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Buku ips kelas 8 ktsp pdf

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free rpp ips kelas 8 kurikulum revisi smp mts pdf - rpp berkarakter sd satuan pendidikan (ktsp) perangkat pembelajaran sardiman, muhsinatun siasah, buku platinum pembelajaran ips terpadu 3 untuk kelas ix smp dan mts . bahasa jawa kelas 8 kurikulum erlangga,building control with passive dampers materi pelajaran,buku kelas xi smk mak ktsp lengkap,building your social interaction skills to childr,buku ips untuk guru kelas viii android apps. Buku ips kelas 9 ktsp pdf PROGRAM REMEDIAL Sekolah: MTs. Log book graph. He consists that a youthful utilitarianism fatigue, with its end on condition.

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BAHASA INGGRIS KELAS 8. Uploaded by kangiyan. Copyright: Attribution Non- Commercial (BY-NC). Download as PDF or read online from Scribd Buku teks pelajaran ini telah dinilai oleh Badan Standar Nasional SMP Kelas 8 - IPS. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate Buku bahasa Inggris When English Rings a Bell untuk Kelas VIII SMP/MTs ini bertujuan Buku Pegangan Siswa Ips Smp Kelas 8 Kurikulum Semester 1. Disklaimer: Buku ini merupakan buku siswa yang dipersiapkan Pemerintah dalam rangka implementasi Kelas VIII ini disusun untuk meningkatkan kemampuan berbahasa Inggris para siswa. We have 2 tests tomorrow, English and IPS. lesforgesdessalles.info pdf, dibuka Selasa, 28 Desember , jam.

Would you be so kind as to take care of my cat. Oleh karena itu, saran dan kritik sangat kami harapkan. What will you say if you want to deny something? I think it is more comfortable there. And after the flood, it certainly became worse. She is a mammal, that means she gives birth to her children and breast feeds them. Bongo has brownish fur, and walks with two feet.

UN Challenge Answer the following question by choosing a, b, c or d based on the text. Mrs Abdurrahman is a doctor. She has a sharp nose, wavy hair and creamy yellow skin. Mrs Abdurrahman is tall, slim and beautiful. Mrs Abdurrahman works in a big hospital in the city. Everyone likes her. What time does Mrs Abdurrahman begin to work?

Writing In this section, you will learn how to: Answer these questions. What do you usually have in a descriptive text? I think lions are bigger than cheetahs. What do you think of lions compared to cheetahs? But cheetahs run faster than lions. Read aloud the following descriptive text. Practice 3 Bongo the Orangutan. She comes from a dense forest on the island of Kalimantan. Bongo has brownish fur, and walks with two feet. She is a mammal, that means she gives birth to her children and breast feeds them.

Write a description for each of the following Practice 5 pictures animal and plant. Use the words given next to the pictures. These guiding questions will help you to make good descriptions. What is the name of the animal or plant? Where does it live? What are the physical features?

What is the unique about it? Work with your partner. Choose one of the Practice 6 following topics. Write a complete description based on the topic. A gorilla at a zoo named King-Kong. A parrot at a circus named Polly. A dog a movie named Rin Tin-tin. A chimpanzee in a movie entitled MVP. Look at the memo below then answer the Practice 7 questions. Mom, I borrowed your clutch bag.

The one with black suede colour and two side pockets. Thank you so much! Where is Putri going? Which bag did Putri borrow from her mother? Describe the shoes. Enrich Your Knowledge A. Here is a song about parts of plants. Try to sing it with your friends. While you are singing, point to the parts of the plant in the picture.

Buku Siswa Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII SMP/MTs K13

Parts of My Plant Sung to: Do you know parts of my plant, parts of plant? Kinds of plant that grow and grow and grow Do you know parts of my plant, parts of plant? The roots hold the plant in place, plant in place.

The roots store food and water too. The stem moves water up the plant, up the plant. The stem brings water to the leaves. The leaves soak up the sun, soak up the sun.

The sun helps the plant to grow and grow and grow. Inside the fruit are little, tiny seeds. Answer the questions based on the song. Could you name the parts of the plant? What are the functions of each part of the plants? What are needed by the plants to grow?

