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THERE IS ONLY WAR. DOWNLOAD: lesforgesdessalles.info http://saturnfive. us/ships/battlefleet-gothic.d/RULES-PDFs.d/lesforgesdessalles.info 4 - THE BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC ADDITIONAL SHIPS COMPENDIUM the firing will hit by tracing a straight line from the stem of the firing ship to the centre of the . Battlefleet Gothic - Space Marine Fleet List Battlefleet Gothic - Comprehensive Chaos Fleet List . Battlefleet Gothic - Armada

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Battlefleet Gothic - Rules - Armada - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or view presentation slides online. Rules - Armada for Battlefleet Gothic. Here you will find the PDF for: The Main Rulebook for Battlefleet Gothic; The Expansion called Armada; Doom of the Eldar: rules for the. with the most recent online versions of the Battlefleet Gothic Rulebook and Armada and the files at Games Workshop's Specialist Games Battlefleet Gothic.

Xca iber Full Member Posts: Even while fully docked the ship is still targeted and attacked separately to the fort, although it counts as being in close formation with the fort for massed turret fire with the benefits and dangers that brings. A disengaged Daemonship may re-enter play on any Chaos turn following the one in which it disengages. They are stewards of terrifying mechanical might. Chaos Space Marines are relatively rare however and a great many Chaos fleets will be made up of renegade captains and their ships with not a Traitor Marine in sight. An immediate drawback became obvious as nearly three and a half thousand extra crewmen had to be drafted in simply to man the additional weapons and to maintain the short-lived relays that powered them. Long Knife II reports Ork warband heading our way.

Like the Emperor class, the Oberon dispenses with the normal armoured prow and instead carries a mass of sensor probes that it uses to direct its attack craft to the enemy.

Often used in dangerous armed patrols with little or no escort, the Oberon is able to utilise its superior sensor probes to allow a captain to judge the nature of potential threats long before they are aware of the battleships own presence, a factor that makes the Oberon superior to most other ships in this role. In combat, the Oberon lacks the hard-hitting power of the Retribution and Apocalypse classes and the massive attack craft wings that an Emperor can deploy, but it has consistently proved itself to be a very capable ship of the line that has the potential to defeat any enemy it may face.

Returned to base to refuel and rearm, before receiving the scramble signal once more. Heavy enemy air activity in the southern skies, attacking missile silos. The ship can be seen with the beginnings of the characteristic armoured prow, although as yet the extra armour had not been added. Today, the Vengeance remains part of the Imperial fleet reserve, regarded by most admirals as an old warhorse, past its best days.

Vengeances have also been identified as part of Traitor fleets, dating back to the mass mutiny that split the Imperial fleet in half during the Great Betrayal. Since then Imperial ship design has slowly evolved, but within the warp, where time does not follow a linear path, ships can survive untold millennia as if it were only yesterday. TAW plus 2: Reports that the orbital defence network has been penetrated. Enemy activity intense.

The primitive Ork attack craft are strafing our ground defences. Far less comforting engaging such numbers without the support of our surfacebased missiles and lasers.

Currently heading back to base to refuel, pursued by full strength enemy squadron. The Shadow Fires have been vectored on to our position to cover our withdrawal. Just sighted a burning orbital platform high in the atmosphere, plummeting to the surface. Starting to hear reports of the complete failure of our defences. TAW plus 3: Home base overrun by Ork warband. Hearing that many air bases are suffering in a similar manner. Ground defences are still mostly in Imperial hands, but are under heavy assault by the enemy and thus of little use in shooting down Ork landing craft.

How did they manage to land troops so quickly? The Long Knives are diverting to secondary base. The active Vengeance class grand cruisers that are part of the Segmentum Obscurus fleet are generally deployed in squadrons whose ongoing mission is to patrol and defend the systems lying around the Eye of Terror in a constant vigil against Chaos incursions.

Other Vengeances are scattered across Imperial fleet reserves throughout Segmentum Obscurus and Segmentum Pacificus as second-line units, replacement squadrons and mothballed as war reserves.

Several patrolling squadrons of Vengeances have, whilst engaged in routine duties, strayed into the Eye itself, either lured there in pursuit of raiders or caught in a sudden and unpredictable flare or expansion. Such patrols are never seen again, although reports of Vengeance class grand cruisers supporting renegade raids and even Black Crusades have been on the increase. It is a gun boat, designed as a line-breaker. The squadrons of Avengers would deploy behind a shield of escort vessels or light cruisers.

As the fleets closed the range they would accelerate to full speed, racing into the midst of an enemy fleet. Once in the heart of the enemy it would sit, its heavy batteries blazing left and right, trading barrages at point-blank range.

The plan called for two or three squadrons of Avengers to cause and usually take very heavy damage, but its big batteries could out-shoot most enemies at close quarters. The disruption and damage caused by this brutal tactic of close quarters slugging would leave the enemy fleet in disarray, and easy prey to following waves who could then mop up.

As tactical doctrine changed so the Avengers place in many Imperial fleets became redundant. The Avenger was relegated from front-line duty. Many had their batteries stripped out for use elsewhere. Some squadrons were mothballed in fleet reserves, but, when hard-pressed, the Avenger can once again be seen racing into the heart of the enemy.

The shadow of a space hulk is hanging above us, just beyond the atmosphere. It must truly be huge for us to see it at this range. Target of opportunity. Ork landing craft spotted with light escort. The Long Knives engaged and acquitted themselves well, sending three craft to the ground in flames before the escorts rallied and drove us off. Long Knife IX did not make it. Secondary base also overrun by the enemy. Have decided to divert to the Plains of Anthrand.

