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Document about Sri Sri Lahiri Mahasaya's original Kriya - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Complete Kriya Yoga teachings and Kriya Yoga initiation is available for free download by BitTorrent and converted for convenient offline reading. The complete. Kriya Yoga, the highest form of pranayam. (life force control), is a set of techniques by which complete realization may be achieved. In order to prepare for the.

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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 77,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . In chapter 7 you find the description of all the techniques which are traditionally part of First Kriya. In chapter 8 we introduce the Second,. Third and Fourth Kriyas. PART I: MY SEARCH OF ORIGINAL KRIYA. 1 Decision to start the practice of Pranayama p 2 From Ujjayi Pranayama to Kriya Yoga p 3 Breathlessness p .

Here the mind and life become united with the eternal wisdom of Spirit manifested in the cerebrum. Just as prisoners plot ceaselessly to regain their freedom, so the wise among men endeavour to escape the confinement of mortality. They exert a great force of attraction. Iris Iris. As the Ganges came from heaven to earth, in the Puranic story, offering a divine draught to the parched devotee Bhagirath, so in the celestial river of Kriya Yoga began to flow from the secret fastnesses of the Himalayas into the dusty haunts of men. Now you realize that the mental chants of Oms in Kutastha are happening in the center of each Chakra too.

Just as prisoners plot ceaselessly to regain their freedom, so the wise among men endeavour to escape the confinement of mortality. Kriya Yoga not only points out a universal highway of ascending the soul to the Spirit, but gives mankind a daily usable technique through whose practice the devotee, with the help of a guru, may reenter the kingdom of God.

One theoretical teaching leads only to another, but any true practitioner of Kriya Yoga finds it to be the shortest way and quickest conveyance to the kingdom of Spirit. Even an atheist cannot deny the ever-increasing joy that springs from the regular practice of Kriya.

As an educator, I tried this method on sceptical students in my school, and found them converted, not by my words, but by the constantly exhilarating results ensuing from its regular practice. Religion in its theoretical form is only partially satisfying, never fully convincing.

One cannot reach this goal just by mental meditation. The life force is the link between matter and Spirit. Flowing outward it reveals the spuriously alluring world of the senses; reversed inward it pulls the consciousness to the eternally satisfying bliss of God. Two men were meditating in different rooms, each of which contained a telephone. The telephone rang in each room. One man said to himself, in a mood of intellectual bullheadedness: This man may be compared to a jnana yogi who tries to meditate on God, ignoring the unceasing telephonic messages of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, as well as the outward pulls of the life force.

The second man in our illustration had no illusions about his power to ignore the rude clamour of the telephone. He prudently withdrew the electrical plug and disconnected the instrument.

He may be compared to the Kriya Yogi who prevents any sensory distractions during meditation by disconnecting the life force from the senses; he then reverses its flow, toward higher centres. The meditating devotee sits between these two worlds, striving to enter the kingdom of God, but kept engaged in battling the senses. He enters the natural inner calm realm of the soul and Spirit. Withdrawing mind and life force from the sensory and motor nerves, the yogi leads them through the spine into the brain into eternal light.

Kriya Yoga Books

Here the mind and life become united with the eternal wisdom of Spirit manifested in the cerebrum. The centre of consciousness for the average individual is his body and the outer world. The yogi changes his centre of consciousness by nonattachment to the body and to worldly hopes and fears.


The yogi who can change his centre of consciousness from the sentient body to the cerebral throne of Spirit ultimately centralizes his consciousness on omnipresence. He attains the Eternal Wisdom. The aftereffects of Kriya bring with them the utmost peace and bliss.

Yoga pdf kriya

The joy that comes with Kriya is greater than the joys of all pleasurable physical sensations put together. Engaged in divine union of the soul with Spirit, he attains bliss indestructible. I met a very wealthy man in New York.

Pdf kriya yoga

I can teach you how to be perpetually interested in being ever newly happy. He became my student. By practicing Kriya Yoga, and by leading a balanced life, ever inwardly devoted to God, he lived to a ripe old age, always bubbling with ever new happiness. The science of Kriya Yoga first became known to a world audience with the publication of Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi in In the book, he related the following conversation he had with his Guru years earlier:.

The great master lived his sublime life in partial seclusion, and steadfastly refused to permit his followers to build any organization around his teachings. He made, nevertheless, a significant prediction. The message of yoga will encircle the globe. It will aid in establishing the brotherhood of man: Diksha - initiation to Kriya Yoga according to traditional rules is given by God , by a Guru with a physical body or without a physical body or through this web site as a gift of love from God if you can absolutely and fully devote all your life immediately to God by thoroughly following and realizing all " Divine rules of life ".

To receive Diksha - initiation to Kriya Yoga - through this web site you truly and sincerely need to affirm God as your only goal and priority of your life in this present and any future incarnation. Love should be the single most important factor in your life. If you prefer to receive initiation to the holy technique of God-realization personally and physically, then you most likely have completely failed to understand the almighty power of love from God to guide you in all your Kriya Yoga exercises and Kriya Yoga practices any place, any time and most individually optimized.

All you really need to do is to pray to God. All sincere Kriya Yogi should ask God repeatedly - may be every few months or so - to do Kriya Pranayama for you a few times. Then monitor God's Kriya Pranayama and repeat on your own as shown by God to you. Kriya Yoga is a gift from God and you should pray to God to guide you in all your Kriya Yoga practices and correct your exercises when ever needed. To receive Diksha through this web site you will need to carefully and repeatedly read, understand and fully and successfully realize all that is written in all the various chapters and sections from the Cyberspace Ashram at www.

