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Caricature drawing tutorial pdf

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How To Draw Cartoons and lesforgesdessalles.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Just how to Draw Caricature was a practical drawing program that will guide your step-by-step tutorial and check out various categories of caricatures to aid The Spiritual History of Ice ebook pdf djvu epub with caricatures. art of drawing caricatures is a combination of observational, creative and artis- an artist to draw a caricature in either a favourable or a derogatory manner.

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The eyebrows are one of the most descriptive features on the face. When observing the person who you are drawing look closely at the shape of their eyebrows. Jan 3, The MAD Art of Caricature (Tom Richmond).pdf. Take the time to learn how to draw caricatures Drawing Techniques, Drawing Lessons, Drawing . The collection contains illustrations, sketches, model sheets and tutorials. how to draw caricatures pdf - Google Search. A+Caricaturist's+Handbook Cartoon Drawing Tutorial, Cartoon Drawings, My Drawings, Caricature.

She was pretty but her looks. How do you program this essential tool? Draw a girl as in figure 97 then include a word balloon. Come up with something funny then enclose your witty gems inside thought balloons. The right hand face shows an up and down mouth line. Big ears. Any creature can be drawn as a cartoon if.

Caricature drawing is more than just drawing faces or body parts like hands. You have to be able to make a statement with the caricature. Caricature Drawings The first step in learning how to draw a cartoon person is to understand what you are looking for. I want you to imagine something. A typical face looks like this. As long as you have all these pieces in a similar relation you have a face. Now these drawings a VERY basic but you get the idea.

In order to form a caricature, or any art in general, you have to start with the basics. Remember to try and pick something that has meaning behind it. Is there nose bigger than usual? Maybe they have a small mouth? Remember, if you draw a caricature of two people and one has larger ears than the other DO NOT exaggerate his ears because of that.

Caricature Details Detailing the caricature is up to you. How to attack Caricature drawing As a beginner, it is often quite hard to create caricatures on your own. The best thing to do is to create a series of drawings getting you into the caricature mood. The first drawing should be a very simple portrait of the individual.

Theres no need to get fancy, just create the basic shape and fill in the eyes nose and mouth. What you want to do is create THICK lines and separate everything to give your portrait a cartoonish feel. Something like this is fine: Look at the following image from learn to draw. This is what I want you to do.

Remember you are the artist and this is your interpretation so feel free to choose whatever you want as long as you ensure the face still looks like the individual at the end! I have actually managed to upload a book for you all! Method 1: Remember, at this point you will have decided what proportions you want to exaggerate so keep that in mind! Draw a curve for the upper eyelid and almost a line for the lower eyelid. Then add in the tearduct.

The nose is next! Remember, this a proportions game so measure the actual proportions for now and then make your new ones for example, if her eyes are 3 inches and her nose is 5 inches in real life, I might make the photo have her eyes at 2 inches but her nose at 6 inches so Im changing up the proportion. Imagine a much older owl sitting on a branch whilst thinking some profound thoughts. Owls are popular.

Notice the ruff round the small. The large eyes. Now draw your invention. Notice how birds fly. You can use their flying patterns in your sketches. Notice the use of action lines to suggest movement. See how you make out with these examples. Some soar around on hot air thermals. Figure 76 illustrates a bird flapping upwards and another hovering. See how large. See figure 77 for a good example.

She has a flare for cartoons. Notice the long. Vultures rely on superb vision when searching for food. See if you can think out then draw a similar bird but with a different gag.

This cartoon was produced by my mate Pat who was once my student. I like the vulture. Use more humour It makes for good cartoons if you can add in additional humour to a funny-to-look-at drawing.

See if you can come up with a similar joke. The parrot in figure 78 is another little gem drawn by Pat. The joke was a joint effort. Pat created the cartoon then I supplied the idea: It also has strong stems in the tail feathers which act as a prop when it clings to a tree.

The MAD Art of Caricature (Tom Richmond).pdf | Caricature Tutorials in | Caricature, Art, Mad

See if you can do the same with a drawing of a green woodpecker or another bird which you know a little about. This pretty little bird is most interesting. After studying green woodpeckers then drawing and painting them I used one for the cartoon in figure You can draw life-like birds If you already know your birds you can make life-like cartoons of them. Because its brain is encased in fluid which absorbs the tremendous shock.

How does it get insects and grubs from deep inside a tree? It has a very long. Knowing this stuff made it easy to think out a relevant gag. Robins are very much loved.

Make a cartoon of a heron. Draw a city pigeon as a funny cartoon. Cartoon one. Easy shapes to start with If you are new to drawing animals. See if you can think out another gag line for your version of this cartoon. Sheep are quite easy to sketch. After a little practice and much research you should be able to sketch most animals pretty quickly.

