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In the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign, Undermountain stretches throughout the Halaster's Halls to let them continue pursuing their interests. The two. Download [D&D ] Halls of lesforgesdessalles.info Recommended. The Halls of Intercollegiate Halls of Residence Regulations · Sports History and. Halls of Undermountain is a page hardcover book that presents a ready-to use dungeon detailing over eighty Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.).

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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, Wizards of the Coast, FoRGOTTEN REALMS, Halls of Undermountain, Playe r's Handbook, Du ngeon M aster's Guide, Monster Man ual, all other. 74 MONSTERS OF UNDERMOUNTAIN 4 ADVENTURES IN UNDERMOUNTAIN. dark, waiting halls of Undermountain. It is a dungeon complex of nine known levels and over fourteen sub-levels of dungeons, an entire realm beneath. Halls of Undermountain (4e) - Beneath the streets of Waterdeep, a sinister dungeon awaits adventurers brave enough to Watermarked PDF.

BATRsr large p9olsbrim'wiiJi warm.. No one knows what lurks in the dept. Assuming the heroes do not slaughter them despite their noncombatant natures. The Ruins of Undermountain. Most newer books are in the original electronic format. Built on the site ofHalaster's ruined tower and founded with loot claimed from Undermountain.

People approached her to make sure she was not in distress. Aside from the signs of a scuffle. The next afternoon. He drinks little alcohol and eats sparingly. The eye cannot see. Corporal Knag's zeal for uncovering the truth when presented with crimes or puzzles has earned him both promotions and demotions throughout his long career.

Some follow the eye's glance. While he does this. She placed a few silver coins on the bar. But now she doesn't consider her actions. To get a better idea of divers' abilities. These days. Angus and Umpold always came into the Yawning Portal together to while away the hours with meals and games in their favorite booth. He's in mourning. The two brothers used the booth as a second living room. If other patrons are in his booth when he arrives.

Stannoc is a relatively good judge of a person's character and mettle. Brother Sepulcher is not terribly concerned.

Umpold believes that if he can recreate his state of mind that night. Chloe has taken to diving into the well as parties begin their descent into Undermountain. While this behavior worried Chloe's admirers at first.

Even though Umpold was deep in his cups. Umpold then proceeds to drink himself into a stupor. Sanfin speaks softly to her as if she can understand him. Although the young man claims supplying stories to the city's various broadsheets is how he makes his money. The priest's habit of removing a skull from his robes and staring at it unblinkingly for long moments has a fair amount to do with their reaction. Some folk claim that only the Yawning Portal's walls have seen more of its history than Old Stannoc.

Very few Waterdhavians know Sanfin does much more with the information he gathers than write gossipy stories.

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If asked about his sources. The broadsheet stories he sells are infamous for exposing scandal and spreading rumor. Umpold is a longtime tavern regular. Perpetually dressed in gray robes and long white gloves. Sanfin engages in a bit ofblackmail.

Given Undermountain's vastness. Despite appearances. Angus Steinrut. Umpold weaves unsteadily into the inn after his shift at the tannery. Brother Sepulcher's order wants to inspect certain tombs in Undermountain and catalog the corpses interred within them. The last surface-spoken words many a doomed adventurer has heard were Old Stannoc's as he shouted out the long odds he was giving on the dungeon diver's survival.

Then the bird often flits to a server's shoulder or pecks at crumbs on a patron's table. When Chloe perches on his shoulder. Brother Sepulcher arrived here with Sister Palonya.

At the center of that flurry is Stannoc. Brother Sepulcher gives many tavern regulars the creeps. Brother Sepulcher has neither seen nor heard from Palonya since her descent. As would befit a person of his occupation. The halfling has made his living as a gambler and odds maker. That protective attitude. Umpold refuses to believe Angus is dead despite the City Watch's declaration.

To pass the time. His brother. Agada runs a successful trade in metalwork for the home and dry goods. Agada's gatherings attract dozens who settle in to trade homemade treats.

YetAgada Vane has even more layers. The crafty spy sends her updates to Neverember in the shop's weekly shipment of goods to Castle Waterdeep.. She can usually be found at a corner table pawing through the countless sheafs of parchment and scroll tubes laid out before her. No one has ever complained about Maklin's goods or his slightly high prices until recently.

