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Ibne safi faridi series pdf

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Ibne Safi and his works - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File Altogether Ibne Safi was written detective novels under Faridi series and. Zehreela Aadmi by Ibn-E-Safi (Jasoosi Dunia) - Free download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Freedi Series by Ibn e Safi (Jasoosi. Spy World) is a best-selling series of Urdu spy novels written by Ibn-e-Safi. However, the main characters, Colonel Faridi and Captain Hameed, were Ib.

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Jasoosi Duniya Novels by Ibne Safi جاسوسی دنیا ناولز از ابن صفی (The Frightening Man) by Ibne Safi (Same as of Imran Series No). Free download or read online the 6th segment of Jasoosi Dunya "Jasoosi Dunya Jild 6" and enjoy another novel of Faridi Series by Ibne Safi. Jasoosi Dunya by Ibn e safi, List of jasoosi dunya by Ibn e safi,جاسوسی دُنیا از ابنِ The series mainly spotlights Inspector (later Colonel) Faridi and Sergeant.

Khaufnak Jangal by Ibn-e-Safi. Imran Alam. Shairuz Caesar Briones Dugay. Colonel Faridi. But now due to technology and Paksociety I could read all of them online free. Ibn-e-Safi was also a poet. Sehraee Deewanah.

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Safi pdf series ibne faridi

Please input characters displayed above. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Advertisement. Jassosi Dunya By Ibn-e-Safi. If any one want to upload these all imran series in single link on torrent.

Fareedi Series by Ibn E Safi | Scribd

Please contact us. We Do not know about publish dates. Assalam o alaikum Safdar Shaheen k imran series k novel kb dalen gen? Dear, This is a wonderful effort for the Jasoosi Novel lovers. Very interesting and attractive.

Kya siraf 42 novels hi hain ya or bih hain….??? And Thanks a lot for this. Shelve Khaufnak Jangal. Book 3. Shelve Aurat Farosh Ka Qatil. Book 4. Book 5. Fareedi Aur Leonard by Ibn-e-Safi.

Shelve Fareedi Aur Leonard. Book 6.

Purasrar Kunwan by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Purasrar Kunwan. Book 7. Khatarnak Boorha by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Khatarnak Boorha. Book 8. Masnooi Naak by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Masnooi Naak. Book 9.

Purasrar Ajnabi by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Purasrar Ajnabi. Book Ahmaqon Ka Chakkar by Ibn-e-Safi.

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Shelve Ahmaqon Ka Chakkar. Paharon Ki Malika by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Paharon Ki Malika. Maut Ki Aandhi by Ibn-e-Safi.

Safi pdf series ibne faridi

Title source: Shelve Maut Ki Aandhi. Heeray ki Kaan by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Heeray ki Kaan. Tijori Ka Geet by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Tijori Ka Geet. Aatishi Parinda by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Aatishi Parinda. Khooni Pathar by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Khooni Pathar. Bhayanak Jazeera by Ibn-e-Safi.

Shelve Bhayanak Jazeera. Ajeeb Awazen by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Ajeeb Awazen. Raqqaasa Ka Qatl by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Raqqaasa Ka Qatl.

Neeli Roshni by Ibn-e-Safi.

The aim of his all books is the control of the law and order over the crime and gangsters in the community. Actually the central idea of all his books is crimes of the earth. The open eye keeping person on the earth can know well and will accept this fact that the earth is now full of crimes and there are many kinds of crimes are there so it is not easy to count all of them. It seems that there is full control of the crimes on the mankind and its society and its endless progress is damaging the society completely.

Pdf series safi ibne faridi

Ibne Safi was a man of sensitive nature and he was hated the crimes and he was a deep love of the mankind. He was used to like some time some psychological criminals who due to injustice and problems for them in the society and for this reason they have adopted the criminal life. Being a great humanitarian he was much interested to clear the society from the criminal people. He disliked all forms of crimes and such movements.

For this reason at the end of his every book the reader will find the control of the law over the criminal people. He thinks crime as crime and whatever the reason may be there and there is no compromise with him in this matter. Ibne Safi was great writers of the twentieth century who has observed the problems and crimes as well as the destruction of the second world war.

Jassosi Dunya By Ibn-e-Safi

He was not only an expert on the psychological matters but he was a social scientist. His observation was very deep and he was champion of the comparative study of the problems. He had great psychological knowledge of human beings and its society and for this reason in his writings there is a clear picture of psychological problems of the society which were coming into existence in the shape of different isms and the development of modern science which also played a major role to many crimes in the society.

So for this reason Ibne Safi thinks that due to the presence of different isms which are the reasons of physiological problems of the modern society. The modern society has put heavy curtains between a man and his creator so the man began thinking to himself that he is the creator of his inventions and for this reason instead of thinking himself as the representative of the real power, he has become himself as the centre of the power in the world.

Ibne Safi used to think literature as a powerful medium to clear the society from all sorts of problems and crimes so he had laid the foundation of this kind of fair detective literature in Urdu in which he has presented detective novels with powerful stories in which he has described the modern time criminal stories and without such literature it was not possible to solve the crime problems of the modern time. There was a good picture of the community which was under difficult position due to the result of the industrial revolution and scientific progress and technology.

For the above reason, there was a problem on the face of the man and each and every body was suffering due to the smoke of chimneys of the factories and industrial homes. There were new methods of crimes and injustice was developing in the society in the world.

Safi faridi pdf ibne series

So the literature should not require the stories of the fairy lands at that time but to build the foundation of literature with the. As Ibne Safi is not the name of a person but he is the name of a period. Due to his attractive and interesting style of writing his detective books many people were starting reading the detective literature created by Ibne Safi at that time and actually such people who were not interested even to see the books.