The crab. Send a mental picture of the animal or cartoon to your personal computer. Figure 81 illustrates two fish. This idea came to me after hearing about an angler who used chocolate as a bait. You can then draw from memory any old time. This applies to all drawings.

Once you have drawn them a few times you will find that the structure of these limbs will stick in your mind. The body shapes are similar. Draw cartoons of these animals. See my rough drawing at the top of figure The hard bit for you might be the legs. Any creature can be drawn as a cartoon if. Notice the oval-shaped body mass and series of small ovals used for head. The best way to learn how to draw a cat is to watch one.

Once you can put these down. Look at figure Popular pets Cats have become the number one pet in the U. Look carefully at ears. This cartoon is fairly life-like. I find that tatty alley cats prompt the most cartoon ideas for me. The cat featured in figure 84 has been exaggerated a little more than the moggie in figure For the time being try out your skill on figures 83 and It stands on two legs.

You can dress your cat in clothes if you like. You must have seen the many cartoon cats made famous by years of use in daily newspapers and TV cartoon shows. The lower half of the face has been drawn bigger and more rounded than it actually is. It has human-like limbs. If you can invent a really new addition. This type of cartoon is loved by children. Draw a page of cats to prove what was previously mentioned about sending pictures to your computer for future use.

Try your skill on this dog or one you know or may have as a pet. Dogs follow cats in the popularity scale. These animals seem to look worried or unhappy but they are not really. I tend to draw life-like dogs as cartoons. This point is made in the word balloon used. See figure 85 for my version of a basset hound. Draw your own cartoon dog based on my drawing. The cartoon dog in figure 86 is again one which can stand on two legs. See figure 87 for my example. Notice how the rough sketch is made up of circles to produce a head.

Children love rabbits too. What do you reckon these two animals are saying or thinking? Exercise your imagination on your drawings of them. This is life-like with just the eyes.

Tutorial pdf drawing caricature

The bulldog below is rather sadlooking. The body is a rough oval. The problems are the same for most sketches. You could easily come up with a funnier cartoon. Study the horse in figure Figure 90 shows my idea. A kangaroo is quite comical to look at so it does not require much to draw one as a cartoon.

A kangaroo using its pouch for something other than raising youngsters is not an original idea. See if you can think of one after you have drawn your cartoon kangaroo. Nevertheless they do make good cartoons. First build a good rough. See if you can better this one. The face is life-like but put this down to my particular style.

Feature all creatures Try your cartooning skills on all animals. Draw it now. A camel is a natural cartoon. See mine in figure I am not over-fond of these smelly. Since one wretched specimen in France tried to bite my arm off.

My lion drawing in figure 91 resembles a real one apart from the huge eyes put in. Exaggerating the eyes is a sure way of making an animal sketch more cartoon-like.

See how the rough sketch has been prepared. Draw a cartoon chimp then think out a funny word or thought balloon to go with it. This popular series gave the idea for my cartoon in figure It occurred to me that the poor things might prefer a pint of strong beer for a change.

You must have seen the famous TV commercial chimpanzees swilling back cups of tea. Put a witty caption in it. Cartoon an elephant. Draw a cartoon of your favourite pet. Invent cartoon and thought balloons for two different animals confronting each other. The same is true of cartoons. This sort of drawing can be used to advertise different products. Use photographs When you begin to draw pin ups it will help you to use a lay figure or good photographs as a basis.

A classy look can still be cartooned and yet be pretty life-like. The model in figure 95 is another example of what can be done from a glossy picture. I liked the smooth flowing lines provided by the long dress. You are about to learn how to draw scantily clad girls. Notice clothes styles for your models.

A fetching pin up could make a lot of loot for you. I retained her haughty look but exaggerated the length of her legs. As we all know. Draw a cartoon based on my sketch but change the face if you want to.

This model was featured in a glossy magazine. This young lady only needed a cartoon type face added on to a life-like body. Figure 96 was drawn after I saw a newspaper picture of a Beauty Queen contestant. Legs were lengthened. I know this might be a bit of a strain for you. Try your skill on a similar drawing. What could she be saying or thinking? Now see figure Draw a girl as in figure 97 then include a word balloon.

Invent your pin ups You can easily invent a pin up type for your cartoons. This kind of pin up is useful for popping in pocket cartoons. Note the tarty-looking clothes. Mentally work out which features have been worked on. There will be more about this sort of cartoon in a later chapter. All you need is practice. See if you can invent a similar pin up.

I quite like the cartoon face created for this one. The idea for the pin up in figure 98 came to me after seeing a very old movie which included a scene about wannabe Beauty Queens. Put in a witty or telling thought balloon.

How To Draw Caricatures

My ploy is to sit somewhere quiet then simply gaze about as I commit to memory some of the swim suits being worn by girls.

Holiday pin ups Holidays provide opportunities for sketching pin ups. You need to be careful when lurking about beaches. Have a careful look then draw your versions with thought or word balloons. If you creep about looking too seedy you could end up with a slapped face.

