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Iq test questions with answers pdf

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7 Answers, explanations and assessments. 8 Hints. variety of aptitudes. Whilst many IQ tests measure a variety of different types of ability .. are multi-discipline and include a mix of verbal, numerical and diagrammatic questions. Answer: d. The pattern in the question goes like this: the shaded area has the largest number of sides. The first row has two rectangles and a triangle. The questions take the form of a 3x3 matrix from which one tile is missing. For each question their are eight possible answers A-H. You must choose the tile that .

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IQ Test Questions with Answers - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Each test includes answers with detailed explanations and tips to help you hone Our IQ practice tests PDF reviews the most common forms of questions on. of questions you are likely to encounter in actual IQ tests. A time limit of minutes is allowed for each test. Answers and explanations, where necessary, are.

Allan said. Sharpen Your Skills Our IQ practice tests PDF reviews the most common forms of questions on popular IQ tests, and gives you the best strategies for answering them quickly and correctly! So the minimum number of socks required are three. How far is each from starting positions? A fast train leaves London for Brighton and at the same time a slow train leaves Brighton for London.

Who is my successor?

Answers with pdf iq questions test

A fast train leaves London for Brighton and at the same time a slow train leaves Brighton for London. The fast train leaves at 80 mph and the slow train travels at 35 mph. When they meet, which is farther from London? A girl, a boy, and a dog start walking down a road. They start at the same time, from the same point, in the same direction. The dog does not slow down on the turn. How far does the dog travel in 1 hour? In the group two friends forget to bring their purses along with them.

The east tribal people always tell a lie. He asked the tour guide to ask that guy where he lives. After having their dinner the Bill Amount was of Rs James saw a guy passing him. I have a horse. There were 2 tribes living on this island.

Each Cow has 2 eyes and 4 legs and each bird has 2 eyes and 2 legs. Each person said. The brother said: I am younger. Also each bird is n and each cow is m so: Lets call each eye as x and each leg as y. I did not do it. This was a burglary in the Silver City jewelry store last Sunday. The west tribal people always tell the truth. The first tap takes two days to fill the pool. Three suspects: Suppose 8 monkeys take 8 minutes to eat 8 bananas. How long will it take to fill the pool using all 4 taps at once?

The tour guide asked the guy and came back with the answer: So later on it has been decided that Rs has to be paid more by the other friends on calculated amount. We do not know who is older. A lady and a gentleman are sister and brother. Can we add two more 4s to become an eight digit number and still holding the above attributes plus 4 digits exist between two 4s?

Who is older? A group of friends went to a hotel for Dinner. This number has a very interesting attribute: Did the tour guide tell the truth or tell a lie?

IQ Practice Test Questions And Answers

A pool has four taps. Charlie said "I know it is brown".

With iq pdf answers questions test

So total how many friends were there in the Group? A six digit number has two 1's. James visited an island. Brian said. I said. Someone asked them: The sister said: I am older.

100 Question Practice Test PDF

So they decided to distribute it into equal amount for each. Do you know what color it is? Allan said. At least one of them was lying. Who was the thief? If the horse is black. Let the number be x So we know the tour guide was telling the truth.

We need to add all those fractions together: This is not the answer. The first tap takes 48 hours to fill the pool. This is a classic probability puzzle and many puzzles are based on this logic. I am from the west. When they meet they are both at the same distance away from London. To verify the answer. Brian was right. The answer will always be: Daughter 8. So the minimum number of socks required are three.

The total time was one hour and already 50 minutes are over. If he picks up three socks then they are guaranteed red or white. If the horse is brown. Tommy was the thief. This is not the answer either. He stole it. You can assume that when the fly lands on cyclist 1 they are 50 miles apart. If the guy was from the west.

Feedback During the Quiz End of Quiz. Play as Quiz Flashcard. Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. Duplicate Quiz Cancel. A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. Go to My Dashboard. Questions and Answers.

Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. Which number should come next in this series? Which one of the five is least like the other four? How old will Nia be when sheis twice as old as her sister? Which one of the five makes the best comparison? Brother is to sister as niece is to:.

Question Practice Test PDF | Genius Tests

Which one of the five letters is least like the other four? Milk is to glass as letter is to:. Which of the five is least like the other four?

Two people can make 2 bicycles in 2 hours. How many people are needed to make 12 bicycles in 6 hours? A store reduced the price of one of its products by 25 percent. What percentage of the reduced price must it be increased by to put the product back to its original price?

IQ Test Questions with Answers

Jack is taller than Peter, and Bill is shorter than Jack. Which of the following statements would be more accurate? By what percent must the discounted item be increased to again sell the article at the original price?