rare Candy. Now go south, through the tall grass. Cross the bridge to find Steven.

Talk to him and he'll ask if you're Pokemon are ready for battle. Say "yes" if they are, otherwise say "no", prepare them for battle, and then talk to Steven again. Say "yes" and a Kecleon will attack. Defeat it or capture it I suggest you capture, since it's a pretty good Pokemon and then Steven will give you the Devon Scope. Head back near the first trainer and go into the tall grass. Try to climb down the steps to reach the Poke Ball and you'll find that you can't, since something is blocking your way.

Use the Devon Scope and another Kecleon will attack you. If you didn't capture the last one, capture this one. It IS a good Pokemon to have with you at all times.

Head to the gym and use the Devon Scope on the invisible Pokemon. Once it flees, enter Fortree City Gym. At the start, head right and go through the door. Continue east, defeat the trainer, and go through the next door. Defeat the trainer then head north and west, then push the door south so you can continue. Push the long door north, then head to the top of the door on your right and push it south. Get out of this little area by pushing the long door south again, then head to the other door and push through it to be able to get through.

Defeat the trainer here and continue. For this next puzzle, push the only door you can push east. Now push the next door east and defeat the trainer. Now push the door you just went through south again. Now head west and push the L door south. Go around and push through all the doors here to reveal the path to the gym leader. Flying Level 31 Skarmony: Electric Reward s: TM 40 Aerial Ace Feather Badge You can now use Fly outside of battle All Pokemon up to level 70 will obey you Winona uses only bird Pokemon, bug electric Pokemon have a huge advantage over them, so if you have high level eletric Pokemon, you can easily win.

The first Pokemon, Swellow, can be taken out in one hit if you have a move like Thunderbolt. Remember, you got Thunderbolt after you completed the New Mauville mission, so if you taught it to one of your electric Pokemon it should be out first. If you don't have an eletric Pokemon, make sure you just don't bring out a type like grass, where flying moves a super effective. Skarmony is also a steel type, so using a fire-type Pokemon against it works well.

Just remember that flying moves are super effective against fighting, so try to take out Skarmony in a single hit. Finally, Altaria is also a dragon, so electric moves will not be super effective against them. Beware of Dragon Dance, where Altaria's speed and attack will rise. Try to stick with normal type moves for Altaira, since they cause some good damage. If you have a Blaziken, it should know Slash, which is a great move to use. It'll start raining again.

That means every battle you have will have Rain Dance. Defeat the trainer you first spot here when you cross the bridge.

Head south and east, fighting all the trainers along the way. When you get to all the grass, head through it if you wish or make your way around it using the areas cut down for you. When you get out of the grass, drop down the hedges and cross the bridge. It'll stop raining. Continue down the path, fighting trainers and collecting items.

Head south and east to Route Ignore them and cut the tree, then enter the building to be in the Safari Zone. I'm not going to cover that now, since it's not part of the main quest, so go in if you want and catch some rare Pokemon. Now head south and fight the duel trainers. Continue south and right, and make your way through the gates, fighting trainers if you wish. Keep going east until you exit the gate area. You'll then enter Lilycove City. At the starts, head east and heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center.

Continue east and you should find the Pokemon Trainer Fan Club. Talk to the people in there if you wish, and then go south. Now exit and head west to find the Pokemon Contest Master Rank center.

Going west even more will show you a small house. You can get info on Poke Blocks there, but if you don't want to, head south. The Shipyard is here, and later in the game the S. Tidal will become available for use.

Now head back near the Contest Center and go south, then east for a long time. You should find a Max Repel. Now head all the way north and climb up the stairs.

My rival never touched my Pokemon seriously and they all took one-hit KOs. Your lead Pokemon should be at least level 45 while your others should all be high levels.

Mainly stick with a good grass Pokemon with some powerful normal types and then some fighting moves and the battle should be over in no time. Yeah, that was easy, wasn't it? Anyway, your rival will fly away and let you enter the Pokemon Department Store.

There are a lot of different items for sale here, so I'll list 'em all. Floor two: Left Man Items Money Poke Ball Great Ball Ultra Ball Escape Rope Full Heal Antidote Parlyz Heal Burn Heal Ice Heal Awakening Fluffy Tail Floor two: Right Man Items Money Potion Super Potion Hyper Potion Max Potion Revive Repel Super Repel Max Repel Wave Mail 50 Mech Mail 50 Floor three: Left Woman Items Money Protien Calcium Iron Zinc Carbos HP Up Floor three: Right Woman Items Money X Speed X Special X Attack X Defend Dire Hit Guard Spec.

Talk to her, and she'll will leave. It turns out that Prof. Birch is her dad. You must go through this process, or else a little kid standing near the path won't let you through. Get out of the house, and go up the path. A Poochyena is chasing Professor Birch in circles. He wants you to choose a Pokemon to fight the dog Pokmeon. Go up to his bag, and you'll be able to choose a Pokemon. Though not as cute as the other two, Treecko is just as good.

A grass type lizard can be strong Choosing this one can burn a hole in your hands, but it can be a great ally. Its evolved forms look quite muscular and strong, so I would suggest you choose this one. After choosing the Pokemon, the Poochyena will battle you. It's a lv. If you loose this one, well, then you're pretty weak. Anyway, beat Poochyena and the Professor will take you to his lab just below your house.