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Download Dune 2 Manual now from the world's largest gaming download site, lesforgesdessalles.info The classic manual for game Dune 2. Download Dune 2 Manual. The classic manual for game Dune 2. The plugin file "Dune. lesforgesdessalles.info" and the manual will be placed in the chosen directory. Presets, MIDI files and wavetables will be placed in your user documents.

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DUNE is a trademark of Dino De Laurentiis Corporation and licensed by MCA/ U.S. MANUAL DESIGN BY .. effects in Dune II you must have a Sound. Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty is based upon David Lynch's movie Dune, an adaptation of Frank Herbert's science fiction novel of the same name. While not the first real-time strategy (RTS) game, Dune II established a format that would be followed for years to come, and. Miles of barren deserts hold nothing more than basins, dunes, and occassional rocky outcroppings. The dangerous sands shift constantly and unpredictably.

When you remove any items from the invoice, your Credits Meter will be refunded the cost of the removed item. The cost of the upgrade will be displayed on the picture of the item to be upgraded. Atreides Developed by the Atreides, this enhanced tank utilizes sound waves technology to fire a powerful blast of sonic energy at its target. In this way you may direct them as a team. This menu lists the following options: Missle Tank:

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The story of the planet Dune has produced a legendary book, a legendary movie, and, of course, a legendary game! I am quite sure that if you've come to this page, you've already been a victim of this game! Countless sleepless nights, sleepovers, missed dates What Wolfenstein 3D was to first-person shooters, Dune 2 is to real-time strategies.

I can safely say it's the mother of all modern RTS games. The main concept is well known: You can choose any of the houses Atreides, Harkonnen or Ordos. Each faction has their own set of weaponry, buildings and special weapons.

Manual dune pdf 2

This is perhaps what makes the game extremely interesting and addictive. With each mission you gain access to new buildings and weaponry. Your job is to conquer the entire planet Dune. As you can see from the screenshots, the graphics aren't spectacular when compared to modern-day games, but in such complexity, cutscenes and well-implemented, functional graphics were rarely seen. If this review did not convince you that this game is just phenomenal, I advise that you download it and see for yourself.

You'll thank me later! This is the patched version v1. The patch greatly improves stability no more radar or starport freeze , gameplay and compatibility. We do not know the extent to which Radnor is trusted by his people or the House he serves. The Harkonnens on Dune have spent most of their efforts assembling a considerable military force.

We doubt they plan to actually harvest spice for the Emperor.

They seem convinced that they can merely conquer the other Houses. The combination of Radnor's lust for power and his ability to persuade is dangerous. We shall continue to monitor the Harkonnens closely, for they are quite unpredictable. Foundation Weight: Medium Concrete Slabs may serve as roadways and make up the foundations that are required before erecting structures.

Concrete Slabs cannot be repaired if damaged, and must be replaced or abandoned. Defensive Wall Weight: Medium Walls can be used for structure enhancement and fortification purposes. Power Plant Armament: Light Generators: Large, above-ground ducts funnel wind underground into turbines which power the generators and humidity extractors. Industrial Facility Armament: Medium Capacity: Harvesters transport mined spice to the Refinery where it is converted into credits.

Refined spice is automatically distributed among the silos for storage. All Refineries will be provided with a Harvester. Storehouse Armament: Light Capacity: When the Refinery completes the conversion process, it automatically distributes the spice evenly among the silos. When harvested spice quantities exceed Silo capacity, the excess will be lost. Heavy The radar capabilities of an Outpost are used for military command purposes.

An on-screen radar is activated when construction of the Outpost is complete. An Outpost is required before any new military units can be produced. Ground Based Turret Elevation: Heavy Range: Turrets are maintained by a single tactical ground commander, who handles targeting and guidance.

Turrets will fire on any enemy units within range. Rocket Turret: The additional missle launchers are attached to the head of the turret. Production Facility Armament: Medium A Construction Yard is required to build any new structures. It contains all materials required for building structures on Dune.

Light Factory: A Light Factory must be built before a Heavy Factory can be constructed. Harvesters and tanks can be produced with a Heavy Factory.

High Tech Factory: Credits are charged according to the extent of damage and type of vehicle repaired. IX Research Center: Technology Facility Armament: Medium The IX facility provides technology updates on structures and vehicles.

Special weapons and prototypes may also become available through the Research Center. Advanced Structure Armament: Heavy Capacity: They provide a trading market for vehicles and airborne units at premium rates. Capitol Building Armament: Heavy Palaces are awarded to chosen leaders who show great bravery and prowess in their missions. A Palace cannot be purchased or built. The Palace will also serve as the command center as soon as it is occupied. Many Palaces feature unique additional options.

Spice Recovery Vehicle Armor: Medium Armament: Unusable sand is then dumped through the exhaust system. Once filled, the Harvester will automatically take raw spice to the Refinery for processing.