I hope we can affect a landing there without too much serious damage to our undercarriage. Fuel critical. Have made contact with forward team of the Pioneer Corps within the Plains.

Gothic armada pdf battlefleet

They are preparing a temporary flight strip for our arrival. Brave men to set up a beacon for us whilst the Orks invade. Usually operating with two or three squadrons of escorts, Exorcists were often posted to the far-flung corners of the Imperium to patrol the edges of the Eastern Fringe and into the galactic halo.

The Light of Ascension was fitted with shorter range but more powerful weapon batteries. Reduce the range of the weapon batteries to 30cm and increase their firepower to 10, at no extra points.

Down the years the Exorcist has gradually been replaced by later ship designs, especially the Mars class. Some Exorcists were kept on by fleets on the fringes of the Imperium to plough the long lonely patrol routes into the halo.

Many Exorcists were used as colonial transports. The entire penal colony of Brandt was moved en masse by Exorcist grand cruisers to populate and work Tor Alpha, a world beyond the Eastern Fringe, discovered by and named after the famous Rogue Trader Foulway Tor.

The Exorcist squadron, led by the Light of Ascension was then used as convoy escorts for the ore transports returning to the Imperium, and played a major part in the defence of the system when it was attacked and eventually overrun by a Tyranid hive fleet. M41 Kingmaker Battlefleet Scarus.

TAW plus 4: Squadron grounded. Sighted Ork squadron on horizon as we landed, but I believe we were undetected.

Pioneer Captain Ranlic most welcoming. Pioneers sparing what fuel they can for our Thunderbolts, but due to leave soon for their own mission. My pilots have been ordered to extend every courtesy to the Pioneers. We owe them a great deal. Almost without exception, Armageddon class ships are built from the recovered hulls of crippled Lunar class vessels, making them one of the easiest battlecruisers to construct, though many fleet commanders have proved unwilling to sacrifice large numbers of their main front-line cruiser.

The very first example to depart the extensive St. Jowens Dock was the Ex Cathedra. Originally named the Orion as a Lunar class, the ship suffered heavily whilst engaging Chaos raiders above the world of Pyran and, as it limped back to the Armageddon system, the decision was made not only to repair the venerable vessel, but to upgrade it to battlecruiser standards.

Power relays were re-routed from the ships main plasma reactors to provide a substantial increase in efficiency for the existing weapons batteries, whilst long-ranged lance turret arrays were built upon a modified dorsal spine.

This alone gave the ship a much greater punch at medium ranges and the ability to engage at distance.

An immediate drawback became obvious as nearly three and a half thousand extra crewmen had to be drafted in simply to man the additional weapons and to maintain the short-lived relays that powered them.

Gothic pdf battlefleet armada

TAW plus 8: Hearing comm bursts that many other squadrons are still fighting, their pilots not able to rest as they come down to rearm, then return to the furball.

The Long Knives are suffering some guilt for this, but there is little we can do. Have warned them to steer clear of all enemy activity. Long Knife II reports Ork warband heading our way. Squadron air borne to turn them back.

TAW plus 9: Heavy combat. Strafing warband column. Lost Long Knife II to ground fire. Enemy air activity detected. TAW plus Long Knives in retreat once more. Pursued by three enemy squadrons, no answer to distress calls. Its heavy gun batteries can almost match the firepower of larger cruisers and it is capable of holding its own in the midst of a pitched battle.

Many Endeavour class light cruisers were sent to the Armageddon fleet during the latest Ork invasion, where, during fighting against Ork vessels, the Endeavours relative slow speed for its class was not found to be a hindrance. The Endeavour, and its sister vessels, became a stable of the Armageddon fleet as replacements for lost ships. Special Rules. A common tactic amongst fleet admirals is to pair up Endeavours and Endurances for mutual protection, and a fearsome combined firepower.

Given that the Endurance is produced in less numbers, a lack of Endurances does not always make this possible. It is more likely that a mixed squadron will contain two or three Endeavours and a single Endurance in support.

Operating in this manner, the Ad Liberis was responsible for the destruction of nine Ork escorts as the War for Armageddon began above the high-g world of Pelucidar during a savage three-hour engagement, before their withdrawal was ordered by Admiral Parol. A capable carrier, the Defiant is regarded as too vulnerable to operate without support.

Lacking any guns for self defence, the Defiant is usually relegated to a support role, operating behind the main fighting ships, out of the line of fire. A relatively recent development of the Endeavour, the light carriers of this class proved to be vital lynchpin of the Imperial fleets desperate struggle to stem the relentless tide of destruction and death that accompanied the Orks massive invasion force into the Armageddon sector. Being more agile than the much larger Ork kroozers arrayed against it, these vessels were able to push deeply into the vast greenskin host before unleashing their bombers upon the capital ships of the invasion fleet.

Though the Forebearer and Archangel were lost above St. Jowens Dock when they were overrun while struggling valiantly to refuel and rearm their beleaguered attack craft in the heat of battle, their brave pilots were responsible for destroying the kill kroozer Grimzags Ammer and crippling two Terror ships. When traitors made off with the designs for a larger escort ship to fulfil the role for the Cobra destroyer from the Monsk forge world in M40, the Magos set about reconstructing the records of its design with what little information was left behind, and brought it to Voss.

By M41 the first operational escort squadrons based on this new design began to ply the stellar void. Though this design is slowly being distributed throughout the domains of the Adeptus Mechanicus, dissemination has been slow and many fleets still go without a single example of this type.

Only two squadrons were operational during the early years of the Armageddon War, the Michaelis Fire Squadron and the Torchbearer Patrol. An all round escort much in the mould of the widely built Sword class, the Falchion is versatile.

It is used for patrolling, convoy escorting and as close escorts to the light cruisers, guarding its larger cousins rear in battle.

