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Stephen King: The Dead Zone.. commission forms in order to make an extra two bucks a day. He felt Ste Dark Tower: The GUNSLINGER. The green mile by Stephen King, June , Signet edition, Paperback in English - First Printing. The Green Mile: The Complete Serial Novel to download this book the link is on Description Stephen King’s classic #1 New York Times.

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Stephen King: The Green Mile. ELECTRONIC VERSION (Mar 29 00). If you find and correct errors in the text, please update the version number by and. King, Stephen - The Green Mile palmdoc · Read more · King, Stephen - NOVEL - The Green Mile - Read more · King, Stephen - The Green Mile_0. Sandini Sammlung Sandini Sammlung STEPHEN KING THE GREEN MILE Roman Ins Deutsche übertragen von Joachim Honnef BASTE.

Now you got my curiosity aroused. Brutal and Paul start doing the heavy lifting, muscling an unused filing cabinet out the door PAUL Jeezus, pleeze-us, what the hell's he yelling about? Percy and Harry lead him toward E Block in shackles. She turns back, keeps working. That he might keep it for a pet. Only Paul is reining it in--he's a little too pissed to go with it.

HARRY Paul, we're not gonna have some Cherokee medicine man in here whoopin' and hollerin' and shaking his dick, are we? Harry slaps Toot upside the head to shut him up.

Be that as it may, Mr. Bitterbuck is a Christian, so we got Reverend Schuster coming in. DEAN Oh, he's good. Fast, too. Doesn't get 'em worked up. You've prayed enough for one day. Brutal is waiting for them, gun drawn. Percy peers out from behind the partition wall from the switch room. PAUL Watch and learn. Paul motions Percy behind the wall. Percy sighs, takes his spot next to Jack Van Hay, peers through the wire mesh as Toot plops into Old Sparky, wriggling his skinny ass to get comfy.

Paul and Dean kneel to apply the ankle clamps. Brutal steps in from the side, pressing down on the condemned man's left arm to keep him in place until the ankle clamps are secure. Harry moves in from the other side, securing the right arm clamp. TOOT Gettin' clamped, gettin' clamped, gettin'--ow, shit, watch the skin!

Paul signals "ankles secure. You'll see the lights go brighter in half the prison BRUTAL Arlen Bitterbuck, you have been condemned to die by a jury of your peers, sentence imposed by a judge in good standing in this state. Do you have anything to say before the sentence is carried out? TOOT gleefully Yeah!

Pdf the green mile

I want a fried chicken dinner with gravy on the taters, I want to shit in your hat, and I got to have Mae West sit on my face, because I am one horny motherfucker!

Brutal tries to hold on, but it's impossible--he cracks up. Everybody falls apart, howling helplessly with laughter. Even Jack Van Hay is guffawing behind his partition. Only Paul is reining it in--he's a little too pissed to go with it.

Stephen King: The Green Mile

He waits until the laughing fit starts to pass, then: That goes for everybody. I want quiet in here. Tomorrow night we're doing this for real. I don't want somebody remembering a stupid joke like that and getting going again. Same goddamn thing. You're right. Let's keep going. Harry takes a black mask and snugs it down over Toot's head, leaving only the crown of his head exposed.

Brutal takes a large sponge, dips it in a steel bucket, mimes soaking it Conducts the electricity directly to the brain, fast like a bullet. You don't ever want to throw the switch on a man without that. Harry now lowers the steel cap and Brutal secures the straps.

God have mercy on your soul. Fryin' like a done tom turkey! Paul rolls his eyes at Brutal. Brutal shifts his gaze past him and nods--look behind you. Paul turns. Sitting on the door sill, watching them with beady eyes, is the mouse.

Paul turns back, addresses the room: PAUL All right, let's go again and do it right this time! Get that idiot out of the chair Everybody relaxes, drifting from their positions People speak in whispers, if at all. Could that be what heaven is like?

Paul doesn't think so--but that's not what Bitterbuck needs to hear, so the lie comes easy: PAUL I just about believe that very thing.