When she is not poring over tomes and scrolls. The dwarf also purchases for generous amounts maps delvers create. Agada intends to covertly nab the bird as soon as some large distraction draws everyone's attention. Maklin is a distant and aloof gnome ofindeterminate age. Held weekly in the back of her shop. Ruudi sells her maps ofUndermountain for steep prices. Days ago. Even those of generous nature say the little fellow is quite odd.

The open lord employs Sanfin. Ruudi offers a friendly. From any one ofits polished. Her work has become even more valuable to the open lord now that he is so often guiding affairs in the city of Neverwinter to the south. She claims to be distant kin to the Melairkyn dwarves.

She also works as a personal spy in this sector for Lord Neverember. Agada has no proof Sanfin is working at cross purposes with the open lord. The Yawning Portal serves Agada well in her task.


She has a softer side. Agada Vane frequents the Yawning Portal's taproom on a regular basis. Ruudi jumps atop a chair or table and cranes her neck to see over the usual crowd of congratulators. Known as a fierce competitor and fair employer. Waterdeep's streets. Tavern regulars even joke that Ruudi consults a map before heading to the privies. The shouter. Stannoc attempts to converse with adventurers before they descend.

Some assume the incident was a misunderstanding. He was escorted out of the tavern. Duman believes the gnome is eccentric but honest.

Ruudi's map mania isn't limited to Undermountain's bowels. When anyone is drawn up from the well's bottom. The open lord pays Agada well to note others' activities. She also has maps of the Yawning Portal. So at some point. Fortitude Undermountain is a quixotic. Other adventurers or nonhostile monsters might encounter your players' characters while they rest.

When encounters happen in those areas. If you have characters of higher level. What this means for your group depends on how you like to play. Room Details Unless otherwise stated. Dungeon Tiles are a great resource for building encounter areas.

A hero on watch duty might spot a scary monster ambling through the halls and remain hidden in anxious silence until it passes. To vary players' experiences. If you play the adventures as they are written.

Feel free to modify these elements as you see fit. If your players are up to the challenge of playing 1st-level heroes in Undermountain. So make sure you're not too brutal. Change area or adventure details this book describes. If characters take appropriate steps to avoid dungeon inhabitants. They might bar the doors to a room they've already cleared or rest in a hidden chamber behind a secret door. I adventurers act carelessly. Modify monsters and location descriptions as you see fit.

Interruptions could also take the form of experiences that put characters on edge but don't necessarily rob them of their rest. Monster Statistics Monsters' statistics do not. The DM needs to strike the right balance.

Add features you don't see on the map. Most of the rooms the adventures describe do not have detailed maps. Undermountain is your players' playground: Undermountain should be both dangerous to the characters and delightful to their players. Adventures in Underinountain Whether crafting whole adventures in Undermountain or an unexpected pit stop when players run into some room not detailed herein.

Undermountain is your playground: Feel free to devise whatever you want and do whatever will make your game the most fun. They might even flee back to the Yawning Portal to recuperate in the comfort ofDurnan's hospitality. They can do this in any number of ways. The adventures can be played in any order. Don't worry too much if the encounter map you make doesn't exactly match what you see on the Levell poster map.

If characters are allowed to safely rest at will in Undermountain. To make the adventures more difficult. Their Undermountain adventures begin with a battle against Elder Elemental Eye cultists. Teleport Malfunction: In ages past. Ifletting them wander about isn't your style. Once those foes are defeated.

If you're facing a party wipeout. If you're unfamiliar with this style of play. A scrap of parchment the adventurers find could bear a map leading to fabulous wealth some criminal the heroes captured hid in Undermountain. Or an enemy they track might deliberately lead the characters into a dangerous area of your design. Perhaps an evil cult from the surface has set up a temple in the dungeon.

Virtually any dungeon scenario you can imagine could be set within its first level. Drow could be using a portion ofUndermountain's first level as a base of operation for raids into Waterdeep.