Like all the Voss pattern ships, being unique to that forge world, it is not commonly distributed throughout fleets but those that are equipped with Falchions find them a worthy substitute for the common Sword class.

For an Imperium still reeling from internecine Heresy that almost tore it apart, the division of power was a vitally important consideration. Of the most extreme options on offer, it was ventured by some that the Space Marines should be denied any vessels at all, barring intra-system transports for movement between homeworlds and attendant moons. Corax, amongst others, protested strongly that in fact had the Space Marines been better equipped with fleets of their own his own Legion might not have been so horrendously decimated when trapped on Istvaan V by Horus and the newly revealed traitors.

Instead, a compromise was reached which limited the Space Marines to vessels whose primary role was that of transport, delivery and suppression.

Only the smallest of vessels would be permitted to act exclusively as gunships, with the larger battlebarges and strike cruisers remaining predominantly as aids to invasion, ensuring the Space Marines would never present a threat to the Imperial Navy proper.

Inevitably, the wrangling over interpretation of a ships primary role leads to some chapters possessing rather more versatile fleets than the Imperial Navy is entirely comfortable with. Unlike the vessels of the Imperial Navy, a Space Marine ship has a relatively small crew. A Space Marine is far too valuable to waste in manning a gun or watching a surveyor screen, and so only the officers aboard a vessel are likely to be Space Marines, as well as the few Techmarines who oversee the engines and perform other mechanical duties.

Almost all the ships systems. There are also a few hundred Chapter serfs to attend to other duties, such as routine cleaning and maintenance, serving the Space Marines during meal times and other such honoured tasks. These serfs come from the Chapters home planet or the enclave they protect, many of them Novitiates or applicants who have failed some part of the recruiting or training process. These serfs are fanatically loyal to their superhuman masters, and indoctrinated into many of the lesser orders of the Chapters Cult.

Although human, they still benefit from remarkable training and access to superior weaponry than is usually found on a naval vessel, making them a fearsome prospect in a boarding action even without the support of their genetically modified lords.

Space Marines are highly organised, efficient and disciplined, allowing them to out-perform their enemy in almost any situation. When randomly generating the Leadership value for a Space Marine ship, use the table here. Rather than the bombers and fighters employed by Imperial Naval forces, the Adeptus Astartes make exclusive use of the Thunderhawk gunship. They also make use of other types of ordnance not widely used in the Imperial Fleet. Enemy hit and run attacks against a Space Marine ship deduct 1 from their dice rolls and so will fail on a roll of 1 or 2 before modification.

Their entire organisation and the weapons and ships at their disposal are designed solely for the purpose of reclaiming or destroying planets that have fallen into enemy hands. In a Planetary Assault scenario, Space Marine strike cruisers and battle barges earn 2 Assault points for every turn they spend landing troops or bombarding the planet, rather than 1 point as is normal.

In an Exterminatus scenario, a battle barge can be used as an Exterminator, unchanged from the following data sheet battle barges are equipped with virus bombs and cyclotronic warheads as standard.

Bombardment Cannon Space Marine battle barges carry a heavyweight battery of bombardment cannons as part of their main armament. Bombardment cannons are huge, turret-mounted linear accelerators, capable of launching a salvo of heavy magma bomb warheads. As their name implies, bombardment cannons are used primarily for pounding planetary defences into rubble and giving devastating orbital support to Space Marine landing forces. Bombardment cannons are equally devastating in ship-to-ship combat, capable of blasting apart any capital ship in just a few salvoes.

Bombardment cannons fire in the same way as weapon batteries with two exceptions: I Bombardment cannons always hit on a 4 or more, regardless of the targets armour even vs ordnance.

II Bombardment cannons inflict critical hits on a roll of 4 or more, rather than just on a roll of 6. The strike craft then neutralise orbital defences, ground-based defence laser silos and missile bunkers.

By preference, if the system defences are weak or still under friendly control, the Space Marines will deploy directly onto the planets surface, often directly into the midst of a decisive engagement to take advantage of the considerable shock of their arrival.

In conclusion I would surmise that the Adeptus Astartes command powerful fleet forces, capable of overwhelming even a heavily defended system. In a fleet action they would be at a disadvantage in comparison to Imperial Navy vessels, due to their special adaptations for planetary assaults. However it is hard to imagine that the Adeptus Astartes would accept a ship to ship fight on any but the most favourable terms, instead operating against shipping lanes, dock facilities and other vulnerable assets.

Space Marine vessels may fire boarding torpedoes instead of ordinary torpedoes, as detailed in the Ordnance rules in Battlefleet Gothic. There are no specific rules for drop pods they have been taken into account with the Space Marines special rules for planetary assaults. Thunderhawk gunships combine the abilities of assault boats and fighters, and move like any other attack craft, with a speed of 20cm.

A Thunderhawk counter that is intercepted by enemy fighters or moves onto an enemy ordnance marker removes the enemy as fighters would. However as they are extremely resilient, roll a dice when this happens. Also, if a Thunderhawk marker uses its save to remain in play and comes into contact with another ordnance marker in the same ordnance phase, it is removed normally. Note that against Eldar fighters, which also have this ability, it is possible that you end up with neither marker being removed!

If this happens, either marker is free to move away in their next turn, or they can stay in place and attempt to remove their enemy again. Once a Thunderhawk marker has made its hit and run attack, it is removed from play.

Most Space Marine Chapters control two or three battle barges. They are very brutal vessels, with only one purpose behind their design. As might be expected, a battle barge, is configured for close support of planetary landings and carries numerous bombardment turrets and torpedo tubes. A considerable amount of hull space is given over to launch bays for intra-system craft and drop pods, observations indicating that up to three companies can deploy simultaneously. The vessel is extremely heavily armoured and well shielded, presumably so that it can breach planetary defences without harm coming to its cargo.

