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I am trying to read a PDF file through a browser (IE and Firefox) using PHP. The files are kept on the server but not in the web area for added security. I use the. I found a simple solution for that: instead of read file I just made a link php script to download the file is a good option. Barbara. header("Content-type: application/pdf"); readfile("");?> The content- type reference in the PHP is important — it's the MIME type of the.

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i fixed the issue editing the code like this: header("Content-Length: ". filesize ($ path)); header("Content-type: application/octet-stream");. readfile() will not present any memory issues, even when sending large files, on for those who face problems on names containing spaces (e.g. "test"). So to restrict the access to PDF file I've created a page callback, where I've written small piece of code to show the PDF output directly in page.

Experts Exchange. The SitePoint Forums have moved. Open the downloaded from login. Hello guys i have a problem streaming PDF files with php, i'm using this code: Just turn off output buffering immediately before the call to Readfile. But there are some headers, which PHP itself outputs automatically, disturbing this.

The most likely problem is that the files are unreadable by the web server user.

Readfile pdf php

Add this little bit to find out: The problem is here: Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. That was it. Thanks for catching that.


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PHP From novice to tech pro — start learning today. Cloud Computing. Ken Mayer. Members can enroll in this course at no extra cost. Johnny Justice. This opens up a major security hole if you are passing the actual filename using GET or POST form data or anything else that the user can spoof.

A curious user could easily gain access to sensitive database connection information or other system data by entering something like?

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You should always use some kind of identifier to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Surprisingly, all of the force-download scripts I researched online failed to work properly in Safari.

PHP stream PDF with fread and readfile produce a damaged pdf - Stack Overflow

The download occurred, but the resulting file was named after the script i. If I renamed the downloaded file to its correct name, it would open just fine. This, however, was a terrible inconvenience. A bit of testing revealed the culprit.

Forcing File Downloads in PHP

Most of the scripts had a line similar to this:. But the correct way to specify the filename requires that you put double quotes around the filename attribute:.

Pdf php readfile

Many of the scripts I found included header calls to tell the browser not to use a cached version of the file. Caching wasn't an issue with any of the browsers I tested, but if it becomes problematic, add the following lines to the script above the call to readfile.

The above lines are from the PHP Manual and are expected to work in most browsers. To anyone that's had problems with Readfile reading large files into memory the problem is not Readfile itself, it's because you have output buffering on. Just turn off output buffering immediately before the call to Readfile.

How to Use PHP to Force a File Download

You can modify this and add fpassthru instead of fread and while, but it sends all data from begin it would be not fruitful if request is bytes from to from mb file. A note on the smartReadFile function from gaosipov: Most if not all browsers will simply download files with that type. If you use proper MIME types and inline Content-Disposition , browsers will have better default actions for some of them.

To deliver the file with the proper MIME type, the easiest way is to use: In response to flowbee gmail.

It's because the writers have left out the all important flush after each read. So this is the proper chunked readfile which isn't really readfile at all, and should probably be crossposted to passthru , fopen , and popen just so browsers can find this information: Be sure to include this! This was the only way I found to both protect and transfer very large files with PHP gigabytes.

It's also proved to be much faster for basically any file. Available directives have changed since the other note on this and XSendFileAllowAbove was replaced with XSendFilePath to allow more control over access to files outside of webroot.

Readfile pdf php

Download the source. Install with: Turn it on XSendFile on Whitelist a target directory. Just a note: A mime-type-independent forced download can also be conducted by using: Mon, 26 Jul If you are looking for an algorithm that will allow you to download force download a big file, may this one will help you. File Transfer' ; header 'Content-Type: Using pieces of the forced download script, adding in MySQL database functions, and hiding the file location for security was what we needed for downloading wmv files from our members creations without prompting Media player as well as secure the file itself and use only database queries.

Something to the effect below, very customizable for private access, remote files, and keeping order of your online media.

PHP readfile for PDF Failing

Of course you need to setup the DB, table, and columns. I have a link on my site to a script that outputs an XML file to the browser with the below code: However, if this setting is checked, and browser windows are being re-used, then it will open up on top of the page where the link was clicked to access the script.

But, if the setting is unchecked, the output XML file will open up in a new window and there will be another blank window also open that has the address of the script, in addition to our original window.