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The resistance gemma malley pdf

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The Resistance Declaration 2 Gemma Malley - [Free] The Resistance Malley [ PDF] [EPUB] The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 7 Up—In this gripping, stand-alone The Resistance (Declaration Book 2) - Kindle edition by Gemma Malley. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Get Free Read & Download Files The Resistance Declaration 2 Gemma Malley PDF. THE RESISTANCE DECLARATION 2 GEMMA MALLEY. Download: The.

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The year is Peter and Anna are living freely on the Outside, trying hard to lead normal lives, but unable to leave the terror of the Declaration—and their. The Resistance (Declaration Book 2) - Kindle edition by Gemma Malley. Download it The Resistance The Declaration 2 By Gemma Malley PDF Download. Interview with Gemma Malley The Declaration, The Legacy, and The Resistance all involve the futuristic longevity drug. Do the books follow the same storyline.

Bloomsbury USA, April Peter and Anna live together with Ben. Imagine a world where people are immortal! As in, the son from the mistress who made Peter a Surplus by taking his Legal status. The Setting In the world has an aging population, who are living forever with the assistance of medication. I should really start to DNF books. I'd like to revisit the classics.

You know, I think all books are worth studying, even the terrible ones If you hate something, whether it's a book or film, then that's a really interesting thing.

Why do you hate it? Do the characters not resonate? Is the plot nonsensical? If you can analyse what makes it bad then you're half way to knowing what makes something good.

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Knowledge is power! Name a book that you'd be embarrassed to be seen reading. My own! And fortunately I very rarely pick them up: Do you ever write while intoxicated?

That would be very dangerous, so no. I stick to inappropriate texting instead. Is writing your main profession? Yes, unless ferrying young children around counts as a profession? If you had a book club, what would it be reading and why? I'd like to revisit the classics. Crime and Punishment is perfect for discussing over a nice bottle of red.

What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your writing career? Finishing each and every book. The rest is relatively easy If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be? The wonderful thing about fiction is that characters are always flawed; that's what makes the real, that's what makes us root for them. But it also makes us realise that no one has it all sewn up; even Superman has his own problems. So I might like to dip in and out of characters, to see their worlds for myself, but I think I'll stay as me if that's okay.

I feel like I'm kind of getting to grips with things and I'd hate to have to start all over again All rights reserved. List Price: The Disappearances Gemma Malley. The Killables Gemma Malley. Hodder, March Conclusion Continuing Find this review, plus more, on my blog: Conclusion Continuing the Series: Yes Recommending: Yes Short Review: Wow that was a wide ride!

Just as great as the first, if not better. I really liked having Peter's POV, to see how he thinks since you know from book 1 he is very stubborn in his ways. Anna wasn't in this as much, she kinda freaked out too much for my liking.

Jude is a great addition to the story, and i loved how they worked Shelia back into the story, and now i feel bad for her, so i like her a bit more now than i did after reading book 1.

I was happy to see the inside of the place that makes people live forever. Interacting with Peter's grandpa and Dr.

The Resistance

Very good book, super fast paced, finished in a few hrs. Book Boyfriend: Best Friend Material: I guess Anna still, thou maybe not. Look, I really enjoyed this book, probably even more than the first one when I got into it but the author went and did exactly the same thing again It's annoying me. I finished the first book thinking "hey, that was a really original story" but I only half-heartedly purchased the second one because the first one had ended with both Anna and Peter alive, well and no longer on the run.

The Look, I really enjoyed this book, probably even more than the first one when I got into it but the author went and did exactly the same thing again There is no "oh my god, I must know what happens next" and Gemma Malley went and did it again with the second in the series. But, aside from that fact, I am completely in love with this dystopia that Gemma Malley has created. Anna was far more bearable in this book than the last, and I liked the twist in the story that I'm obviously not going to give away and ruin for other readers.

It employed some crazily good elements of mystery, horror and science-fiction; it also made me sure that I would be getting the next book in the series, even if the ending didn't call urgently for it.

So, yeah, overall it was a really good read. But next time, I demand cliffhangers. This is at the top of my pile of 'most disappointing sequels'. View 2 comments. I think, dare I say it, that The Resistance actually has a slight edge on The Declaration , which was a marvellous enough book as it is.

Now that Peter and Anna are on the outside, living as young Legals in a world were most of the inhabitants mark their age with three digits, and raising Anna's brother Ben, we get to see them interacting with a markedly different facet of society.