Naturally the battle barge would make a frightening opponent in any situation where boarding is involved. Often the arrival of a Space Marine strike cruiser is enough to quell a rebellious system. The Space Marines are quick to act if their enemies surrender is not immediately forthcoming. Strike Cruisers are fast, lightly-armed vessels which mass slightly less than the Imperial Navys Dauntless class light cruisers.

Their primary function seems to be that of rapid response, reports indicating that they are invariably the first craft to arrive at a threatened planet. Strike cruisers appear to carry approximately one full company of Space Marines including support vehicles and have been observed to deploy them within twenty minutes of arrival in orbit. Strike cruisers, first and foremost, need to be swift vessels, with a substantial transport capacity and various means of delivering those troops be that a mixture of teleporters, drop pods or launch bays equipped with Thunderhawks.

Within these parameters, strike cruisers can, and do, take a variety of forms. The Grey Knights, perhaps the most secretive and unusual chapter of all, have their base within the Solar System itself, within easy striking distance of Mars and hence their strike cruisers are sleek vessels, utilising quite the simply the most advanced systems available, even by Space Marine standards.

Other chapters, too, possess widely differing forms of strike cruiser, each shaped by centuries of tradition and varying doctrine amongst the chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. These ships are mainly used for patrols through the Space Marines domains, and for providing a mobile escort for the battle barges and strike cruisers. Rapid strike vessels are crewed by the Chapters serfs, overseen by a cadre of Techmarines and other specialists.

Using Rapid Strike Vessels: There are many different types of rapid strike vessel, and their design can vary from Chapter to Chapter. Space Marine Fleets may represent these various rapid strike vessels by using the escorts from the Gothic Sector fleet list, with the additional Space Marine rules listed earlier, at the points cost indicated in the Adeptus Astartes fleet list. As you will see from the fleet list, these vessels cost an additional 5 points, due to the additional Space Marine special rules.

Of course, these must be painted in the appropriate fleet colours you cant just take your Imperial Navy escorts and say that they are rapid strike vessels! As such, the Dark Angels chose the Hunter class destroyer as the most viable counterpart to the Imperial Navys cobra and maintain large flotillas of the vessel in all their battlefleets. Drop pods are basic ablative capsules which descend to a planet in a rapid drop, controlled by a ring of retro burners, closely resembling a simple ships life pod in operation.

Boarding torpedoes are large, self-guiding missiles which appear to carry a significant number of troops and are used for ship-to-ship boarding actions. Invariably the Gladius is the most numerous escort within a chapter-fleet, being one of the few escorts in relatively uniform usage across the chapters. The vessel, although larger than any genuine gunboats likely to be in us, is relatively small by Space Marine standards, seldom carrying much more than a single squad of Space Marines who are invariably spread across its decks and control centres supervising the much more numerous chapter serfs upon whom the chapter relies for actual operation of its vessels.

As such, the Gladius lacks the genuine punch of other Space Marine vessels, and is of little use in their favoured planetary assaults, but instead earns itself an admirable place as the foremost ship of the line when it comes to more mundane border patrols and deep space blockades.

It lacks sufficient size to really fulfil the deployment and assault roles for which Space Marine ships are primarily intended and its lance armament and speed make it a menacing gunboat in its own right. As such, the Nova remains rare in most Space Marine fleets, a trend the Imperial Navy, the Inquisition and other institutions perpetually concerned by the balance of power would dearly love to see continue. Thunderhawks also carry a substantial armament of missiles, rockets and cannons for their size, and are used to give direct fire support to the Space Marines once they are on the surface.

Though Thunderhawks are relatively ponderous, their heavily armoured heat shielding and flexible weaponry make them a prickly proposition when it comes to interception. My initial findings are below and as you will observe the available information is scant. The Chapter Masters I have contacted have all refused to render detailed information regarding the strength and location of their fleet units, giving only hazy details about individual ship types at best or stony silence at worst.

Their repeated implication seems to be that they are more likely to have to fight against Battlefleet Obscura than alongside it, hence their interest in joint fleet operations is minimal. The majority of the information I have gleaned is from the ships logs of the Righteous Endeavour and the Demiarch Vespasian, who were both present at the Scylla incident and the subsequent convoy runs through Ork held space.

Earlier, well-documented histories are available for the Battle of Macragge and the incursions of the Black Crusade of Vulkarth, but I have found these to be dated and of dubious veracity. I will update this report as I gather more data but the lack of cooperation from the Chapter Masters and the dispersed nature of their forces will be a constant impediment.

These gigantic craft contain sufficient accommodation, workshops, training areas and dock facilities for the entire Chapter and operate as a mobile base for Chapter operations. The warp drives for these structures must be enormous, far exceeding those of our own Emperor class battleships.

However the loss of the Fire Hawks fortress Raptorus Rex during a standard jump from Piraeus to Crows World in may indicate that these craft are dangerously unstable. Allegedly no Chapter possesses more than a single fortress, on this basis I would estimate that there are between two and five of these behemoths operating in the entire Segmentum, and at most one in the Gothic Sector.

Battle Barges Battle barges have been reported in conjunction with nearly all major Astartes operations, most recently in the Scylla incident. In this engagement a battle barge of the Harbingers Chapter identified as the Unrelenting Fury intercepted the Scylla and delivered a series of punishing salvoes against it.