Bitterbuck smiles. Spent our first summer in the mountains. Made love every night. She'd just lie there after, bare-breasted in the firelight, and we'd talk sometimes till the sun come up. Brutal appears at the door, checks his pocketwatch, nods to Paul. Bitterbuck takes a deep breath, getting himself ready. PAUL It'll be fine. You'll do fine. Brutal places it atop Bitterbuck's head. Water courses down the sides of the condemned man's mask and neck, pooling on the floor.

The cap is lowered, the straps secured. The switch is thrown. Bitterbuck surges forward against the straps, riding the powerful current. Some witnesses turn away.

Paul and Brutal maintain grim eye contact with each other, waiting. Behind the partition, Percy watches through the mesh with gleaming eyes, wishing he could see better. Van Hay kills the current. Bitterbuck goes limp. The switch is thrown a second time. Bitterbuck surges forward again, riding the current all the way A hand reaches down, gives his cheek a squeeze.

Drop us a card from hell, let us know if it's hot enough. Brutal knocks Percy's hand away, shoves him aside. He's square with the house again, so keep your goddamn hands off him. He draws the sheet over Bitterbuck's face, wheels the gurney down the tunnel. Percy throws a look to Paul. Always you. Paul brushes past him, but: That the way it is around here? PAUL turns back Why not just move on? Go to Briar Ridge. Sounds like a good job. Soon as you put me out front.

Paul cocks his head--excuse me? I want Brutal's spot for the next execution. PAUL beat What's with you? Seeing a man die isn't enough?

You gotta be close enough to smell his nuts cook? Just one time. Then you'll be rid of me. Paul just shakes his head in wonder and walks away. He sits up, peers curiously through the bars.

Silence now. PAUL Delacroix? That you? No answer. Just more giggling. Paul rises, walks down the Mile to Delacroix's cell--and stops, staring in through the bars.

Paul pokes his head in. PAUL You are not gonna believe this. Brutal shoots Paul a look--has he gone insane? Paul gestures "see for yourself. Del looks up, giggling like a kid at Christmas. DEL Look! I done tame me dat mouse! PAUL We see that. DEL Watch dis! Watch what he do! He stretches out his left arm. The mouse crawls over the top of his head, scampers along his arm to the wrist, turns around and scampers back.

The guards just stand there, staring. DEL Ain't he sumpthin now? Ain't Mr. Jingles smart? DEL Dat his name. He whisper it in my ear. Cap'n, can I have a box for my mouse so he can sleep in here wi' me? DEL Wanna see what else he can do?

Watch, watch, watch He puts the mouse on the floor, grabs a small wooden spool. The mouse sees it, poises like a man getting ready for a race. DEL We play fetch, Mr. We play fetch? He tosses the spool across the floor, bounces it against the wall. The mouse goes after it like a dog after a stick--and proceeds to push it back to the bunk, rolling it with its front paws all the way to Delacroix's feet.

By now, the guard's jaws are hanging open. Paul's got a funny little chill running up his spine. DEL He fetch it ever' time. Smart as hell, ain't he? We do da trick again, watch, watch, watch Again he throws the spool. Again the mouse goes after it, starts rolling it back. Del howls with laughter, claps his hands like a kid. Brutal murmurs to the others: Like he's a circus mouse or something.

DEL A circus mouse! Dat jus' what he is, too! A circus mouse! I get outta here, he make me rich, see if he don't! He picks up the spool again, makes a drumroll sound, tosses it. The mouse does its thing, rolling the spool back Del catches sight of him and scoops up his mouse, drawing fearfully back on his bunk.

He tries to hide Mr. Jingles in his hands--but the mouse wriggles from his grasp and scampers up on top of his head, where he regards Percy with mistrustful, beady mouse eyes.

Green Mile, The () movie script - Screenplays for You

Looks like you found yourself a new friend, Eddie. Del tries to offer some defiance--but all he can manage is: DEL Don' hurt him, 'kay? Percy shrugs as if to say "no skin off me", looks to Paul. PAUL level Yes, that's the one. Only Del says his name is Mr. Paul trades a look with the others, everybody wondering just what the hell's going through Percy's mind. PAUL Del was just asking for a box. He thinks the mouse will sleep in it, I guess.

