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Visual basic 2010 express pdf

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HOUR 1 Jumping in with Both Feet: A Visual Basic Visual Studio now by choosing Microsoft Visual Basic Express Edition. Visual Basic TutorialVisual Basic Tutorial 4 of 5 lesforgesdessalles.info /eng/downloads#dexpress Reply HOW TO USE LISTBOXES says. Microsoft launched Visual Basic in the year As VB is a version of the Visual lesforgesdessalles.info programming languages, therefore, it is a full-fledged.

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Visual Basic is just one of dozens of programming languages, but it's one Visual Basic comes in several flavors, from the free Express Edition. Studio, you can download Visual Basic Express for free, and it contains an Visual Basic Express and you want to complete Chapter 20, “Creating. Part I Getting Started with Microsoft Visual Basic 1 Exploring the Visual Studio Integrated Development. Environment. Visual Basic Express and you want to complete Chapter 20, “Creating Web Sites and Web.

Next Loop The format is: Both StartAngle and SweepAngle are measured in degree. On the other hand.. Move Down. It provides latest online news about Visual Basic Express.. The output is shown below: In case you have forgotten the formula for the Pythagoras Theorem.

At the bottom of this dialog box. After you have renamed the project. It consists of an empty form. The layout is slightly different from vb as the Toolbox is not shown until you click on the Toolbox tab. When you click on the Toolbox tab. Now drag the button control into the form. Enter the code as follows: When you run the the program and click on the OK button.

There you are. Reply Blake says: December Reply Master of computers says: Reply pushprajsinh says: Introduction thinhnham says: May 8. Regards Reply diwakar kumar ranjan says: August Visual Basic Lesson 2-Working with Controls in visual basic They are categorized into Common Controls.

The diagram below shows the Toolbox that contains the controls of Visual Basic We can use them to create all kinds of Windows applications. You can reposition and resize it as you like.

At the moment. Some of the most used common controls are Button. ListBox and PictureBox. Printings and Dialogs. TextBox and more. To insert a control into your form.

Now click on the OK button and the code window appears. EventArgs Handles Button1. Click Dim num1. Now change the label on the button to Calculate.. The two text boxes are for the users to enter two numbers. In this program.

Visual Basic Tutorial - Visual Basic Tutorials

The last label is to display the answer. ByVal e As System. Reply amandeep says: May So your screenshots in the tutorial are not quite the same.

Is there a — oriented tutorial? We are in the process of developing VB tutorial, follow us on our Facebook page for updates. Can I ask something sir? Well, i do as you told sir. But my output is nothing. I mean, no answer show in Label. Do i miss something? Zero basic. You can set the properties of the controls in the properties window at design time or at runtime. Figure 3. It refers particularly to interface of the first program you have learned in the previous lesson:.

The RGB code for yellow is In the properties window. Properties can be set by highlighting the items in the right column then change them by typing or selecting the options available. Load Me. Notice that this title will appear on top of the window. FromArgb FormArbg RGB code. MinimizeBox and etc. EventArgs Handles MyBase. You may also alter other properties of the form such as font. At the bottom part. The event procedure is as follows: Blue to determine the colors.

The formula to assign the RGB color to the form is Color. For example the following code will change the form color to yellow every time the form is loaded. You can also change the properties of the object at runtime to give special effects such as change of color..

Here are some of the common colors and the corresponding RGB codes. The following is another program that allows the user to enter the RGB codes into three different text boxes and when he or she clicks the display color button. You can always experiment with other combinations.. Text Me. Click Dim rgb1. FromArgb rgb1. April Liew Voon Kiong.. These three terms are explained below: Encapsulation Encapsulation refers to the creation of self-contained modules that bind processing functions to the data.

These user-defined data types are called classes. Inheritance Classes are created according to hierarchies. Each class contains data as well as a set of methods which manipulate the data. First of all.. For example. In order to qualify as a fully object oriented programming language. The data components of a class are called instance variables and one instance of a class is an object. Polymorphism Object-oriented programming allows procedures about objects to be created whose exact type is not known until runtime.