A noble family's crypts might be housed in chambers they reach through a magic gate. A gate or portal could also be unstable. The possibilities are endless. Assuming the villains take away the heroes' magic items.

Players won't necessarily have an encounter in each hour of play. This magic has since faded. If you want to continue the plot beyond Area Your planned adventure could be at the end of that map or something that happens to the adventurers along the way.

Of pdf halls undermountain

Bad Directions: The heroes could be told something they seek is hidden in Undermountain but discover your adventure instead. In this case. Of the "Rutherford's Fate" page 73 options. It might seem the characters' struggles against the Abyssal plague and Elder Elemental Eye are over once they've vanquished the cultists.

Mapped Route: The characters could gain access to a map that leads to an amazing treasure or some other goal. It deposits them in Area 77C page Only possession of a horned ring page 45 allowed unfettered use of teleportation powers. Getting There No matter what your adventure idea is.

Magic Gate: Magic gateways. Characters using a teleportation circle or some other mystical means of moving about the dungeon might be rerouted to a new destination. Exactly how these elements connect and what threats they pose to Undermountain. BATRsr large p9olsbrim'wiiJi warm.. EilLTFourseb offron shatk'les. Torture and incarceration devices are caked in old blood and bits of flesh. PrafficeCJummieTimd trainlngl! Comfortable wooden furniture houses an assortment of books.

An mosaic of tiny tiles decorates the floor. Arrow silts are-serintothe walls: E ROOM: A throne sits atop a raised dais. A mass of webs nearly fills this. Hunks of meat hang from hooks. Pottery and relics sport descriptive plaques written in Common..! Wooden bookshelves line the walls.. J Game Room: Tables with dice.. Stocked wooden wine racks and stacked racks of wooden barrels look aged.. Odd smells and scorched walls testify to arcane experiments. IC -': Wooden scroll racks have been clumsily nailed into the walls..

J ' Religious motifs honor a good god. Bedrolls and a cooling campfire have been hastily abandoned. QYgh thern.. Three small bathing pools sit empty. I Creatin8 Your Own Adventures Red stone carvings honor fire and c. Atiied summ moniinn. The ceiling is covered with drawings of constellations.

Of pdf halls undermountain

N religious icons can b The walls UI a Undecipherable chalk runes cover every surface. A forge. Thin walls open into a maze of narrow: J Warm. Rutherford put together an expedition of his own.

Ever the good son. But be wary of overusing it. Awesome adventures are 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent improvisation. Sounding exactly like his father's. All it might take is the sight of a beholder or dragon crossing the hallway ahead without seeming to notice them. If you want to include monsters and would like an idea to inspire you.

Each contains its own reasons for the characters to head into Undermountain. If the results don't make sense. Perhaps that beholder the 3rd-level adventurers just saw is a clever illusion. The house is most famous. The best blocks feel as though they belong to the adventure or hint at adventures to come. No matter what scare tactic you use. Lady Lestra took the house's reins with carefully cloaked glee.

With Rutherford. Blocking the characters' progress into other dungeon areas is a simple and direct tactic. Three years ago. Four weeks have now passed since her nephew entered the dungeon.

The following information details that larger plot. He set his affairs in order and left his younger sister. She bribed the members of Quarren's adventuring party. Roll once on the Room Purpose table to learn a room's appearance and then as many times as you like on the Natural Room Features and Magical Room Features tables page When the adventurers go astray of their goals or wander into an area you have not prepared for them.

In doing so. Lord Quarren Urmbrusk. Lord Quarren. Lady Lestra Urmbrusk. Her brother might still be alive and. You might take inspiration from your adventure's details to generate new rooms associated with it.

When Quarren didn't return from his adventure and no news of his whereabouts-or death-came back to Lestra. Lady Lestra. Having a hall ceiling suddenly collapse seems odd if the heroes haven't been experiencing tremors for some time. In contrast. Instead of a wrong turn taking the heroes out of your adventure.

Any suitably terrifying monster or heinous trap might do. When this happens. The adventures can also be melded together into a single campaign. A chamber on the periphery might contain a patrol group coming back to report or deserters ready to attack anyone who comes from the heroes' direction. Righting a Wrong Turn In an adventure location as sprawling as Undermountain. The suite'sfurnishinEJS are simple. I offer a reward many times this small sum. In truth.

