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The semantic mind . Chapter Four: REVERSAL THEORY & THE SPLIT BRAIN consists of genetic programming, which empowers the deepest drives for. You have two distinct parts to your mind, the conscious and sub- conscious. The conscious mind (CM) gives direction and deals with day-to-day decision making . All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and is any altered state of mind or focus. It is a dreamlike imagination for programming and response. Use your imagination and.

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Programmer's Guide to the Mind. One of the first steps in mental programming is to take information from others and to evaluate it for yourself. Testing ideas in. It is my intention to show you how you can take control of your own mind and therefore your own life from .. Imagination is a very useful tool when programming. Before you get offended, we all have faulty programming. To get to the place you desire to be in life, you must reprogram your subconscious mind for success!.

There would be a lot more combinations if we were to use email formatted phone dialing methods, especially if we use a variable length. Random House. Often this would be a frustrating task because there is a difference between what people think they hear and the way things are. Colin Shaw, R. An example, an area in information technology where evidence of partnerships being beneficial is with running an email server. An activity to find out more about this is to have a third-party draw shapes and have two people try to describe them to each other.

The dominating manipulator knows they are in control because the supporter feels as though it is too late and not wanting to admit they are wrong, follows a larger favor. Sometimes the manipulator alternates a larger ask the participant to do smaller tasks. This allows the supporter to feel guilty about not granting the larger request and the smaller request looks easy to grant David L McMillen, One trick that manipulators use to stop people from being mad at them is they try to put themselves down.

They tell a joke or tell an embarrassing story about something they have done. The manipulator tries to appear as though no one has a lower impression of themselves than they do.

By manipulate the supporter into thinking that it would be easiest just to point them in the only direction they can go up. This is dangerous as those who feel the need to control others through manipulation does not feel as though they are in control of their own lives Greengross, When a person expresses themselves as lower than the other person thinks, neurologists have shown that what fires together wires together.

No human can multitask nor have the neurological ability to give attention to each firing in the brain. When a person reinforces the fact they have low self-confidence, it steals neurons from axons that may think of themselves positively. They may become destabilized and unpredictable. They may see it as a contest and are more determined to dominate Bas Andeweg.

Figure 3: Figure 3 shows a chart of user personalities and how they can be manipulated. Religions often encourage the distribution of wealth among all participants in the economic system and against hoarding. The idea of Manna means that God is a provider and according to scripture, God made the uneaten manna disappear. A common misconception in economics is the broken window fallacy. People new to economics wonder if when vandals smash a window would it make money that would otherwise might be used on other goods and services that would be used should the window not be broken.

The economy is most lucrative when motivated people distribute the wealth Michael Munger, There are industries that give goods and services based on restoration such as arborists who remove trees from houses after a windstorm. This is a thought that can justify the internal argument that spam is for times and circumstances such as these. This work has the goal of inspiring the reader to read more about the history of those who are different from himself.

A sad reality is that people find groups that have more similarities than differences attractive Dietlind Stolle, This leads to a broken economy. I want the reader to learn to take steps such as welcoming community to the outsider.

Figure 4: Figure 4 To Americans, it is often a shock to learn that one of the most hacked departments of government is the United States is The Department of Commerce.

The frequent hacking of the United States Department of Commerce can stem from a historical debate between John Locke view of government and the view shared by Hobbes and Jean Jacques Rousseau which is a more socialist view of how an economy works.

[BOOK] PDF The Conscious Mind: Programming The Brain-Computer Collection BEST SELLER

In the Dragon and the Elephant, compares two countries in terms of economic growth, China and India. India is a country more influenced by Locke. In the past India, influenced by Indira Gandhi thought that it would be best if they limited the amounts of imports and horrified by the social effects of the industrial age in Europe, tried to keep a nonalignment policy, a policy which kept countries free from the over dependence of other nations including the idea of a separate economy.

Soon people realized that they needed some interaction with other nations. When this realization occurred, they came up with a new system that included competition and allowed state to compete for the good of the people who lived in it.

China has a communist system which suppressed competition by limiting the rewards. China has a singular massive economy, because Europe was nimbler because they had many smaller states competing for economic growth for the good of their residents Morrison, Chinese business leaders describe their economy like a bird who has just enough room in the cage to fly around Paulson jr, When comparing these two countries, Robyn Meredith found that the communist economy to soar at first by allowing activities that might be slower in a democratic economy such as forcing move of residents to build a dam.

India took more time to develop but had more incentive to offer its people because of competition Meredith, Edward Bernays says Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism this unseen mechanism of society is an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.

Some programs focus on finding the leak of information on the dark web and hope to persuade the thieves to take down the data using legal action. This is much like accepting the risk of cars falling off a cliff and parking a fleet of ambulances under the cliff. In this situation, careful civil engineering to design a robust road system should get more thought.