The Unrelenting Fury was observed to suffer severe engine damage from repeated attack-craft attacks but was otherwise unharmed. If the Unrelenting Fury is a typical example of an Astartes main fleet unit the following conclusions can be drawn: As might be expected the vessel is configured for close support of planetary landings and carries numerous bombardment turrets and torpedo tubes. A considerable amount of hull space is given over to launch bays for light intra-system craft and drop pods, observations indicating that up to three companies can be deployed simultaneously.

The Unrelenting Fury was apparently slow and very stately in its movements indicating that engine strength is comparatively low in relation to mass, although this may have been due to damage from the fighter attacks.

In ship-to-ship combat I would rate this vessel as comparable to an Emperor class battleship, its lower acceleration and closer ranged weapons weighing off against superior armour and shields.

I have been unable to find any definitive information about numbers of battle barges in operation but I have located twenty eight separate reports of incidents involving them in the Segmentum over the last 20 years.

From these reports I have identified eleven different craft, five appearing in the Gothic sector. Strike Craft Strike craft are fast, lightly-armed vessels whose mass is slightly less than our own Dauntless class light cruisers.

Strike craft vary in configuration but share common features of large bays for deploying ordnance and powerful warp engines.

Strike craft appear to carry approximately one full company of Space Marines including support vehicles and have been observed to deploy them within twenty minutes of arrival in orbit. The sheer numbers of reported sightings of strike craft indicate that they also perform patrol and pursuit functions across a vast area of space.

I would estimate that there are approximately one hundred craft of this class operating in the segmentum as a whole, of which twenty to thirty appear in the Gothic sector on a regular basis. Ordnance In addition to standard missiles and torpedoes the Adeptus Astartes utilise three main types of ordnance; drop pods, boarding torpedoes and Thunderhawk gunships.

Drop pods are basic ablative capsules which descend to a planet in a rapid drop controlled by a ring of retro burners, closely resembling a simple ships life pod in operation. Drop pod shells examined on Larras Landing show they carry five to ten warriors in exceedingly spartan conditions. Boarding torpedoes are large self-guiding missiles which appear to carry a similar number of troops and are used for ship to ship boarding actions.

The tip of the boarding torpedo contains magnetic clamps, shock absorbers and explosive charges for breaching a target vessels hull. With both drop pods and boarding torpedoes the troops. Thunderhawk gunships are employed as intra-system transports moving troops, supplies and ammunition between ships and planets or between planets, moons or asteroids within a star system. Thunderhawks also carry a substantial armament of missiles, rockets and cannon for their size and are used to give direct fire support to the Space Marines once they are on the surface.

Most Astartes strike craft appear to carry at least three Gunships, which between them is sufficient to transport a company of Space Marines simultaneously.

Link to BFG material for those who want it. - Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Battle barges are thought to carry at least nine Thunderhawks each and fortress monasteries might be able to carry thirty or more. A typical offensive against a rebel or alien-held planet begins with the arrival of strike craft which engage and clear away defending system ships and may establish a hidden base located within an asteroid field or on a small moon if a protracted campaign is being undertaken.

The strike craft then move on to neutralise any orbital defences, ground-based defence laser silos and missile bunkers. Orbital defences are boarded and captured as occurred on Larras Landing, Bray, Magdelon, Vanaheim and many others and then turned against ground defences or simply destroyed.

Surviving ground defences are sabotaged by scout forces or captured by main force assault troops inserted via drop pods. In addition to the delivery and support of ground forces Astartes vessels will undertake patrol operations to secure a system against pirates or raiders for a limited duration. However they obviously view this as a role which should fall to the Imperial fleet and Chapter Master Verchen of the Iron Fists even went so far as to pass comment on the number of raiders which have recently penetrated the Purgatory system and the blockade around Dudzus.

In conclusion I would surmise that the Adeptus Astartes commands powerful fleet forces, capable of overwhelming even a heavily defended system. In a fleet action they would be at a disadvantage in comparison to Imperial vessels due to their special adaptations for planetary assaults.

I only pray that they remain on our side. If your fleet is worth over points it must include a fleet commander Fleet-Admiral Ld 8. Battleships You may include up to one battleship in your fleet for every three battlecruisers or cruisers. Imperial Emperor Class Battleship. You may include any number of escorts in your fleet. Imperial Falchion Class Frigate. Your fleet commander gets a single re-roll included in his points cost, and may buy more if you wish.

The cost of your re-rolls depends on the commander you choose ie you cannot choose to buy Master of the Fleet re-rolls if your fleet is commanded by an Admiral. Admiral Re-rolls One extra re-rolls.

Command duties were shared between officers of the Imperial Navy and their Space Marine counterparts throughout the Third Armageddon War. As long as at least one Space Marine Battlebarge is included you may choose a Master of the Fleet, who will always be assigned to a Battlebarge and cannot be assigned to a non-Space Marine ship.

As long as the ship includes at least one Imperial capital ship it may include a fleet-admiral, admiral or solar admiral, who will always be assigned to an Imperial Navy vessel and cannot be a assigned to a Space Marine vessel.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

Battlecruisers You may include up to 1 battlecruiser in your fleet for every cruiser. Mars Class Battlecruiser. For this reason, the combined numbers of Endurance and Defiant class vessels may not exceed the number of Endeavour class light cruisers in the fleet. Ships with torpedo tubes are armed with ordinary torpedoes. Space Marine vessels with launch bays carry Thunderhawk Gunships.

Space Marine Ships with torpedo tubes are armed with ordinary torpedoes and boarding torpedoes. However, it is important to note that despite the inclusion of Space Marine vessels in the fleet list, this is still an Imperial Navy fleet and hence may only take reserves from other Imperial Navy fleets list NOT Space Marine fleet lists.