She might provide them with a comfortable place to stay on their return trips from the dungeon. Lady Lestra wants nothing else to do with them unless they find her nephew or his remains. He has pale skin. Determined to find out what happened to both Quarren and Rutherford. For more information about and options for bringing the plots together. The shield he carries bears the family crest. By putting together the clues. Rutherford's demise. DMs can make this reward whatever they wish.

If the characters agree. I told my nephew it was folly. She might refuse to see them or acknowledge their existence. Moments later. I offer you 20 pieces ofEJOld each to look for Rutherford as you travel and to keep this iriformation to yourselves.

Lady Lestra orders a beloved servant to sniff out some trustworthy adventurers who plan to enter the dungeon. If severely pressed. If the heroes seek further contact with her.

If the characters learn any information about her nephew. Further Dealings with Lady Lestra After her first meeting with the characters. Each is also seeded with clues about this overarching plot. The tavern owner will send a messenger to Lady Lestra. That said. Wearing a hooded cloak and unmarked plainclothes. He leaves throuEJh a closed door across the room.

This route makes any later treachery on Lestra's part more dramatic and impactful. NauEJht has been heard from him or his five companions since. Here are some responses Lady Lestra could give. Rutherford swore his father's whispered voice spoke to him. Lady Lestra does not reveal why it might be difficult or embarrassing to her family that Rutherford is missing. A DC 12 History or Streetwise check reveals the details of the noble house at your discretion as they have been described in this section.

The hooded fiEJure asks you sit while he fetches his employer. I am Lady Lestra of House Urmbrusk. Squam and Rotwile. J rzI. His father. Or she might hire mercenaries to do away with adventurers who are insistent. Lady Lestra promises gp per character.

Before he left. Rutherford disappeared. Zarr's Invincible Ary This adventure pits the characters against a halfelf mercenary who has taken control of two small tribes. Because countless powerful adventurers could stream down the Yawning Portal's well. When such. Not all the army's conscripts are happy with their new lot. He soon encountered a tribe ofkobolds lairing in the northeast section ofUndermountain's first level.

Among his companions was Zarr. He quickly dispatched the kobolds' tribal chief and convinced the others to follow him. Through luck and superior leadership. After sauntering away from his companion's corpse. Under Zarr's leadership. In the two weeks since Rutherford's party fell apart.

Zarr turned his blade on a companion. The self-described military genius trains his new troops in the arts of warfare. Zarr was stricken with a form of megalomania. Zarr has taken an aggressive. Zarr went in search of an army.

[D&D 4.0] Halls of Undermountain.pdf

The mercenary's first related action was to bribe Sanfin Lotte page 12 to send warning whenever dungeon delvers are being lowered into the well. Even though the characters might try to fight their way through the half-elf's turf. Obsessed from a young age with military leaders and battles. Zarr has acquired a fighting force and secured a small section ofUndermountain as his military compound.

After encountering a magic symbol in the dungeons. From the well's entrance.

Continue the adventure in Area 1 on page I'll waive your fees for this trip. Do you seek entrance into Undermountain? Duman fears this turn of events could make him a pauper. Give the heroes time to take in a bit of the atmosphere as another party of thrill-seekers and sellswords is lowered slowly down the entry well. If a character can reach the well's bottom in one round.

Even though Zarr has swiftly and capably gained control ofhis new fighting force and secured a base for it. Safely lowering creatures feet to the Entry W ell room's floor takes 10 rounds. The room below is wider than the well. Some h ave been killed even before they've released the rope. After a few heartbeats. The action begins with the characters in the Yawning Portal's taproom see the enclosed poster map. The only scenario that terrifies him more is having a large and organized monster squad climb out of the well to threaten both the Yawning Portal and Waterdeep.

He briefly remains conscious. To speed up their descent. But ifyou can tell me what's happened down there. The other party is being attacked! Read the following text: You stand in the Yawnina Portal.

A barely audible voice echoes up. Zarr sends a strong ambush force to rout the adventurers before they can establish a foothold in the dungeon. Next to it. It's unlikely they can help the party below.