Similarly, a robust framework of questions to decide reality and help redirect where conversation is going could be helpful. One method of influence is to point out those who are better able to help. Giving money directly to people who could be getting help elsewhere might not be advisable. The story Billy Goats Gruff shows redirecting a person to resources you can decrease their dependence on begging and take steps towards building a more reliable career path.

Work release allows participant to improve their lives. After illicit money-making activity is no longer available could offer an incentive to invest and a commitment to themselves and to the community, it changes to a solution where everyone helps and learning occurs.

What suspends your disbelief? Fiction authors often help people do this every day. A common experience for people who watch a good movie to have a tough time of pulling themselves back to the present. This is an example of convincing yourself.

This involves dropping into the subconscious and reaching themselves and having the person arrives at the same the author intends.

There is both the elective storyline and the educational storyline. The elective storyline is one that the reader chooses to suspend disbelief. The educational storyline is a subconscious storyline Rabkin, Sam reminds him that it is always darkest before the morning. Sam explains to Frodo Frodo: I can't do this, Sam. I know. It's all wrong. By rights we shouldn't even be here. But we are. It's like in the great stories Mr.

The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were, and sometimes you didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy. How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you.

That meant something. Even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Because they were holding on to something. What are we holding on to, Sam? The British used two slogans. One of them was, Never was so much owed by so many to so few. The British planned to only use the third slogan in the worst-case scenario which was if the Third Reich invaded Britain. Fortunately, this day never occurred, but the British released the slogan after the war Addison, Similarly, Area 51 talks about an act of cruelty by a government suppressing aliens from outer space.

The movie urges the audience to have a more compassionate response while accepting people of diverse cultures. These questions are examples of neuro-linguistic programming. In sports competitions the only way a person could win is if they believe they can of win. Some competitors in sports have one of the two psychological strategies, to overwhelm the competition and the other to start to allow the competitor an introductory advantage, allowing an overconfident competitor and later in the game start playing.

This is particularly clear in wrestling. This would cause confusion in the mind of the competitor. Using pre- rehearsed and opportunity encoding wisely can help keep up focus and willpower. Emerson said, A man is what he focuses on all day long. There are two components on the mind. There is the intuitive section of the mind and a section based on habits and traditions.

Playing sports is easy when these two components of the wise mind coordinate. Recently I took part in a survey of techniques to deter telemarketers conducted by the FCC in One suggestion I made was that we should use an alphanumeric system to make robocalls easy for telecom companies to detect. There would be a lot more combinations if we were to use email formatted phone dialing methods, especially if we use a variable length.

Less awareness of telemarketing practices allows the marketer efforts to be more successful than the spammers. Yet there is more awareness of telemarketing and its solicitations compared to applications available on the software store. Many people do not understand the danger of a connection to an unknown web host.

Microservices give modules of communication which software engineers build computer tasks like Legos. By having a set of open-source microservices we can avoid workarounds.

By avoiding work around there is less incentive for both users and programmers to build limited proprietary systems and one-off solutions that makes a well thought out security control as ineffective as if it did not exist at all. However, we must work together so there are not too many standards. The IOT is an example of having too many standards which are proprietary communications. By having standards, we can help security companies save money on securing connections that are not based on http such as restful applications trend, particularly driven by the IOT of having standard as opposed to proprietary communications.

By having standards, we can help security companies save money on securing how applications communicate such as restful applications. However, the mobile cell phone industry has a great method of developing standards motivated by economic and interoperability necessities. Figure 5: Partnerships is a dirty word in information technology management because they are a group of industries brought together by a common enemy.

They can cause conformity, suppressing creative defense by making mandates on the budget. A partnership can do the most good is by information sharing. The idea itself is noble, but there should incentives or else it would cause resistance. Elimination of obstacles such as privacy, freedom of judicial action can help parties feel that they can be open and honest with each and enable organizations to best fight cybercrime.

In January of I fell victim to a fraudster who sent me spam. It was a fake offer of employment and it was embarrassing coming forward and sharing information hoping that my information would help others. One of the benefits of open source software is that it encourages entrepreneurs to need to stop trying ideas that have tried before except their implementation would be the one that give the needed effect. With inherently little risk other than personal time, people who take part in open source are great people who have the humility and sacrifice to engage with the people around us, listen to them, and come up with solutions that keep our community moving forward.

An example, an area in information technology where evidence of partnerships being beneficial is with running an email server. Many medium-sized and smaller companies do not have a staff dedicated to a single application. Email, one would argue is an application essential to any organization, regardless of factors such as geographic, size of company, or business sector. Many governmental employees here in Washington State begin each day by checking email.

This is the first job they must carry out each day. There are two ways of organizations to give the infrastructure for email.