Pascal and Fortran. Previous versions of VB are known as procedural or functional programming language. A class consists of data members as well as methods. Some other procedural programming languages are C.


In VB Another example is student class is a subclass of the human class while your son John is an instance of the student class. Everything else about that step is inherited. VB allows users to write programs that break down into modules. An object can be created out of a class and it is known as an instance of the class.. It is different from the earlier versions of VB because it focuses more on the data itself while the previous versions focus more on the actions.

That means less programming is required when adding functions to complex systems. It also allows new shapes to be easily integrated. A class can also comprise subclass. VB6 is not a full OOP in the sense that it does not have inheritance capabilities although it can make use of some benefits of inheritance. The ability to reuse existing objects is considered a major advantage of object technology. If a step is added at the bottom of a hierarchy. These modules will represent the real-world objects and are knows as classes or types.

Show Birthdate MessageBox. Show Gender MessageBox. To create class.. Show Name MessageBox. Show MyObject. In order to use the BMI class. Rename the class as MyClass. Rename the form as MyFirstClass. BMI h.

Thank you sir. May 1. Why it loads the previous form not the new one? Pls reply thank you Reply Abdullahi Tijjani R. Thanks a lot. In your first lesson.. Reply Vinod Trivedi says: In this lesson. A class has events as it creates instant of a class or an object. When we start a windows application in Visual Basic in previous chapters.

I will keep the theories short so that it would not be too difficult for beginners. You have understood the meanings of class. An event is related to an object. Event driven means the user will decide what to do with the program.

You have also learned to write some simple programs without much understanding some underlying foundations and theories. Enter as so on. The is the structure of an event procedure. It does nothing other than loading an empty form. This procedure includes the Form1 class and the event Load. In this case. The code must be entered between Private Sub……. End Sub. Object, ByVal e As System. ForestGreen Me.

Cyan End Sub End Classs The first line of the code will change the title of the form to My First Visual Basic Program, the second line will change the foreground object to Forest Green in this case, it is a label that you insert into the form and change its name to Foreground and the last line changes the background to Cyan color.

Me is the name given to the Form1 class. We can also call those lines as Statements. So, the actions of the program will depend on the statements entered by the programmer. The output is shown in the windows below:.

The keyword Dim is to declare variables name1, name2 and name3 as string, which means they can only handle.

Visual Basic 2010 Tutorial.pdf

The output is shown below:. May 25, at 5: I have benefited alot from this work.. April 3. For currency calculation. VB divides data into different types so that it is easier to manage when we need to write the code involving those data. Managing Data in Visual Basic Visua. Visual Basic Lesson In Visual Basic Similarly in Visual Basic Programs that require high precision calculation need to use Single and Double decision data types.

Examples of numeric data types are your examination marks. Object data type and Variant data type. They are summarized in Table 6. In some cases.. Some of the suffixes are displayed in Table 6. Visual Basic Lesson 6.

These data types summarized in Table 6. The non-numeric data comprises text or string data types. In term of VB The following are few examples: Like the mail boxes. Strings can contain any characters. The contents of the variables changes every now and then. To name a variable in Visual Basic For the variable-length string. Dim password As String. If you fail to do so. The format is as follows: For string declaration.

The expression could be a mathematical expression. The following are some examples: Mathematical Operations in Visual Basic. The list of Visual Basic arithmetic operators are shown in table 7. In order for Visual Basic to carry out arithmetic calculations. The Visual Basic arithmetic operators are very similar to the normal arithmetic operators. In case you have forgotten the formula for the Pythagoras Theorem. Click the button and key in the code as shown below.

Visual Basic Lesson 7. Note how the various arithmetic operators are being used. When you run the program. If you only know your weight and height in lb and feet. You can refer to the following range of BMI values for your weight status. BMI Calculator A lot of people are obese now and it could affect their health seriously. EventArsgs Handles Button1. If your BMI is more than Click Dim height. Obesity has proven by the medical experts to be a one of the main factors that brings many adverse medical problems.

