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In this tutorial, we will make a simple butterfly and animate it. Figure 1. Click here to view larger image. Step 1 Start Maya. Go to Side view. Select EP Curve tool. Inside cover image credit: Danny Mousses, Alias|Wavefront. Alias and the Alias| Wavefront logo .. Table of Contents. What's New in Maya 5. 5. IK/FK Blending. PDF files for Using Maya and the Reference Library . approximate thickness of a door (see the figure in the next step). 5. Click the center handle and drag right.

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short film, was created while Maya was still in devel- opment. .. 5. Lights and Cameras. As you would on a movie set, you must set up lights and cameras to. SYBEX and the SYBEX logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SYBEX Inc. in the USA and other countries. TRADEMARKS: Sybex has attempted. Introduction to Maya. Elmedin Selmanovic Allows scripting in Maya Embedded Language (MEL) or Python Press Key 5 to see smooth shaded object.

Here is the link: Jayageetha, Dr. Simply combine and merge them. Nothing is in the view. Her essence, her well-being, Angelou is an imposing woman-at least six feet tall.

She was The span of my hips raised in St. Louis and Stamps, Arkansas. In Stamps The stride of my step she experienced the brutality of racial discrimination The curl of my lips but she also absorbed the unshakable faith and The speaker is so proud with her vast arms, hips, step values of the traditional African-American family, and thick lips. Although her physical attributes are community and culture.

As a teenager, A gelou s unlike whites, the speaker is still proud with her love for arts won her a scholarship to study dance physical features. At way the speaker walks that could make men surprise fourteen, she dropped out to become San Fra is o s until they stand up just to see the speaker walking on first black American female cable car conductor. She and they fall down on their knees because they are later finished high school, giving birth to her son Guy, amazed with the speaker and then they swarm the a few weeks after graduation.

As a young unmarried speaker like bees swarming honey. The fellows stand or Maya Angelou is one of poets who uses a Fall down on their knees poem as a media to express her isolation from her Then they swarm around me, environment. She is a black woman living in America A hive of honey bees where Whites are majority in society there.

Maya P. Through this poem the hidden inside, There as on why the men are amazed speaker tries to send a message to the readers to with the speaker is, appraise themselves although their physical It s the fire i e es, appeara e is t perfe t.

Ma a A gelou argues that And the flash of my teeth, the sexuality of a woman is not directly related to a The swing in my waist, prett fa e. It s a out hat a o a feels ithi And the joy in my feet. The speaker tries to explain that she is not It is evident that the speaker has beautiful beautiful.

Although she does t ha e perfe t od , eyes and people who look at her eyes would be she can attract men and women. Her power, her amazed because her eyes are shining as if there is behavior and her confidence become the inner fire.

Besides that, the speaker s teeth are so white mystery that makes her be phenomenal woman. Her and clean so when she is smiling her teeth flash and knowledge and e pressio sho that she s o fide t.

3D MAYA.pdf

The speaker then attempts to clarify that walking are powerful because they exude confidence she can hold her head high as she is: When she walks an individual without the need to submit to society between men, she walked elegantly and makes the and its false stereotypes and to its idea of what a men give big attention to her.

The speaker describes beautiful female should like and aspire to be. She Now you understand is proud of everything in herself. In this stanza, the Just h head s ot o ed.

The way she It ought to make you proud. Lyman B Hagen's Heart of a Woman, Mind of other's space, her dignity and inner strength mean a Writer, and Soul of a Poet insists that "The woman she doesn't have to advertise her qualities or be described is easily matched to the author herself.

Her essence, her well-being, Angelou is an imposing woman-at least six feet tall. She has a strong personality and a compelling I say, presence" p It s i the li k of heels, Maya Angelou has presented herself as a The bend of my hair, role model for African-American women by The palm of my hand, reconstructing the African-American woman's image The need for my care.

In her Phenomenally.

By just repeating those words she wants show self-discovery takes her from "ignorance to that she is a phenomenal woman who with her knowledge, from silence to speech, from racial difference she can be a great woman until the fellows oppression to a liberated life" The "phenomenal admire her.

Angelou, Maya. New York: Random House, Hagen, Lyman. A Critical analysis of the writings of Maya Angelou. Literary Resource Center. U Press of America Web 17 March , 4: Step Six Make sure.