There is an on-premise solution as well as a hosted solution as service providers such as Microsoft, Zoho, or Google. Let us talk about the on-premise solution first. With Microsoft exchange, one would have to set up an edge transport server giving mail flow, antivirus, and mail flow rules.

The edge server is not behind the DMZ. There is a cost of anti-spam solutions and gateways. Postini was a Google product that filtered incoming mail only from the years to Companies such as Symantec offer Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange protection that can do in going and outgoing email scanning. This is a best practice, allowing for a way for incoming spam coming with an IP address instead of using a domain name, thus removing the potential for a man in the middle attack.

Some legislators argue that privacy is one of the reasons why they want the host of the email servers in-house. This seems redundant because they also give email retention for when of an emergency.

There is also a DAG, a database availability group giving availability if a node crash. According to Glassdoor positions in backup and recovery do exist as full- time equivalents. Email offered though hosted exchange services offers a way of outsourcing the responsibilities of giving email services while keeping the company at a safe distance from the daily maintenance tasks such as giving updates.

Microsoft does not have a rolling release. For example, the latest release of Microsoft Exchange, at the time of this writing is Microsoft Exchange Server Google encouraged their clients to use the hosted Google apps platform because they realized that many organizations were unable to devote the attention needed to keep up their email server settings.

One of the most important reasons to use hosted email is secure. Security gateways makes false positives which are legitimate emails be marked as spam, difficult to retrieve.

For example, a special sandbox environment included within products made by Symantec or Intel security can hold the email. Microsoft Office or Google G Suites offers simplified spam retrieval because the email shows up in the junk folder on the same interface.

Spam is more than just a nuisance because it allows hackers the ability to intrude companies using phishing as an entry point. Some smaller organizations try to avoid the complications of having a virtual environment such as open stack, VMware, or Hyper-V by hosting the email server on their main server, often their domain controller. Headers from on-premise emails show what subnet the email is running in, the default gateway, and the NetBIOS name of the sending machine should the email originate from an email client such as Microsoft Office Outlook client.

Figure 6: The amount of information revealed through an email header trivialize the reconnaissance phase of a cyber security event. We need WinRM to work properly. Think about it for a while, a file originating from an unknown host, being able to execute gave the system credentials for clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird. While outside providers cannot catch-all instances of spam or malicious emails, they have seen a large number of emails from the sending host; even if it originates from a bot in an inconsistent way.

The book Hacking for Dummies explains that these are among the most commonly hacked ports. Figure 7: Figure 7 shows a table of ports that are needed to be open when using an email server.

I would recommend we use as few UDP ports as possible. Some people mistakenly believe subnets give security. When the computer socket going to Wireshark is in promiscuous mode the and the network ACL is open we can capture all packets going through the machine.

This is a software change, which is alarming. Usually with TCP connections, the network address translator NAT prevents traffic from traveling from one subnet to another. However, since some applications use UDP for their connections, the security subnets give to TCP applications is not applicable. UDP allows the passing of data over connections that are quick and dirty.

This service listens for incoming connections to a named instance and gives the client the TCP port number that corresponds to that named instance. If the client connects to a specific port of the named instance, the SQL Server Browser service does not have to run.

Remember the internet works with ACL or access control list, allowing for the possible for a person to reach Google without being a part of the same subnet. UDP hole punching allows two hosts to communicate across one or more network address translators.

Typically, an application, when it sets up direct communications between two or more communicating hosts choosing to use a third-party host on the public transit network by using a UDP port. Usually normal communications traffic or when there is no significant traffic keep-alive packet traffic usually consisting of empty UDP packets or packets with minimal non-intrusive content enable once port state keeps the port states open.

Teamviewer uses UDP hole punching. Another service that is of benefit to organizations beyond email is customer related databases. If you think you do not have any SQL databases in your organization, are you using an antivirus with a hosted management system? A security researcher notes: Yet Microsoft's default setting and installation made it so.

Should Microsoft choose not to open those ports by default, the coding mistake would have had little effect or result. This is a mistake, as exploitable UDP services are quite common and attackers certainly do not ignore the protocol.

Fortunately, Nmap can help inventory UDP ports. The only way to do a secure system is to fill the server up with concrete and sink it to the bottom of the ocean Simmons.

Understand behavioral economics explains why a person would want to compromise an application and how to make it difficult so they move on to the next application. There is a famous analogy in computer security involving a bear. Is it truly necessary for us to outrun the bear? Sometimes when there is a limited appetite for the bear, all we need to do is to outrun others.

In the early days of malware, a programmer wrote scripts. However, today entire teams of programmers write scripts using automated tools Russinovich. Hackers spread these tools online in the dark market and others are in the public view on personal blogs and websites. The malware authors are using an increasing level of automated tools, enumeration tools cast an ever- widening fishing net over the internet.

