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Net Interview Questions with Answers and ASP. Net | lesforgesdessalles.info Interview Questions and Answers PDF | lesforgesdessalles.info Questions and Answers Interview Questions Pdf | lesforgesdessalles.info Technical Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers Pdf Free. I have Hands on Experience in lesforgesdessalles.info, C#,. lesforgesdessalles.info, SQL, LINQ, JQuery. dot net interview questions and answers for experienced,dot net interview questions. The list of C# Interview Questions and Answers is also available for from server after download is finished in lesforgesdessalles.info using C# and lesforgesdessalles.info

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Download ASP DOTNET interview questions in PDF lesforgesdessalles.info based on Object oriented programming concept. lesforgesdessalles.info is an open source server-side. Latest Dot Net Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Manifest 3. Explain GridView control in lesforgesdessalles.info? Answer: The GridView control displays the. Net Interview Questions_WorkShop( questions and answers).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf) Net Interview Questions Net Framework 2. C#.Net 3. ASP. Net 4. lesforgesdessalles.info lesforgesdessalles.info Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers PDF.

Multiple data fields for the hyperlink columns. To overcome this Main is defined as static method. Tracing can be done with the following 2 types. Explain complete process followed for the development What is Error, Bug and Defect?

Fun5 ;.

For questions answers asp.net pdf experienced interview and

Cannot create an instance of the abstract class or interface. Fun6 ;. Cannot create an instance of the abstract class or interface 'A'. Fun1 ;. Fun2 ;. What is an Interface in C? An Interface is similar to an Abstract class and it also cannot be instantiated. Members cannot be public, private, etc. Fun2 '. Fun2 ' cannot implement an interface member because it is not public. PDF Version of this article is available for download using the following link.

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I agree to the above terms. What our readers say. Error Details. This site makes use of Cookies. A typeof 1. It will return the given data type base type 2. It is a operator. GetType 1. It will return the given variable data type base type 2. It is a method. WriteLine a. GetType ; Console. WriteLine b. Int32 System. Double What is implicit type casting?

When we will go for explicit type casing? Difference between Parsing and Converting? Parsing 1. Using parsing we can convert from only string data type to any other data type except object data type.

Converting 2. Using converting we can convert from any data type to any other data type. Parse s1 ; Console. Parse s5 ; Console. Difference between int. Parse and Convert. A Int. Parse 1. ToInt32 1. Using this we can convert from any data type value into INT. What is Boxing and Unboxing? What is the difference between Convert. ToString and Tostring? A Convert. When we implement modifications to the existing String object within memory it will create a new object.

When we implement modifications to the existing StringBuilder object will not create new copy of object instead of that it will modify the existing object. StringBuilder class will have a method Append this method is used to insert the new value on the existing value. It will occupy more memory, it will decrease the performance of applications. Append Tech ; Console.

WriteLine s1 ; 3. It will occupy less memory, it will improve the performance of applications. WriteLine s1. GetHashCode ; Console. WriteLine s2. GetHashCode ; s2. Append "Bad" ; Console. What is Error, Bug and Defect? Why class and object? When we will go for instance variable? When we will go for static variable?

Difference between instance variable and static variable? Instance variable will create multiple times for every object creation. Instance variable value will be differs from one object to another object. Static variable will create only once when the class is loading.

When we will go for readonly? A Whenever filed is required for every object with the different value, but the value not required change. When we will go for static readonly? Difference between static variable and static read only? A Whenever we want to have common value for every object and value should not be changed forever we will go for static readonly. Its value cannot be changed 3.

By default constant is static that means we dont require to use any static keyword 4. Constant value should be initialized at the time of declaration which we cannot initialize in runtime.

Its value can be changed 3. For static variable, programmer has to declare as static. Readonly keyword 2. Its value cannot be modified 3. By default Non-static. Static variable can be initialized at the time of declaration as well as we can initialize in runtime within the static constructor.

Readonly can be initialized at the time of declaration or runtime only within the constructor. A Purpose of Constructor: To initialize at the time of creating an object for Instance variable as well as at the time class is loading for static variable. Purpose of Method: To perform operations on state.

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A To perform operations on Instance variables. A While defining method if that method is not required to access instance variables we will define particular method as static method. A Static constructor executes at the time of class loading. There is no need to pass values explicitly, so it doesn't have parameters. A Default access modifier of class members is private.

Default access modifier of a class is internal. A When we call instance constructor first it will call object class constructor. A this: It is a keyword which is representing current class object or instance.

Using this we can invoke current class instance members. It is a keyword which is representing the super class instance. Using base keyword we can access super class instance members from derived class or sub class.