Please understand that all - including the divine rules of life, yama and niyama and a thorough understanding of the physiology of your light body contributes to the success of Kriya Yoga. You need to make sure yourself to surf, read and study truly all files of the " Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition "- several thousand files at present.

Yoga pdf kriya

You and only you are responsible for your success on your path of love home to God. More information will be found on the download page!

Kriya Yoga in its true and only content has been given a long time ago by God to all mankind. Due to limitations of communication in earlier millennium, it always has been given through a physical Guru. The only reason was to make sure that only the absolute true original is forwarded from Guru to chela - Chela is a spiritual disciple. While at the same time each Guru has and had the right to adapt the entire system and techniques to the very individual need of his Chela - the main part of Kriya yoga always remained and remains the very same.

Some additional techniques may vary as there are several techniques available to achieve the very same goal to meet the individual need of a particular Chela. My friend S. About receiving Diksha from a person who really has the realization, ability to give it, Sree Mukherjee desires that each person understands the following concept: Spiritual practice without initiation gives joy to mind for a little while and then the experience settles down you can test it yourself.

After experiencing joy for some time you will see that things will not make progress; sad but this is the reason why many people fail horribly on a spiritual path. Reading different techniques online or in a book they attempt to practice it wholeheartedly, which results into nothing but increased confusion and frustration.

This way if you do not have the genuine initiation, you would not progress very much but if you have the right initiation you will see that your practice will deepen with time..

Kriya Yoga Royal Technique

And always remember: Initiation is a very secret affair between a guru and a disciple, its a matter between two souls, and initiations are never done in group, public and over a distance using internet! At the time of initiation only two people are present in the room, no fancy decorations are needed either What is needed is a pure heart with desire to receive an initiation, your meditation seat and right attitude.

Sushumna is very subtle, you can enter Sushumna only by behaving with extreme delicacy. The secret to enter it is that during Kriya Pranayama your inner gaze and all your attention are fixed in the central point of the spiritual eye between your eyebrows and not in any other place!

This point is Kutastha. Put your whole attention there, there should be no strain on the eyes. Everything stays natural. Now we are going to introduce you to the Kriya Pranayama and explain how to proceed in the practice of breaths in a nonstop session. How to practice: By keeping both the shoulders in a natural position, by expanding the chest a little bit, by bringing the back in a straight position, by lowering gently the chin, by mentally gazing between the two eyebrows, the position becomes steady effortlessly.

Kriya Pranayama starts and goes ahead with natural breathing. While breathing in this natural way, you mentally chant Om six times in Kutastha during inhalation and six times during exhalation. This will seem to you not a correct way of practicing Kriya, but please practice this way, this is what Lahiri Mahasaya and Swami Pranabananda Giri instructed If your breath is shorter, accept this situation without trying, with uneasiness, to lengthen your breath.

A longer breath will appear spontaneously in time. What matters is to stay focused at Kutastha with the mental chant of Om.

Document about Sri Sri Lahiri Mahasaya's original Kriya Yoga.pdf

You can keep the tip of the tongue touching the palate baby Kechari or practice the real Kechari in this lineage of Kriya, perfect Kechari is not required. Knocking with Om at Kutastha will give you the power to enter the 2. At a certain point you feel the spine and the Chakras. Now you realize that the mental chants of Oms in Kutastha are happening in the center of each Chakra too.

The six Oms, while inhaling, reverberate in the six Chakras from down to top: The six Oms, while exhaling, reverberate in the six Chakras from top to down: Ajna, Vishuddha But remember your attention is always at the central point of the spiritual eye. If your focus is diverted from Kutastha, all the magic of this process is lost.

Kriya Yoga Royal Technique by Paramahansa Yogananda

It is Kutastha that gives you the power to feel the central point of each Chakra. And then at a certain moment you will feel that the veil of darkness fades away and you witness the brilliance of the Divine Light in the center of which lies the entry point of Sushumna.

After entering the Sushumna you have to use force on Pranayama. Kriya becomes extremely enjoyable. The length of each breath increases. With such instruction complete your Kriya breaths. Don't overstep the prescribed number: Note If you utilize the force on breath since the beginning of your Kriya Pranayama, the energy will not enter the subtle channel of Sushumna, it will flow outside, making the procedure tamasic, therefore producing only stress.

Routine Kriya breaths [Time required: This final part, where you simple enjoy the peace and the bliss originating from the practice of Kriya is called Paravastha.

Paravastha means: More ''show'' and less results! Instead of practicing so many unimportant 3. To practice Kriya twice a day with Kriya breaths is the basis: People who are occupied with the duties of life may practice only once, either in the morning or at night. By all means: You must enjoy the practice: Further instructions How to improve the quality of Kriya Pranayama will be added in time.

The first stage of Kriya is between the time from getting the Kriya Diksha and the time you are able to enter Sushumna. In order to enter it, you need to make the breath extremely subtle. Many try to raise the Prana in Sushumna with force, in a coarse way.

In this situation, it does not move upwards but is dispersed and burned in the body; indeed, it may create diseases because initially the Nadis are partially blocked. While the first instruction is to make the breath extremely subtle by keeping the breath natural, without applying force, the second instruction is the main characteristic of this lineage of Kriya.

It consist in the fact that all the attention is always in Kutastha. You start your Kriya Pranayama session with a normal breath that doesn't require effort therefore you don't make any sound in the throat and you mentally chant Om six times in the central point of Kutastha during inhalation and the same number during exhalation.