That he might keep it for a pet. What do you think? Get some cotton batting from he dispensary to line it with. That should do real nice. Percy walks away, leaving them dumbstruck.

Paul turns to the others. Of all the things they've seen in the last few minutes, Percy being nice is the most amazing of all.

The Green Mile

PAUL Man said get a cigar box. PAUL Hal? You wanted to see me? HAL Yeah. Close the door. Hal's speech is halting, his thoughts disjointed and slow: HAL Uh. So you know. You got a new prisoner coming in tomorrow. William Wharton. Young kid. Wild as hell, judging from this He picks up the report, trying to focus his thoughts: Finally hit big time. Killed three people in a holdup, including a pregnant woman. Got "Billy the Kid" tattooed on his left arm He trails off, no longer able to focus on the words.

Paul is shocked to see tears spill silently down his cheeks. HAL It's a tumor, Paul. A brain tumor. Paul doesn't know what to say.

Green mile pdf the

Hal looks at him. HAL They got X-ray pictures of it. It's the size of a lemon, they said, and way down deep inside where they can't operate. They say she'll be dead by Christmas.

Green Mile, The (1999)

I haven't told her. I can't think how. For the life of me, Paul, I can't think how to tell my wife she's going to die. Hal Moores, one of the toughest and steadiest men you'd ever meets, starts to cry.

He dissolves into great big gasping sobs, losing all control. He looks troubled--not to mention feverish. It occurs to him how badly he has to pee. He sits up, clutching at a queasy stab of pain in his groin He realizes he's not going to make it, stops to piss near the woodpile at the corner of the house He buckles to his knees--it's only his flailing hand against the woodpile that prevents him from going face- first into his own piss.

He crams his other hand to his mouth in an enormous effort not to scream and wake his wife. He manages to ride it out until his bladder empties. He falls onto his side, rolls over on the grass, and stares up at the sky with both hands pressed to his groin.

Jan is packing his lunch, throwing him looks, knowing how sick he is. PAUL I'm going. JAN What? PAUL To the doctor. I'm going. Just as soon as we get the new inmate squares away. JAN That bad? PAUL Oh yeah. She hands him his brown-bagged lunch, kisses his face. He looks heavily medicated. Harry, Dean, and Percy enter. Billy doesn't react, just keeps staring out.

Harry waves his fingers in Billy's face. Dean, hand me them clothes Dean relays some folded prison clothes to Harry. I'm talking to you! Put these clothes on! Billy turns with a vacant look, takes the clothes. He fumbles with the shirt, drops the pants. Harry and Dean sigh. They strip Billy's hospital gown off and proceed to put the shirt on him, guiding his limp arms through the sleeves.

Looks more like a limp noodle to me. Hey, you! Billy looks up, meets Percy's eyes. Know what that means? Mean's you're gonna ride the lightning, son! Percy does a quick impression of a man jittering and jerking in the electric chair.

Just like that! How's it feel to know you're gonna die with your knees bent? Laughing, Percy picks up the pants. They proceed to help Billy into them one leg at a time Except for a few drops hitting the bowl, excruciating pain seems to be the only result. He gives up, grabs a towel, wipes the sweat from his feverish face Del's watching. DEL Don' look so good, boss. Look like you runnin' you a fever.

Paul shoots him a baleful look--no kidding. Another voice calls softly from further down the Mile: Boss Edgecomb? Needs ta see you down here, boss. You be still in your cell now, y'hear? Coffey falls silent. Paul goes to the entrance door and peers through the viewing slot, anxious to have this over with He draws away from the slot, proceeds toward the empty cell which used to be Bitterbuck's Harry emerges.

Dean and Percy are guiding Billy by the arm, helping him down Something bad's coming. A whisper: Dean pulls his keys, starts to unlock it. Paul hears him, glances back with a puzzled look. Coffey's gaze is directed at the door, which is being unlocked In that moment, the slack look on Billy's face gives way to a wild grin.