87. Zehreela Aadmi by Ibn-E-Safi ( Jasoosi Dunia)

It is a great work of Ibne Safi on the literature of the Urdu world. Ibne Safi worked hard for the art of creating characters and art of description of scenery and these two arts were much developed by Ibne Safi. In his books each and every character will left permanent impressions on the reader's mind and the readers will feel such characters are live and found in their lives around them.

In the same way sequences of scenes are in perfect balance in the story background and due to this reason the readers will get lost in the events of the story as well as in the background scenes of the situation.

So for the reason the scene of the event will come before the eyes of the readers like flash system. The control of the law and order over the criminals is the aim of his novels. He will also discuss the subject matters in the books that in the community there is an available angel type as well as the Satan types people together. For this reason the theory of good and bad deed is very old like the history of human beings and the Satan. In his books on the subject of crime and its punishment were also discussed thoroughly and in it the picture of the mind of conspirators are available clearly with the flavour of funny aspect as well great adventure and fiction events are mentioned in his books and these things will put positive and good results on the readers mind.

His books are also real pictures of the international fraud and plots of the killing of the innocent community of the world by planting bombs and terror acts and other.

Due to the mastery in the character creation and the scene of the events so the Urdu detective literature will be always proud in this matter. A very important matter which is known in all over the world that his all books are free from any vulgar matters and events and scenes and dialogues as well as sex matters so for this reason all family members can read his books on the same table and can discuss freely because in his books the objectionable remarks and events are not available in them.

Ibne Safis books are divided into two series which are as follows. Faridi series 2. Imran series. Review some of the books of Faridi series are as follows. These books are complete with its stories and covered the details and events of international conspiracy and some other details.

The first book Faridi and Leonard is a great book of suspense in which the story of Leonard is added and who is an international blackmailer and the killer and who had done many crimes in the Europe and whoever will come under his grip Leonard will not leave him. But when he enters in India his all intelligence and criminal capacities are blocked and he will find himself in the cage like a helpless bird due to hard task and the endeavours of Colonel Faridi.

Lashun Ka Saudagar in this book all work of mastery is available and which is necessary for such a great book and this book is very famous. The book Toofan Ka Agva, is a great book which shows new directions and new heights because in it there is adventure, detective work, scientific fiction works are included along with suspense of the events of fiction are fast running and the readers will observe new world of action in it.

In the character of Dr. Harmonious there is description of his personality is added in it and Neelam is Ibne Safis special psychological character for which the mind will start thinking about her and will not stop it and not able to decide whether to love her or hate her. One more character of Qasim who is a member of rich and wealthy community on him injustice was done and for this reason he is also responsible for doing injustice to others.

In the detective series four books are famous and which are as follows. In these books the story is linked together and there is lots of suspense, sex, terrorism and drug mafia activities and such other events are available and which are born from the body of modern Pharoah which will show the crimes of modern times in the society. It is noted that the writer was writing these books by the end of the year in and in the story he was shown about many isms of the world which are available in the world at that time.

His novel Garvan Zeena, which is a very strange story and its end is also strange and for this reason the readers will think that in the world nothing is not in strange than the man in the creations. So in the civilized nation the man is so secret in the world than other creations. The Satan who is an enemy of the man who deceived him by adopting many shapes. Ibne Safi is among such writers who is able to divert the waves of Urdu literature and he was most successful in this matter so for this reason nobody could not know that his position is equal with the writers of the Europe and America and also in some other fields he was far away from them.

Regarding his novel Sholan Ka Nach Ibne Safi has given the following message upon the publication of the above novel to the readers which is as follows. Till now I have written 50 novels and a writers greatest asset is his writings. So I will present my asset in its best form and condition.

For this reason my novel Sholan Ka Nach is my life's best achievement and the best novel so I think I could not present no other better book than this novel. This is a small paper in which there is a brief biography of Ibne Safi is added and in this paper there are some great achievements of this great writer of sub-continent which are not yet known to the general persons and other persons are mentioned in a very interesting style so for this reason the readers will find great interest and attention in this matter.

From the above facts and details, if the readers will starts reading this paper and will not stop its reading till they will reach its last page as in this research paper some interesting events and as well as other great and endeavours of this writer are added and this great Urdu writer who was passed away from the world some 33 years ago. Even though this is a small paper but due to its importance it is so great due to coverage of many interesting events and positive information in it so it is like an important paper of the information about this great Urdu fiction writer and who was passed away from the world upon doing his great endeavours and many hard tasks for the presenting great detective Urdu novels in the world.

So this paper is a small one but it will present great knowledge and information for the guidance of readers towards reading the great books of detective novels in Urdu. To write about this great fiction writer is not only it is difficult and but it is very hard task as he was not only a great writer of his time in the subcontinent but he was also a great humanitarian in the subcontinent who struggled hard for the preaching and propagation of moral values through his books of fiction 33 years ago so in brief he was great writer of his time in the subcontinent and who did many great endeavours for the preaching and propagation of moral values in India and around it and there was no such personality during his time.

His books are great remedy and cure of the tired persons and they can become fresh again by reading his books of great adventure and suspense. So it is not wrong to say that his books are heaven for the tired persons. The modern man is now a days in pressure of personal and other problems so if he will refer his books then I hope that his mental pressure will be down and he will be fresh again upon reading the adventurous books of great value to face the challenges of life and work.

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jasoosi Duniya No. Imran Series No. Jump to Page. Search inside document. After him he left him a good stock of detective novels behind him. Mystery novels Short stories and articles of humour and mockery Ibn-e-Safi started writing poetry in his childhood and soon earned critical acclaim in the whole South-Asian community.

AdLava In Urdu script: Following is the list of his Ghazals: He was perfect in developing characters and scenes in the books.