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Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for A Midsummer's Nightmare: "There's a lot to love about this story. Whitley's a smart, assertive girl and a refreshing change. A Midsummer's Nightmare E-book Download. By: Kody Keplinger; Genre: Romanzi per giovani adulti, Ragazzi; Relase Date: A Midsummer's Nightmare book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Whitley Johnson's dream summer with her divorcé dad has.

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A Midsummer's Nightmare - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Keplinger, Kody. Whitley Johnson's dream summer with her divorce dad has turned into a nightmare. She's just met his new fiancee and her kids. The fiancee's son? Whitley's. download or read book online in pdf or epub. [Read Online] A Midsummer's Nightmare | Book by Kody Keplinger | Review, Discussion.

Cartier CoogiDown Scott. View all 6 comments. Because I honestly had no idea. I could tell by the way he kissed me back, his lips parting, his tongue finally sliding next to mine. Hamilton has got to be my favorite High School to read about.

Whitley Johnson's dream summer of shopping, partying and tanning on the beach has just turned into a nightmare. Because Dad didn't tell her he doesn't live by the beach anymore, or that he's no longer a bachelor. He's picked up and moved to a tiny, lame town called Hamilton and gotten himself a fiance.

A fiance whose son just happens to be what's-his-name from last week's drunken graduation party one night stand. Just freakin' great. As if the summer couldn't get worse, Dad seems to forget Whitley's even there. She doesn't fit in with his perfect new country club family, and Whitley does what any kid lucky enough to go all summer unsupervised does: So hard that she doesn't even notice the good things right under her nose: It will take all three of them to convince her that they're not phoneys, and to get Whitley to get through her anger and begin to put the pieces of her family together.

Kody Keplinger. Kody Keplinger Genre: Romanzi per giovani adulti, Ragazzi Relase Date: About A Midsummer's Nightmare Whitley Johnson's dream summer of shopping, partying and tanning on the beach has just turned into a nightmare. Including a one-night stand on graduation.

After graduation, she goes to her dad to visit for the summer and receives shocking news. Her dad is getting married to Sylvia, Whitley's to-be step-mom. What's worse is Sylvia has kids and Whitley fears she might just be replaced. Of course, nothing ever goes right for this girl and Sylvia's son, Nathan, turns out to be Whitley's one-night stand. Nathan-- Nathan has a past-life of his own. A bad one at that. He used to do what Whitley did.

Drugs, partying, girls. Then he stopped, thanks to his one-night stand who rejected him the next morning. Now he realizes he needs to get his act together or things will only go downhill from there.

Just when things are looking up, Whitley walks in as his to-be step-sister. Karma sucks. Although the plot might be seen as common and predictable, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good story when you see one. I loved this witty, sarcastic, romantic, kinky book so much! It was enough to make me laugh my head off and cry my eyes out. The humour was brilliant. I'm sure it's a little bit awkward at first. Wouldn't you, Nathan? The tears almost started up again. Those four little words meant so much to me - which was stupid, really.

They were just words. But they were words I'd been wanting to hear, wanting to believe. You are my family. After that night, I decided I was done with all of it.

What changed? I want everything. I want you. Everything about it was enjoyable. Actually, Whitley was pretty irritating with her whining and constant guy-to-guy play but the overall story was enough to cancel that out for me. Especially Harrison! He was an amazing person whom Whitley was hesitant to let in at first, but later realized he was worth it.

So this book was really great, as you can see. From Whitley's sarcastic and humorous side, to the oh, so adorable romance. You just admitted you were watching him. You love him. You so love him. My heart hurts from all that mushiness. Good thing I'm a cheesy person or this book might've been annoying. But it wasn't. It was a great book! Going 3 days without a book was an absolute nightmare but then I read this and it opened up my eyes.

View all 13 comments. Sep 16, Sadia rated it really liked it Shelves: It's always harder to write positive reviews and even harder to write reviews for books you adore. Or it could be that it's just hard for me, I guess it's easy for me to be a sarcastic bitch but being nice? Not so much. I loved this book. There's something about Keplinger and her ability to create characters that aren't always very likable at first but eventually, lovable and always, realistic. The latest main character in Keplinger's novels is by far the most damaged of all three It's always harder to write positive reviews and even harder to write reviews for books you adore.