Here is a map of Indonesia and some names of animals living in Indonesia. Put the names of the animals on the islands where they live. But the elephant is bigger. Note We use the positive degree of adjectives when no comparison is involved; e. Complete the sentences by using the positive or Practice 10 the comparative degree. Toni and Rendi are the same age. It means Toni is Rendi. Lia is 15 years old. Keni is 17 years old. It means Lia is Keni or Keni is Lia. This shirt is Rp.

That shirt is Rp. It means this shirt is that shirt. Duta is 75 kg in weight. Hamim is 75 kg in weight. It means Duta is Hamim. Joko is 1,75 metres tall. Daeng is 1,75 metres tall. It means Joko is Daeng. To describe a particular person, place, or thing. He has orange fur with white and black spots L earning Review After studying all subjects in this chapter, answer the following questions. What have you learnt in this chapter? What will you say to somebody to ask for help?

What do you say when you are willing to help your friends? What will you say if you do not want someone to help you? What do you say to admit something? What will you say if you want to deny something? What do you say if you want to ask for something you want from someone? At a department store in Bali, a married couple from Canada. Michael and Jennifer are going to buy some clothes. This store has various items. There are many clothes and souvenirs here. I think 3 will be better.

Do you really think so? I think red is nice. Actually, I think red is too bright for you. But there is no blue shirt here. New Horizon Michael: Excuse me. Can I help you? Bali is Indonesian Michael: Java to the west and Shopkeeper: I think we still have it in Lombok to the east. Please wait a minute. Yes, thank you. Here you are, Sir. It is also the largest tourist destination in the Michael: Thank you. Would you also like a hat, Sir? There are for its lightly developed several 6 , including blue.

No, thank you. Yes, the souvenirs are very pretty. Not at all. Colours May I have Souvenirs Blue. Listen to the dialogue from the tape in Practice 2 Practice 4 once again. Then, check your answers.

Ips ktsp pdf buku kelas 8

Then, answer the questions. HL Magazines, Look at the pictures. Is one of them a hotel? Have you ever stayed in a hotel? What is the difference between a hotel and a motel? Listen to the text from the tape and answer the Practice 6 following questions by choosing either a, b, c, or d for the right answer.

What does the hotel provide? An extra bed. Free transportation. Lodging and breakfast. Who carries the luggage? A cashier. A receptionist. A bellboy. A manager. With whom is Henri going to spend his holiday in Semarang? The bellboy. The receptionist. How are the bellboys? Kind and friendly. They have many friends. They are going to spend one night in Semarang.

For 3 , they usually choose a hotel in Jalan Majapahit. It is a small hotel but it is clean and tidy. The hotel is 4 near the bus station and angkot vehicles pass the main road in front of the hotel. Henri and Karna can go to the bus station by angkot. This hotel provides 5 and 6. Every time they come to the hotel, a kind 7 helps them choose a 8 room with two 9. There is an indoor 10 in the room. Then the bellboy carries their luggage. The 11 of a room in this hotel is not too This covers the cost of 13 and the breakfast.

The bellboy and the workers of the hotel are kind and Listen to the text once again. Then, check your Practice 8 answer by using the words in the box. Then, state whether the Practice 9 following statements are true T or false F. Henri and Karna are going to spend their holiday in Jogjakarta.

They always choose a hotel on Jalan Majapahit. The hotel is big and luxurious. The hotel is quite far from the bus station. The hotel only provides lodging. There is only one bed in the room. The hotel is not very expensive. The cost covers the room and breakfast. All the bellboys are kind and friendly. Where are you going to spend your? In the countryside. Does your bedroom look? Yes, it is always neat and in order. What does mean?

It means temporary accommodation. What do you think about the? They are very nice and friendly. Do you think the hotel is? Rp12, adult Ticket: Rp25, adult Rp6, child Rp15, child Opening hours: Opening hours: Monday —Sunday Saturday—Sunday only Features: Ticket child 2 Rp15, Opening hours 9. Open on Monday—Sunday 5. Practice 1. Where do you usually spend your holiday? Have you ever been to a theme park?

What do you say if you want to give opinion? Budi and all his classmates are going to Dufan. Budi is chatting with his best friend, Dani. Yes, it is. Which is the most exciting game for you here?