But a dozen or so have treason on their minds. At least a dozen people peer into a massive well-like structure in the center of the taproom's floor. So far.. The human begins to frantically wind the winch. Not only have the attacks b een immediate and terribly ferocious.

This h a rd-hearted position is a hazard ofhis businessesp ecially oflate. Most ofZarr's troops are loyal to him. The heroes might be more concerned with helping those now embroiled in a battle. A moment later. With his family's fortunes tied to the large hole that runs from his tavern's common room directly into Undermountain. It is not uncommon for a group of adventurers to be attacked the moment its members jump from the rope.

Duman is offering the heroes free passage into and out ofUndermountain saving each of them 20 gp if they promise to return with news of what attacked the adventurers he just lowered into the dungeon.

As the adventurers familiarize themselves with the Yawning Portal and its patrons. A bald. The read-aloud text assumes the characters respond immediately to Durnan's call for assistance. While Duman quickly brings the rope back up for the characters to use. The characters have a couple moments to put down bets if they wish.

Brother Sepulcher page Each grid square on the map represents 10 feet. Care to lay down some coin? Entry Well Exploration Encounter Adjust the description below based on how quickly the characters get down the well.

Download [D&D 4.0] Halls of Undermountain.pdf

Then the rope is ready. More coins chan9e hands. Not a aood time! What are your names? I must know your names. As the characters move about the dungeon. Entry Well "I am puttin9 5-to-1 odds on at least one ofyou not returnin9. He can tell the heroes that kobolds and goblins streamed through the secret door moments after the party arrived in Undermountain. Disabled crossbows can be removed from the statues but lose their magical power.

No sounds can be heard coming from anywhere else. J If the adventurers follow the blood trails through sev. The door to Area 3 is not locked. Morphey and his companions were completely overwhelmed. Gravely wounded. Morphey is unconscious.

Undermountain halls pdf of

If the characters try to communicate with the surviving adventurer during their descent. The statues' nameplates have Vl been severely chipped or defaced. When one or more creatures enter the hall. With a D C 14 Thievery check. Of the six adventurers who preceded you into the well.

A human. Dented and rusty shields decorate the larae room's walls.. With a DC 10 Heal check. Because he blocked the secret door from closing. The traps continue to fire until they are all disabled or all creatures have left the hall.

Brother Sepulcher is compulsive about recording the names of those who descend into Undermountain and is put out if the adventurers ignore him.. Two trails of blood lead up to the secret door and continue through the hallway behind it. Morphey was left for dead. Zarr's lieutenant. The briahtness from the tavern above is just a distant alow when your feet reach a sandy floor.

When the characters are ready. Two ofhis adventuring party were killed immediately. When a creature enters a square adjacent to a crossbowtrapped statue. For example. J co eral corridors. Trapped Statues Five of the statues grasp magic-enhanced crossbows. But he managed to wedge his sword between the secret door and its jamb before it closed. The five crossbows fire energy bolts at creatures in the hall. Prayers for mercy. Each bolt targets an individual creature.

Hall of Heroes. The pedestals of the five crossbow-trapped statues are each five-foot square and also trapped. Their numbers stretch the lenath of this long hall.

With a successful DC 13 Perception check. If the door were closed.. Durnan returns to the winch and begins to lower them.. Two appear to be dead. Reflex Hit: If the characters search the throne thoroughly. The character must be adJacent to the statue. The half-ore will die in 4 rounds unless the characters can stop the poison with a DC 15 Heal check a standard action.

Half damage. The arms of the throne have already attacked Yoradar. The snakes then curl around the throne's arms and turn to marble.

Reflex 5. A female half-ore sits in the throne. If the heroes search the goblin hex hurler. This large chamber's walls and floors are lined with gold- colored tiles. The alowina globe is also a treasure. IRWkt A! A character holding the rod can make an Arcana check as a standard action against another creature's Will. The venomous creatures suddenly sink alisteninafanas into her. AC Hit: Three aoblins and a kobold stand in rapt attention in front of their victim. The statue's blade trap is disabled and ceases to function.