The latest main character in Keplinger's novels is by far the most damaged of all three characters, there's a darkness and mistrust in Whitley's voice that makes it impossible for the reader not to care about her.

The novel begins with Whitley waking up after her graduation party, in a bed with a guy who she's slept with, whom she's never met before. She then tries to sneak out, fails and then refuses to give the guy her number. I can't say I was liking Whitley very much at this point but as the novel progressed and we learnt of Whitley's home life which caused her sudden change from good girl to damaged wild child, there was a whole lot more meaning and significance as to how Whitley acted and lived.

Nathan being her one night stand from graduation night. There's a whole lot of partying and Keplinger addresses a lot of relatable teenage issues including alcohol, peer pressure, fitting in in school, rape, divorced parents.

It's usually really tough for authors to pull off addressing a couple of these issues but Keplinger is able to bring to light these issues, and a lot more, wholly while still producing a read that is exciting and doesn't fail to make me grin like an idiot. The characters, including Whitley, are highly enjoyable to read about.

Speaking of The Duff, Wesley and Bianca have a very small cameo which, I am very ashamed to say, didn't actually recognise until I realised Harrison was in The Duff as well..

I went and re read their part - so cute. Overall, there wasn't much I didn't really like about A Midsummer's Nightmare.. Whitley says a couple of times in the beginning of the novel that she's going to be studying at 'UK' which I, stupidly, assumed meant 'United Kingdom' I know, it doesn't even grammatically work United Kingdom?

What is with my brain? Check out my blog for more reviews and for my music choice for A Midsummer's Nightmare! Before Reading: View all 4 comments. Feb 21, Giselle rated it it was ok Shelves: Warning, this book may have: This main character is way too whiny and selfish for me. Sure she gets it from both her parents who are insanely immature, but once she's with the Caulfields she starts to realize how wrong she was. Even though she was at her worst and things happened to her so quickly, it had to do with her Daddy Issues, I still couldn't like anything about her.

Even if she redeemed herself in the end. I think she was just too se Warning, this book may have: I think she was just too selfish to like. And being with her step-brother is just way too Gossip Girl for me. I dunno, but this one annoyed the heck out of me. I know she's young, I know she's going to do stupid immature things, but I couldn't help but dislike her. There's also absolutely no plot.

No big dance to go to where the final plot climax would be revealed, just her family issues really. They were the most interesting to say the least. Maybe I'm just not in the most relatable mood but good God this is one of those teenage characters that have the "it's-all-about-me" and IDAF about-anyone-else" mentality. I hope everyone else has better luck with this one. View 1 comment. A Midsummer's Nightmare surprised me in so many ways and I can easily say that it's my favorite Kody Keplinger book yet.

I definitely expected to like it, but I didn't expect to be so hooked and so emotionally invested. I expected a fun, flirty read, but most definitely not the emotional roller coaster I got on top of that. I started it this morning and finished this evening and I think that alone speaks for itself. My burst o 5 stars!! Whitley Johnson Where do I even start? Both girls frustrated me immensely and kept me from completely loving those books, but Whitley? She made me love her story. I could relate to her so much and adored being in her head.

It just seems like these kinds of MC's are much rarer in YA than the awkward, blushing virgins and it's always refreshing to find another one. AND bonus points because the hero actually is the inexperienced one. Yay for cute, blushing heroes! Again, I feel like they're kind of rare.

And Kody Keplinger gave me both in one book! It was glorious.

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One of my favorite YA heroes for sure. I mean, he's a little geeky again, extra points for that , caring and SUCH a sweetheart. I couldn't get enough of him. That whole family is so nice and adorable actually and Whitley's asshole of a father doesn't deserve them one bit. Whitley though.. A Midsummer's Nightmare is such a powerful coming of age story, consisting of Whitley trying to find her place in a world where her parents just don't really give a shit.

This is so much more than just a cute romance story. It's about family and growing up and all that. Whitley finds herself in a confusing identity crisis that probably everyone experiences at some point. That's just what growing up is all about. Who am I? Where do I belong? And Kody Keplinger packed all that in this fun, touching story that I couldn't help but completely fall in love with.