A this 43 What is constructor overloading? A Implementing multiple constructors within a single class with different signature Different no. A Whenever one class constructor is invoking another class constructor which is called as constructor chaining. For this we can use Base. If the Main is a instance method again it requires object.

To overcome this Main is defined as static method. How many types? Net will support passing parameter mechanism in 3 ways. Call by value or Pass by value 2. Call by reference or pass by reference 3. Call by Out or pass by out. Ref keyword is used 2. Ref parameter should have some value. Out keyword is used 2. Out parameter is not required to have value. Encapsulation 2. Abstraction 3.

Inheritance 4. How can we achieve? Abstractions are 2 types. Hiding unwanted data is called as data abstraction 2 Method abstraction: Invoking required method and hiding unwanted method is called as method abstraction. Types of Inheritance? Net will support 5 types of Inheritance.

Single Inheritance 2. Multi-level Inheritance 3. Multiple Inheritance 4. Hierarchical Inheritance 5. Hybrid Inheritance. Net will support multiple Inheritance?

When we will go for sealed class? It cannot be inherited. Whenever we want to restrict to inherit a class we can go for sealed class. It cannot be instantiated. Cant be inherited. It can be instantiated we can create object for sealed class 3. It is reference type 2. It will support inheritance 5. Instance field intailzers are allowed. It is value type 2. It will not support inheritance 5. Instance field intializers are not allowed.

It can contain explicit default constructor 7. We cant create an object for class with out using new keyword. We can have static, abstract, sealed class.

We can implement overloading and overrding with in class. It cant contain explictit default constructor 7. We can create an object for structure with out using new key word if it is not having instance varibles.

We cant have static, abstract, sealed structure. We can implement overloading with in structure, but we cant implement overriding with in structure. To assign value to a class level variable after creating object to retrieve the value from class level variable individually.

It is used to initialize the instance variables at the time of creating an object. It is used to assign value to class level variables as well as can retrieve the value from class level variables. Types of polymorphism? A Polymorphism means one name many forms.

It is of 2 types: Static Polymorphism or Compile Time Polymorphism 2. Dynamic Polymorphism or Runtime Polymorphism. When we will go for function overloading? Having multiple methods with the same name but a different no.

When we will go for function overriding? Having multiple methods with the same name and with the same signature in a combination of base and derived class. Whenever we want to implement a method in multiple classes with the different behavior we can go for method overloading.

Multiple methods with the same name and different signature. It can implement in a single class and combination of base and derived class. No keywords are used 4. Both functions return types can be same or differ. It is a compile time polymorphism 6.

We can overload static methods 7. Constructors can be overload. Multiple methods with the same name and same signature. To implement override we should go for base and derived class, we cannot implement in single class. Both functions return types should be same. It is a Run time polymorphism 6.

We cannot override static methods 7. Constructors cannot be overload. A Whenever we want to implement some methods in current class and some methods we want declare in current class which we want to implement in future classes then we have to declare that class as abstract class.

A Whenever we want to declare all the members in current class and want to implement all the members in future classes then we will declare particular class as interface. A Not required Because is abstract class is a partial implemented class and interface has no implementation. Even though these abstract class abstract members and interface members should implement within the derived classes.

Due to that reason we dont required to create object for abstract class and interface. We will create an object for derived class and using that object we can access abstract members and interface members. It is a collection of abstract members and non-abstract members. While defining an abstract class, abstract keyword is used. It is partially implemented 4. While implementing abstract class members with in the derived class we have to use override keyword.

It is collection of abstract members, that means by default interface members are abstract. While defining an interface, interface keyword is used. No implementation 4. We cant implement a property and method. While implementing interface members with in the derived class we dont required to user override key word. Reusability 2. Extensibility 3. Re-implementation 4.

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Modularity 5. Easy to modify 6. Easy to implement real world programming 7. A To handle runtime error, when a runtime error is occurred to avoid abnormal termination by displaying user-friendly error messages.

We have to write the statements which may throw an error. We will write the statements to display user friendly messages to the user to give more clarity to the user regarding error.

A Yes. Types of delegates? Delegate object can hold the address of a function and can invoke a function. Delegates are reference types. Delegates are of 2 types 1. Single cast Delegate and 2. Multi Cast Delegate. NET language independent technology?

Net is supporting for multiple languages. While developing an application by using one. For example: While developing C. Net application we can use vb. As well as while developing VB.

Net application we can use C. Net component. Due to that reason we can say that. Types of assemblies? A An Assembly is a unit of code which provides versioning and deployment.

Assemblies are of 2 types: Private Assembly and 2. Shared Assembly. A exe 1. File extension will be. Collection of classes which has Main will produce exe files. Net Console application. It will depend on some other application for execution for execution.

