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Medical Terminology –Arabic. Heart/vascular disease. = ﻣرض اﻟﻘﻟب. Blood clots/ DVT/Thrombophlebitis. = ﺟﻟطﺎت اﻟدم. Cholesterol or lipid problems. = ﮐوﻟﺳﺗرول او ﻣﺷﺎﮐل . ARABIC MEDICAL TERMS IN lesforgesdessalles.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Learning Arabic Medical Translation Guide Common Medical Terms sorted by English .. English-Kurdish -Arabic Medical Dictionary. قاموس طبي | Offline English Arabic Medical Dictionary, Translator, Pronunciation, Terminology - Best way to learn any language is to have a.

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The unified medical dictionary: English-Arabic. Thumbnail. View/Open. dsa pdf ( Mb)‎ lesforgesdessalles.info 6 Data Collection (3) Arabic Medical Terminology Survey: The I went through each English medical term and its multiple Arabic equivalents, and. PDF | Translation of medical texts poses several challenges to Keywords: English medical terminology, English-Arabic medical dictionaries, multiple Arabic .

Power Translator. Cohabitation PDF Download. Organisational Readiness PDF. PDF Primary Curriculum: Contact Us. Abridged version 60 pages Online. Paramediese Vakwoordeboek - Afrikaans medical vocabulary list with translations into English and Afrikaans.

All Arabised and explained in Arabic, with a glossary matching each word with its synonym in English. Unified Medical Dictionary from World Health Organization - Searchable bilingual Arabic-English medical dictionary database with access to a number of different specialized dictionaries. Arabic Microfinance Gateway - English-Arabic dictionary of financial terms. English interface here.

Fashion - English-Bulgarian dictionary of fashion and textile terms. Chinese Esaurus English-Chinese Medical Dictionary - This online resource tool, intended for both professional and public use, is manually compiled with reference to an extensive collection of bilingual medical dictionaries and glossaries published by institutions and healthcare authorities in the People's Republic of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Traditional Chinese Medical Glossary - Terms are listed in both English and Chinese phonetic alphabets for easier searching, and the explanations are written in English and Chinese. Danish - Online medical glossary for a number of languages.

Danish-English Environmental Dictionary - Danish interface, with around words. Informationsordbogen - Provides definitions for over terms related to library science and information technology IT-leksikon - Information technology terms in Danish and English, HTML format.

Dutch Mijnwoordenboek - Dutch dictionaries to and from English, French, German, and Spanish, plus a number of specialized dictionaries, synonyms, verb conjugation, spelling, games, and more. Taalvlinder's Collection of Dutch-English Specialty Dictionaries - A very extensive listing of dictionaries of all kinds - one of the most useful Dutch-English collections Taalvlinder List of Medical Terms - A number of medical glossaries divided as to content.

List and Glossary Of Medical Terms: Dutch - Online medical glossary for a number of languages. Dutch-English Business Dictionary - A practical dictionary for people who need to be able to read Dutch documents or business journals. The emphasis is on the translation of words that business people will need to use in business situations. Woordenboek Organische - Dutch dictionary of organic chemistry.

Glossary of Construction Terms - Dutch-English glossary of terms used in the construction industry. Mick's Rijmwoorden Boek - Dutch rhyming dictionary. Finnish Finnish Medical Glossary - Glossary of medical terms with definitions and explanations in Finnish. Finnish-Swedish-English-Russian Mathematics Dictionary - Keyword search, also provides a view of all words in one page. Finnish Mathematical Dictionaries - Listings of various mathematical translation materials in Finnish; the page is in English.


English-Finnish Mathematical Dictionary - With regular expression search. French Le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique anglais-francais - French interface, provides dictionary translations for technical terminology to and from French, English, and Latin. List and Glossary of medical terms: French - Online medical glossary for a number of languages.

Canadian Common Law Dictionary - A dictionary of Canadian common law with translations into French, meant to serve the needs of French-speaking Canadians. Le Jargon Francais - A monolingual French computer and information technology dictionary in a wiki format, with contributions by users. Gaelic Computing Terminology - Glossary of computing terms in Gaelic.

English pdf dictionary medical arabic

Roche Lexikon Medizin - German monolingual glossary of medical terms List and Glossary of medical terms: German - Online medical glossary for a number of languages. A search for one of these terms results in a hit list, where the individual list members point to glossary entries and grammatical descriptions.

Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Marketing - German-English bidirectional dictionary of marketing terms. German-English Mechatronics Lexikon - Dictionary of mechanical, engineering, and electronics terms in German and English.


Tranzmatic - A German-English technical dictionary containing approx. Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronyms and abbreviations in German and English, with a special emphasis on abbreviations of chemical compound names. Computer-Lexikon Glossar Online-Lexikon - German translations of computer and information technology terms. Lebensmittel Lexikon - German dictionary of culinary terms. Immunology Glossary - English to Greek glossary of immunology terms, with an interface in Flash.

Infolex Informatics Terminology Dictionary - Bilingual dictionary of technical terminology with searches on terms and abbreviations. Inforterm - Greek-English-French dictionary of information technology terminology with searchable interface. Hungarian Pirula. Jarmuszotar Automotive Dictionary - Hungarian-English dictionary of automotive terms, with over 24, terms. Electronics Glossary - An electronic library of documents and computerized information resources using the most common English words and abbreviations and their definitions in Hungarian.

Italian - Online medical glossary for a number of languages. Dental Dictionary - In English and Italian, searchable online.

Terminology of Cardiology - With Latin and katakana input. Biological Glossary - translations into Japanese of biological terms.

It shares one of its selling points with the Web: They are woodcuts, but often rather good ones, and sometimes clearer than photographs could be. Lithuanian Encyclopaedic Glossary of Astronomy - Astronomical terms in Lithuanian, with over terms.

قاموس طبي | Offline English Arabic Free Download

Dictionary of Building Terms - Short Lithuanian-English dictionary of terms in the construction industry. Norwegian The Green Dictionary - Terms from food and environmental science, agriculture, forestry, etc. Words and Phrases in Insurance - Monolingual Norwegian dictionary of insurance terms, searchable, or with entire page view of dictionary. Another Man: Antistigma-Kompetenz in der psychiatrisch-psychotherapeutischen und psychosozialen Praxis: Das Trainingsmanual Schriftenreihe Kompetenznetz Schizophrenie Maier, W.

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Pdf english medical dictionary arabic

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Dictionary english pdf medical arabic

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