I tried to call Trace after Nathan had gone, but I only got his voice mail. Trace had a family now, too. A gorgeous wife and daughter.

Keplinger midsummers nightmare pdf kody a

A family of his own. One I wasn't part of. And no matter whose fault it was, Mom and I hadn't been a family in a long time. I didn't know who I was without the parties or drinking or boys that had been my life for the past four years.

I had nothing. No one. I din't know where I belonged any more. Oh and how I loved Nathan and Bailey's mom, Sylvia! She tries so hard with Whitley and her own kids, the way she's so caring with such a big heart! My favorite time was when she defended Whitley and literally screamed at Whitley's dad, who was worried what people might think, 'Who gives a shit if they talk?

I was cheering her on so bad at that point. Because really, who gives a shit if people talk? They always do either way, so better do whatever the hell you want. It would make my life so much easier. Step-sibling stories are some of my absolute favorite type of stories and this one obviously didn't disappoint.

I mean, I read it in a day and didn't stop once. I just couldn't. It was too much fun and nothing could compare to me sitting on my bed and reading it. There were tons of scenes that put a smile on my face, especially when Whitley interacted with either Nathan, Bailey or Harrison. Which was basically all the time.

And Harrison! Oh how much I adore that guy. It already started when Whitley tried to flirt with him in their first scene. I was a goner. It was just too much. If you've read The Duff like I did, you might know what I'm talking about. If not, well you're out of luck, because I'm not telling. Go, read the book. It's better than reading my review for sure.

I can't wait to get a real copy of it, as soon as I'm back in Germany and then I'm going to re-read the shit out of it. Yes, you heard me correctly, I'm definitely planning to read this again, multiple times.

Because it was just my cup of tea. I kind of feel like Kody wrote this book especially for me. I loved it that much. For more reviews, please visit: Hamilton has got to be my favorite High School to read about. Technically it wasnt set at a high school since it was summer break but still.

I absolutely adored this book. Jan 05, Ari rated it really liked it Shelves: Kody is one of my favorite authors. Her writing is honest and she puts on paper many things that other authors are afraid to write about. The first two novels written by Kody are on my list of favorite books and I could read them all over again. This one though was not so hot. I am not saying that it is not a good boo Kody is one of my favorite authors.

I am not saying that it is not a good book, there were still many other things to enjoy in this story and many things to think about, but when you have your expectation so high, you might wonder what went wrong along the road. As usual the theme is well picked and it gives you some insights in the way it might feel: Such a great one, I might add.

She did what she knew the best in order to forget about the mess that was her life: It was a lesson she learned and it was good that she at least had some people on her side to help her figure out some things — there was Nathan of course and his little sister, and there was Harrison which we know a bit from The Duff I rolled my eyes every time he talked about fashion, as I think that being gay has nothing to do with having these kind of interests, but what do I know, right?

Now my only problem with this story is that it gave me the feeling that nothing really happened.. Yes, I mean quite nothing important. After the graduation party and a few more of the same when Whitley made a fool of herself she started to feel so much remorse that she decided to cut any social activity — just like that.

This being said the conflicts surrounding her father being a jerk and Nathan being so much more than just a step brother were resolved quite quickly and neatly and I had a hard time believing the happy ending. Anyways, this was an enjoyable read. View all 6 comments. Feb 25, Ceitidh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read more of my reviews at Dazzling Reads A Rich and Meaningful Read for Teenagers and Parents Alike Kody Keplinger is one of my favorite contemporary authors since I fell in love with her first novel The Duff, which is now one of my favorite contemporary reads.

Then, I really enjoyed Shut Out and I loved that it focused in very important teenage issues, yet I was still more in love with The Duff. Now, A Midsummer's Nightmare is a whole story to a whole new level. Kody Keplinger's last novel is ce Read more of my reviews at Dazzling Reads A Rich and Meaningful Read for Teenagers and Parents Alike Kody Keplinger is one of my favorite contemporary authors since I fell in love with her first novel The Duff, which is now one of my favorite contemporary reads.