Collection of classes which is not having Main will produce dll files. Net class library project. It will create a local copy within every client application folder, that local copy will provide the services to concern client application.

It will not create a local copy, it will provide services to multiple client application from a centralized shared folder called GAC. When we install. How to create strong name? A It is one of the. NET Framework utility, which is representing with a file called sn. Using this utility we can give a strong name or public key to the given assembly. Strong name or public key will give uniqueness to given assembly among collection of assemblies.

It is represented with a file called GACutil. Using this utility we can install an assembly into GAC folder Syntax: A Informing about created strong name to the assembly is nothing but signing the assembly. A An assembly which we can use to develop multi lingual applications in.

Pdf and for questions asp.net answers interview experienced

A An application that supports for more than one human readable language is known as multilingual application. A Reflection is used to get the information about an assembly programmatically by writing some code. What is the default data type of enum? A Enum is a value type. It is a collection of constants that means it is a collection of string constants which are representing collection of integer constants.

Int is the default data type of enum. A Generics allow us to define type-safe data structures, without committing to actual data types. A We can avoid function overloading in some level. A Collections are of 2 types: Normal Collection and 2. Generic Collection. The Dictionary class is a generic class and can store any data types. It is a collection of Pairs.

Each pair will have 2 elements: Key value and 2. Item Value. Every item should be represented with one unique key value. A If we want to add a method comment you can just place your cursor on an empty line above one of your method and insert 3 slashes which will insert a comment block for you to fill out.

Scroll down the list until you find "System. Forms", click it and then click OK 4. Using System. Forms; 5. Now go to the main function MessageBox. Show "Hello World" ; 6. Why partial class? Partial class will split into multiple class files but the class name will be same but class files names should be differ.

In asp. A Thread is an independent execution path, it able to run simultaneously with other execution paths. A Whenever we want to create a thread, we have to create an object for thread pre-defined class. A Using thr1.

Questions answers interview pdf experienced asp.net and for

Start ; Start: It is a pre-defined member method of thread class. Using this method we can invoke or start a thread.

.Net Interview Questions_WorkShop(250 questions and answers).pdf

Threadstart is a pre-defined delegate, which is a part of System. Threading base class library. We can initialize a method to thread with the help of ThreadStart.

A Using Thread. Sleep method is used to Block the current thread for the specified number of milliseconds. In other words We can include specific time via thread. Sleep TimeSpan. A Using Suspend we can suspend the targeted thread. When you call Thread. Suspend on a thread, the system notes that a thread suspension has been requested and allows the thread to execute until it has reached a safe point before actually suspending the thread.

A safe point for a thread is a point in its execution at which garbage collection can be performed. Once a safe point is reached, the runtime guarantees that the suspended thread will not make any further progress in managed code. A thread executing outside managed code is always safe for garbage collection, and its execution continues until it attempts to resume execution of managed code.

A Suspended thread can be called back by using resume. A The Thread. Abort method is used to start the process of terminating the thread. ThreadingAbortException in the thread on which it is invoked. A Using GC. Collect ; The garbage collection class provides the GC. Collect ; which you can use to give your application some direct control over the garbage collector. In general, you should avoid calling any of the collect methods and allow the garbage collector to run independently.

A These are just like any other methods in the class and can be called explicitly but they have a special purpose of cleaning up the object. In the dispose method we write clean up code for the object.

It is important that we freed up all the unmanaged recources in the dispose method like database connection, files etc. The class implementing dispose method should implement IDisposable interface. A Dispose method should call the GC.

SuppressFinalize method for the object it is disposing if the class has desturctor because it has already done the work to clean up the object, then it is not necessary for the garbage collector to call the object's Finalize method. A Finalize method acts as a safeguard to clean up resources in the event that your Dispose method is not called. You should only implement a Finalize method to clean up unmanaged resources. You should not implement a Finalize method for managed objects, because the garbage collector cleans up managed resources automatically.

Finalize method is called by the GC implicitly therefore you can not call it from your code. In C , Finalize method cannot be override, so you have to use destructor whose internal implementation will override the Finalize method in MSIL. But in the VB.

NET, Finalize method can be override because it does support destructor method. What is ASP. Why asp. NET is a. NET web technology or Server side technology. To develop a web application by using. Net we have to use a. Net web technology called Asp. Net and a. Net language called C. What do you mean by server side technology?

Server side code we can implement by using Server side technologies. Using server side technology we can develop server side web pages. What do you mean by client side technology?

Client side code we can implement by using client side technologies. What are the programming techniques will be supporting by asp. A Asp. They are1. InPage Technique and 2. CodeBehing Technique. Can we convert client side control as a server side control?

Can we convert server side control as client side control? But we cannot convert server side control as client side control.

