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Chinese magazines pdf

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Scanned issues of the magazine 'China Reconstructs' which was published in 48 pages, Searchable PDF format [15, KB] Includes “Gateway to Chinese”. Volume Issue 1 () Chinese-English · Volume 53 Issue 6 () Volume Issue 6 () Chinese-English · Volume 52 Issue 5 () Volume We are going to list 10 most popular PDF magazine website allowing you to download PDF magazines online for free. The PDF magazines are classified into .

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年1月25日 Download and keep magazines on your PC or mobile device. of traditional and simplified Chinese periodicals, which cover lifestyle, business, 阅读EBMV的 中文报纸和中文杂志/ How to use EBMV on your iPad (PDF, 2MB). Here are 6 Mandarin Chinese magazines to improve your reading skills! as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. No other Chinese magazine has had editions in so many languages. We will # 1 — January, 44 pages, English: Searchable PDF format [16, KB]; English.

Archived from the original Report on 13 December Caijing Cawaii! Volume 26 Issue 3 Chinese-English. Start by reading as much as you can and researching as many new words as possible. You will need to create a RBdigital account and a library card number is required for first time users. Pop Culture China!: Volume 29 Issue 6 Chinese-English.

Volume 50 Issue 3 Chinese-English. Volume 49 Issue 2 Chinese-English. Volume 48 Issue 1 Chinese-English. Volume 47 Issue 6 Chinese-English.


Volume 46 Issue 5 Chinese-English. Volume 45 Issue 4 Chinese-English. Volume 44 Issue 3 Chinese-English. Volume 43 Issue 2 Chinese-English.

Volume 42 Issue 1 Chinese-English. Volume 41 Issue 6 Chinese-English.

Magazines pdf chinese

Volume 40 Issue 5 Chinese-English. Volume 39 Issue 4 Chinese-English. Volume 38 Issue 3 Chinese-English. Volume 37 Issue 2 Chinese-English. Volume 36 Issue 1 Chinese-English. Volume 35 Issue 6 Chinese-English.

6 Chinese Magazines to Turbocharge Your Reading Skills

Volume 34 Issue 5 Chinese-English. Volume 33 Issue 4 Chinese-English.

Magazines pdf chinese

Volume 32 Issue 3 Chinese-English. But the idea of picking up a page book in Mandarin Chinese might still seem kind of…intimidating. Magazines are my favorite way to keep up my Mandarin reading skills , and you might be wondering why.

eMagazines 电子杂志

In order to make the most out of your magazine reading experience, here are some tried-and-true pro tips from yours truly on how to get started. Narrowing down the topic will help you select the magazines that pertain to your interests.

Unlike Chinese textbooks and newspapers , it may seem harder to easily get access to Chinese magazines. Xin Hua Bookstore, the largest and only national bookstore of China, has a significant presence abroad in New York, California and even London. Plus, if you are a fan of e-books and e-magazines, Amazon.

Chinese – English

Download away! Whether you are catching up on a bit of reading while waiting at the airport, or casually sitting down with a magazine in hand during afternoon tea, it might be easy to kick back, relax and forget that Chinese magazines are such an effective tool for improving your Mandarin Chinese.

Pdf chinese magazines

I always found it helpful in my learning process to keep a dictionary and later my smartphone close by, so I can immediately look up the word and fit it into context. Hooray for dictionary apps! It may be intimidating to stare down an entire block of text and not know how to get started. Just remember, the road to fluency begins one step at a time.

Magazines category: China

Start by reading as much as you can and researching as many new words as possible. Here we have selected six top-selling Chinese magazines to suit a variety of interests.

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Please enjoy! Such content includes celebrity interviews, wellness tips, stories about loves lost and found, economic and cultural analysis, profiles of entrepreneurs, jokes and comics. This magazine has something for everyone, and would be a good starting point for those who want to dabble in a little bit of everything.

Read often, take notes, and most importantly, remember to have fun!