There are many pretty girls around who wear very little on sunny days. Figures 99 and are examples of holiday pin ups. The pin up is often later sketched out then dressed after reference to my notes. Re-draw her then add in what she is thinking. Figure has the usual features exaggerated. It is life-like with just the head exaggerated. Sleeping pin ups. See if you can draw a similar one. Figure is based on a sleeping beauty. I have cartooned an example for you to practise on in figure It could be that you have a partner or friend who would be willing to pose for you in your quest to produce a unique pin up.

Draw your own dream pin up. Mine is lifelike. It might be safer not to check up on live models. This could be fun for you. Notice undies In your efforts to draw pin ups try to force yourself to notice fancy underwear used by some glamour girls. See if you can draw a different pin up who is wearing something different from the one illustrated. Draw a pin up from a newspaper picture. Use photographs.

Download How To Draw Caricatures - Your Step-By-Step Guide To Drawing Caricatures book by review

If you are not so lucky do not despair you can still get there through practice and the use of photographs. Invent a pin up from a glossy magazine photograph. Figure should give you some idea of what is required. A motorist drove out onto the road. Straight from life is best For me the very best cartoon gags have come straight from life. The background is simply drawn using a few lines. The raw material for most cartoons is. It was published in a weekly national newspaper. Poor chap. A front wheel then came off his car.

During the time I took part in rambles with a large. Our leader jumped on the trunk. To a beginner this seems. One incident happened when our group came across a huge tree trunk which had been felled across our Right of Way path.

An example of this happened to me many years ago when I had just walked past a garage. Notice the use of action lines. How to sell your work will be explained at the end of this book in Chapter But how funny! My cartoon of this incident was exaggerated. In this chapter I will explain what has worked for me and suggest themes which always provide cartoon ideas. My cartoon showed a similar scene with the same words.

Be prepared When you get into the swing of thinking out cartoon jokes you should find that ideas beget ideas. I pointed to a thin blue line running down the map. Each of these true incidents which happened along the way made useful cartoons. Believe me. Sometimes you may wonder where they all come from. All ramblers know that a stream or river is indicated by a blue line. The only difference was a little fellow in the foreground who smiled and held a Swiss Army Penknife behind his back. Keep one by your bedside to capture the jokes which flick through your mind when you should be asleep.

Always carry a small note pad and a pencil with you. This cartoon eventually appeared in my first book along with many other rambler jokes. I later drew this out as a cartoon which was published. This condition has affected many comics. The weird selectors of new art continue to insult our intelligence. Our feelings. Use your emotions for laughs You can often come up with a good cartoon simply by exaggerating something which annoys or worries you. I see what London Art Establishments put on show as modern art I feel outraged as do thousands of other normal people.

Do not worry if at times ideas seem hard to come by. A word of warning about taking idea finding too seriously. Some of the national newspapers.

This cartoon says it all for me. You can see this one in figure My anger was turned into humour by thinking out then drawing the cartoon in figure After drawing this cartoon I had another idea based on the same theme.

Try copying these two cartoons but slightly change your version. Have you ever been annoyed by someone who was very boring? The same idea was used in a different way for my cartoon depicted in figure Most cartoons about couples can be switched around. Now think about turning the experience into a funny gag. Boring people never realise that they are boring!

The sex war for jokes Strife between partners is a common theme used by cartoonists. See my gag on this theme in figure A cartoon based on a true life incident prompted the idea shown in figure Now then.

The knowledge that some men are lazy is often used by cartoonists. Cartoons about dogs. Some boxers. It had to be like the real thing rather than like a human who resembled it. See how the gorilla has been drawn. Using the same theme I then drew another cartoon showing a gorilla as a goalkeeper. Once more notice how background and other figures have been drawn. Bring on animals After finding that gorillas are quite difficult to draw from memory I visited a zoo to practise sketching these wonderful animals.

At the same time I tried to think out cartoons which included a gorilla. You can have them speak or think so there is a lot of freedom when thinking out animal jokes. People can be cruel! Figure illustrates a similar happening.

Golf is my hobby. Like when I took more than two strokes to get my ball out of a bunker. Study newspapers and magazines to find out the sort of jokes used by different editors. There are often funny incidents which some witty players comment on. A typical boxing gag is used for figure Laughs from sports Sporting activities provide many cartoons ideas and.

You can give your cartoon animals human traits. This type of visual joke is highly prized by some editors because if sold abroad no translation is required. This is a common practice. I simply took the idea further as you can see. New from old Years ago during my spell as a freelance cartoonist I met or spoke to several professional cartoonists. We mostly went along the same way when it came to thinking out fresh gags. Ideas are not copyright. I used the same idea in a different way to illustrate figure One system used was called swipe switching.