The Resistance delves much deeper into the politics and ethics of this world and hints at the slippery slope as moral questioning is appeased bit by little bit. Similarities with Never Let Me Go. I also suspect this series could be of interest to those who enjoyed Unwind. Helen for www. Anna is enjoying being a mother to Ben but is struggling with living in the world so different from the Surplus Hall.

Both she and Peter feel alien from this societ Helen for www. Both she and Peter feel alien from this society and Anna particularly feels the stares of those who disapprove of her youth and her status. Neither Anna nor Peter have signed the declaration and neither want to take the wonder drug Longevity that will keep them alive for ever, but at the expense of not being able to have children and create new life.

As they are refusing the drug and because of their background a close eye is being kept on them by the authorities.

Peter agrees to go and work for the company to feed information back to the Resistance, but he finds this a difficult task as his Grandfather starts to pressurise and then manipulate Peter to get what he wants, which is for Peter to sign up to the Declaration.

Anna still has much of the naivety and innocence from her life shut way and inexperience of the real world.

Gemma Malley eBooks

Anna is desperate to do her bit to help and her desire to help other children who have been abandoned by their parents, or taken from their parents, causes problems. Peter has a fresh perspective though that adds a new dimension. It was so easy to see how they have become like a normal couple with arguments, insecurities and ups and downs and yet they are a couple like no other in the world that they live in.

The pressure and insecurities this brings really tests them. There are new characters too from the Resistance and other places. Peter and Anna have to work out where to put their trust. He is a computer whizz kid, but his life shows us how the worlds resources have been stretched by immortality.

The on-going story continues to provoke, raising issues about our desire to live longer, the price we pay for immortality, the cost to the world as we use our resources carelessly and so on. In particular it made me think about our priorities as we encourage everyone to work more and not necessarily be at home with children and families. This really made me feel that the right to be a mother is precious and not to be taken for granted.

This is a brilliant follow on from The Declaration and is another gripping and challenging read. Feb 26, Amanda rated it it was ok. I really enjoyed the first book in this series The Declaration and think that Gemma Malley's concept is incredibly thought provoking, but I found myself unable to really get into The Resistance. The series tells the story of a future where Longevity drugs have wiped out disease and death, resulting in a population that lives forever.

To prevent the population from growing too large, you have to sign a declaration promising not to have children. Any children that do occur are illegal, referred t I really enjoyed the first book in this series The Declaration and think that Gemma Malley's concept is incredibly thought provoking, but I found myself unable to really get into The Resistance.

Any children that do occur are illegal, referred to as surpluses, and are basically trained to be slaves.

Gemma malley pdf the resistance

In The Resistance, Peter and Anna have become legal and have began settling into their new lives away from the surplus hall. Both are determined to aid the resistance movement and to opt-out of signing the Declaration. Peter begins working at Pincent Pharma his grandfather's company where Longevity drugs are created in order to help the resistance. Gemma Malley's concept is magnificent and really made me think. Why do we have children?

Is it just a biological need to pass on our DNA or would we still want to have children in a world where we could never die?

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In a world where no one had children how long would it take for kids to become the "other" and demonized as such? This concept was truly one that I couldn't get out of my head. I did not, however, really like Malley's execution of the concept. Here were my main problems with the book: Even knowing the kind of world that they live in I found it hard to not be disturbed by a 16 year old I'm assuming she was 16 since she received her declaration caring for a one year old and pregnant with her first baby.

The characters almost seemed like caricatures instead of fully developed, realistic individuals. There was really no way to relate to the other side in this book. The previous book had seemed much more subtle. I finished reading this book, and finished reading it quickly, but I found myself constantly looking ahead to see how many pages I had left and then hoping to finish quickly.

I just wasn't really in to this book, which is a shame because I loved the premise and really enjoyed the first book. View all 3 comments.

Jul 13, Rusty's Ghost Engine also known as I've gotta say the levels of brutality and evil really surprised me. This may sound weak, but this was probably one of the most disturbing books I've ever read, with the levels of hostility and all.

I did however enjoy the concept and philosophy of these series. The suspense and shocking revelations made this worthy of the title bestseller. This makes me puzzle over the fact that most people vote for shit such as the Matched trilogy and The Maestro when there are works of real art like this.

Plus I've gotta say the levels of brutality and evil really surprised me. Plus these books have a message. The ending was a cliffhanger that left me desperate for the finale. Definitely for all dystopian fans. I should really start to DNF books. This book was really a drag.

Dec 05, Librarysteph rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think this should be studied in school, it has the potential to be the next Brave New World or The novel deals with a lot of social issues, and critiques society in a way that will have young people thinking. I have several ideas for essays I could write about this book, and it would not be difficult for a high school English teacher to create lesson plans for it.