The reading suggests that you are healthy. In this example. Here are more arithmetic projects you can try to programs: Reply poorani says: Mathematical Operations Aryiana petroni says: Reply slicer says: Visual Basic Lesson 8. String Manipulation in visual basic V. Click Dim text1. ByVal e As System..

Dim text1. Example 8. String Manipulation in visual basic V.. Click Label1. The Output: Right text1. For example.. Text Label1. The format is Microsoft. April 1.

Basic 2010 express pdf visual

This is in Visual Basic Visual Basic Lesson 9. These operators allow a VB programto compare data values and then decide what actions to take. In order to control the program flow and to make decisions. ElseVisual Basic Tutorial 1 of 7 http: Normally they are used to compare two values to see whether they are equal or one value is greater or less than the other value.

Using If. These operators are shown in Table 9. Using If…. They are also known as numerical comparison operators. Decision making process is an important part of programming because it can solve practical problems intelligently and provide useful output or feedback to the user. The comparison will return a true or false result.. Then… Else statement and If….

Then statement. ElseIf statement. ElseVisual Basic Tutorial 2 of 7 http: There are basically three types of If control structures. In making strings comparison. These logical operators are shown in Table 9. Upper case letters are less than lowercase letters. In order to provide a choice. Then…Else Statement Using only If…. EventArgs Handles Button Using If ElseVisual Basic Tutorial 3 of 7 http: On the other hand.

This control structure will ask the computer to perform a certain action specified by the Visual Basic expression if the condition is true. Then statement is not very useful in programming and it does not provide choices for the users. And when the condition is false.. The general format for the if…then. Then…Else Statement. Click Dim myNumber.

ElseVisual Basic Tutorial 4 of 7 http: On the other hand.. In order to provide more choices. In this example.. Then…ElseIf Statement. ElseVisual Basic Tutorial 5 of 7 http: Then…ElseIf Statement If there are more than two alternative choices. Else statement will not be enough. This means that both the conditions must be fulfilled in order for the conditions to be true Using If.. ElseVisual Basic Tutorial 6 of 7 http: ElseVisual Basic Tutorial 7 of 7 http: Select Case is preferred when there exist multiple conditions because using If…Then.

ElseIf statements will become too messy. ElseIf statement may also compute entirely different dimensions.. ElseIf control structure.. The difference is that the Select Case control structure basically only make decision on one expression or dimension for example the examination grade while the If …ElseIf statement control structure may evaluate only one expression.

Select Case control structure is slightly different from the If…. ByVal e As Label1. ByVal be computed as follow: Text Case 50 to 59 Select Case mark Label Text Button1. The grades can sender As System. Looping is required when we need to process something repetitively until a certain condition is met.

Next loop. Example For its application. Next Loop.. Next Loop The format is: This is generally called looping. End while loop Looping in Visual Basic Visual Basi.

Add sum Else Next ListBox1. End If Next The program will compute the subtraction as follow: The process will stop when n is ………. Click Loop Dim sum. ByVal e TextBox The syntax to use is known as Exit Do. Lets examine the following examples Example The Title argument will display the title of the message board. Style Value. The Style Value will determine what type of command buttons appear on the message box.

Title The first argument. Functions Part 1Visual Basic Tutorial 1 of 6 http: This syntax is as follows: There are two types of functions in Visual Basic The general syntax of a function is FunctionName arguments The arguments are values that are passed on to the function. Visual Basic will automatically shows up a list of named constants where you can select one of them.

Functions Part 1Visual Basic Tutorial 2 of 6 http: Table It has to be declared as Integer data type in the procedure or in the general declaration section. The values are determined by the type of buttons being clicked by the users. Functions Part 1Visual Basic Tutorial 3 of 6 http: There are four types of icons available in Visual Basic as shown in Table The arguments are explained as follows: Prompt — The message displayed normally as a question asked.

Title — The title of the Input Box.