Likewise, Imperial Navy fleets choosing reserves from this fleet list cannot choose Space Marine vessels from it. Even within a single segmentum, battlefleets can vary massively from sector to sector having been shaped over the course of millennia, responding to their own particular need and circumstance. If the fleet is worth over points an Admiral must be included to lead it.

Fleet-Admiral Ld 8. For example, Battlefleet Gothic forms a component part of the Segementum Obscurus battlefleets, as do its neighbours, Tamahl and Odessa, as well as the more distant battlefleets Cadia, Agripinaa, Scarus and Corona, among others.

Even though these battlefleets all hail from the same segmentum and rely on many of the same forge worlds and naval bases, there is still great variation within them. These fleets are given over to guarding the region of space around the Eye of Terror, or the Sectors Ocular as these bordering regions are sometimes known.

By their very nature, the Bastion Fleets are some of the most extensive and best equipped battlefleets of the Imperium, forced to exist in a state of near perpetual warfare against the frequent raiders from the Eye of Terror. More rarely, these battlefleets are forced to assemble into vast armadas and repel the amassed threat of a Black Crusade, and to this end maintain substantial reserve fleets ready for action when the existing Navy are.

Cadia, Agripinaa, Belis Corona these are the worlds which will stand as the firmly barred gateways set amidst the unbreachable walls which we, the Imperial Navy, must now form. Admirals get one Fleet Commander re-roll included in their points cost.

If you want more youll have to pay for them. One extra re-roll. Imperial Firestorm class frigate. Grand cruisers do not count for this purpose. Apocalypse class battleship. Armageddon class battlecruiser. Titan, Mars and Ancient Terra these are the glittering palaces within to which we must allow none to pass.

So shall it be that we prove truly the bastion of all mankind. The whole sector exists in an almost perpetual state of readiness, and as such the demands on manpower and resources are huge. Vast numbers of new, inexperienced sailors frequently have to be drawn up to replace those lost in the constant fighting many of them drawn from worlds within the Cadian system itself such as Vigilatum and Macharia.

Because of this, the ships and squadrons of Battlefleet Cadia must roll two dice and pick the lowest score when determining leadership. However, those that survive the harsh first years or military service around the Cadian Gate rapidly mature to become some of the most capable leaders in the Imperium.

To represent this, Battlefleet Cadia uses the additional fleet list entry below. Ships assigned a Veteran Captain must be squadroned on the tabletop their skills are too precious to waste on lone ships. Even escort squadrons can have a Veteran Captain assigned to them, in which case the entire squadron receives the leadership bonus. You should still mark out one particular escort as bearing the captain, and if this vessel is destroyed the bonus is lost.

A Veteran Captain gets one re-roll which is included in their points cost and can only be used on their own vessel or another vessel in their own squadron. Whilst it is possible to keep the vessels themselves ready in this manner, Battlefleet Obscura simply does not possess the manpower to keep reserve crews stationed aboard these vessels as well.

Instead, whole shipyards are filled with rows of silent, inactive vessels, often representing classes of ship now outdated or scarce. In times of great need these ships will then be brought into service and crewed with sailors from destroyed or crippled vessels or even with hastily mustered new recruits, meaning the crew is unlikely to have any familiarity with their new vessel.

As such a posting to a reserve fleet is an unnerving duty, forcing a sailor to enter deep into an unfamiliar vessel which may have lain dormant for centuries. Much superstition surrounds such fleets and perhaps because of this, unusual behaviour of both crew and vessel is rather too commonplace. Reserve fleets are used only reluctantly by the Imperial Navy, and only in the most desperate of circumstances, but an invasion the size of Abaddons Thirteenth Black Crusade without doubt qualifies as exactly that the most dire of circumstances, the most desperate of times.

If you wish, you may use a Battlefleet Obscura Reserve Fleet, picked using the fleet list opposite. In addition, you may of course use the Reserves rule to pick other Imperial vessels not found in your own fleet list. However, since a reserve fleet also draws on very old or scarce vessels, you may also use your reserve choices to select any of the following Chaos vessels if you so wish. These reserve vessels are picked in the normal manner, so for every three vessels of a given type which you choose from the main fleet list, you may pick one vessel of that type from another Imperial list, or from the above selection of Chaos vessels but not both.

Reserve vessels use all their normal rules and keep their particular ordnance types i. Chaos ordnance is used on Chaos ships picked in a reserve fleet but you cannot pick any of the ship class variants described since these are described for vessels who have already turned traitor and hence obviously no longer in Imperial service!

Strange Happenings In a reserve fleet, all vessels are prone to certain unexpected events, such as mass panic or even mutiny amongst the crew, inexplicable noises, sensor readings and sightings or disconcerting setbacks and failure of machinery. When any ship in a reserve fleet rolls a double for a command check it becomes unreliable for the rest of the game.

Unreliable ships will not continue to fight if crippled. Crippled ships will attempt to disengage every turn and run for the nearest point on the nearest table edge if they fail. If a vessel in a reserve fleet also fails the command check by rolling a double, then not only does it become unreliable but it also may do absolutely nothing during the current turn other than make its minimum move directly ahead.

Against Chaos fleets, where the followers of the dark gods are able to exert their influence to further unsettle their already nervous opponents, unforeseen events can be even more devastating. When fighting against Chaos fleets, a vessel which has already become unreliable and rolls a second double for a command check must attempt to disengage as soon as possible exactly as if they had been crippled and will continue to do so for the rest of the game.

If the second double is also a failure for the command check, the ship immediately defects and is controlled by the Chaos player for the rest of the game!

In this case victory points are awarded to neither player, no matter what the ships eventual fate. If your fleet includes any battle barges, he must be assigned to a battle barge in preference to a strike cruiser. If the fleet is worth over points, the Master of the Fleet must be included to lead it.