Kody Keplinger's last novel is certainly my favorite one of all of the three novels she has published so far! This is probably Keplinger's most complex and rich story. I love how thoughtful and emotionally deep this book is. Her character, for example, are full of details that enrich their personalities Specially Wit who is the main character. I feel that in each of Kody Keplinger's books, her characters have become more and more alive and I dare to say that in A Midsummer's Nightmare, the characters really stand out of the pages.

In this novel, the characters are really strong and each one of them have a solid presence and opinion towards the situation they are all facing second marriage, two families merging into one, etc. I think that this is actually one of the strongest points of the novel. Each character deliver an insightful perspective of what people can go through when they face this kind of situation.

Although Kody Keplinger's story is fiction, I'd like to believe that A Midsummer's Nightmare could actually really happen to someone. It is a beautiful and powerful story where people learn from mistakes and put effort to become a better person.

I was so delighted to see how a story that could easily turn into something pessimistic and tragic, ended up turning into something full of hope and good examples. I know there might be some people who might think that A Midsummer's Nightmare may not be realistic enough or that everything solves too perfectly.

However, this is fiction, and it is in fiction where we can let ourselves dream about the best stories with the best outcomes. Isn't that the magic of books after all?

Filled with relevant themes such as parenthood, family issues, sense of belonging and lack of attention, this book is for me Keplinger's most consistent novel so far. Life is a rollercoaster that is filled with many of the ups and downs that Kody Keplinger so perfectly illustrated on this novel.

A Midsummer's Nightmare is definitely a rich and meaningful read for teenagers and parents alike. Nov 17, khungkhing rated it liked it Shelves: I decided to read A Midsummer's Nightmare with nothing in my mind except for easing myself from Laini Taylor's fantasy world. So, any book that wasn't a fantasy would do. Needless to say, I just got incredibly lucky that A Midsummer's Nightmare turned out to be better than I expected.

The story started with a crazy one night stand between Whitley and Nathan. I knew it was just another cliche romance, right? Well, wrong It was much more than that. It was a story about family and friendship with I decided to read A Midsummer's Nightmare with nothing in my mind except for easing myself from Laini Taylor's fantasy world. It was a story about family and friendship with a few romance here and there to spice thing up.

Now here is the part where the 3. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed reading A Midsummer's Nightmare but sometimes, as a reader, I wanted something that made my heart ache. It couldn't take me to that point. It took a long time for everything to boil up I meant you knew from the start that Whitley had a problem with her family and she acted out.

The story didn't go anywhere. She didn't confront her father or mother. Frankly, at that point, I kind of gave up I didn't think anything would be resolved at that point. But it did at least some part of it Still, it left a huge chunk of problems with a promise that thing would get better or it won't?

Let say I'm not satisfied with the ending. There was a complexity in each character which made them real enough for me. But yes, for me, there's always buts except for Whitley, I barely knew other characters.

Kody Keplinger didn't explain much about their background to make me relate to them although it's still enough for me to understand their action. I have to state this because it's one of the great things of A Midsummer's Nightmare. Despite, all the problems in Whitley's life, she wasn't annoying at all.

That mess of her life made me wanted to root for her even more. All in all, it's a great book to read especially in the summer. If you have the time or don't know what to read next, just give A Midsummer's Nightmare a try. Jan 15, Rachael rated it it was amazing. Life pretty much sucks for Whitley Johnson, and it has for a very long time. And so Whitley does what she does best: With their help, Whitley has finally found a family, one that she loves and one that loves her back, just as she is.

Whitley was being obnoxious from the start. We meet her day after her graduation party. She had sex with some random dude. She kept on complaining how her mother bitches all the time,then she is complaining about her father,his new house,her future stepmom and her kids. They kiss a few time after a heating argument,the usual. I don't like this sort of people. Why are they always complaining about stuff. Learn to adjust to certain Whitley was being obnoxious from the start. Learn to adjust to certain things.

In life things won't always go your way. And just when I thought I could't dislike this girl more she goes and does some more stupid things. She is pissed on the nice,cute stepbrother because he said she is a whore and a drunk-which she totally is. She has some problems with her parents. She is a child of divorces parents,so what? I am too. But that doesnt mean I am going to every party and acting totally crazy,drinking until I pass out or hooking up with random guys who find me attractive.