(PDF) Jedi Mind Tricks and Neuro-linguistic Programming | Robert J Wahlstedt - lesforgesdessalles.info

An example of the crackers stealing tool to sell the tools is in August of when a group known as the Shadow Broker's hacked into the NSA and released an arsenal of hacking tools. The crackers boldly proclaimed they would give them to the winner of an online bitcoin contest.

What does this mean for us as the common, ordinary people of the world? Well it means that our computers and associated internet connections are vulnerable. To get beneficial threshold of just enough security, it is important to think critically system and look at why someone would go to the trouble to hack into the system in the first place.

What are the clear assets of the data? What methods did hackers use to break into this system in the past? Same thing with the mental muscles — work out your mental muscles repetitively and consistently. This is the only way to ensure a long lasting subconscious mind shifting. In this article, I will explain exactly how to communicate with the most powerful asset you have — your subconscious mind.

The techniques that are listed in this article, are on-subliminal messages methods. Subliminal messages are an intense technique to communicate with the subconscious.

Click here to find out how to program your subconscious with subliminal messages and achieve your goals and dreams. You have to be specific, yet not too specific, you have to be rational in your request willing yourself to fly like a bird is not rational, but you can make it rational if you want to take a skydiving course and you MUST focus on that, and that only!

For instance, a woman who wants to find her perfect partner: Maybe she is too dependent and that makes potential partners go away, so she needs to take care of that issue too, along with her main goal.

When you are having a dialog with yourselves, you must ask yourself: The help can be a therapist or even close friends who know you the best. You must be willing to be exposed to the answer they give you.

Pdf mind programming

He decides to communicate with his subconscious mind, but he must find the reason or reasons that he is being stopped from reaching his goal. He must find the cause s , and accordingly, build a communication system with the subconscious mind. When using those techniques that are presented below to program your subconscious mind, it must be before sleeping time or right when you wake up in the morning. About 15 minutes before falling asleep, the mind and body begin to calm down, the muscles loosen up, the breathing becomes more at ease, the heartbeats start to slow down and the whole system gets into a deeper relaxation mode.

At this point, the brain produces alpha waves. By talking directly to your unconscious brain, you will accomplish the goals you set, experience good feelings, become emotionally balanced, feel more relaxed and at ease. Metaphors have been proven to be extremely effective. Metaphors have a huge impact on your subconscious mind. No wonder so many books, plays, movies and even commercials have been using metaphors to convey the messages. For example, the metaphors can be a field and seeds, or a world with endless possibilities, powerful like planes in the sky, a stable, big tree planted on a riverside, a certain home that makes you feel comfortable, etc.

Relaxing, calm, soft and pleasant music helps the brain let go and relax. The music must be heard repetitively every night and it must relax you.

Pdf mind programming

Avoid using music that keeps you awake and alert. We recommend using alpha brainwave music. The alpha brain waves tune your brain into its receptive mode. That is the reason the biggest meditation gurus around the world get into alpha state in order to meditate. After getting in the position of deep relaxation, this is the time to communicate with your subconscious mind.

This takes time and practice. When the alpha waves open the gate for affirmative suggestions, powerful metaphors will do the work. The method is right for you if you tend to daydream; If you like art and have an artistic personality; If you use metaphors in your daily life when you tell stories or talk to friends; If you think about life as a parable and a moral; And if you read this paragraph and liked the sound of the metaphor method.

This method to shift your subconscious mind requires a few steps. Before starting to apply the steps below, you need to get into a comforting relaxation mode. Repeat the breathing process until you feel relaxed and calm.

Remember that no matter how long it takes you, breathing correctly is extremely healthy and a natural remedy for stress relief. Create the desired image in your mind and imagine how your life is going to look when it happens; visualize the final result AFTER you fulfill your wish.

This step is static visualization — look at your life after the goal was accomplished. Get as detailed as possible. Mix the video and static images back and forth as quickly as possible.

Imagine yourself in a framed picture exactly the way you desire, then immediately switch it to motion images. Do it for minutes. Either way works excellently as long as you practice on a daily basis or should we say nightly basis …. It will help you greatly in two ways:. All it takes is minutes. Like the other methods, this one also requires a calm state of mind. Ask your subconscious mind to bring up a good memory from the past. Most likely many memories will pop up.

Relive this memory all over again.

How To Program The Subconscious Mind

If you feel this is impossible, just think about eating a lemon right now. If you can imagine yourself eating a lemon and experience the taste in your mouth, it goes the same with a past memory.

Reminiscing a positive past memory will create a good feeling instantly and will make you connect with your subconscious mind. These patterns have damaging influences on the subconscious mind if repeated regularly. Then they keep wondering why nothing is changing or why things turn out to be even worse. See it as a window to make things better. Imagine when you turn this practice to a routine. Night after night you bombard your subconscious mind with positive past images and memories.

You can choose different suggestions, as long as you relate to them and they are formulated correctly.