Drawings are. I recently saw a cartoon which featured a newly married couple sitting in the back of a car. It was a new twist to the same joke. Some old jokes go on for years. Think out then draw an animal cartoon. The caption read: I still reckon the very best jokes are those which come straight from life.

Having stated this. Do not be afraid to use any idea in a different way. My drawing showed a weatherman standing before a weather chart.

Drawing pdf caricature tutorial

One of my cartoons which was swipe switched was about the weather. Use a funny saying to create a cartoon. Work out a father-in-law joke to draw. Then have a go at one of your own friends. This art form is a continuation of cartooning. Do you know someone like this to work on? See if you can work out help lines to draw your version of my victim. Your first aim is to try to get a reasonable likeness into cartoons of your friends and acquaintances.

You should know what your victims work at or do for a hobby. This will help you to put a bit of humour into your masterpieces.

I knew that beneath his gruff exterior lay a heart of gold. Because you already know what they look like from every angle. The main difference is that you produce sketches which resemble your victims.

They know that I am half mad but harmless! Figure is of a victim I like. Start with known victims The best way to begin is to set about the victims you know well. This drawing is cartoon-like but nevertheless resembles the real person. The sketch does faintly resemble her. My cartoon of her simply reflects one of the things she appears to like doing.

She is not a shopoholic. My next victim is a lady who I met after she had been on a mini shopping spree.

See if you can draw someone you know in a similar fashion. The lady featured in figure is one of those nice people you cannot help liking. I have exaggerated the head size but still retained a cartoon-like drawing. Draw your idea of a nice friend or re-draw a cartoon of my chum. She greets me with the magic words: This drawing is a step nearer to caricature.

Fun with caricatures ebook review – is Graeme’s guide useful?

He made then installed a superb built-in cupboard for me. One of my close friends is quite remarkable. Notice how I have increased his head in size to make this sketch a true caricature which is still pretty life-like. I would have great difficulty in knocking together a wooden cross but my pal can do anything. Take a squint at figure He has one arm but is more capable with one hand than most of us are with two.

See if you can draw him or somebody you know well as a caricature. I rammed it full of art stuff and various bric-a-brac which had previously cluttered up my hovel. Help lines show how he got this one right! See how the head is disproportionately large. Save good photographs This is the first picture in the book done by the talented caricaturist Colin Henderson.

My next victims are people I have come to know but have never met. The folks who toil on their working days for us authors. Just as publishers need authors. Some of us eccentrics like to take a chance! You can see how she is depicted in figure Note the use of action lines.

Draw a similar caricature of someone you know who might play tennis or another sport. The young lady featured in figure is a keen tennis fan when not promoting books. Figure is my drawing of a gentleman who is keen on amateur dramatics when not engaged in the book distribution processes. Do you know anyone who warbles? What about yourself when in a bath? I hope! Another member of the publishing staff is also interested in amateur dramatics and singing.

See how her hair has been drawn. A young Learner Driver is my victim for figure The youngster in figure is a football fan. Something you commonly do when caricaturing. Do you know anyone who would like a spin in such a fast car?

Draw a similar cartoon but put a friend at the wheel just for fun. See how the Formula One racing car has been sketched. If you have a boss. Have fun. Look at Super Doodle. Continue the series with your ideas and drawings. It features the bosses of Clarion Publishers. My final caricature in this chapter is figure Quite often pupils amazed themselves by having a kind of built-in skill to make comical sketches of fellow humans.

Drawing from life When some faces can be rapidly jotted down as grotesque or comical records. I call them victims!

A poor imitation. This art form can be learned in easy stages. My cartoons and caricatures of fellow ramblers led directly to my being asked to write and illustrate a first book. The ability to caricature world famous celebrities. I have designed the second half of this book to show inexperienced or beginner artists how to become competent caricaturists.

That makes it not simple for people to learn how to master the art of this drawing technique. Hi, My name is Lien Nguyen. I have been writing a lot of honest and informative overviews of products in many fields of life. In reality, the author is a year veteran artist, who has a great passion in this drawing style. That is the reason why he wants to share his experiences with you in the entire Fun With Caricatures e-book.

Hoang Pham is a young man, who spends a great love for the art of drawing caricatures. He has been searching for several of coaching guides available online to learn drawing caricatures himself, but nothing actually worked for him.

Until 3 months ago, Hoang Pham found the Fun With Caricatures course and follow the step-by-step tips it gives. What he achieved was really amazing! Thus, Hoang Pham asks me to release this Fun With Caricatures ebook review, covering his comments about the product. This guide is not wordy and long as it just covers 90 pages, offering people just what they need to know about caricatures and how to draw caricatures professionally.

Purchasing the full package of this program, you will be able to receive a main e-book with a lot of useful and valuable components, as well as 2 additional bonuses for free. I will tell you now about its shocking price right now!