I am wondering: Do people actually do this kind of crap to get their parents attention? If so,then all I can say is- that is so messed up. I've been having some trouble with Kody's second book- Shut Out.

A Midsummer's Nightmare

But now I just think I have a problem in general with the way Kody is shaping her leading ladies. I did give this book 5 stars only because I read it when it first came out,so I was younger and didn't understood how effed up that situation was Then there was Lissa from Shut Out She falls for the stepbrother,stops going to the parties,says goodbye to the bottle of tequila on her night stand,finally confronts her father about the divorce and has sleeps beneath the stars with her new boyfriend and her gay friend.

The End Whitley had such a bad attitude and at first thought she was a spoilt little brat but then you see why she is like that. I also thought her father was a horrible man, after Whitley asked to see a Sci-fi movie with him then getting rejected he organised to see it with his soon to be stepson Nathan.

That made me so angry and the lake of interest he took in Whitley was so sad. I feel like Kody could write another book, I would have liked to see things resolved with Whitley's mother. A Midsummer's Night Dream is my favorite Shakespeare story. When I saw the title for this book, I was immediately intrigued even before I even saw the book cover shocking right? Thankfully, the book cover was absolutely gorgeous and perfect for that summer story and the synopsis only left me craving more!

After constantly fighting, her parents end up divorcing when Whitley is young. Her brother moves far away and starts his own family and her mother moves her and Whitley f A Midsummer's Night Dream is my favorite Shakespeare story. Her brother moves far away and starts his own family and her mother moves her and Whitley far away from her old hometown. Whitley acts out my acting out and partying, drinking and even hooking up with random guys.

But her mother is still too depressed and bitter about the divorce and she does nothing but bitch about her dad and mope around the house.

Kody Keplinger

At a graduation party, Whitley once again has way too much to drink and ends up sleeping with a strange guy. The morning after is awkward and to make matters worse this guy asks her for her phone number and wants to see her again. Whitley turns him down none too nicely and flees from his house. Desperate to get away from her mother, Whitley can't wait for to spend this summer with her dad. But her dad has a few surprises for Whitley.

Turns out he sold his condo, moved to a city called Hamilton, bought a new house and is engaged. Whitley now has to spend her summer vacation in a new house and live with her future stepmom. Just when she thinks things can't get any worse, she meets her future step-siblings- Bailey and Nathan, the guy she slept with on graduation.

Whitley and Nathan decide to forget about what happened between them. Only, Whitley can't seem to forget about that night. Annoyed that her father has barely spent any time with her since she arrived at Hamilton and desperate for his attention, she acts out again. But her father still doesn't pay attention to her, even when some scandalous pictures about her get posted online and everyone in town is spreading rumors about her.

Nathan, Bailey, her almost stepmom and her new friend Harrison all try to help Whitley, but it's not their attention she wants. Will anyone be able to save Whitley before it's too late? Although Whitley made a lot of wrong choices and she was mean at times, I felt myself sympathizing her and I couldn't help but love her anyway, and hope that she got her act together. I thought she was a very realistic character, everything from the way she talked and the things she did are closer to what someone her age might do.

Beneath that slightly bitchy girl was someone who just wants to be loved. Nathan was sexy, sweet and nerdy and the perfect person to balance Whitley.

Their chemistry was crazy hot and their scenes were funny, sweet, tender and totally swoon-worthy! I was worried that I might be a little bit weirded out by their relationship since they're going to be step-siblings, but I actually had no problem because they're not actually related. Bailey and Harrison were such great secondary characters too! The only thing I felt was missing was that her problems with her mom were left unresolved.

A Midsummer's Nightmare was one of my most anticipated reads for this year and I went into it with high hopes. Thankfully, it did not disappoint! A Midsummer's Nightmare was a fun, sexy read that dealt with some serious issues, which was a nice surprise for me. Cover love: I think this cover is gorgeous, but is it just me or does the girl remind anyone else of Adriana Lima? Good for me, I guess. You throw a party, let me get wasted, and I'll stay at your house that night.