Battlefleet Gothic

Master of the Fleet Ld One re-roll. Taken from the elite First Company and wearing the heaviest armour known to man, Terminators are the greatest ship-to-ship fighters in the galaxy.

Once per battle you may use the. Terminators in a teleport attack. All the normal rules for teleport attack apply see the Battlefleet Gothic rulebook except that this teleport attack may be made in addition to a normal teleport attack that turn. Once the Terminators have performed their attack, they may not be used for the rest of the battle.

Space Marine battle barge. Ships with torpedo tubes are armed with ordinary torpedoes and boarding torpedoes. The Ramilies class star fort has formed a vital lynch pin in Imperial strategy since the earliest days of the Great Crusade. The Hyper-plasmatic energy conduction system used by the Ramilies is barely understood by the Techpriests in current times, but thanks to the STC system it is still reproducible and has guaranteed endurance of over 3, years.

The greatest advantage of the Ramilies by far is that its powerful generators can erect a warp-bubble over the entire structure enabling it, with the aid of seventeen navigators and an attendant fleet of tugs, supply ships, warships and system craft, to enter the Warp and be towed to different star systems. This operation, always perilous, has resulted in the loss of over twelve hundred Ramilies stars forts in their ten millennia of service to the Emperor.

However each journey has shortened Imperial campaigns by years at a time by allowing the Imperial fleet to move repair, command and resupply facilities right up to the front line, saving its ships lengthy return trips to temporary supply bases or full repair dock facilities far behind the warzone. The Ramilies itself is heavily armed as befits its role and fully capable of fighting off a fleet of attackers if need be.

On occasion they are commandeered to be placed as permanent orbital bombardment emplacements over embattled worlds, or act as part of the defences of a vital system. At any one time Cypra Mundi will include between six and. Some are used as Adeptus Mechanicus deep space research facilities for projects too secret to be placed near any inhabited world.

Others have gone to the Inquisition to be used as hidden fortresses for that clandestine and all-powerful organisation. Over the centuries blasphemously altered rebel star forts have been sighted likewise supporting Chaos renegade fleets. Such abhorrence is attached to these twisted parodies that they are pursued doggedly by Imperial Navy captains, but the last accreditted destruction of one was in the Tauran Annulus in M.

Ork raiders have captured partially crippled Ramilies at least six times, most memorably in the notorious Skaggerak Incident during the Segmentum Obscurus fleet review of When the star fort is fired upon, determine which quadrant the firing will hit by tracing a straight line from the stem of the firing ship to the centre of the fort. Likewise, when ordnance hits it will be resolved against the quadrant of the fort it moves in from.

Individual quadrants have their own ordnance and will run out on doubles as normal. Basilica weapons are considered to have an unlimited supply of torpedoes and never run out. Quadrants are crippled individually once they are reduced to 6 Damage Points. Once a quadrants hits are reduced to 0 any further hits plow into the drifting wreckage and do no further damage, treat that quadrant of the fort as an asteroid field from now on.

Hit-and-run Raiders Hit and run raids are likewise resolved only against the quadrant they are directed at and will not affect other quadrants. Boarding The Ramilies cannot be boarded by ships. Whole regiments would be needed. The only vessel that may attempt to board a Ramilies is a space hulk, as only a space hulk has sufficient numbers of troops. Templates Nova cannons and Armageddon guns can score a full on D6 hits only against the quadrant most under the centre hole of the marker when it hits.

Damage Control Damage control is also undertaken individually. To all intents and purposes the four quadrants function as individual stations placed back to back. The fort itself is only destroyed once all four quadrants are reduced to 0 Damage Points, and you should then roll on the catastrophic damage table for the Ramilies.

Each quadrant has its own shields; when blast markers are placed put them in contact with the appropriate edge of the forts base. In the End phase D6 blast markers are removed from the whole of the Ramilies fort, not just D6 blast markers per quadrant.

If they wish to turn they may use Burn Retros special orders without taking a Command check to do so. If a ship is in contact with one of the four inter-quadrant docking piers it can fully dock. While fully docked a ship it gains an extra four dice when rolling for damage control during a battle and can restock ordnance if it has run out by remaining in contact with the pier and successfully using Reload Ordnance special orders for two consecutive turns, being reloaded on the third turn.

Even while fully docked the ship is still targeted and attacked separately to the fort, although it counts as being in close formation with the fort for massed turret fire with the benefits and dangers that brings. For more detail see page To represent this a Ramilies can use the following combat orders: Reload Ordnance Lock On Brace for Impact Ramilies are also typically manned by experienced personnel, so their Leadership is rolled as for a capital ship.

A Ramilies also has a single command check re-roll which may be used when it attempts to roll special orders. Fleet Commanders may be placed aboard a Ramilies, in which case their own Leadership value is used by the fort and the forts re-roll is added to the commanders own re-rolls so that it can be used throughout the fleet. For the purposes of issuing special orders to the Ramilies the owning player can effectively divide the quadrants up into squadrons and then issue special orders to each in turn.

For example, the player wishes to issue Reload Ordnance orders to the north and east quadrants, while Locking On with the south and west. Only two Command checks are made for the two pairs of orders. If later in the turn the player needed to Brace for Impact he could do so with a single quadrant only, leaving the rest free to reload or lock on again next turn.

Weapons mounted on the central Basilica count as operating under the special orders of all of the quadrants, so it entirely possible for them to be locked on, reloading and braced all at the same time. Brace for Impact orders will halve the firepower and ordnance strength of the Basilica weapons as normal. In such scenarios orbital defences may be sited within 30cm of a Ramilies class star fort. A Ramilies is bought from the fleets points, rather than defences to represent its rarity and importance.