Base Deployment Vehicle Armor: See Construction Yard. Ground Based Military Units Armor: Light Armament: Infantry have a limited firing range and speed. Troopers wear heavy, mechanized power sits which enhance performance and speed. Dual 20mm cannons Crew: It has limited firing range, but moves rapidly. Light Attack Vehicle Armor: Dual 30mm cannons Crew: The slower Quad is stronger than the Trike in both armor and firepower.

Medium Battle Tank Armor: It is slower than the average tank and has limited maneuverablity. Missle Tank: Battlefield Support Vehcile Armor: Missle launcher Crew: The Missle Tank has long range strike capability, and although inaccurate, it fires two missles for greater coverage, and moves faster than the heavier battle tanks.

Main Battle Tank Armor: Heavy Armament: Dual mm cannons Crew: These cannons fire armor piercing incendiary rounds, giving it more than twice the firepower of the smaller Combat tank. It has twice the armor, and is slower that most tanks. Airborne Unit Armor: It is able to lift and transport heavy machinery and vehicles. Carryalls are utilized primarily for transporting Harvesters. Close Support Attack Aircraft Armor: Battle Support Rockets Crew: The Ornithopter utilizes the unusual M-Flex technology which creates the distinctive "flapping" motion of the wings.

The Ornithopter is highly maneuverable and the fastest aircraft on Dune.

Sand Worm: Creature of Dune Armor: Appetite speed: Attracted by vibrations, they frequent battlefields and often devour numerous combatants.

Sand Worms are almost impossible to destroy, have a voracious appetite, and will consume military hardware. Unknown Speed: Elite fighters, the Fremens' familiarity with the hostile terrain makes them a difficult adversary. Informed sources say they may soon forge an Alliance with the Atreides.

Sonic Tank: Advanced Battle Tank Armor: Sonic Amplifier Crew: Atreides Developed by the Atreides, this enhanced tank utilizes sound waves technology to fire a powerful blast of sonic energy at its target. The high energy frequencies break down the molecular structure of affected victims. Battlefield Support Vehicle Armor: Missle Launcher Crew: Ordos The Ordos Deviator is a standard Missle tank which fires a unique warhead.

The warhead contains a nerve gas that does not damage vehicles or structures, but its effects confuse enemies and may temporarily change their loyalty. Quick Strike Vehicle Armor: Ordos The Ordos Raider is similar to the standard Trike, however, it sacrifices armor to gain speed and maneuverability.

Espionage Unit Armor: Unknown Crew: Ordos The Saboteur is a special military unit belonging to Ordos. Trained in the art of espionage and terrorism at the palace, a single Saboteur can destroy almost any structure or vehicle. Death Hand: Battlefield Support Missle Guidance: Inertial Dimensions: H HS cluster bomb House: This ballistic missle is unable to be guided or targeted accurately, yet its multiple warheads can inflict great damage across a wide area. Dual mm guns Crew: Harkonnen Developed by the Harkonnens, this tank fires dual plasma charges.

It is the most powerful tank on Dune, yet it is very slow. The Devastator is nuclear powered, and may become unstable in combat. Ground Based Military units Armor: Classified Speed: Emperor The Sardauker are the Emperor's elite troopers. They have superior firepower and armor. Spies report the Sardaukar's armament includes a rotary cannon which fires armor piercing rounds in addition to a mobile missle launcher that fires shaped charges.

Refer to the reference card enclosed in this package for installation instructions. A cinematic introduction will begin to play. If you wish to skid subsequent introductions, press the space bar or click the left mouse button. This will take you to the Title Screen and Game Menu. To start the game select "Play Game" and click on it with your mouse, or type "P".

2 manual pdf dune

Play Game: This begins the game and will bring up the House Selection Screen. Replay Introduction: Click on this option if you wish to see the introduction again. Load a Game: This option will only appear after you have saved your first game. Clicking on this will bring up the saved game menu.

Dune II: The building of a dynasty manual: dune 2 manual - Abandonware DOS

Exit Game: This will return you to your operating system. This screen lets you choose which of the three Houses you wish to play. Choose a House by clicking on one of the three heralds with the mouse, or by pressing the first letter of the House.

After you have choosen your House, the Bene Gesserit will appear on screen and give a description of the House you have choosen. You may then accept the House or choose another.

Oce you decide which House you'd like to play, click on the Yes button near the bottom of the screen or type "Y. After selecting a House, you will be introduced to your Mentat. The Mentat is your advisor and will provide you with tips and information. After the mission briefing, your Mentat will give you advice to help you accomplish your goal.

After the Mentat's advice, you can click on the proceed button, or type "P," or click on the Repeat button or type "R" to repeat the briefing.

You are now ready to begin your mission! Your first mission will be to fill a spice quota. This can only be accomplished by building a refinery, and then deploying your harvester to harvest spice. You will be given several military units, a Construction Yard, and credits to produce to help you fill the spice quota.