Thus it got the fiber rope shape. Step Seven The rope-like fiber paint effect is now prolonged through the curve. You will see a pretty nice rope image rendered. Figure 9. Expand if necessary the End Bounds groups under the attributes for strokeShape1. Make sure. Step Eleven Go to Frame No. Step Twelve Play the animation and notice any frame for example frame no. See the result. Step Thirteen Render the view at Frame No. Step Fourteen Render Frame No.

You will see that the rope is going to be exhausted at the end of the animation. But where is that fire which is burning this rope? This is what we want exactly for the rope. So instead. Step Fifteen When more than one object is in the view at the same place it is a bit difficult to select the desired object in viewport directly. Step Sixteen In the Outliner window.

It will be selected in the view as well. Step Seventeen We want to drive the fire on the same path curve that we drawn at the very beginning.

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Step Nineteen While curve1 is still selected. Step Twenty The paint effect will be placed at the bottom of the curve. It should face upward. The orientation of the fire is not right.

5 pdf maya inside

Step Twenty Two To correct this. Now the fire direction is what we want. While Min Clip is set to 0. Step Thirty Render Frame no.

The destructive fire has eaten up the entire rope. Your animation is done. Nothing is in the view. We should change all the three parameters here to get this small animation movie. We need not use other renderer for this animation. May be. Step Thirty Six Just below the Compression button. Step Thirty Seven Then adjust the output size as per your requirement. Step Thirty Nine The fire is still there. But there is no rope. So the default lighting was a must for rendering this fiber paint effect.

Unchecked in the Re nder Options group.

We have not placed any light in the scene. Step Forty One If you want to get a better quality output. Close the Render Settings dialogue box.

The codec I have chosen Microsoft Windows Media Video need not take much time to render out the movie. Step Forty Four After rendering is finished. Step Forty Five Go to the output location and play the animation.

Read Inside Maya 5 PDF Online - video dailymotion

In your own real projects. I will also try to give you some tips. Introduction This tutorial is intended to show you how to make a Coca-Cola bottle using Maya. Middle Bottom. We divide the model into three major parts Top. This way it is easier for us to deal with each part and also decide what technique to use next Fig. While EP Curve is selected. Set the options to the following and then hit Apply: Quad Tessellation method: The reason we added these edges is to give more.

U type: Per span iso params Number U: Per span of iso params Number V: Please note that this feature is only available for Maya and higher Fig.

While the middle object is selected. Try your best to match the vertices as close as possible to the reference image Fig. Modeling the top part Select the edges of bottle and extrude them. Select the lower vertices and scale them towards the outside a bit. Select the lower border and extrude it towards the inside.

Use the following image as a guide Fig. At this point.

Pdf inside maya 5

Make sure the pivot is exactly in the center of cap. Modeling the bottom part There are many different techniques that can be used to tackle the bottom part. Here is one of them I came up with.

Subdivision Height: See the following image and use it as your guide Fig. This way. Assign a red color material to those polys that we don't need to work with. I have selected the edges where the second extrude should occur for your guide Fig. I also assigned a nice default Blinn shader to it so we no longer see the red areas Fig.

Connecting parts together First we merge the two halves of the middle part together. Simply combine and merge them. As we saw earlier in this tutorial. To fix this problem. Now it is time to connect the middle part to the bottom and merge them together. Adding extra details to middle part In this step.

In this model we need to have four slots Fig. The reason we don't combine the treads with the rest of objects is that once we apply mesh smooth to them they get rounded and that is not something we want. At this stage we are done with the modeling part Fig. Here is the final model after applying mesh smooth. Combining parts This is a simple step. I am not going to cover how to use UV layout in this tutorial. Here is the link: UV mapping the cap's treads can be easily done in Maya using simple planar maps.

This way all the UVs pile up exactly on top of each other Fig. We apply a planar map to one tread and then we transfer its UV information to the rest of the 19 treads.

Merge all the treads to one object. Call the. Once you are done. In this case. Do this step for the rest of the 19 treads.

Maya 5 pdf inside

Set its options to those shown in Fig. Once UTE pops up. Double click on the lock icon to pop up the new layer window. To make the small dots under the logo. I used the following texture Fig.

Here is what I came up with Fig. Step You should get something similar to this Fig. Also keep in mind that the technique that I describe here can be applied in a similar way to any 3D packages out there.

Please feel free to email me at in case you have any questions or problems regarding this tutorial.

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