Ramilies may only be used by prior agreement in competitive games its unlikely to be ambushing you in the middle of a fleet engagement after all , but can prove to be a good surprising find for players in Umpired scenarios. Alternatively the commander may surrender control of one forge world or hive planet and be granted a Ramilies by way of replacement. A Ramilies generates repair points equivalent to a pirate base and players can attempt to attack it in the same way as a pirate base.

If a Ramilies is found it can be moved to try and prevent further attacks on it. If the owning player decides to move his fort he must roll a D6. On a roll of 1 the fort is lost in the Warp and must be struck from the roster. On a 2 or more the fort relocates successfully and must be found again before it can be attacked.

Battlefleet Gothic (Rules)

Result Lances damaged. The quadrants lance array is taken off line by the hit.

The quadrants lance armament may not fire until it has been repaired. Main armament damaged. Heavy damage silences some of the quadrants weapon batteries. They fire at half strength until it has been repaired. Ordnance Bays hit. The quadrants ordnance bays are ravaged by explosions. No ordnance may be fired by the quadrant until the bays have been repaired.

Reactors damaged. The hyper plasmatic reactors are damaged, shutting down the power grid to the defences. Until the damage is repaired the quadrants shields and turrets are at half strength.

Oxygen lines are broken, leading to fires in many compartments. Roll to repair extinguish the fire in the End phase, if the fire is not put out it causes 1 point of extra damage and keeps burning.

Hull breach. A huge gash is torn in the quadrants hull, causing carnage among the crew. Command Tower Struck. A command tower on the central basilica is torn away.

The Ramilies Leadership value is reduced by -2 points. This damage may not be repaired. Shields Collapse. The shield generators overload and burn out, leaving the quadrants virtually defenceless. The quadrants shield strength is reduced to 0. Basilica penetrated! The main basilica is struck, causing immense destruction as the torpedoes stored there explode and wreak havoc.

All quadrants suffer D3 damage and the Basilica weapons are lost. Reactor Struck! The central plasma reactor at the heart of Ramilies is struck, all four quadrants suffer an extra D6 hits from the resulting power surges and leaking plasma. Roll another critical damage result immediately and apply that to the quadrant struck. When it comes to taking damage, defences with multiple hits work just like capital ships.

They can suffer criticals just like capital ships and get crippled once they have lost half of their Damage Points. Remember that critical hits against the Ramilies only affect the quadrant they are scored against unless the result specifically states otherwise. The Ramilies class star fort uses the special critical hits table opposite.

The main structure of the stations survives somehow with parts intact and even some pockets of atmosphere. Venting gases and wreckage block line of fire across the wrecked fort, treat any movement through it as moving through an asteroid field.

The area is filled with huge chunks of wreckage as the fort comes apart. Place a 15cm diameter asteroid field where it was. The sophisticated reactor of the Ramilies goes critical in spectacular style. Resolve eight lance shots at every ship within 4D6cm.

All ordnance within that distance is removed. All other ships, defences and ordnance markers on the table suffer the effects of a solar flare centred on the fort, as noted on p47 of the Battlefleet Gothic rulebook. Finally the fort itself is replaced by 2D6 blast markers. The Ramilies is drawn into the Warp by an instantaneous collapse of its warp bubble generator. Resolve four lance shots at every ship and ordnance marker within 4D6cm.

Pdf armada battlefleet gothic

All ordnance and ships on the table top are then drawn 15cm towards the Rift immediately and if moved into it will beaffected is noted in the Celestial Phenomena rules. It bears no resemblance to any Imperial ship design and is assumed to have been constructed within the Eye of Terror by Abaddons forces, just prior to the Gothic War in fact several of the Adeptus Mechanicus doubt whether its construction would have been physically possible outside of warp space. Only one Planet Killer is known to have been built and that was used as the personal flagship of Abaddon the Despoiler during much of the Gothic War.

GW screwed up the order Rules for Rogue Traders Powers of Chaos: Rules for Nurgle Ships of Mars: July 09, , The good part is they made it in close relationship and with a lot of feedback from the community, the bad thing is is that Games Workshop does not want to upload all this work even despite the fact it provides rules for ships they are selling and they don't have rules for on the website Rogue Traders plus it makes their main 40k army finally a space worthy Space Marine fleet.

Armada pdf gothic battlefleet

And, yes, the FAQ may contain elements someone doesn't like, I don't use all from it either, but all in all it is fine FAQ to have and would be an improvement if GW placed it online. The Files can be found at the following link: It contains the following PDF's: Almost always accepted.

Alas, Forgeworld has no rules online, the only ones available are the Imperial Armour 3: Taros Campaign rules for the Tau fleet: If you see them online feel free to PM me the location. March 02, , For historical value. Enjoy this historical piece of Battlefleet Gothic In general you can view it like this: Unofficial fanmade Rules Over the course of years the community has brought forth many great articles.

Here I will include various of these articles, mostly the ones containing rules, ships and fleet lists.

Tactica's will be for another place. A very large supplement in the honour of Armada. A lot of new ships, new scenarios and more. Do not let the grammar and spelling mistakes withhold you, these happened due some very unfortunate incidents. This document provides an alternative to the official Eldar rules system. Years of testing and development led the current version 1. Revised BFG: R http: Basically a democratic voted document. Additionally altering fleet lists and adding some new elements like 2 hit escorts.

The project is still development at this very website. Mostly pre-dating Armada. With some cool artwork from Khar and others.. July 19, , Demiurg-Fraal-RakaGol v2. And as mentioned: February 13, , Dono Active Member Posts: In addition I have taken a screenshot of each Fleet List in each document, trimmed it up and made it a PDF to save you downloading the entire document trying to find things. I shall look into it. Post 1: