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Sony xperia s manual pdf

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View and Download Sony Xperia S LT26i troubleshooting manual online. Xperia S LT26i Cell Phone pdf manual download. Also for: Xperia s lt26ii. View and Download Sony Xperia S LT26i user manual online. Xperia S LT26i Cell Phone pdf manual download. Sony Xperia Lt26i Manual. View and Download Sony Xperia S LT26i user manual online. Xperia S LT26i Cell Phone pdf manual download. Also for: Xperia sl.

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User guide. Xperia™ S Xperia™ S User guide. 6. This is an .. 3 Find a small app that you want to download, then follow the instructions to complete the. Below is the official User Guide for the Sony Xperia S (click the pdf icon to open). Hopefully the user manual will answer any of the outstanding. View and Download Sony Xperia S LT26i user manual online. Xperia S LT26i Cell Phone pdf manual download. Also for: Xperia sl lt26ii.

If dirty — clean it. Camera Camera About the camera The camera in your device is equipped with the highly sensitive Exmor R sensor, which enables sharp photos and videos even in low lighting conditions. Page 2: Email Email Getting started with Email You can handle several email accounts at the same time using the Email application, including corporate Microsoft Exchange Active Sync accounts. Metering This function automatically determines a well-balanced exposure by measuring the amount of light striking the image that you want to capture. Flick left or right to browse to the pane that you want to set as your main Home screen pane, then tap To add a pane to your Home screen Touch and hold an empty area on your Home screen until the device vibrates. For example, you can add and delete applications, or enhance existing applications to improve functionality.

Using Your Favourite Radio Channels Tuning dial Move up the frequency band to search for a channel Move down the frequency band to search for a channel Save or remove a channel as a favourite Using your favourite radio channels You can save the radio channels you most frequently listen to as favourites. By using favourites you can quickly return to a radio channel.

Camera Camera About the camera The camera in your device is equipped with the highly sensitive Exmor R sensor, which helps you capture sharp photos and videos even in low lighting conditions.

From the camera, you can, for example, send your photos and videos to friends as messages, or upload them to a web service. Face Detection To take a photo by tapping the on-screen camera button Activate the camera.

Point the camera towards the subject. Tap the on-screen camera button. The photo is taken as soon as you release your finger. To take a self-portrait using the front camera Activate the camera. To display all settings, tap Tap Smile Shutter and select a smile level.


Quick Launch Front camera Select the front camera if you want to take self-portrait photos. Resolution Choose between several picture sizes and aspect ratios before taking a photo. A photo with a higher resolution requires more memory. Flash Use the flash to take photos when lighting conditions are poor or when there is a backlight.

White Balance Exposure value Determine the amount of light in the photo you want to take. A higher value indicates an increased amount of light. This setting is only available in Normal capturing mode. White balance The white balance setting adjusts the colour balance according to the lighting conditions. When geotagging is turned on, the approximate geographical location is added to photos when you take them.

To use geotagging, you must enable location features from the Settings menu. For geotags to be added to a photo, the location must be determined before you take the photo. Page 73 To record a video by tapping the screen Activate the camera.

Shoot your videos in landscape orientation to get the best results. To play recorded videos Activate the camera. Tap the thumbnails at the top right of the screen. Focus Mode Use for indoor videos in poorly lit environments. This scene picks up indoor background lighting or candlelight. Videos of fast-moving objects may get blurred. Hold your hand steady, or use a support. Video resolution Adjust the video resolution for different formats.

Page 75 Single autofocus The camera automatically focuses on the selected subject. Continuous autofocus is on. Face detection The camera automatically detects up to five human faces, indicated by frames on the screen. The camera automatically focuses on the nearest face. You can also select which face to focus on by tapping it on the screen. Shutter Sound Touch capture Identify a particular focus area by touching the camera screen with your finger.

Sony Xperia S LT26i Troubleshooting Manual

This setting is only available when focus mode is set to touch focus. Shutter sound Choose to turn on or turn off the shutter sound when you record a video. Scroll up or down to view content. Tap a photo or video to view it. The date and number of items in the group below. To view photos and videos in grid view From your Home screen, tap Find and tap Album.

View your photos in globe mode. View your photos on a map. View all photos with faces. View all photos and videos saved to your device's internal storage.

Double-tap again to zoom out. To watch a slideshow of your photos When you are viewing a photo, press and tap Slideshow to start playing all Viewing Your Photos On A Map To add a geotag to a photo When you are viewing a photo, tap the screen to display the toolbars, then tap to open the map screen. Find and tap the desired location to put the photo on the map.

To adjust the location of the photo, tap the location on the map to where you want to move the photo. Page 82 you can select to use either GPS satellites or wireless networks, or both, to find your position. Overview of Maps tile Search a location on the map. Double tap to zoom in. Pinch to zoom out. Drag to view different parts of the map.

Find and tap the photo to which you want to add the geotag. Tap the desired location on the map to set the geotag, then tap OK. To edit the geotag of a photo in Album When viewing a photo on the map in Album, touch and hold the photo until its frame turns blue.

Page 84 To view and add comments to online album content When viewing a photo from an online album, tap the screen to display the toolbars, then tap to view the comments.

To view more comments, scroll down the screen. To add your own comments, enter your comments at the bottom of the screen, then tap Post.

The Movies application also helps you get poster art, plot summaries, genre info and director details for each movie. You can also play your movies on other devices that are connected to the same network.

Xperia pdf sony s manual

Tap the application that you want to use to share the selected video, then follow the relevant steps to send it. To get movie information manually Make sure that your device has an active data connection. Video Unlimited When you rent a video, you have a fixed amount of time in which to view it. This time period varies from market to market. This is an Internet version of this publication.

Go to http: If your company or organisation has a virtual private network VPN , you can connect to this network using your device. Tap the Security field to select a security type. If required, enter a password. Using the USB cable that came with your device, connect your device to a computer. In the list of available networks, tap the VPN that you want to connect to. Enter the required information. Tap Connect. To disconnect from a virtual private network Drag the status bar downwards.

Page 94 as client devices. Your device works as a media server when it makes content available to client devices. When you set up file sharing on your device, you must also give access permission to client devices. After you do so, such devices appear as registered devices. The other device must be able to function as a Digital Media Renderer DMR device, which means that it can render, or play, content received from your device. When sharing data with another device using NFC, refer to the User guide of the other device for more information.

To share a contact with another device using NFC Make sure that both devices have the NFC function turned on, and that both screens are active. To view photos and videos in your device, go to your Home screen, tap then find and tap Album. When establishing this kind of connection, refer to the User guide of the compatible device for more information.

Sending device: Open the application which contains the item that you want to send, and scroll to the item. Depending on the application and on the item that you want to send, you may need to, for example, touch and hold the item, open the item, and press Other ways to send an item may exist. Internal storage connected appears in the status bar.

Follow the instructions on your phone screen to view your media files on the TV. For best results, use a Sony IM cable. For example, you see a coat in a magazine ad and want to find the nearest retail outlet to buy it. If you are opening Smart Connect for the first time, tap OK to close the introduction screen. On the Events tab, tap Give the event a name, then tap Create. Synchronising Data On Your Device Synchronising data on your device About synchronising data on your device You can sync contacts, email, calendar events, and other information with your device from multiple email accounts, synchronisation services and other kinds of accounts, depending on the applications installed on your device.

Sony Xperia S LT26i User Manual

Synchronising your device with other information sources is an easy and practical way to stay up to date. In situations where the wireless network connection is weak, you should enable both options to ensure that your location is found. Sony does not warrant the accuracy of any location services including but not limited to navigational services. Google Maps So it's a good idea to download and save maps to your device before you take a trip.

This way, you can avoid high roaming costs. Sony does not warrant the accuracy of any directional services. Using the Navigation application Use the Navigation application in your device to get turn-by-turn instructions on how to get places.

Calendar And Alarm Clock Calendar and alarm clock Calendar Your device has a calendar application for managing your time schedule. To set the calendar view From your Home screen, tap , then find and tap Calendar.

Tap the alarm you want to edit. Tap Time and adjust the time by scrolling up and down. Tap Done. If desired, edit other alarm settings. Tap Advanced alarm settings, then mark the Alarm in silent mode checkbox. Support And Maintenance Support and maintenance Updating your device Update your device to the most recent software version to get optimal performance and the latest enhancements.

You can use the Update center application on your device to run a wireless update or you can use the PC Companion application on a computer to run an update using a USB cable connection. If a new software update is detected, a popup window appears. Tap Back up. Select the data types that you want to back up. If you forget this information, it may not be possible to restore important data such as contacts and messages.

Refer to Sony customer support for more information. Tap Face Unlock, then follow the instructions in your device to capture your face. After your face is successfully captured, tap Continue. Select a backup lock method and follow the instructions in the device to complete the setup.

Enter your PIN, then tap Next. Tap Swipe. Reference Reference Settings overview Get to know the settings in your device so that you can personalise them to your own requirements.

Status And Notification Icons Overview Accessibility Enable your installed accessibility services and adjust related settings. Developer Set options for application development. For example, you can options display CPU usage on the Home screen or set your device to enter debug mode when USB connections are active. About phone View information about your device, such as the model number and signal strength. Application Overview Notification icons The following notification icons may appear on your screen: New email message New text message or multimedia message New voicemail An upcoming calendar event A song is playing The device is connected to a computer via a USB cable Warning message Error message Missed call Use the Messaging application to send and receive text and multimedia messages.

Important Information Sony does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of any additional content or any other third party content.

Under no circumstances will Sony be liable in any way for your improper use of additional content or other third party content.

Refer to section 1.

Replace board. Keys If the Key Camera is damaged — replace it. If a or b is dirty or clogged — clean it. If the Key Volume is damaged — replace it. Touch Screen 2. If dirty or oxidized — clean both sides of the BtB connector.

Inspect the Cover Front Assy. Inspect the Main FPC. Display 2. If dirty — clean it. Key Illumination 2. If the window is damaged — replace the Cover Front Assy. If clogged — clean the speaker mesh. If the mesh is damaged — replace the Rear Frame Assy. If dirty — clean them. If the Loudspeaker is damaged — replace the Loudspeaker.

Pdf manual sony s xperia

If the Ear Speaker is damaged — replace the Ear Speaker. If clogged — clean the Microphone mesh. If the mesh is damaged — replace the Main Antenna. Inspect the PBA Bottom five pins. Secondary Microphone 2. If the Cushion of Speaker is damaged — replace it. Vibrator 2. If the Carrier Vibrator is damaged — replace it. Camera 1. If not properly connected — disconnect and reconnect. If dirty or clogged — clean the window. If scratched or damaged — replace the Cover Front Assy.

Flash Led 1. Inspect the flash lens window on the Rear Frame Assy. If scratched or damaged — replace the Rear Frame Assy. If dirty or oxidized — clean the pads and pins. If the pads are damaged — replace the Ant GPS. Gps Main PBA. Ambient Light Sensor 1.