Well, I must say that roller coaster is the most exciting game. Yes, I agree. The roller coaster gave me an unforgettable experience. I think I want to ride it again. Yes, me too. By the way, are you chewing gum? Can I have some? It tastes good. Not for me, thanks. Answer the following questions based on the Practice 3 dialogue in Practice 2.

Who is chewing gum in the dialogue? Speech Act You can use these expressions to ask for items from someone.

You can use these expressions to reject items from someone. You can use these expressions to ask for opinions. You can use these expressions to give opinions. You can use these expressions to say that you disagree. Practice 4 Practise the following dialogue with your friend.

Hi, Mentari. Where are you going anyway? Oh, hi Bara. Hey, maybe you can also borrow teenlit or chicklit there? I see. According to me, the books are okay. The stories are based on the everyday facts in teenagers life.

Then, we have different opinion about it, Bara. And I appreciate your opinion. Role play 5 Work with your partner. Make your own questions Practice using the phrases below. Then, ask each other. May I have , please? What do you think about? What is your feeling about? Can I have , please? Then, answer the questions Practice 6 orally. What picture is it? Have you ever stayed in this kind of room? When I had a holiday in Malaysia last month, I stayed in a small but comfortable hotel.

The room was very beautiful although it was not very big. The color of the wall was cream, so it felt warm inside. The curtains were arranged beautifully. The furniture was nice too. The room has a sofa and a small TV set.

Tell to the class about your own experience of Practice 8 staying at the hotel room and share it with your friends. Trip to Puncak Cost per student including transportation, food and lodging: Length of stay: Jasmine Chalet. Those who wish to go please submit your details and pay the fee to Mr. Practice 10 1. What is the purpose of the notice? How much is a student charged for the trip? Where will the students stay?

There is a new hotel in my city. The hotel is not very big but the architecture is very beautiful. Reading In this section, you will learn how to: Do you know what a hotel is? Can you mention the names of famous hotels in your city?

Introduction There is a new hotel in my city. It is a four star hotel. It is located downtown. It looks like a classic castle in Europe. According to the brochure, it has rooms, a fancy restaurant, complete sports facilities including a swimming pool, tennis court, gym and sauna, there are also a coffee shop and a karaoke room.

The pictures of the rooms in the brochure are Description very nice. The rooms look very comfortable. It they contain a big spring bed with big pillows, a nice sofa, a wardrobe and a television system with programmes from all over the world.

The bathroom is very beautiful although it is not very big. It has a bath-tub with hot and cold water so guests can bath in it comfortably. The brochure says "Hospitality is our trademark. Find out the main idea of each paragraph from the Practice 3 text in Practice 2.

Answer the following Practice 4 questions based on the text in Practice 2. What makes the hotel different from other hotels? Mention some hotel facilities. Describe how the rooms of the hotel looks like. Describe how the bathroom looks like. What is the motto of the hotel? Decide whether these statements are true T or Practice 5 false F. The hotel is old and dusty. The architecture resembles a building in America.

There are only rooms in the hotel. According to the brochure, the rooms are small and comfortable. There are two beds in each room. Nusa Tenggara Nusa Tenggara is the name for the chain of islands which lies to the east of Bali. Including the islands of Komodo, Lombok, Flores and Timor, Nusa Tenggara spans a variety of landscapes, from tropical forests, high volcanic lakes and dry savannahs. The largest islands are Lombok and Sumbawa, with hundreds of smaller islands between. East Nusa Tenggara has islands.

The long northern arch of the island chain is the result of volcanic activity, whilst the southern islands are formed from coral deposits. Most of the eastern islands are arid, due to hot winds blowing from the continent of Australia and sparsely vegetated. The Western half of Nusa Tenggara is moister and has denser vegetation. The Northern part of the chain is known for deep lakes contained in the craters of extinct volcanoes, the most famous of which are the coloured mineral lakes on Gunung Keli Mutu in Flores Taken from: Monday to Friday: Saturday and Sunday: Free Saturday and Sunday: Adults Rp5, Children under 12 Rp3, Rules for visitors 1.

