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China statistical yearbook 2013 pdf

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OCTOBER STATISTICAL YEARBOOK OF THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA. Statistical Yearbook is placed before the list of contents in this publication . The Statistical Yearbook gives a description of life and living conditions in The yearbook is accessible in pdf format as from the first edition in China. Myanmar. Pakistan. Sri Lanka. Syria. Thailand. Viet Nam. Antenatal care visit, at least one visit, , China. Population age structure, and Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific.

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Copyright · EDITOR'S NOTES · EDITORIAL BOARD AND EDITORIAL STAFF · New Statistical Yearbooks Published by China Statistics Press. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · #10 B1, Sec. 3, Ba-Der Road, Taipei, Republic of China. Tel. numbers between the 50th issue of the United Nations' Statistical Yearbook and the R.O.C.

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China Social Statistical Yearbook India Statistical Yearbook India India in Figures, , , , Click on 'Download Reports', located on middle right side of page. Then enter title of publication under Keyword search box and choose 'Statistical Publication' from first drop-down menu.

Yearbook pdf 2013 statistical china

Click on desired publication year from list. Women and Men in India, , , , Click on 'Download Reports', located on middle right side of page. Statistical Abstract India Click on 'Download Reports', located on middle right side of page.

Free registration may be requested prior to providing access. Iran Statistical Yearbook of Iran Click on the yearbook title link for individual years.

Iraq Iraq Indicators and Figures Statistical Abstract of Israel Israel in Figures Scroll down to the entry for Israel in Figures.

2013 china pdf yearbook statistical

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Yearbook pdf statistical china 2013

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