Dune II: The Battle For Arrakis - Download Manual

Build most structures on concrete slabs to provide a strong foundation for them. Structures errected on bare rock do not withstand the elements as well as those on concrete slabs. Structures with rock as their foundation begin partially damaged causing that Structures productivity to decrease. The diagram below shows the main game screen and identifies key aspects of that screen. This meter shows your current accumulation of credits or money. Harvesting spice increases credits.

Building structures and units takes credits away along with other activities. Text Window: This window will give you information on any units or structures you click on in the Tactical Window. Tactical Window: This is the main play field. In this window, you will see exactlly what is occuring in one area of the map. You cna manipulate structures and units in this window by clicking on them. This window shows detailed information on any structure or unit clicked on in the tactical window.

For example, if you want information about your Construction Yard, click on it with the mouse, and a blinking white box will appear around the Construction Yard. The Command Window in the middle right hand side will show you the Construction Yard, its damage, and any options available.

Radar Window: Located in the lower right hand corner of the screen, this window allows you to see things on a larger scale. It will display your current structures as colored squares on a black background. When you build an Outpost available in Scenario 2 , you will get a more detailed map, showing sand and rock formations as they are explored.

Mentat Button: Clicking on the Mentat button will take you to the Mentat Screen. A lost of topics and information will be displayed. Options Button: This button brings up the Game Options Menu. This menu lists the following options: At the center of the Tactical Window, your Construction Yard will be highlighted. You will also notice several military units surrounding your base. Note that the color of your military units corresponds with the original hearld color you saw when you first chose your House.

The Construction Yard's commands will be located in the Command Window, found in the middle right side of the screen. Notice the percentage of completion as the Construction Yard works towards finishing it. To place the concrete slab, click on a portion of rock adjacent to the Construction Yard and the slab will appear on the map. You will now be ready to build another structure.

If you wish to see a list of other structures you are capable of building, click on the Construction Yard picture or type "F3" in the Command Window. This will take you to the Production Screen. Initially the areas around yoru base and units are shrouded in darkness, only a small portion of terrain will be visible to you in the Tactical Window.

If you send units into the dark areas, the terrain will become revealed to you. Uncovering new terrain is beneficial and sometimes dangerous. It is beneficial because you need to search for spice fields to harvest, and dangerous because you may run into an enemy squadron, or even a Sand Worm.

To move around your world you can use the Radar Window or the Tactical Window. The Radar Window movement occurs as you move around the Tactical Window or with your mouse. To move with your mouse click on the white box while continuing to hold down the left mouse button and move it around the window to the desired location. To move around the Tactical Window using the mouse place the mouse cursor to one of the four edges of the Tactical Window, with the Auto Scroll option ON it will automatically scroll in the direction of the cusror arrow.

To use your keyboard to move around the Tactical Window use your numeric keypad arrows or your arrow keys. Before you begin building structures, here is an explantion of the various elements of production in the Command Window. This is the name of the Structure.

Picture Button: Click on the Picture button or type "F3" to enter the Production Screen. Damage Indicator: This indicator displays the amount of damage the structure has taken. If the bar graph is: When a structure is damaged its operating capacity decreases. Repair Button: This button only appears if the structure is damaged.

Download Dune II - The Building of a Dynasty

To repair a structure, click on the Repair button or type "R. Repairing a structure does cost credits, the cost varies from structure to structure. If a structure can be upgraded the Upgrade button will then appear. Production Button: This button shows what you are currently producing or the last item you produced.

Foundation Indicator: This indicator is found on the right side of the Production button, and displays the shape and amount of concrete needed to have a stable foundation for the structure displayed. For concrete it indicates its size.

First, select the Construction Yard in the Tactical window by clicking on the structure or by typing "F3. If the structure displayed is not what you wish to build, then click on the Picture button to enter the Production screen.

The Production screen will be described later in the manual. If at any time you wish to stop production of that structure, click on the production button and the percentage of completion will be replaced by the message "On Hold. Once the structure is done the message "Construction is complete" will be seen. The message on the Production button has now changed to a flashing "Place It.

Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasty download

Move the cursor over a portion of rock or concrete foundation adjacent to any of your structures and click the left mouse button or press the space bar. The new structure will now be displayed on the map in the Tactical Window.

In the event that you do not wish to place the completed structure you may revert your building back to the "Place It" state. Structures can only be placed on Rock or Concrete. All structures must also be adjacent to another structure. The "Place It" cursor will change colors according to the terrain it is over: White, Yellow, or Red with an "X" through the cursor.

A White cursor means that there is sufficient concrete to place the structure. A Red cursor means that you cannot place the structure at that location. To build units on Dune you will need a production facility such as: Light Factory or Barracks. The production of units is done in the same manner as structures, with the only exception being the placing of the units. The units are automatically placed beside the production facility when completed.

If the area around the production facility is occupied, a Carryall will pick up the completed unit and place it nearby.