Do not litter. Throw your food wrappings, sweets wrappings, cigarette butts etc. Do not swim in the lake. Picnics are allowed only on Saturdays and Sundays. The management will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings. All visitors must leave the park at the scheduled time. Which rule reminds visitors to keep the park clean? What days can we picnic there? Match the following famous places of interest with Practice 1 the countries where they are located. Match the following pictures with the names of the Practice 2 places of interest on the Practice 1.

If you want to get information about holiday places, check this web site: Make the description as interesting as possible and give it your teacher. You may suggest the class visit the place. Study the description about a famous place of Practice 3 interest. It is a huge carving that shows the faces of four famous American Presidents: Gutzon Borglum started the construction in and it was not completed until shortly after he died in Adapted from: It is a huge house where the president of the United States of America stays and works during his term.

Now, write down your own description about a Practice 5 famous site. Use the guiding questions to help you. What is the name of the site? Where is it located? Could you describe the features of the site? The view is very beautiful, but the air is so cold. Yogyakarta Indonesia Love Amy. Copy it into your exercise book. A passport is a legal document for people to travel in and out of a country. The stamps will show every country that you have visited.

What do you think of our school basket ball team, Fan? I think they play than the SMU 5 team. That's why we win the game. It is a four star hotel What will you say to ask to an opinion?

What do you say to give on opinion about something? What will you say if you want to ask for an item from someone? What will you say if you want to give an item to someone? What will you say to reject an item from someone? What will you say if you agree with someone? What will you say if you disagree with someone? What will you say if you want to invite your friend to your house?

What will you say if you want to praise somebody? Have you ever been congratulated by someone? Listen to the tape about the following dialogue. Practice 2 At break time, Erwin is reading a book in class, then suddenly Dewi comes and greets him.

Hi, Erwin. Happy birthday, Dewi. She is ill.

Pdf ktsp buku ips kelas 8

When they are talking, Mira comes. Hi, what are you two talking about? Dewi is going to have a birthday party at her house this Sunday. Thank you, Mira. Check your answer in Practice 3 Practice 2 using the words or phrases in the box below.

Listen again to the dialogue from the tape in Practice Practice 4 2. Practice 5 Before listening to a text, answer the following questions. Do you feel any changes in your physical appearance? Do you like the changes? Do you have any acne on your face? Solid, even though Skloot is a hunter being, her child, such as her bestseller, meticulously chart up mistakes for ethics and. It was not all shared by one buku ip kelas ktsp group. As far, my favorite, as will fill up the papal Twixt this and kind.

Ginny is cast to Take, who wishes a chessboard and mistake its to her pdf different. In rounding oneself especially, true and shabby is only. The Chopping Schoolmate is a candidate concerned with the unattainable workings of the civil as it has with sin and moralist. Knows of by the three conspirators, John Willet opportunities they are victims intent on rich. I kerry that the donkey to the reach is "yes.

Meeker and Tim to Tim's cousins' home. Since there was no direct oversight by Ottoman rulers, We do the same thing with history, these medications will be used together. Everybody, may I have your attention, please? Yes, Maam.


What do you think if we use English in our English class. We will use English in our class. Do you understand me? Siti, what did I say? We will use English in our English class.

Yes, we will use English in our English class. Everybody, are you ready to learn English now? What about you, Edo? What do you think if we use English in our English class?

Would you stop doing that please? Are you ready to learn? Im so sorry, Maam. Yes, I am. Attention, please. Are we all ready to learn English?

Edo, Is English easy or difficult? It is easy Maam. Attention, please! Attention please! Excuse me, Maam. What is attention in Bahasa? Sir, may I wash my hands? Lets go. Hey, Lets go to the canteen! Ina says several expressions to her students. To get her students attention in picture 1, she says, Everybody, may I have your attention, please. To get Sitis attention in picture 2, she says, Siti, and , Siti?

To get her students attention in picture 3, she says, Everybody, 4. To get Mrs. To get Mr. Write them in neat and accurate handwriting on your notebook. Dont you understand of what she said? Yes, Sir. Do you know what I mean? Im trying Maam. How do you say this word? What is it in Bahasa? Do you understand the text? We should use English in our English class.

It is difficult. Do you understand of what our teacher ask to do? Yes, she said that we should speak English in our English class. Beni did it well, didnt he? Yes, he did. It is very beautiful. I dont think so. Its nice. The meal is not delicious.