2010 express basic pdf visual

Functions Part 1Visual Basic Tutorial 4 of 6 http: Functions Part 1Visual Basic Tutorial 5 of 6 http: InputBox Prompt. Show userMsg Else MessageBox. Functions Part 1Visual Basic Tutorial 6 of 6 http: I have already shown you a few string manipulation functions in Lesson 8.

2010 express basic pdf visual

The syntax of the Mid Function is Mid phrase. The diagrams are shown below: After a phrase is entered and the OK button is pressed. The following code extracts the left portion any phrase entered by the user. The following code extracts the right portion any phrase entered by the user. The syntax is Microsoft. Right myword. For example: Left myword.

Visual Basic 2010 Tutorial

For example Instr 1. The syntax is Instr n. You can write a program code as shown below: Some of the characters may not be displayed as they may represent some actions such as the pressing of a key or produce a beep sound.

The syntax of the Chr function is Chr charcode and the syntax of the Asc function is Asc Character The following are some examples: LCase Phrase For example. UCase Phrase Microsoft. There are numerous built-in mathematical functions in Visual Basic which we will introduce them one by one.

Functions Part III. The syntax is Math. Fix 9. Exp num1 Label1. Log num1 Label1. The Rnd function returns a random value between 0 and 1. Random numbers in their original form are not very useful in programming until we convert them to integers.

Int For example Int 2. Int 6. Round 7. Round num1. After adding 1. The Format is Round n. Functions Part IV. Formatting Functions -. There are two types of Format functions in Visual Basic Fixed To display the Format Currency To display the Format Percent Converts the number Format 0. Standard To display the Format Examples of user-defined formatting style are listed in Table Format Now.

The predefined formats of date and time are shown in Table Date and Time Formatting functionsVisu. The user can choose underline. EventArgs Handles BtnCalculate. Shopping Cart The program code for shopping cart: End If If CheckBox3. If CheckBox3. The code is as follow: EventArgs Handles CheckBox1. CheckedChanged If CheckBox1. Checked Then TextBox1.

Font, TextBox1. Style Or FontStyle. Bold Else TextBox1. Style And Not FontStyle. Bold End If End Sub. EventArgs Handles CheckBox2. CheckedChanged If CheckBox2. Italic Else TextBox1. EventArgs Handles CheckBox3. Underline Else TextBox1. The statement TextBox1. Italic will retain the original font type but change it to italic font style. Here is an example which allows the user to select one color only. While the checkboxes work independently and allow the user to select one or more items.

Using Radio Button in Visual Basic The Code: In Example EventArgs Handles RadioYellow. Click Label2. Only the radio buttons inside the Groupbox are mutually exclusive. EventArgs Handles RadioButton7. After inserting the Groupbox into the form. The next group of tutorials will create an entire application from start to finish. SpeakABCs is that application.

By using RadioButtons, the user can select what keys the computer will accept. Visual Basic comes with a Color Dialog Box. When called, the ColorDialog will appear allowing the user to select a color or cancel the dialog.

By checking to see if the user clicked OK, the application can change the object to the color selected. For this tutorial wav sound files will be use. MP3 sound files work the same way. This tutorial will cover three ways sound files can be played: Hard coded, part of the solution, and by relative location. To insert an icon into your application, select the Icon button within the Application Properties.

There was a VB application assignment that required multi-dimensional arrays when it should have required parallel arrays. This tutorial shows the difficulty of using multi-dimensional arrays when parallel arrays should have been used.

Tutorial 29 - Making a Class. This tutorial will take what was done in Tutorial 28 and modify the application for use with classes. The tutorial is a walkthrough of a roll playing game simulation program.

The program uses a class to create monsters and our hero. Once the monsters and hero are created they will fight to the death. Once the hero is killed off, the game ends. Tutorial 31 - Picture Transparency. PictureBoxs support false transparency. This tutorial shows the limitations of false transparencies and how to work with them.

It is time to make a simple video game. EZInvaders shows the logic on making a video game. EZInvaders uses PictureBoxes. It is not the bast way of making a game but is one of the simplest to understand.

Adding object by cutting and pasting them is a tedious method when working with large amounts of objects.