Glowing Globes: These spheres are 6 inches and 12 inches in diameter. The character must be adjacent to the statue. The snakes must remain connected to the throne and therefore cannot move away from it or be moved in anyway.

With a DC 21 Perception check. Bone Throne Creatures: Two goblin cutthroats Monster Vault. Also called drift lights. The half-ore's facial expression screams aaony as her body stiffens and becomes motionless.

When the adventurers enter the area. The character must be within 2 squares of the statue. Thievery DC 13 standard action. If the rod is destroyed defenses 5. The snake arms. Thievery DC 21 standard action. The character sees that statue's crossbow trap. Attack Immediate Reaction: Close burst 1 creatures in the burst. The statue's crossbow is disabled and ceases to function.

Perception DC 21 free action. Glowing Globe These seemingly whimsical magical creations light many chambers and halls throughout Undermountain's levels. Perception DC 13 free action. The character must be within 20 squares of the statue. A handful ofZarr's creatures are using a recently captured adventurer. I Triaaer: A creature enters a square adjacent to the statue. They are the room's only liaht source. The larger globe is an immobile and indestructible magical prison containing a young green dragon Monster Vault.

The character sees that statue's blade trap but is not aware of its trigger. Ranged 30 one creature. Only one creature can be trapped in the globe at a time. Each crossbow has AC A creature can make a DC 21 Arcana to discern its powers see below.

In the chamber's southern end. The rod's magic functions only in this chamber. The smaller one is a alowinB alobe see below and can be seized. Two glowing globes. If the arms are "killed. The curtains block line of sight. This encounter provides the best opportunity to relay.

Some names are crossed out presumed dead or circled currently on patrol. As long as the characters did not smash in the door. Zarr's forces took their prisoners to Area 6 and Area The globe sheds dim light in a 2-square radius. Now your turn. The southeastern section of the room is shrouded from your view. Behind the curtains to the northeast.

In response. Two hobgoblin battle guards Monster Vault.

Adventure - Expedition to Undermountain.pdf - Lski.org

I remember. When the heroes enter. Creatures can move between curtain panels as part of a move action. BivinB that creature access to its powers. Close burst 3 enemies in the burst. Ba1ook and me auarded that passage last time. Now they all have plenty of food and respect. Well-used and broken weapons. If the heroes decide to eavesdrop. A voice squeaks. The blood trails end in this area. Neither pair wants that duty. The middle section is open to you. Each panel is 20 feet wide and can be pulled down as a minor action.

The lock can be picked with a DC 14 Thievery check. Me and Niim auard that passaae last time.

The target is blinded until the start of its next turn. If the adventurers enter the area without alarming its occupants. Groups of names are written on the walls in chalk. Roleplay The creatures' bickering and the room's features should alert the characters that the ambushing creatures are part of a large organized force.

Like a bia. Such an exchange would provide solid background information and leave the characters understanding that while diplomacy did not work in this case. Remember tha. We watched the last patrol go there. He was taken during the ambush the characters heard from the Yawning Portal and is eager to head back to the surface. This inclusion of Gond among the dead gods might seem to be an omen.

Six enormous sculptures. Any adventurer who eats some of these fish during an extended rest in this room regains an additional 5 hit points the first time he or she uses a healing surge after that rest and can make a saving throw against a condition a save can end.

Pdf halls of undermountain

As long as the target is cursed. Anyone trying to open the chest or pick the lock while the trap is armed is cursed. The other statues in the room are made ofless valuable stone. Beyond the doors is a foot-wide unlit corridor that leads to a room. Most of the lesser stone fisures depict kobo Ids or soblinoids. The plain square room is filled with crudely crafted tables and chairs. Monster Vault. Earthenware plates.

A locked and trapped chest is inside the small room. The curse can be removed only with an appropriate ritual such as Remove Affliction. The basilisk doesn't pursue characters beyond the confines ofits lair. With a DC 15 Nature check.

Countless statues in unusual posesfill the chamber. Manic Stream Creatures: Two hobgoblin spear soldiers Monster Vault. Inside the chest is a glowing globe page Off Limits! Area 6A: Beyond Bightwater. The Worlds of Android.

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