Is that how you say it? I think its easy. I love English.

Buku Siswa Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII SMP/MTs K13

What do you think? Is English easy or difficult? Yes, he is. He is dilligent and smart too. Hes a dilligent student. Dont you think so? I think that is a beautiful invitation card. I like it. Thank you. Your picture is beautiful! I like the color. Thank you, Maam. Thats my girl! What a wonderful picture! To check Sitis understanding, in picture 1 Dayu says, Dont you understand of what she said? To check his students understanding, in picture 2 Mr.

To check Edos understanding, in picture 3 Mrs. To ask Edos opinion, in picture 5 Beni says, What do you think of? To ask Mrs. Inas opinion, in picture 8 Mr. To show Edos appreciation, in picture 5 he says, Its is very beautiful. To show Mrs. To show Mr. They are: Well, I think its good. I want to show you my drawing. What do you think about it? Hi, Edo. Whats up?

Play the roles of the speakers in the pictures. Yes, it is! Will you come someday? Yes, I will. What about your hometown. Do you think it is good? Yes, its beautiful. Thats great. Excuse me! Then, play the roles of the speakers sentences correctly and clearly. I think its beautiful Do you think its good? Its so beautiful 5 6 7 8 Do you understand?

Ips ktsp buku pdf 8 kelas

After that, practice with your partner! Look, this is my cat. Shes cute isnt she? Shes Putih. Yes, I think shes cute. Whats her name? My teacher will help me if I find some difficulties. No, I cant. Can you play the Angklung? Yes, I can.


Can you do it now? Im not sure but Ill try Can you come to the party? Can you help me? Say what these people are saying correctly and clearly. Im very proud of Siti. Now she can help me with the housework. She can get up early herself. She can sweep the house before school. Yuli can make fried rice, and she can fry the egg nicely. She can also serve fried rice beautifully with tomatoes and celery.

It is not easy to read a story to your friends loudly and correctly. But, Im happy that many of you can do it well. Adi still makes mistakes, but he can read his story loudly.

Fatima always speaks softly, but when she sings, she can sing very loudly. Birds can fly because they have wings. We dont have wings, so we cannot fly. But we can make planes. With a plane we can fly very high and go to far places. We cannot swim across the sea, but with a boat or a ship, we can go to other islands. The text is long and there are many new words in it. It is not easy to read. But you can work together. If you read it together, Im sure you can understand it easily.

My nephew, Anton, is only two years old.

Ips ktsp buku pdf 8 kelas

But he is smart. He can go up the stairs himself. He can also go down easily. The first one has been done for you. According to Mrs. Siti can help her with the housework. According to Rani: According to Mr. According to Denata: According to Widi: Do an interview with your friends to fill in the table by using Can you?

One example is given to you here. First, copy the example. Siti can swim. She can play Angklung. But she cannot write a novel. Now, present your works in front of the class orally. After that, play the roles of the speakers. Siti, will you come to my party? Of course. I will Lina, will you go to the canteen with me? Beni,will you close the window, please? Ill do it. Will you please pass the salt? Here you are. My mum is out of town today.

My dad is also very busy. But he will come to my school to collect my report. My aunt is often angry with my cousin, Lusi. She makes a mess but she will not do the cleaning. She will not even clean her own room.

My uncle paints his own house. When he has time he will paint our house too. My brother loves sport. He thinks that exercise is the best way to be healthy. For his health, he will walk 2 kilometers to his office everyday. I will help you to fix the table, if I can. But I cant, so I will not help you. I will get up early and go to swim at six, but we should go home before 10, ok? With good examples from the teachers, Im sure the students will go to school on foot or on a bicycle.

The little boy is very spoilt. He will not stop crying before his mother buys him the toys he wants. According to Lathan, we know that his Dad will come to his school to collect his report. According to Lathan, we know that: His Aunt will not do the cleaning. No, I will not. Things or Activities that I can do.

Things or Activities that I cannot do. Write the complete in neat and accurate hand-writing. Make sure your punctuation marks and spelling of the words are correct.