How can you pass values between ASP. NET pages? A Different techniques to move data from one web form to another are: Query string 2. Cookies 3. Session state 4. Application state 5. Cross page postback 6. Handler object. What is the difference between Response. Redirect and Server. A Response. It is used to navigate the user request between multiple web servers.

It will not hide the Destination url address. It is used to navigate the user request within the web server. It will hide the Destination url address. Explain about validation controls in asp. A There are 6 Validator Controls.

Requiredfield Control 2. Compare validator 3. Range validator 4. Regular Expression validator 5. Custom validator 6. Validation summary.

When we will go for custom validator control? How to invoke server side validation function and how to invoke client side validation function? A Server side validation functions can be invoked by using ASP. How to access information about a users locale in ASP. A Users locale information can be accessed through System. Culture property. What are the life cycle events of asp. A Application level, Control level, Page level. What are the Asp. Net page cycle stages? A There are overall 8 stages available for any webpage that will undergo with in server at page life cycle.

A Event will execute for some action i. Whereas method will contain some behavior or functionality. A Default events of: A When ever user request for a page for first time it is called First request.

When ever user will interact the page by clicking button or selecting radiobutton e. When we will use Not Ispostback? A IsPostBack: It is the property of the Page class which is used to determine whether the page is posted back from the client.

Whenever we dont want to execute the code within the load event, when the page load event fires then we will use! A Autopostback is the property of the control. If you want a control to postback automatically when an event is raised, you need to set the AutoPostBackproperty of the control to True.

It will provide services to single web 1. It will provide services to multiple applications. If we want to develop a web user 3. If we want to develop a custom control we have to add a pre-defined control we have to use a class library template called web user control to the project. Web user control we have to drag 4. Custom control we have to drag from from solution explorer window to web toolbox window to web page.

A TextBox1. ToString ;. A By using div tag and panel control. A Rendering is a process of converting complete server side code into client understable code. It will happen before page is submitting to the client. A ASP 1. Asp is a classic server side technology before. NET 2. Net is a. Net advanced server side technology.

Net will support 2 programming techniques i. In Asp, its file extension is. Asp has limited OOPs support. Net uses any. Net languages including VB. Net, C but mostly C. NET uses languages which are fully object oriented languages like C. A Two types of memories are there in. Stack memory and 2. Heap memory. A Client Side Scripting 1. Scripting which will execute within the web browser can be called as client side scripting. Using this we can implement client side validations.

Client side scripting we can implement by using client side technologies called JavaScript, VB script and so on. Server Side Scripting 1. Scripting which will execute within the web server can be called as client side scripting. Using this we can implement server side validations. Server side scripting we can implement by using server side technologies called Asp. A Whenever we want to display the Gridview control according to our requirement then we will go for Gridview Customisation.

A It is a Boolean property of gridview control. By default it is true. If we want to customize gridview control.. A Whenever we want to have common header and common footer within multiple pages of a website then we can go for a Master Page. A Whenever we want to display the collection of images in a rotation manner one by one then we will go for Adrotator control.

A View and multiview are container controls. Multiview control: It can contain collection of view controls but not a normal control. View Control: It can contain normal controls, but view control should be placed within the multiview. By implementing view and multiview control we can reduce the no.

A In ASP. NET we have 2 types of Configuration files. Config and 2. How many web. Config is one of the configuration files. It is a XML file. This file we can use to define the ASP. NET application configuration settings.

Config files within a single application. A YES. But the connection string names must be different. A Whenever we want to define some separate settings for couple of web pages, we will create a new folder and we will add that couple of web pages to that folder and we will add a new Web.

How many machine. A The Machine. Config file, which specifies the settings that are global to a particular machine. That is, configuration done in machine. Usually, this file is not altered. We can have only ONE machine.

A Hyperlink: It will not PostBack the webpage to the server. Link Button: It will postback the webpage to the server. It is a process of maintaining the users information. Server Side State Management and 2. Client Side State Management. How many types of sessions? A Session is a temporary variable which will be used to maintain the user information.

Based on the locations, sessions are of4 types: Inproc session 2. State server session 3. Sql server session 4. Custom session. A Within the Web. A Using Abondon. Abondon will destroy the session. Accessing the inproc session data will be faster. It we restart the web server or if any crashes to the web server there is a chance of losing the session data.

If the session data is increased there is a burden on the web server, it will affect the performance of web server and web application. It is not suitable for large web application models like webgarden and webfarm. State server session will provide more security because sessions are creating separately within the windows service.

If we restart the web server or if any crashes to the web server but still session data will be safe. It is suitable for large web applications like webgarden and webfarm model. Accessing the state server session will be slower compare with inproc session.