The book is successful as a stand-alone but I imagine it is even stronger if you have read the first book. The Setting In the world has an aging population, who are living forever with the assistance of medication. Drastically extended life spans have resulted in overpopulation and a lack of natural resources.

In response to these issues laws are made regarding procreation, which quickly becomes illegal and standard of living is reduced as they make room for progress by giving up homes for small apartments.

Illegal children called Surpluses are kept in prisons and taught that their existence is a sin. Plot Peter and Anna grew up as Surpluses but they have been given legal status this adventure was presumably the plot of the Declaration and now they are trying to fit in among the general population. They are mistrusted and mistreated because of their youth and begin to question why they wanted to become legal.

But there is more to the drug than Peter and Anna could have ever imagined He takes the job with the intention of spying on the pharmaceutical company for the rebels, but his co-workers are persuasive about the benefits of eternal life and he loses track of his goals.

A bit like the attitude towards Surpluses now…Many people lost their lives fighting for these rights — to vote, to be free, to work, to be able to get on the same bus as someone considered their superior. And it was the next generations who embedded these changes, who came to view women as equals to men, who came to understand that skin colour his of no relevance.

Young people are the future. Without them, the world stands still. I was interested in the ideas, I thought the plot flowed nicely, I cared about the characters…basically awesome Jul 21, Alex rated it really liked it. This is the sequel to The Declaration.

I may have to look into it. So The Resistance is set in the same world as The Declaration.

Malley pdf the resistance gemma

A new character is thrown in- a young Legal, just a little This is the sequel to The Declaration. A new character is thrown in- a young Legal, just a little older than Peter. As in, the son from the mistress who made Peter a Surplus by taking his Legal status. This makes Peter and the boy, Jude, half brothers. Once again, the book is in third person, skipping from person to person.

Resistance pdf the gemma malley

Each of the young lives are actually quite separate. Peter and Anna live together with Ben. I felt the characters were kind of lacking. They were more just like figurines to play out the plot and deliver the theme and messages, which really are the two focus points.

But the themes… hoo boy. Old people must rely on young ones to keep them alive. In The House of Scorpions, powerful people make clones of themselves to take organs from when needed. Also, I've been thinking In the post-apocalypse books I've read really, this means The Chrysalids and The Forest of Hands and Teeth , both societies revert back to religion. Like, it's religion all the way. And then, in The Resistance, there's no religion whatesoever. There's a bit of talk about the lack of religion actually, but no one is actually religious.

Gemma pdf resistance the malley

Why is it that science and religion are always on the opposite sides of the river? I mean, I get it, and in some ways, I wonder why they can't be together Now I'm rambling and off pondering.

All in all, great read. It really gets one thinking: Aug 19, Kellie Alley rated it really liked it. This book was better than the first one. It was both intriguing, yet irritating. Characters I thought to trust, ended up being bad. Ones I didn't trust, turned out to be heroes. The whole series is an extremely easy read. Door de perspectiefwisselingen en de introductie van nieuwe personages blijft het boek bovendien erg spannend. Mijn complete recensie lees je op Oog op de Toekomst. The book starts a bit slow, but I kind of liked the way this builded up the tension.

I loved the way the story continues and the fact that most of it is from Peter's POV. I also like newly introduced character Jude a lot. The only reason I didn't give this book five stars is because of two fifteen year olds 'playing house'. Where did Anna learn to take care of a child? In Grange Hall, the surplusses were not alowed on the floor of the Smalls..

And am I the only one grossed out by the fact that they are 'making love'? Besides that, Longevity made woman and man equal. It's like the ultimate way of emancipation. And Anna and Peter go all the way back to the Middle Ages, with her taking care of the children and Peter going to work.. I didn't like this at all. But all in all I loved this book and I just couldn't stop reading. It was amazing! Feb 07, Tia rated it liked it. The second book of this series I find deals more with Peter than anything else.

He begins posing at his grandfathers company where they make Longevity. Peter is trying to find any information to help the Underground. The Underground is a group resistance, they go against everything the Authority and the declaration stand for.

Anna, in what little we see in this book, gets herself into some trouble by being forced into a trap, which the people of the Underground with Peter's help; gets her out of. Peter finds information about the Authority and Longevity, gruesome information. He passes it along to Pip, the leader of the Underground and they attack Longevity's base, freeing Anna, Ben and a whole bunch of Surplus's in the mean time. Anna finds out she is pregnant.