You're practically auditioning for a starring role on Intervention. He'd wanted something special, someone special. Instead he got me. Because I honestly had no idea. Drinking made me happy, but there wasn't a major in alcoholism, to the best of my knowledge. I don't want to be that kind of guy. I don't just want sex, Whit. I want more. He wanted me, too. I could tell by the way he kissed me back, his lips parting, his tongue finally sliding next to mine.

It sent a surge of excitement rippling through my limbs. Like we fit together. It all came so easily. The way his lips found mine, even with both our eyes closed. The way his palm seemed to meld perfectly against my shoulders. Like pieces of a puzzle, and this time I belonged. Mostly YA Book Obsessed View 2 comments. Apr 27, Kelly rated it liked it Shelves: But this year's different: He's settled down with a new woman and two kids she brought from her previous marriage.

One of them just happens to be Nathan, the boy she found herself in bed with just a couple weeks earlier. Whitley's not an easy character to like at all, but her situation is pretty crummy, so it's easy to understand why she behaves the 3. Whitley's not an easy character to like at all, but her situation is pretty crummy, so it's easy to understand why she behaves the way she does.

She's incredibly lonely and lost and she's really angry. But as she learns more about her parents, especially about why her dad and mom divorced, she discovers that she's not the only one who makes mistakes and not the only one who hurts.

When she learns her father had been cheating on her mother -- something she learns from her brother -- my heart sank. In this moment, Whitley reassesses everything she's thought about her dad and her mom, about whether or not she needed to know that truth or not.

When I was a teen, I learned the same thing about my parents, about why they divorced. I've always wondered whether it was something I needed to know or not, whether it changed my understanding of my mom and dad. These sorts of things really make you think about your definitions of right and wrong and about what sort of forgiveness you allow people and why.

Ultimately, this was a good thing for Whitley in that it showed that everyone makes mistakes and everyone hurts. I pulled for Whitley here because she so earned a redemption and a second chance, and I was so happy she got it.

There were adults transitioning and teens transitioning. Transitions can make people selfish, and Keplinger nails this through the self-preserving actions each character takes Whitley drinks and parties, her father works all the time, her mother complains non-stop, Bailey latches onto Whitley, and so forth.

The thing is, the characters ultimately put their needs aside to help one another in really good, really healthy ways. I didn't necessarily think all of the decisions made were smart ones, but they were the right ones for the characters. But I loved how in the end, Whitley realized how great it was to have someone who looked up to her and admired her, especially because Whitley never had the self-confidence or self-appreciation to realize she really was a great person.

While there is certainly drinking, partying, and sex, I appreciated how it wasn't center stage in the story. Emotions were. The other things were ultimately coping mechanisms. This is my favorite read of Keplinger's so far, and I think it shows real growth in her writing -- especially in character development -- and story telling. Full review here: Mar 16, Nafiza rated it liked it Shelves: I haven't read Keplinger's sophomore novel but I did like her debut despite the excessive sexytimes in it though one questions whether there can be such a thing as excessive sexytimes, but this is not the proper place to have that discussion.

This novel is being touted as the female version of Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye with Whitley playing the counterpart to the obnoxious Holden Caulfield. I read Catcher in the Rye a very long time ago and I wasn't too impressed with it so perhaps that I haven't read Keplinger's sophomore novel but I did like her debut despite the excessive sexytimes in it though one questions whether there can be such a thing as excessive sexytimes, but this is not the proper place to have that discussion.

I read Catcher in the Rye a very long time ago and I wasn't too impressed with it so perhaps that might explain why I didn't fall headfirst in love with A Midsummer's Nightmare. I liked it at the end but I didn't love it. It has its good points and it has its bad well, according to me, you may not think so.

I think the biggest reason why it took me a while to get into the novel is that Whitley is just so damned difficult to like. She doesn't invite your sympathy, makes it near impossible to empathize with her in the beginning so many readers may find themselves just moving on. She's a complex character and it is only as her life unravels around that you, the reader, figure out why she is the way she is. Her parents are colossally horrible. And while this does not excuse some of the things she does, this does invite you to understand life from her eyes.