Percy stands frozen in the doorway, stunned. Harry shoves him aside and jumps on Billy from behind, trying to get him off Dean. Dean is choking, turning purple. Paul rushes from the cell to join the fray.

Billy whirls, delivering a stunning kick to Paul's groin. Paul's bladder pain goes nuclear--he falls back in agony, clutching himself and sucking air through his teeth, unable even to scream. Billy rams an elbow into Harry's face, knocks him sprawling on the desk, screaming and laughing and howling all the while: Paul forces himself to his feet, pulls his revolver, draws down on Billy Dean is choking, dying.

Paul is shifting his aim, trying for a clear shot, not getting one. Percy's still just inside the doorway, pressed against the wall with fear The force of it spins Billy off his feet and slams him flat on his back. Dean crawls away, gulping ragged breaths of air. Amazingly, Billy's still conscious--he looks up at Brutal and laughs: Snuck up on me.

No fair. Still laughing, he makes another grab at Dean. Brutal whacks him again, turning his lights out for good. Brutal drops to Dean's side, helping him hack air back into his lungs: Everybody's reining in their adrenaline. Paul glares at Harry. Didn't we all of us think he was doped? Percy nods, still numb. Paul is furious: PAUL You didn't ask?

I guess that's not a mistake you'll be need to make again anytime soon, is it? Harry shakes his head miserably.

Green pdf the mile

Paul grabs Billy by the feet. PAUL Grab his arms! You too, Percy! Percy finally unfreezes. The three of them hoist Billy up in a dead-lift, get him in his cell, toss him on the cot. They step out, slam the door, lock it.

Paul looks to Harry and Brutal. Percy, you go make a report to the warden for me. Start off by saying the situation is under control-- it's not a story, he won't appreciate you drawing out the suspense. You look about ready to collapse.

Go on now. They all exit. As soon as he's alone, Paul gives in to the pain, holding his crotch and sinking to his knees with a moan. It's so bad he actually lays down on the Mile, face pressed against the cool linoleum, wishing he were dead. A stretch of silence Needs ta see ya down here. Not a good time at all. But I needs ta see ya, boss. I needs ta talk t'ya. Things couldn't get much worse than this. He rises with a supreme effort, walks painfully down the Mile Figure this is close enough.

I got to whisper in your ear. Maybe it's the fever clouding his brain, or maybe He tries to shake the sensation off, comes a little closer. DEL Boss? You know you not s'pose to do dat.

What do you want, John Coffey? His hand shoots out, grabs Paul by the collar, jerks him close. Paul makes a panic-grab for his revolver Coffey's hand then drifts slowly down, easing to Paul's crotch PAUL stunned, frozen What are you He arches back with his mouth agape and arms outstretched as a rush of energy seems to pass from Paul through Coffey's hand Paul comes back to the real world, weak against the bars, realizes Del is hollering in his cell: It dawns on him that he really is fine.

Fever's gone. So is the pain in his groin. John Coffey, though, seems to be having trouble. He sits down on his bunk, bends forward, gagging like a man with a chicken bone caught in his throat. PAUL John? John, what's wrong? Paul fumbles his keys to the lock, unsure if he should open the door, watching the big man's contortions grow stronger like a cat trying to cough up a hairball They swirl furiously in front of his face, turn white Paul just stares, stunned.

PAUL What did you do, big boy? What did you do to me? Didn't I help it? PAUL Yes, but Coffey shrugs--it's something that just is. Awful tired now, boss. Dog tired. He rolls onto his bunk, faces the wall. Prison guard Paul Edgecombe has seen his share of oddities in his years working the Mile. But he's never seen anyone like John Coffey, a man with the body of a giant and the mind of a child, condemned for a crime terrifying in its violence and shocking in its depravity.

In this place of ultimate retribution, Edgecombe is about to discover the terrible, wondrous truth about Coffey, a truth that will challenge his most cherished beliefes Download ebook for print-disabled.

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Green pdf the mile

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