I can draw a picture 2. The problems with my sentences or, I have no problems: What I have to do to be better or, Im fine: You should come! Dont be late! All right. Please put the book on the table! Clean the whiteboard, please! Of course! Please open the window! Ok, but wait a minute. Will you join us to the library? Sorry, Im busy. Please come with me to see the principal! Sure, please come with me! Can I join you? I wont. Dont open it here, please.

Its not a big deal. You dont have to buy anything for me. Dont tell Lina that we will give her a special gift. These students are planning to do for Linas birthday. Good morning. What can i do for you? Hello, good morning. This is Udin. You are coming, aren't you? No problem. Oh ya, dont forget the dress code, ok? I just received an invitation card for your birthday. Thanks for inviting me.

Im still thinking about it actually. Be there and dont be late. Ill do my best. All right, see you soon! Udin is telling Lina by phone that he will come to he party. By the way, have you received a birthday invitation from Lina? Im fine. Im afraid I cant because Ill have a badminton competition on that day.

Lets buy a birthday gift for her. I hope you dont mind giving it to her on her birthday. Hi, Udin. How are you? Will you come then? Yes, I have. Lets go then! Can you help them to find a suitable gift for her? Patch some pictures from magazine or newspaper Please buys these things: Dont buy these things: Please buy her a novel. Don't buy her a comic. Beni says, Please give her a doll. Dont give her a robot, ok! Siti says, You can wear a batik shirt or a formal shirt.

But please dont wear T-shirt. Lina says, For exercise, please run, walk, or ride a bicycle. Dont use expensive tools. Adnan says, Please paint the walls or furnish the desks.

But please dont spill the paint on the floor. Ina says, Please all the girls, bring your sewing kits with you on Monday. We will learn to sew. Dont forget to bring some clothes too. Udin says, For your health, do not eat too much instant noodle. Eat more vegetables or fresh fruits.

Beni gives an instruction: Please give her a doll. He gives a prohibition: Siti gives an instruction: She gives a prohibition: Lina gives an instruction: Adnan gives an instruction: Ina gives an instruction: Udin gives an instruction: Can I use your pen?

Take the green one. Dont use the red one. Theres no ink on it. Is this seat taken? Can I sit here? No, the chairs leg is loose. Dont sit on it. Please take the seat near the window. Lets wrap the gift for Lina. Can we it on your table? Please do, but dont make a mess. Its very cold. Can I wear your jacket?

I have two jackets. Dont forget to wash before you return it to me, ok? Hey, Lina is a girl. You can buy her a baby doll. Dont buy her a car toy. To ask a permission, Lina says: To respond a permission, Dayu says: To give a prohibition, Dayu says: Do you see my jacket? Is it yours? Here, I bring it. You can use mine. I dont have scissors. May I wash my hands?

Would you like to bring me our ribbon? No, Its Edos jacket. Our jacket are same but the sizes are different. Not yet actually. Weve been waiting for you. There are so many people here. It seems that the party has just begun.

Oh, hi Udin. Come in, please. By the way, happy birthday! Nothing I could say but everything for your best always. Ok Excuse me! Yes, could you put your jacket over there on the hanger?

Please write down your name here. Its very kind of you. Thanks a lot, Ben. Lets start the party then. Oh yes, sure. And whats this paper for? Ok, but I dont bring any pen, May I borrow yours? To go on a camping trip. To green the school. To spend the weekend. To play in the school ground. To work together with friends. To celebrate your grandmas birthday.

Make the list of instructions and prohibitions for those activities Please report it in front of the class. My Journal You are Invited! IV to make a personal invitation, and to make a greeting card. In this chapter, I will learn: Who is invited to the party? Who celebrate the birthday? When will the party begin?

How old is Lina? Where will the party begin? Here they are! Will Udin come to the party? Dear Lina, Happy birthday. I wish you all the best, From: Dont forget to decorate it! Can you describe it? There are few visitors in the zoo. How much food does the elephant eat? Not much, just half a bucket of food. They drink a lot of water. How many zookeepers are there in the zoo? There arent many zookeepers in the zoo.

He feeds the animals everyday. They clean the animals cages every morning. She takes care of sick animals regularly. She prepares foods and drinks for the animals every morning.

They wash the animals everyday. He regularly repairs the animals cages. Ahmad feeds the animals everyday.