And yes, as is fast becoming Keplinger's signature, the sex is plentiful in this one. Or if not plentiful then it does play a significant part and I kinda like how Whitley knows what she wants and how to go about getting it without blushing etc. I also like how male sexuality is explored and well.

Sexy times, rawr. The narrative flows well and the book is very readable. The novel offers you a look at the wild side and shows you that good times may not be all that great. I liked that. I'm not a party creature and now thanks to Keplinger, I'm pretty certain I'm not missing anything. Getting back to the character of Whitley, I disliked how many times the word "whatever" was used as the response Whitley gave to everything and anything.

Of course I understand that it is supposed to present her ennui distilled into that one little word but still, she is the protagonist in a novel I am reading and I would have liked it if she were a bit more articulate than that. Maybe even silence on her part would have been preferable.

I also felt, somewhat, at the end, when I was fast being tempted to wring the dad's neck that things wrapped up a bit too nicely. It was way too easy to just talk and for the requisite talk to lead to some "understandings.

But I am a violent sort of person so I also felt that Keplinger was a bit too hard on the Mom. I think A Midsummer's Night will appeal to certain people and not to others.

I just did a final and don't tell me to elaborate on that comment. I liked the novel to a certain extent, it was entertaining and Whitley was an interesting protagonist about whom I would not like to read again.

Yes, convoluted sentence, sorry. If you are okay with the things that bothered me, chances are you'll like the book. View all 8 comments. Jan 10, Eunice rated it really liked it Shelves: And in A Midsummer's Nightmare she really did a great job nailing those issues - family and teenage issues - and voicing the character that was having them.

It was really relatable and very insightful. Whitely's characters wasn't something 3.

Whitely's characters wasn't something that was easy to like. She was sarcastic and cynic and most of the time she was angry. However it was her situation that was so easy to understand. So as the story progressed, as I get more of what she's dealing through I started to really connect with her and like her character.

It was amazing how she learned and developed throughout the story. She kept running away with her problems by partying, getting drunk and hooking up. But as soon as she saw the consequences of it and how it didn't do any good for her she realized that she needed to face them. I was glad when she finally decided to confront her dad and told him how he'd hurt her. Nathan was such a unique character. He was a cross between a jock, a nerd and a very sweet and caring guy! His character speaks that you could be anything you want and that not just a single thing could define you.

While Whitely wasn't so easy to like Nathan was a character that was really easy to love. He was cares a lot to his mother and sister and even to Whitely and was patient and really understanding too. I loved other characters as well like Bailey, Nathan's mom and Harrison. They were all very supportive and genuine characters and I loved how they contributed to Whitely's development.

A kody midsummers pdf keplinger nightmare

Another thing that made me so happy was the small reappearance of Wesley and Bianca! And they're still together for almost a year and still getting stronger! I so really loved them in The Duff that's why I was so ecstatic to find them here even though it was just a small part.

I still like The Duff more but still I really enjoyed this one. Aside from Kody's realistic writing she was also really good with writing a good romance - sweet and hot - which I absolutely enjoyed here.

Like her other books this provides a great amount of entertainment for me but also lessons and insights from a lot of things. This was a wonderful read. I recommend this. This review is also posted at Book Overdose View all 11 comments. The book deals with teen issues,insecurity and the need for love by a teen aged girl whose parents are divorced. I honestly did cry with Whitley a few times while reading the book. Now, this will surely make you ask- why such a low rating?

I had some major problems with the conclusion and quite a few other things. What I wanted to say to Whitley: Your mother should get over herself already because divorce took place 6 years ago! Well, try putting yourself in her shoes You are married with a guy for The book deals with teen issues,insecurity and the need for love by a teen aged girl whose parents are divorced. You are married with a guy for about years and have 2 kids with him and suddenly out of the blue he cheats on you!

Isn't it the same as your parents not caring for you all of a sudden?.. Other things that didn't agree with me: She states too, that her dad did not try for reconciliation. Didn't she ever question why..?

At least she wanted you when your father didn't even want you!. Your father didn't even take the pain to inform you about his engagement. Moreover, Whitley confrontation with her father at the end of the story felt really anti-climatic and insufficient. The solution and interaction was done too quickly to be meaningful.

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